Mariah did it better. ![gif](giphy|eGyRea5iiqfFp0dLwq|downsized)




Why has there been so many bethenney posts these past weeks what is going on?? Is someone in her team doing this or are people just interested?


She’s trying to get herself back in the housewives sphere whether she admits it or not haha


/RamonaVoice/She´s the ONLY HOUSEWIFE EVER **IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE** that left on her own accord. Okay! Okay? Okayyyyyyyy /RamonaVoice/


She's left on her own like four times. Andy would have her back in a hot second. She doesn't need to play these games to become a HW again.


To be honest I think her side projects aren’t going very well engagement wise, and her fan base is extremely housewives based. I think she’s just doing this to keep her name in the sphere so Bethenny fans will follow and check out her other projects.


Omarosa was right when she said that B can go her whole life being mediocre and B has certainly lived up to that.








What ever happened to Omarosa? I loved her! I want to watch that series just to see that! The apprentice?


https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Omarosa_Manigault_Newman#Trump_presidential_campaign_and_administration You’re in for a wild ride


Her side projects have NEVER gone well. She only does well as a HW


I mean, she’s literally made many millions of dollars off of her company and that’s not just because of housewives. I didn’t even watch and knew the brand, so she is successful. Also she is one of my fav guest sharks. But I’d agree as a tv personality she just doesn’t work as a solo person. Those are the ones failing. Clearly she wants to be on tv but nobody wants to follow her to these pilot series shows. There’s so much tv as it is. If she’s smart she needs to stay on housewives and double down on being the smart one. I think she left because her ego was (rightfully) bruised because corporate shows weren’t taking her serious, and other housewives weren’t taking her serious.


Exactly she can't do solo it's gratingly annoying. She has to be part of an ensemble


Her platform has always been and still is RH whether she admits it or not. She was extremely smart with how she worked her booze deal and her bravo contracts. I think she’s been through some really detrimental emotional turmoil within her personal life which coincided with her last season and now just overall seems really unhappy which is terrible. I’m really rooting for her still even though, lately and after my annual RHNYC Christmas time rewatch I don’t think I like her as much as I used to. But B slays all day.


She’s only interesting and watchable in relation to housewives. She’s the Greek chorus/peanut gallery/color commentary. She’s not a whole thing on her own.


But that’s the thing though, Alex and Heather had filled that role in her absence in a better way than she did than when she came back IMO.


Wait Alex and Heather who?


Alex McCord and Heather Thompson. Eta: Also who the fuck downvotes someone for asking a damn question?


Yeah motherfuckers put my vote back! The reason I asked about Alex and Heather is because 1) Alex was a contemporary or Bethenny’s so I don’t consider her a replacement, and 2) there are several Heathers in the HW universe and I also try to block out Heather Thomson because she does the smile from eyes down thing and I hate her for it.


I am a devout Bethenny fan but not enough to watch every side project or follow her on social media religiously. She has my support but I don’t necessarily have the time to invest in every pilot project (because there’s been A LOT). I think she really needs to go back to housewives as a friend of to shill to get these other things more successful. I think that’s why she brings the housewives up. Not to stay relevant for ego, but to get her other projects going. In the Bravo sphere, she’s a respected businesswoman. In the business sphere, she’s a bravo celebrity who is not taken as serious. I mean, Shark Tank execs told her that before she was a guest and they didn’t even think she was “that serious”… I honestly feel bad for her. I should watch more of her stuff but I like Bravo shows because at the end of the day I don’t have the bandwith a lot of times for heavier shows.


I agree with everything you’ve said. I think you’re spot on.


Okay so THAT theory makes sense.




Agreed and she loves to tout how she left of her own accord and rips on housewives yet she always brings it up. Agreed she can get on again anytime she wants however I think she enjoys the chase and the power she gets from feeling wanted. Just my take I could be off base.


Who knows. I'm one of the few people who love B, despite her increasingly numerous social media screw ups. I think she's her own worst enemy. She clearly has a big heart, as evidenced by her charity, which is why I give her a LOT more grace than any other Housewife, really. I wish she'd take a step back and stop with the petty sniping, tho. It's beneath her.


Ya I have nothing against Bethenny, and agreed she definitely isn’t a bad person. Bethenny’s problem, in my opinion, is that she is petty insecure but always tries to play things off like she isn’t. That is her primary flaw which compared to other housewives is not bad at all LOL


She said on WWHL she wouldn’t go back where she’s at in her life. Andy did say she has an open door if she wants to


She also said it would cost Bravo a pretty penny if she did return.


She needs to be seen to do it reluctantly possibly?


seriously. I finally unfollowed her on IG because I could not take it anymore. Now she is here.




Can 100 percent see her people doing this.


She’s desperately trying to stay relevant.


that’s my question as well


She has her new Re-Wives podcast too. Just started in November and what she’s been saying is finally bleeding onto all the other housewives podcasts.


She’s being quiet canceled.


Can we do it a bit louder so maybe she'll go away sooner?


Maybe to promote her stupid new “money court” show?


Yeah I thought the mods had put a limit on bethenny posts. She’s such a problematic asshole. Of course she is a great housewife though. All of these Rhony ladies are out of touch and could use some sensitivity training before returning to air. I mean Sonja acts like gay men are a different species. However, I look very forward to watching legacy.


Typical RH fan paranoia.


What were Jackie’s comments about skinny girl


She was basically saying that she doesn’t like companies/brands that promote being skinny as their main thing. That it wasn’t a good message to send to girls


She's 100% right. Bethenny "I wear my five-year-old's pajamas as a flex" Frankel should realize that being snotty about someone who has been public about their ED is not a good look. She didn't need to respond, especially when Jackie is right.


Bethenny wasn’t being snotty to her. Jackie was asked about Skinny Girl, gave an opinion that I’d expect for someone with an eating disorder to give, but then flew off the rails by telling B “fuck you.” The entire quote came off as very pretentious because whether we like Bethenny or not, that’s her brand. She’s not “forcing” skinny on anyone or anything, let alone forcing anyone to buy her product. Beyond that, we live in a world where Skinny Popcorn, Skinny Cow, Slim Fast and hundreds of other brands are all marketed similarity to Bethenny’s product. Does Jackie have an issue with these brands too?


Probably she has an issue with those brands too, and Jackie is right.


And she could've been right without saying "fuck you" to Bethenny. Had the shoe been on the other foot, there'd be post after post about how Bethenny attacked Jackie but when the shoe is on the other foot, everybody is going up for it


Fuck Bethenny.


Lol ok


It’s okay, you cant argue with stupid lol


Calling someone stupid because they don’t agree with your opinion is definitely a choice. You guys get way too caught up in these silly arguments. Completely uncalled for


Typically, I would completely agree with you. However I was agreeing with person that I replied to (idk if anyone understood that) because I do think it’s a stupid take. I have an eating disorder and I agree that it promotes an unhealthy relationship with food to brand it as “skinny.”


You hit the nail on the head! Skinny girl didnt start this trend and they didnt finish it. My mom was eating lean cuisines and chugging diet coke in the 80’s to drop weight… This wasnt a new concept to blame one person for


Exactly this!


and absolutely no one blamed one person for it. but we can and should call them out when asked about it.


The problem with BETHENNY having a “Skinny” brand is that she admittedly has her own EDs yet is still pushing that aesthetic. Naturally Thin basically describes her own eating disorder and how others can follow it. She makes every decision about her brand and this is the path she chose. I couldn’t tell you who specifically is the founder of Skinny Cow, Slim Fast, etc - probably a team from the marketing department at Nabisco - but Skinny Girl is Bethenny Frankel so fuck yous go to her.


I'm going to be the lone person here probably, but out of curiosity, I read that book, and I don't think it's disordered? I've had disordered thoughts and behaviors in my past, and what she lays out in the book is just honest budgeting IMO. I think of food like money. To say to myself, "I don't care if you can afford it, get the bag, do your nails, get the Gucci. If I want it, I deserve it, always." Is NOT healthy behavior. Just because I WANT 2 Costco muffins and takeout and ice cream doedn't mean that's the best thing for my body, and I have to parent myself a bit, and say, "fine, half a Costco muffin, and let's make our own version of that, maybe some extra vegetables. We can have ice cream tomorrow. Or tonight, but let's keep it a small. Or skip the muffin and it a medium." It's also not healthy to have the money and not allow yourself anything but the bare minimum and always going without when you have the means to relax and enjoy life a little. Like, drink the wine, but not every night. Go out to dinner, but not every night. Take a bite of every dessert on the menu, but don't binge a whole cheesecake. Having pizza tonight? Maybe a few more egg whites than whole eggs for breakfast. It's just budgeting, and it keeps things balanced and feeling good, not heavy and full or starving and sad. I eat a chocolate every single day because it makes me happy, but not a half pound, and it fits my budget. I eat pizza every Friday, but during the week I make my meals, get my protein and veggies in, and pizza is part of the weekly budget. I get what I want, but get what I need, and I'm happy and healthy and like how I feel. I also don't punish myself or tell myself I'm a bad weak person if I have an indulgent day. It's whatever. But I also know that the next few days I don't feel great, my water balance is off, my digestion is weird, and it's uncomfortable, so I try to balance what I want with how I know I'll feel later. Eating disorders are extreme, with all or nothing thinking, and with zero concept of balance and health in mind.


I didn’t read her book but just wanted to pop in and say that I liked what you had to offer and the way you offered it. makes a lot of sense, thanks for sharing.


I read her book years ago and still use these methods to keep weight off and to not overeat. It works and does not promote eating disorders, really wish people would stop saying this!


Bethenny has been off the rails for a long time now. I’ll take Jackie over B any day


> Beyond that, we live in a world where Skinny Popcorn, Skinny Cow, Slim Fast and hundreds of other brands are all marketed similarity to Bethenny’s product. Does Jackie have an issue with these brands too? yes im sure she does lol what kind of gotcha do you think this is?


By responding "who" when clearly she knows who Jackie is? That is the definition of being snotty, elitist even. I think its time to re-think the words used in advertising. Pushing health over skinny, slim and thin.


She's clearly throwing shade because Jackie told her fuck you to her. She gave a response to someone who asked her about what Jackie said. Is she not allowed to rebut? And there are all types of health-conscious adverts and it's been this way for years. Furthermore, didn't Jackie fat shame Jen on the show about her lipo?


>Furthermore, didn't Jackie fat shame Jen on the show about her lipo? I don't remember her doing it on the show but she definitely fat-shamed her on Twitter. [https://realityblurb.com/2019/11/29/rhonjs-jackie-goldschneider-throws-shade-at-jennifer-aydins-weight-and-lipo-habit-in-twitter-feud-see-how-jennifer-clapped-back/](https://realityblurb.com/2019/11/29/rhonjs-jackie-goldschneider-throws-shade-at-jennifer-aydins-weight-and-lipo-habit-in-twitter-feud-see-how-jennifer-clapped-back/) But I 100% agree with you. Notice how this sub hates body-shaming so much that when it's one of their favs that's doing it, they don't have anything to say. Very telling. Either body-shaming is wrong or it's only wrong when certain people do it.




She sure the hell did. I cannot stand Jackie’s self-righteous ass.


She is so pretentious. I 100% understand her sentiment about skinny brands because she is someone who suffers from an eating disorder, but she has herself mocked someone who was open about self-consciousness with her body, about her lipo, and when I think about it, she talked about Jen's nose job too. Big hypocrite energy


So let me get this straight: Jackie is allowed to trash Bethenny and her brand but when Bethenny responds, she's being snotty? Please explain how that works...


This is what kills me. Jackie tells Bethenny to fuck off..unprovoked.. and Bethenny responds..who??? And Bethenny is the asshole??? Please. This sub has the biggest hate boner for this woman.. she can do no right.


Exactly! Like in what alternate universe can you tell someone fuck you and they aren't allowed to respond? Damned if she does, damned if she doesn't


Unprovoked? B is literally running the entire circuit trashing the housewives whilst on her way to her podcast to talk about the very same housewives so she can make a dollar. That would provoke a very fat fuck you from me as well.


ED is no joke. Skinny branded items are a trigger for many. Not just skinny but slim fast kind of stuff too. It's time for brands to acknowledge their role and evolve. The skinny, slim, thin diet industry is just as culpable as the beauty industry for causing real harm. IDGAF about Jackie/Bethany on Bravo drama but, irl what she's saying is reasonable and Bethany could have responded with more corporate responsibility.


IRL she wasn't being reasonable. LOL like what are you even saying? She told B fuck you and that's being reasonable? B had every right to respond and she only responded with a one-word response. You're acting like she told the woman to jump off a bridge


I think B just created a brand she knew would sell, because whether we like it or not, she and most women do not want to become obese (for good reasons) and spend a lot of time both trying to maintain a healthy weight and eat nutritious food. It isn't necessarily as problematic as people think it is.


nothing more nutritious then zero cal salad dressings


Yes. Popcorn and margarita mix are the pillars of nutrition 🙄


Skinny doesn’t mean healthy and margarita mix isn’t nutritious food.


Interesting. I agree with her.


That’s a fair point, but her alcohol wasn’t marketed to girls. It was marketed to middle age women needing to save calories in their daily alcoholism. Her brand has always been directed at the average American woman and there’s way worse marketing out there for diet fads and supplements.


> there’s way worse marketing out there for diet fads and supplements. so no one should call bethenny out for making millions of dollars capitalizing off this? because there are worse brands?


Just ask John Mellencamp’s daughter




Bethany seriously caused a lot of women to reignite their eating disorders. Bethany is on my shit list. She is like this middle man having to make sure she has her photo opportunity to help others to make sure she gets the tax write off to get tax exemption status. Loves the ex president so much bc he bolstered her business. Bethany is the worst kind of girl. I would be happy to never see her toxicity towards everyone else leave. If she’s so rich and has stuff going for her, SHE LEFT BRAVO FOR BETTER THINGS, why is she trying to capitalize on her Bravo experience. I feel tricked by her the most. She had the most money so she always could pay for her storyline. Plus, Carol is the real GOAT!!


Based on what study and research are you stating Bethany caused a lot of women to reignite their eating disorders?


Really??? Skinny girl margarita is a diet alcohol beverage. Read all about her on Twitter. I was cheering her on too for her marketing ability until I read the effect her drinks have put again on women’s psyche that skinny is best. Yuck.


Bethany seriously caused a lot of women to reignite their eating disorders. Bethany is on my shit list. She is like this middle man having to make sure she has her photo opportunity to help others to make sure she gets the tax write off to get tax exemption status. Loves the ex president so much bc he bolstered her business. Bethany is the worst kind of girl. I would be happy to never see her toxicity towards everyone else leave. If she’s so rich and has stuff going for her, SHE LEFT BRAVO FOR BETTER THINGS, why is she trying to capitalize on her Bravo experience. I feel tricked by her the most. She had the most money so she always could pay for her storyline. Plus, Carol is the real GOAT!!


Which Jackie?




“Skinny girl” made sense in the early 2000s based the culture of dieting and terminology used at the time. Everything was so hyper focused on “low calorie” and skinny was everywhere in Hollywood. So I don’t blame Bethenny for her marketing strategy and branding of a low calorie drink. It was a good idea for that time and place. However, I really wish she just OWN IT that marketing someone “skinny” in todays world is outdated terminology and acknowledge it’s not appropriate in the current climate. She honestly should have came back to RHONY in season 7 and rebranded her company as Just B or something. Could use “Just B yourself Jeans for All” “Just B yourself bologna” etc


Just B Yourself Bologna 😭😭😭😭 She should make that as a (B)eyond Meat and shift her diet culture to the plant based market


It was beginning to be critiqued at that time. I think if she was forward thinking and had her finger on the pulse of the culture she would’ve been able to see in the long run it was not the route to go. But at the end of the day we met Bethany when she was a middle aged white lady on the upper east side. She’s only in the know in comparison to even more out of touch women on the show.


>However, I really wish she just OWN IT that marketing someone “skinny” in todays world is outdated terminology and acknowledge it’s not appropriate in the current climate. She honestly should have came back to RHONY in season 7 and rebranded her company as Just B or something. Could use “Just B yourself Jeans for All” “Just B yourself bologna” etc She does own it, over and over again in her podcasts. She says she wants to move away from “Skinny Girl” branding into “Bethenny” for clothes but places like the Home Shopping Network push back because Skinny Girl is so well known as brand. She says she wants to maintain Skinny Girl as a brand for low calorie food products (quoting companies like skinny cow who do the same thing) but to not use the brand Skinny Girl for clothing. She said she got into it with HSN when she started her own bathing suit line when they wanted Skinny Girl and she thought that was inappropriate. She ended up persuading them so her bathing suit line is called “Bethenny”. https://www.hsn.com/shop/bethenny-swim-swimwear-and-cover-ups/fa0345-22113


Wanting to keep the name for any products is not “owning it”, it’s continuing to profit off of diet culture.


She’s owning it by saying it’s problematic in some areas but not others. That’s her opinion. You can’t please everybody. Personally, I don’t have a problem with low calorie food.


“Owning it” while still exploiting peoples disorders doesn’t mean a damn thing lol


But that’s not owning it…acknowledging that it’s wrong to use the branding on clothes is admitting it can be damaging. By saying that the exact same branding is not harmful in other retail markets is denying reality. Just because you personally don’t have a problem with diet food doesn’t mean it’s not a harmful aspect of diet culture that contributes to the illness of many people. “Owning it” would be acknowledging the harm and saying she doesn’t care. She does know and does care, but her bottom line is what matters most to her.


the issue is that it wasn’t a coy gendered-food marketing tactic— it was a belief system that she still follows and refuses to acknowledge the same toxicity of. It is her LIFE at this point. The other day I was at ross and found Skinnygirl branded pots… even the pots had a ‘hourglass’ middle and were designed to look skinny. She is truly and deeply sick.


>She is truly and deeply sick. Yes, in part because her mother suffered from severe anorexia. I'm no Bethenny stan but there's no need to go in on her so hard.


At some point, we have got to stop blaming parents. B is like 63 years old - she knows better.


I think it's fair to have empathy or at least understanding for someone whose childhood trauma creeps into their belief system as an adult.


Sure. However at some point, that empathy has turned into holding folks accountable.


Yup exactly it’s toxic!! We didn’t “know better” back then but we do now. It’s gross she double downs and keeps pushing this skinny narrative on us and then labels herself a marketing genius. Like girl READ THE ROOM


Trends come and go. Bethenny knows that soon “body positivity” won’t be in vogue anymore and skinny will be in


Bitch your jaw was not on the floor lol bffr


lol just watched the Inside Amy Schumer episode where they are selling a Skinny Girl casket ⚰️😂


Jackie needs to bring this energy to RHONJ


She’s had 4 seasons I’m convinced she can’t


I'm convinced that production doesn't show her doing so, the same way they apparently don't show Crystal on BH being interesting.


Jackie has had 4 years. It can’t be just editing


I don’t disagree . I think it’s very Jackie-like to get a backbone and come for someone when they aren’t her cast mate and they aren’t in front of her


I think Jackie struggles to do so. She tends to only take on battles that she feels she can easily win. For example, taking on Jennifer when Marge and Melissa already are. We saw how Season 11 was for Jackie--it wasn't good when she tried that sit down at Marge's on the first episode because somehow Jackie entered the next few episodes as a mess


And this is my issue with Jackie.


Jackie's right and she should say it again.






Jackie is looking for some clout by jumping on the recent "we hate B" bandwagon and it's sad.


I don’t think that’s the case. Jackie has been open about her ED in the past, so this is clearly something she feels strongly about and has for a while. And she makes a great point.


Jackie > Bethenny


Heather MacDonald compared her to Donald Trump (personality, not politics) and I can’t unsee it.


Honestly SAME! I can’t unhear the similarities now when I hear B talk


I love her and I also love the people she is feuding with right now!






I read Bethenny’s book about unleashing my inner skinny girl when I was in college and a serial dieter. I still remember the mantra, “Taste everything, eat nothing!” Oof. 😬


Call me crazy but I lowkey think Jackie can drag Bethenny if she really tried 💀 The fact that B got nothing else to do but to pull the Mariah card says it all 👀


I can understand where Jackie’s coming from in regards to the branding of skinny, but to outright say “fuck you bethenny” just doesn’t make a lot of sense. It’s so out of left field and feels unnecessary. ![gif](giphy|26BRBztJnN6ZV6i88)


People here say fuck you Teddi every day (pre-ban) for selling eating disorders, but now we're drawing the line.


A low calorie margarita in a bottle (which she sold for 100m to Jim Beam) is hardly comparable to Teddi and her life coaching.


she wrote diet books encouraging people to "taste everything, eat nothing"


She only sold the cocktail line. She still sells low calorie food products under skinny girl.


Heaven forbid!


I mean, just for the sake of accuracy.


But it’s not just the cocktail. It’s the jeans, the lunch meat, popcorn, chocolate etc. etc.


She wrote diet books full of toxic starvation tips too. Bethenny built her empire on the exact same principles that fuel Teddi's program.


Unleash your inner skinny girl! Taste everything, eat nothing!


Because Teddi is telling people to starve themselves. Bethenny is not


"taste everything eat nothing"


That’s people here, though. Unless I missed it, another housewife from a completely separate franchise didn’t go and say “fuck you Teddi”. They’re not really comparable situations.


but would we be upset if an housewive from another franchise said f-u teddy?


No they would love it, post it, laugh, and cheer it on. Despite the recent rash of Bethenny hate here she is still very popular and people will still bend over backwards to defend her.


So it's fine for people to say on Reddit but not Jackie? The goal posts are always moving based on who is popular and who isn't.


Welcome to this sub.


I mean I think there’s a pretty clear difference between someone with a public platform directly saying “fuck you” to someone and us just screaming into the void. I also didn’t say if it’s fine or not fine. I just said your comparison didn’t line up quite the way you may have thought it did.


Bethenny's entire public platform post RHONY is basically telling people to fuck off so I think she can have it dished back a little bit.


Especially when they're clearly doing it for clout, since it seems super popular to hate on B right now.


Exactly! Like I said a few days ago when this became news, saying “fuck you” to somebody is a very personal rebuttal. Bethenny as far as we know has done nothing to Jackie personally to warrant that type of response from her. She could’ve gave her response without even including that and her initial response would have been just as valid


Who is Jackie? (Genuinely asking)


Jackie from NJ


She’s such an asshole. Bethenny that is.


Bethennys an asshole. She could easily say she capitalized on the trend of the time but understands the implications of a name like that. Hell, she’d probably be successful with an all inclusive rebrand. Diet food tastes like garbage, I can’t imagine her brand sells very well these days anyway.


Back when Bethenny was still on housewives I tried her balsamic vinaigrette dressing and ngl it was pretty good lol. Not defending her now but the dressings aren't bad.


That poppy seed dressing has had me in a choke hold for almost ten years now


The lime popcorn had me paying insane prices on amazon last year. Actually really good.


Didn't she sell Skinny girl quite a few years back? I might be mistaken but I swear she sold it to Jim Beam.


I was under the impression she sold the liquor portion but maintained control over the other items.


She sold the rights to her cocktail line but kept all rights to license the brand for other products. And she had a deal with Bravo and royalties which was brilliant


I never had her drink mix because I generally don’t drink but the lime popcorn was really good.


Jackie’s a champion for all the popular causes when it works for her. She fat shamed Jen for getting Lipo too


How can she throw stones in a glass house like that


Because she's Jackie and since people like her, she's allowed to get away with it


People like Jackie?


Who is Jackie?????


She was Looking for a moment. Wasn’t she demoted this upcoming season? This is like blaming a fork for gaining weight


Jackie is right. If Bethanny was the savvy business woman she claims to be, she would have worked on rebranding several years ago when the tide was changing against weight loss tropes. Aside from that, I used to be a Bethanny fan but she has become insufferable. She used to be the voice of reason with a quick wit. Now, she is the voice of self-promotion and degradation of others.


LOL Love Bethenny 😆


Bethenny has a housewives podcast show. She knows who all the housewives are but ok Bethenny.


Who is Jackie Goldschneider in dis world she’s nobody




The B Annoys.


She hit just right with skinny girl margarita mix at the exact right timing with RHONY. That’s how she made the majority of her money. Since then she’s been trying to spin other Skinny Girl products into a bigger brand and no one cares…


Will her energy be the same for the likes of fat burger? Or fatface? How about chunky monkey ice cream? Or is it purely skinny?


Did you forget that selective outrage is very selective on this sub?


Jackie has an ED. And none promotes fatness as the ideal the same way


Her podcast is great


As far as the name -the connotations of calling a brand ‘Skinny Girl’ are irresponsible, and not forward thinking, but probably have got her results. She also sells alcohol and now does gambling adds so she’s not trying to profit off our health. She’s not a health guru. She’s wanting to profit off insecurity- the girl who wants to be skinny. I think now marketing is trying to to be in the healthy/ diet world is trying replace skinny with strong. I don’t actually know with her products and books what do they encourage, is it borderline ED behaviours/ extreme low cal diets, intermittent fasting? I have more of a problem with All in with Teddy. I meant to look at this the other day, as I heard about Jackie approaching B- but then saw Jackie was recently on 2 Ts in a pod podcast- it would be really hypocritical to go at Skinny girl, but support TM whos brand I think is worse. I think Jackie needs to concentrate on herself tbh. As someone who’s been very unwell with eating disorders - Jackies recovery will be a long process as she was Ill so long - the world is full of triggers- even someone kindly saying ‘you look well’, you’ve got to try and pick your battles- and fight your own fight first before advocating, and trying to change the diet world. But I still think it’s amazing what Jackie has done with her life- and I hope she doesn’t get attacked for this. Her intentions are good.


B’s biggest fear is having someone respond the same way when they hear her name


I approve and support this message!


Bethenny blocked me on Twitter years ago because I am verified and called her out for gaslighting Ramona. Yes. So I KNOW she was lying about accidentally unfollowing Kyle AND I wish that Jeff lips didn't retract and back down I LOVED HIM calling her out on WWHL!


Jackie an an accomplished and smart woman but the reality is she's a nobody in the entertainment and business world. She's also clearly thirsty for fame. Bethenny's not on her level and shouldn't acknowledge her 🤷‍♀️


She did the sting. She did literally nothing, Stop overhyping this waste of a human.


I’d say Bethenny’s charity efforts have mad quite a bit off difference. This is a pretty extreme response tbh.


Just because someone does charity doesn't make them a good person. Epstein also did charities. Case in point.


What's wrong with you? Now you are comparing Bethenny to a serial child trafficker? This is beyond the par. Even for Bethenny haters. Just disturbing.


No Im just saying charities does not a good person make. I'm not going to defend a misogonistic racist. People that don't understand the difference between a direct comparison and an analogy.


I mean, racist and misogynist are pretty big claims


I mean the information is right here on the internet, but Bethenny fans have an excuse for everything when it comes to her. So there is no point to this






She has never done anything well outside of selling Skinny Girl and Real Housewives. Every thing else she's done she's been mediocre at at best.


I don’t know one person who has tried any Skinny Girl products. Back in the day we heard the skinny margarita she was bottling tasted like a watered down margarita. No thanks, if I want a regular margarita then I’ll just drink what I like. (NO slushy margs either and always with Olmeca Altos) Now I kinda want one…is it Friday yet? 😂




Hahahahaha nice


Hé hé


Lol well my Reddit ads are 90% bethenny trying to sell me some gambling app so I don’t really have any respect for anything she says or does now 🤷‍♀️ girl bye


Bethenny is the Sahara compared to Jill Zarin.


She’s a right wing nut job