What a golden time to be a Brave user, it's quite nice to see mainstream adoption.


For those who aren't familiar, BAT is meant to be a decentralized advertising platform. If you choose to see ads through BAT-enabled applications (such as the Brave Browser), you earn 70% of the ad revenue (in BAT, which is an ERC-20). The ecosystem runs on BAT, so when advertisers purchase ad space, they pay in BAT. If they're more traditional and pay in fiat, the fiat is exchanged into BAT. Before Home Depot, there was also Chipotle. Many of the advertisers in Brave Ads, so far, have been tech-related or in cryptocurrency space, since Brave is friendly to crypto companies and the crypto space is familiar with Brave & BAT. The entrance of mainstream brands like Chipotle, and now Home Depot, signals mainstream BAT adoption, which is exciting.


> decentralized advertising platform. i believe that is not accurate, its not decentralized, its centralized by "Brave Software" yes token are held in eth blockchain but the ads and agreement with companies are maintained solely by Brave Software


Yes but brave doesn't hold any of your data remotely it just sends the current list of ads and matches them locally in your browser so companies get targeted ads without also getting the underlying data. Which might be what they were going for with "decentralized".


More like "respect your privacy".


True. Brave isn't decentralized. Same can be said about Infura which is a data provider for ETH, used to make ETH communicate with its tokens. As Infura is a centralized service, it has it's weaknesses. Any centralized services, products etc. has it's flaws. Blocknet is building the infrastucture to make a decentralized Infura solution, which is likely to be integrated with metamask when finished. Now THAT is true decentralization.


I started using Brave last year and haven’t used it much. Where do you earn your most of your BAT tokens while using it? Is it only certain sites?


You'll earn them no matter which sites you're on. The amount you earn is just based on how many Brave specific ads you see whilst you're browsing.


The most common kind of Brave Ads are displayed as system notifications, so it doesn't depend on the sites you're on (except in that Brave Ads are largely matched based on your browsing context, so the category of website you're on). In Northern America, browsing normally will usually net you 25-35 BAT per month as of 1H 2020.


But honestly how is $5-10 a month worth it to anyone to allow ads ?


Have you ever seen Brave Ads? They're quite minimal and/or are displayed outside of webpages (as in the sponsored image you see on the new tab page). In any case, no need to speculate. It's already deemed worth it to millions of users!


bruh you don't even have to look at them, on mobile I just swipe 90 percent of them away because they are irrelevant or repetitive. basically I get paid to read ad headlines and occasionally have a bunch of brave notifications in my bar.


Thx. I know exactly what they are. I tried it. Still not worth $10 to me, but a great browser without BAT too


They are a good customer to have keep an eye on BAT token in August if this marketing campaign was successful that's when corporate plans to open everything back up. This will cause a domino effect bringing more corporations on if we start seeing more Home Depot ads.


This is hugeeee not just for BAT itself, but for the crypto community as a whole. This is what we need, big players in the space to start incorporating us into their system, and endorse us slowly but surely. All the home-depot customers will surely get their interest peaked, because anything that will help you earn digitally during this pandemic will attract people. Now, if we can only get big businesses to also use a [scalable regulatory-compliant blockchain](https://concordium.com/) ecosystem, that's gonna even help us further.


They've been saying this for years, and nothing ever happens.


I really appreciate the reach Brave is getting lately. It's helping spread the awareness of crypto (BAT) to a wider audience and making it more approachable. I don't know how much companies like HD really care about how the BATs are utilized or even know what they are but seeing more mainstream brands on a platform like Brave will certainly help users (such as myself) give it a go.


Yeah a really good, unintrusive way to get more people into crypto imo. Just use their Browser (which is by itself quite good) get some BAT´s and spend it on content creators through reddit/twitter or whoever registered for it. Don´t even need the uphold wallet (which isn´t my favorite) for it.


I receive lots of Brave ads from Amazon. As you don't mention it, it is perhaps only a regional activity. I live in Germany.


I live in the US and have also had Amazon ads


Well done Brave!


Saw their ad and went to Home Depot that same day. There’s some ROI for ya. Or coincidence


Brave is growing <3 [the best browser 2020](https://medium.com/@cryptoeinfach/the-best-web-browser-2020-81d454bc6599)


Is BAT the most popular altcoin on this sub?


Brave does have over 15 million monthly active users (and over 5M daily active users), so it's one of the most mainstream products in the crypto space.




Totally agree. Everytime there is a big BAT post on here it's flooded with obviously fake comments. It's unfortunate really since mods use to be all over this stuff back in the day


lmao dude you have nothing on your profile other than 2 comments attacking Brave and Brave fans are the paid shills? Holy fuck.


I really like the idea behind BAT, buy I hope an other browser would use it. Brave Browser crypto wallet does not work correctly. You can't withdraw your BAT, or you have to do a KYC with Uphold, a strange third party no one asked for... It seem to me that everything touching crypto with this browser is somehow broken. Sometimes I can't redeem my BAT, sometimes I don't have the same balance on two different browsers with the same wallet. Maybe it's just me. I used Brave for a while, and recently I realized that Metamask does not work on it, so I have to go back to firefox if I want to use Ethereum apps.


Sorry you've experienced this. The Brave team has been on a "Brave Rewards" sprint over the past 1+ months in order to hunt down all the bugs and harden all the code. It'll be purring like a kitten, I think, once the Rewards stability sprint is done.


Next step, use BAT for buying stuff at Home Depot!


Got an ad today, very cool


You can disable the ads from your phone menu (not in the app) and you get rewards without getting annoying notifications.


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Not long until Home Depot starts funding the police department with all the cryptocurrency they'll be making.


That’s not how Brave Rewards works - that’s not even how advertising works. Clients running ad campaigns rely on conversion rates to generate profit - meaning someone clicks an ad and purchases an item on the site. For Brave: Home Depot pays Brave for an ad campaign, Brave uses 70% of that revenue share to buy BAT, and users receive that share through Brave rewards. Home Depot doesn’t earn any BAT - only way that’d happen would be if they were a verified content creator and could receive tips (they’re not verified btw).


I was just thinking about the future where adoption has skyrocketed and referring to this classic New York Times article https://www.newyorker.com/humor/daily-shouts/l-p-d-libertarian-police-department


Nothing wrong with funding an essential service that protects society from criminals.