Damn what a trilogy


Legendary. Three distinct chapters. A technical shutout with a showstopping moment in the final round, then an utterly one sided steamrolling domination, and an all out war to finish it all.


A modern heavyweight classic. It’s going to be a long time before we got something like it again. Soak it in


If ever. I know I'm going to remember this feeling for years, people will talk about where they were watching these fights play out for decades to come.


At home in bed by myself


On my phone exiting pop up ads in my car on my driveway at 5am. My WiFi died in the house but my car has a hot spot so sat in there with my phone. Was actually really nice.


AJ v Usyk and now this, what an insane couple of weeks for boxing, two of the best fights I've seen in recent memory, in the space of a few weeks.


Heavyweight boxing has been on fire recently it’s beautiful to see


After Fury/Joshua fell through I really thought this year would be a complete dud for heavyweights, but it has definitely redeemed itself the last couple weeks.


And let's be honest, there's nothing like good HW boxing.


Huge MMA fan here but fights like this really make me enjoy boxing sometimes


This is what happens when the best fight the best


Canelos fighting in a couple of weeks too


Fury isn't human. Much better showing from Wilder. Respect


Fury’s stamina was something spooky. There’s a lot of fight nights happening nowadays that aren’t really worth the price you pay…but this wasn’t one of those.


Fury had enough wind left in his lungs to serenade his wife immediately after the fight.


Absolutely bananas. You could tell he was not sure he had it in him but he had to give it to the fans


And then go clubbing


And after coming down with COVID!


Pre-Covid Fury new mythical fighter?


After Covid not to have any cardio and strength issues. #megachad


He beat some crazy mental health issues, covid was like a sparring session for that man .


Proper high level athlete. Not a body-builder, hehe.


Modern day classic


I was starting to worry when the fight got delayed again and again and again… Fortunately, it delivered, so all is forgiven!


This trilogy will be talked about for decades


Crazy fight Wilder's got some serious balls but Fury is just the best


Fury also has incredible inner strength. Man does not give a fuck he finds a way to win.


Gypsy strength


I wonder does all that fat in Fury's belly help him eat those body jabs from Wilder.


Absolutely. One of the essential functions of bodyfat is protecting internal organs. Fury took a good few liver shots and it appeared they didn't bother him


Ancient gladiators used to get some layers of fat to protect themselves, movies made you believe they were looking like wilder while in reality they probably looked more like fury.


Wilder reverted to his old self after the first knock down, tunnel visioned that right hand. Saying that, it got him the knock down.


Wilder was gassed by then unfortunately. The weight looked great and helped as far as tyson clinching but if wilder was gassed from 40lb of walkout gear imagine wearing 20xtra lbs of muscle around 11 rounds. Fucking legendary fight though




Whoever works with Fury on cardio must be crying tears of joy right now. I can’t believe Fury was still chasing Wilder down and throwing combos into the 10th round like that.


I'm still in shock about the Tyson 2 knock downs and still getting back up


He needs to change his nickname to Lazarus


funny and fitting but The Gypsy King is one of the GOAT nicknames


The undertaker hat worked like a charm!! All that was missing was that undertaker sit-up! For those that don’t know: https://youtu.be/hDptoco79Ro


Already used that in the first fight


For so long after round 5, I honestly thought he MUST be feigning the energy. He MUST be exhausted. They both ate shot upon shot. Jesus christ.


To then belt out a song after all of that too.


seriously by looks alone you'd think wilder would have better cardio than fury, but it's the opposite. how does he do it?


Cause he controlled the tempo of the fight, mental exhaustion plays a massive part in cardio and you rarely get tired if you set the pace


That and taking shots and carrying the weight from Tyson, the extra upper body weight he added, etc. It zaps your legs. Who knows who could run the longest or display straight cardio for longer. In a boxing ring, it’s Tyson


>carrying the weight from Tyson, the extra upper body weight he added, etc. It zaps your legs. This. It's like trying to box while trying to keep a constantly leaning fridge from falling on you.


That KO was just cherry on top!


It really was. Since Round 5, it looked like all Fury needed was a solid 3-punch combo to get Wilder down for good. That last uppercut set up the next 2 punches so perfectly. My god, when Wilder finally fell, it was **cinematic**.


The fact that when Wilder actually went down for the final time. That he STILL got up. And maybe would have even made it up on time for the count. That man is something else. He talks a lot of complete bullshit, but he is a god damn fighter.


Absolutely. I didn’t know he could a beating like that. I definitely have a lot more respect for Wilder after that fight. Gave it all he had and never gave up


Seriously hope he's okay. He looked out on his feet for at least 4 rounds.


I do hope so as well, and I do hope this doesn't lead to more bs and or even a retirement from Wilder. Edit: I hope nothing at all is said to taint this fight and this night.


He needs an entire Rocky montage to break him of his habits. He reverted back to his old ways as soon as he got hurt. Every time he went to the body it worked. But he forgot his defense, and then was just trying to one punch man Fury again.


as soon as he realized he was having success, he lost mentally. Fury started capitalizing on mistakes Wilder created through no forced error.


He was on wobbly legs since the *3rd round*. Dude needs to go straight to the hospital and get checked out asap.


Yes this is the kind of prolonged beating that puts people in the hospital


Recency bias or was that one of the best HW fights ever? Certainly in modern history.


Absolutely. There have been better technical fights (AJ v Usyk a few weeks ago), but in terms of entertainment and an all out war this is absolutely the best HW fight since I can remember.


This just doesn't happen. Mostly because of size of HW fighters. One punch can and usually does end it but these monsters kept getting raised from the grave. I've been watching HW boxing since the eighties and this is the best. Other fights have had rounds and moments, Tyson being one, but this was nearly 11 rounds of skill, thunder, heart and sheer desire. Amazing and the first time I've not felt vaguely ripped off after a PPV.


How the hell did Wilder still get up after that knock out? There's no way he could walk in a straight line even after a 10 count, but to even be on his feet is incredible.


Best hw title fight this century by a country mile.


I started watching when Canelo vs GGG first fought. This is the best boxing match I've ever watched.


For a dude that looks like a bag of milk, Fury has some absolutely insane cardio, god damn. It cannot be overstated how impressive he is stamina wise.


280 lbs wasn't any slower in the 11th than the first. Madness.


Fat bastard energy.


Gypsy magic


His 1-2s in the last few rounds was like lightning...


Honestly it boggles my mind, what the fuck. How can this mf be this good and be so overweight


its technique, efficiency of movement. for the most part, he is actually very technical even if its awkward because of his frame


But how tf can he last that long man? He was moving his feet all fucking fight!


Genetics and hard work


He's fat because he eats a shit ton, not because he's out of shape. He probably does a lot of cardio (Hence the amazing gas tank) but he out eats any calories he burns because of his love for food.


Let's be honest, for his height he's probably not that overweight. Hes 6'9. He opts for less muscle and more speed so the weight is required elsewhere.


True but at some point he was truly a big fat bastard. That he's able to trim down how he did and still not have it take that big of a toll on him is bonkers.


Fight of the Year without a doubt


I’m so glad that we have AJ/Usyk and Wilder/Fury 3 to represent the year, over all that Paul Brothers and Triller nonsense…


And Canelo again in just under a month.




Still always love seeing Canelo digging those deep hooks into some poor fucker's ribcage.




Both fighters are the definition of warriors. Absolutely incredible trilogy even though the second fight should have been the end to it. Both of them have endless heart to get through so much adversity.


One of the greatest fights I’ve ever seen. An all-timer no doubt.


Wilder looked like he had shaky legs for 5 rounds. No idea how he managed to bring the heat in short spurts towards the 2nd half of the fight.


I've been watching boxing for the past 20 odd years, never felt such emotion during a fight. Absolute gladiators. I'm not even mad I lost 50 bucks (had Fury winning between rounds 4-6), just glad I got to witness this live


Wilder proved his doubters wrong, even by losing. This shit was the stuff of a movie. Tyson Fury is just on a whole different level of intelligence.


Wilder definitely proved he belonged there. Fury was just better.




He's going to blame the counts.


That would be the only thing that could ruin this great losing performance.


Dude Wilders heart was insane, just worried he took too much punishment and I hope they get him to the hospital ASAP


I was so impressed by Wilder. But the cardio from Fury was crazy. Even in the 10th he was still moving quick on his feet, throwing combinations, and having real power in his punches.


Wilder, for multiple rounds, looking like me after I've had 18 beers :/


Shocked it went the 11 rounds


I've never seen more heart in the ring ever than from Wilder tonight. He was on shaky legs for over 20 minutes of ring time. Literally gave everything. I love that man.


The best fight of the modern era, this will be a defining fight


I hope so. I would love to say I witnessed boxing history.


You did. This is up among the greats.


Not just that, but he would answer big shots from Fury immediately upon impact. He showed his heart for sure, left it all in the ring tonight.


He didn't want to quit. He had his pride tonight.


He went out the way he wanted. Shit was poetic.


Was really thinking right before he got knocked out that it would be a good time to throw in that towel.


He didn't quit, his body gave out


I'm so impressed man. 2 years ago I was cracking jokes a raging on Wilder. Now, I'm super impressed. He gave it everything. I hope he doesn't suffer health wise from this fight for very long. Remember, Wilder started boxing at the age of *20*. When you consider that, he's incredible. He's not the champ, but he's got his place in the history books.


Based on what occured in this fight, it was clear that it did deserve a trilogy, Wilder almost had him for a bit


Definitely. This was an epic, epic match.




Wilder had his eyes open too when he fell. It was like the end of gladiator when Maximus can see and feel the fields in the afterlife. Helluva fight.


I think his brain was switched off for a second as he is falling his arm doesnt even react to the rope being in the way it just slides down as if he doesn't know the rope is there. Hopefully hospital gives him the all clear. I think he is a tool but I dont want to see any fighter have serious injuries when they could be avoided


Wilder should’ve been knocked out like 5 times. What a fucking fight


it felt like Fury would often wobble Wilder then stay in the clinch too long allowing him time to recover


He was tiring him out with his weight.hes also relatively safe on the inside as he’s much more skilled and Wilder needs space for the straight right


I thought so too. It could be that fury in wobbling wilder expended too much energy to safely go and finish him. Because if you don’t and gas yourself out you’ll feel foolish if you lose. He was in control after round 5-6 and there was no need for him to take risks so perhaps he was just ensuring he had enough energy to slowly wear him down.


oh baby this is the boxing that I'm a fan of


Wilder's team is saying the KO punch was to the back of his head. It wasn't.


They are salty if they are legit saying that LOL


They always are lol


He will never accept a defeat no matter how clean it is, and his team will feed him the lies he needs to hear.


I dont understand why people do this when there video of it. Its clear as day that aint to the back of the head. What a pack of dicks...


Man what a fucking brawl from these two giants. Wilder surprised the fuck out of me tonight and Fury is honestly the undertaker from hell and that KO was clean!


I wish that one knockdown Fury had where he ducked a hook from Wilder then immediately hit him with one of his own was the finish, that was so clean.




That's one for the history books. Wilder can't be okay after that, holy fuck.


This was a fucking special fight. So often in recent memory boxing has let us down in general. Shit like this is the reason we watch. It was amazing. Tyson is still one of the best fighters Ive ever seen and Deontay Wilder showed heart and courage tonight that I never knew he had. Incredible stuff


Wilder is a fucking savage, there's absolutely no shame in losing that fight, a fucking war. I hope he continues fighting.


Wilder VS Joshua. It's the right time for it


Its crazy how the last time it was the right time, was when they both had the belts a few years ago. And now we may actually see this fight after they've both lost em


I think Wilder knocks him out


Please, PLEASE dont fuck this up by making up shit after the fact, Deontay. The amount of good will you've earned here can take you a long way.


* and apologize to Mark Breland.


As a guy who has really grown to despise Wilder over all his recent bullshit I've still gotta say... fucking warrior. What an unbelievable fight.


Honestly. The guy never backed down even when he was shattered and had nothing in him. Nobody can say he didn’t go out on his shield. Fury is solidified.


End of the day, he gets in the ring with one of the scariest motherfuckers on the planet. Respect for that.


Usyk v Fury Joshua v Wilder Won't happen but bro, just imagine


Man, Wilder lasting as long as he did is a victory in and of itself! Insane heart!


That was way less one-sided than I thought it was going to be I was fucking shook in the 4th round, but Fury pulled through and got those back Edit: I know the fight was still super one sided. My expectation was that Wilder was gonna have no success at all


Fury is a colossus. But Wilder can hold his head up high, two absolute warriors


Other than the fourth, Wilder got a boxing lesson. He lost every round after the fourth on my card


Thought Wilder was going pull off his punchers chance in the 4th but Fury ran away with it after that Wilders recovery is awful


Dude looked like he was gonna die from exhaustion for half that fight lmao


After that brutal assault by Fury in the beginning, it really did seem like it was over for Wilder. And while he has indeed lost - it took nearly a whole match in order to do so! His body (and brain) may be jello, but that was indeed some respectable performance by Mr. Wilder!


He was like a walking zombie the last four rounds. And yet every now and then that raw power came out. Fury was always one punch away from going down. Unreal heart from Wilder. And unbelievable stamina from Fury.


insane brain damage!


I actually feel bad about that. There's no way Wilder doesn't take lifetime consequences for this fight.


That was unreal




What a fucking fight


These heavyweights saving boxing


First time I can ever remember having my entire family in a room to watch a boxing match... That I laid for legally. At fucking midnight.


You can get up now, my guy.


that’s what breland saved wilder from


His ear was bleeding again


Would be more surprised if it wasn't the amount of rights fury landed there


Truth u knew how ever bad it got the corner was not gonna raise the towel on this one


I can't understand how wilder managed to last this long. Mad respect But fury is leagues above damn


Say what you will about Wilder, but the guy is a goddamn warrior. Ares must've been sitting somewhere in Olympus smiling at these 2 warriors. Guy just has no quit in him.


It hasn’t been said frequently, but I’ve come across people claiming he has no heart more than once . It never made any sense to me. I at least hope that after tonight, no one ever doubts that again.


What a fight.


Tyson saying to the ref 'I made it as clean as possible for ya' lol


Fury is like a video game character where you max out everything, including height and weight.


I was kind of hoping Wilder would bury it after the fight, that's a little bit of a bummer but my god he just went until his body had nothing left. I am so damn surprised and that deserved a lot of respect. Fury... he isn't human, AND now he's singing lmao. He kept it classy, hard fought win very deserving.


What a fight but honestly ref should have stopped that last round, Wilder looked so fucked an out of it it served no purpose carrying on. But wtf is Fury made of 3 times he got up now from that monster of a right from Wilder


Those guys aren't human. Incredible fight


Crazy good fight


WHAT A FUCKING BANGER. That felt inevitable despite Wilder being a warrior.


Wilders corner: "If he dies, he dies"


Fury looked very disappointed with Wilder’s lack of sportsmanship and I can understand why, kinda ruins it in the end but like Fury said, he’s an idiot.


But everyone here giving him props. Dude is a sore as fuck loser.


I think that might be due a lot of folks not being shown the BT Sports interview, I suspect


Man, as someone who struggles so fucking much mentally, Tyson gives me so much strength to keep fighting. If my man can keep fighting after being knocked down by Deontay Wilder then I can keep fighting.


Same man. I graduated university and I've been unemployed this entire pandemic and depressed as fuck. I was going off the rails just like Fury did. I was getting drunk every day and I would go weeks eating only McDonald's. I was destroying myself. I hadn't boxed since 2016 and had no interest in returning to the sport. However, Furys first and second Wilder fight inspired me to make a comeback. I started doing boxing work outs in my living room during the pandemic using YouTube videos (shout out Precision Striking!). I put down the alcohol and fast food and started doing cardio and calisthenics every day. I then started eating better, sleeping better, meditating and handling my stress better. At the beginning I couldn't finish a 15 minute cardio workout, today I did 15 rounds on the freestanding bag. I'm now a fucking machine and it's all thanks to Tyson. I made a bet with myself that if Tyson won tonight I would join a boxing gym again. I can't let him down so I'm going to keep that promise! To all of us out there that are struggling, as Tyson would say get up you dossers!


Hell yeah, that's great to hear!


What a fight


Wilder has heart, I'll give him that.


I'm amazed Wilder stayed up as long as he did, and it was also amazing that Fury just shrugged off getting knocked down twice in a round.


Fury's got some crazy recovery, but we already knew that from the first fight haha


He needed someone to stop this one too. This guy won’t say die. Respect, but someone needs to save him from himself.


I'm so happy I've been able to see this saga unfold live instead of just youtube highlights from fights that happened before I was into the sport.


Fellas, we just lived through boxing fucking history, get ready to tell the grand kids.


how can he sing after all of this


Wilder went down on his shield and you gotta respect that


He lost several years of his life tonight.


*random guy: "Len-KNOCKS"


Great show we got tonight folks. I watched it with my brother in law who's extremely new to combat sports and he was hooked by the end. I continued to tell him that this is super rare for a fight with this kind of hype. Lots of folks mentioned how tired Wilder looked after just a few rounds, and how it was from Fury using his weight to tire Wilder out. Ive seen a few mention that Wilder has no real way to prepare for that kind of opponent. It would have been possible if he brought in a big man who wrestles/grapples in the clinch a lot, just to work on fighting for position and angling off while protecting himself. May not have helped him very much in the end though. The real issue are his nerves. He's too tense. Everything he does is FULL FORCE. Those body shots in the first round. Even the way he was moving around the ring and carrying his hands, just really tense. All that nervous energy will sap you extremely fast. And it's hard to practice for, because you'll never been that tense in practice. That nervousness is another reason why all of Deontays strategy went out the window quickly. The body reverts back to its most basic instincts when it's overloaded with stimuli. That being said, the man will go down in the legendary fight lore for this one. He made damn sure that everyone knew that he wasn't here by accident. He's got nothing to be embarrassed about after that. He should hold his head high and offer zero excuses or apologies for his performance. If he stays quiet and professional about it, the people will sing his praises into history for giving what he did tonight.


Wilder needs to be checked for TBI


Tyson Fury is truly exceptional


This was a instant classic.


Wow. Take a bow gentlemen. Some of the most fun I’ve had watching boxing in my life


This is boxing Fuck all of that YouTube circus Tyson Fury is one of the all time greats




A fight for the history books. A pair of savages. Tyson Fury is an unbelievable human, a 19th century bare knuckle man, ready to fight 50 rounds. What a night.


https://i.imgur.com/9dbdN6R.png thanks guys!


Wilder has some fucking guts in him man, great fight


That’s a beating that could take years off wilders life. He might never be the same ever again. Hard to watch…


Incredible fight. Incredible trilogy. 3>1>2, imo


And the crazy thing is, the “worst” fight was awesome too!


"That's what big dogs do!!" God bless Sugar Hill


Fight of the year. Absolutely insane.


Man as a Wilder fan that hurts. But fighting like a warrior is all you can ask for


I will be showing my kids kids this fight.