She's using the PA system to quit her shitty Walmart job

She's using the PA system to quit her shitty Walmart job

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Dude!!! Don't shout out the person who got you the job as you're dropping F bombs on the PA!!


Right, i thought the same


Just reminding everyone who vouched for her. It's simply courtesy.


> courtesy Courtesy to whom? They just painted a bullseye on that person. If this place is toxic, now the creeps have someone else to harass and "punish" for this person's announcement.


Identifying sarcasm is tough on the Internet, eh?




Detecting... Detecting.... .... Aight, there's nothin' here, boys


Plot twist: it was really another one of the douchebags and she found a way to get her in trouble.


her friend definitely got in trouble for that.


I watched this and shed a tear for her friend just trying to do some good


I really like your username.


I really like your username too.




I also like your name.


I was just reading an article that a shit load of folks are recording themselves quitting the last few months


"i'm out!"- nice closing words.


Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, you're cool, fuck you I'm out.


She was straight up livin Half Baked


The problem comes when she goes to apply for that next job and they happen to see this. Im all for calling out shitty people, but dont damage yourself in the process unless what they are doing is 100% illegal and/or causing you or others harm in some way. Like that is the only time I would nuke my career. And just to note, I have turned in companies in the past, as my job allows me access to some crazy schemes I have stumbled on/people talk to me about some crazy stuff.


On the flip side, I can definitely see some small businesses owners completely sympathizing with her situation. Too bad she doesnt have a body cam to record the racism and sexual harassment.


You don't need a body cam lmao, if someone doesn't believe the majority of society are bigoted pricks then they live in lala land.


Im saying so she could go after them for maintaining a hostile work environment. Body cama are a little over $100 and every working class employee should wear one for their own protection.


Maybe if it's 1 or 2, but when it's that systemic, whistleblowing will be retaliated against and all they'll care about is covering their asses.


To be fair you can’t just make accusations for all you know she could be lying ( she probably isn’t though)




Goes to show how we aren't really free anymore. Corporations rule our lives, it's an injustice.


Were we ever free?


At one time, remember the native Americans lived freely before the colonists came.


Native Americans had societies, had slavery and had human sacrifices. They are human just like everyone else and that includes the flaws that come with being human.


Thanks for pointing out what should be obvious. Not nearly enough people realize this and think they were living in a North American utopia. Freedom is nothing but an ideal that's nice to aspire to, and it's another word for nothing left to do.


True. I saw an episode of House MD where Eric foreman tries to get a job and despite being a great doctor he can't because of ONE mistake of disobeying his superiors


Ummm. Nobody you interview with will give a [email protected] about how people thought of you at your shitty Walmart job.


Even if they thought it was her...... they don't really have a way of knowing. I see ten chicks that look like her every day. I doubt suddenly all girls that look very similar to this one will stop getting hired.


Why you gotta disrespect me cause I work the grill, b?


wait wheres that from? so familiar




How have I heard this line so many times, but I haven’t seen this movie at all? Adding it to this list.


Birth of a sub. r/FuckYouImOut Make it and they will come.


When the sub gets lame I can't wait to post how I'll unsub in such glorious fashion.


Someone stole your idea but didn't have the patience to make it funny lmao https://old.reddit.com/r/FuckYouImOut/comments/oln30c/this_sub_sucks_fuck_you_im_out/


I was gonna give it about 2 years, shit on the admins nd the users for not giving me more upvotes after years of loyal shitposting and then say the catchphrase.


My old coworker (publuc bus driver) quit over the radio calling out the bigotry that has caused a bunch of people to quit recently. They even announced they were leaving the bus at a stop


I was reading an article about how covid has prompted a lot of people to quit their jobs and start a new career, at around 40- 60%. ( I wonder if the increase in recording proportional to the jump in people quitting


covid 100% gave me the push to quit my shitty min. wage job and find one that actually wants to pay their employees. went from a security guard to a budtender in my towns first medical marijuana dispensary


As needs to happen, whether we realize it or not a revolution is starting and going to gain traction very quickly and heavily in the next 6 months. ALOT of people are already at their breaking point and its only getting worse and it's not going to get better till something extremely massive happens!


Oh man. Quitting a shitty job feels so good. I’ve “quit” three jobs (rather than putting in two weeks notice), and don’t regret it for a second. First one: shitty grocery store. I was responsible for unloading the pallets of food every day and stocking the shelves. This shit is back-breaking work. Ever squat-lifted thousands of trays of canned beans in a day? If I didn’t finish before closing, the manager would chew me out. If I finished *early*, they’d send me home and I’d lose hours. Finally my douche-bro manager asked me one night “So can you finish it or am I going to have to find somebody who can?”. I was so insulted that I quit on the spot. Looks like he was going to have to do it himself. A year later I was working at a shitty department store. They cut my hours drastically after a few weeks, because that company was disintegrating into dust. I interviewed with some grocery store around the corner that had more hours and better pay, and went back to the department store to quit. My manager, who I internally referred to as “Miss ShitPig”, was like “Wait, why are you here? You don’t work today. And you’re out of uniform?”. I told her that I quit because I found a better job. She looked so shocked and whispered “*Well don’t say that OUT HERE!*”, as if some boomers buying socks would give a shit. I laughed and left. The NEXT job was at that grocery store months later. I had interviewed for an IT job and landed it. I was leaving these schlubs behind for the kingly sum of $10 per hour. I felt like a shining golden god amongst men. I told the “cool” manager who actually did work that I was quitting at the end of the day, but I’d at least help them finish off the day’s truckload. When the shitty manager showed up (he and his dad were bleeding the store dry apparently with a bunch of weird embezzlement shit, and also he wrote shitty Star Wars fan fiction on the clock, which we found on his PC), he left at one point and said he’d be back later. I said “Bye Kyle, I’ll never see you again!”, which got a laugh from everybody else, as he was the only one who didn’t know I was quitting. And so it was. I’m at my fourth IT position now - kept learning new skills and moving up. Retail never again. Shit feels good.


Every time I read US retail stories it's so weird. I worked retail in Finland while studying for a few years and it was just fine. Not once did I encounter anything too weird. Worst thing that happened was a dude who bought stuff and tried to recruit you to some shitty pyramid scheme while you were helping them with "you're too smart to work retail, come work at this awesome business I'm at!". Then you saw them returning what they bought the next day lol. Obviously he didn't mention what the business was haha.


I'm sure it feels great but not the greatest thing to have on your online resume'. Even if she's in the right, a lot of future employers will get spooked.


Dude I was taught by a very successful person in my life to lie as convincingly as possible on my resume. Suffice to say I has worked for me.


We have that in common because I remember that both of my professors from Harvard and Oxford told me that same thing.


Any employer that sees this will not hire her, full stop.


I don’t disagree. Can’t say I blame these folks tho either.


Until she's gives a shout out to the girl that got her the job. Might be a little uncomfortable for her for the rest of the day.


looking throught the comments had me think back on the 8 years i'd been at walmart. starting to think this is actually becoming more common. i think it was 5 or so years ago, we had a former employee get on the PA to call one of a managers an idiot and a bitch and other invectives before she left. then again there's a shit lload of stuff thats happened at my store. shootings, addicts, super villains, shamans, strippers, bikini contestants, homeless people, karens, deaths, unfortunate animal deaths, cats, birds eating from the bread aisles, car crashes, more death, possibly homophobia from management (according to some of my coworkers) mariachi bands, fires, lots of fires, lots of OSHA and fire violations, customers that become a celebrity of a kind at the store and not the good kind, furries.


Let us all take a moment to honor the OG: https://youtu.be/9A4UGtM4hDQ


This is an old video


Doesn’t change the accuracy of my statement


Didn’t say that it did…




How about Chris Price?


Fuck that big lazy bitch Chris Price!








Walmart is a *hellhole*, worked there for 5 1/2 years. (would have never lasted that long if it wasn't for the recession) Most miserable job I ever had. They use people and treat them as disposable.


Working in the auto care center was fun for a couple of years. We just joked around all day, wrenching on cars but nothing actually difficult, and the managers kinda left us alone. But every other job inside the store was HELL. Oh and maybe the bicycle assembler had an OK job, he had his own little room with an FM radio and tools.


My dad worked as an Auto department manager back in the 90s. I remember when he moved up from assistant manager - we got off food stamps! They weren't a "good" company 30 years ago, but they were definitely better than they are now. Nowadays I make more than he did and can barely support two people. And to make it funny: department managers at Walmart now make *less* than he did then.


Former bike assembler for Toys R Us, can confirm bike building was chill. Until some guy from head office showed and asked why the bikes were so far behind. Told him that I'd been given 8 hours a week for a month or two, and that there were at least 3 managers on shift at a time. Asked him how exactly I was to meet the demand.


Im a college student at walmart in OGP for the summer and Im supposed to be part time but they give me 40 hours a week but at least it’s an easy job I guess. Where Im at, 14/hour is near double min wage too which is nice.


Fr tho, these kind of jobs are bearable when you're a kid working a summer holiday. I worked a shitload of them when I was the same. You come in, work 10 weeks and eat shit, and make a bunch of money for uni/college. After I graduated I stayed in those kinda jobs and holy fucking shit it sucks when that is your day-in, day-out with nothing on the horizon.


Maybe it's because I was underage at the time, but while I was a cashier in High school I was treated well at Walmart. It's also possible I was working at the one of the very few stores that actually cared about employees.


The current deli at my understaffed store isn’t too bad. I just cook food by myself most of the day. I feel bad for all the cleaning night shift has to do though as I have no time to clean.


Plot twist - She’s at Lowe’s


And due to the lack of any response whatsoever, I feel like they may have been closed. I could be wrong tho.


There’s videos online of other people recording while it happens in the store and their reactions


It also looks like she's in the garden section and not at the front of the store, which in my experience especially during the off season (Christmas decorations?) Is the most dead part of the store by far People wanna feel smart calling this out for her being isolated, but if you wanna make sure you can get your whole message out are you gonna go to a crowded area? Or a dead one? Also it's Walmart, even if they were in a crowded area I wouldn't exactly expect people to start cheering? Maybe some laughs or gasps but it's not like the store is going to erupt in applause. And lastly.. even if it was closed, it's not like they just let random low level employees chill in the store alone, there would have to be at least one person there with the capability of locking things up, and while it wouldn't be the dumbest thing I've ever seen, I somehow doubt an employee with that level of trust would fake something like this almost certain to go viral and post it online with no desire to lose their job. It wouldn't be the dumbest thing I've ever seen on the internet but even the slightest bit of critical thinking skills would tell you that if you get what you want in it going viral, corporate will almost certainly see it and you'll be fired regardless


Good for you girl. Mental health over everything😌


If this is real then it’s iconic, like something out of a movie


Ehhh…nobody at Walmart mart cares that a cashier or whatever quit Edit: actually I’m leaving it as Walmart mart


I bet they care that she did it over the pa though lol


They're going to talk about it for about 24 hours and no one will care all over again. Those jobs suck because the employees are super replaceable in the company's eyes.


>employees are super replaceable in the company's eyes. Not just in the companies eyes


"How *dare* you consider me replaceable" "Well it only took us a day to replace you, so..."


Wher I work it’s an average of 7 months to cover low/mid level management positions Teams get away with anything from showing up late everyday,calling in and swapping pto days to where there is not one week in the past year where we’ve had a full crew… this is not skilled labor either …


Replaceable as long as walmart is subsidized by taxpayers


Ehhh maybe a little


You are fucking high...I guarantee corporate cares a whole hell of a lot when accusations of racism and sexual harassment gets filmed and put on the front page of reddit. And on a smaller scale, every single person there cared. The customers, the employees she called out by name...and they care a lot more now that it's on the front page of reddit.


Half baked. Reminded me of that movie


It isn't, you can't hear it echoing in the background. // Edit: Apparently it is, there's recordings from other people. https://nextshark.com/walmart-employee-calls-out-racist-pervert-coworkers-before-quitting/




I thought that but I think she’s in the staff room, like a separate part of the store so the speakers aren’t in there


You can literally see a sliding exit door to go outside. She’s 100% in one of those “side” checkout rooms that some Walmart’s have near the garden center or use for seasonal stuff.


What these people never been in a Walmart? She even says she's in the garden center


Or ever seen a break room. I don’t know if any business that would have a sliding exit door to outside inside a break room


Nah she’s on the floor and you can hear the echo


Garden center


Cap 2 life yo


Put on headphones, I can hear the echo


Dude the fact she quit in such an audacious way is actually forcing Walmart PR to reply publicly and investigate it to save face holy shit This is definitely not the kind of reaction you'd get from quitting quietly or giving two weeks notice.


You absolutely can hear the difference between when she's just speaking and when she keys the PA.


Sometimes you’ve just had enough. Sounds like she had a hard time at that job. She should’ve documented the sexual harassment.


Walmart HR & lawyers will be in contact trying to get her to sign releases faster than Branson made it to orbit last week


hahahaha Branson made it to orbit?! No sorry - He barely made it to space before falling back to earth. No orbit happening there.


Upper sky


tall air


Branson was higher in the 60’s.


Yeah that was inaccurate, shoulda said faster than Branson’s trip to “space” was over.


bingo! Yeah it's crazy how fast it all was over isn't it? Like I thought they'd have a few more mins up there but it's literally like less than 5 mins of weightlessness. Still cool as fuck but man....that's over so quickly.


Honestly you can do much cheaper trips for weightlessness. I think the mach 3 travel and the view are more cool than weightlessness. You can do multiple experiences of 20-30second zero g for 7grand https://www.gozerog.com/the-zero-g-experience/


[That ok go video was cool](https://youtu.be/LWGJA9i18Co)


As a woman, it's exhausting to report that behavior. When I was 17 working at toys R us 4 men would constantly hit on me and kept asking for hugs. It was creepy, but I didn't say anything because I didn't want "drama". I didn't want to fill out paperwork. I was afraid police would somehow get involved. I had bad anxiety so that didn't help the situation. Some women just want to go home and not fill out paperwork Now that I'm 26 I would probably say something now. But many men know not to hit on women over 25 because they know women over 25 have way more confidence than women under 25


As a dude too. I was expected to "appreciate" the various comments and physical contact from coworkers - both men and women - because I'm a guy. Was literally groped by 3 coworkers at a meeting in a boss's house in front of everyone when I worked retail years ago while everyone laughed around me as I grew noticeably uncomfortable. My main editor at an old job would *constantly* ask me out. She finally blew up on me for no reason because I kept trying to discuss a project and wouldn't acknowledge her advances. I quit soon after. All that alongside innumerable comments, caresses, grabs, etc., again, from *both* men and women.


But you’re a guy, so that’s ok (/s)


Seriously thank you for saying that. Guy's are supposed to "care". It's crazy


She probably did, and HR/management probably didn't do anything about it. The most that happens at my job is that the abuser gets moved to a different department than the abused, so it can happen to someone else.


>he should’ve documented the sexual harassment. How do you know she didn't?


I did document my sexual-harassment. They still did not fire the employee even though he had been hired and fired 20 years prior for sexual-harassment and drinking on the job. I tried to get time off so I could see a therapist about my issues after the sexual-harassment and my employer denied me the time off. My therapists and doctors filled out FMLA paperwork to get me temporary time off that was also denied by my employer, twice. He not only harassed me but other employees as well and was there long after I was gone.


I’m sorry for that experience. It’s amazing that we live in such a toxic environment. Why can’t people just treat others with dignity and respect.


> She should’ve documented the sexual harassment. she probably did, and HR probably did nothing about. happens literally constantly to the point that most women don't even bother


I worked as an overnight stocker at Walmart when I was 17. I helped get the store ready for closing before we could bring product on to the floor, got my department stocked, fronted and faced as fast as possible, and then went department to department to help others do likewise (the ladies in soft goods loved me). At the end of the night before we opened again, I'd run around the store grabbing all the stacks of pallets and cleaning up. Perfect, eager, young employee who just wanted to earn his $8/hr. Had to file a sexual harassment complaint against one of the receivers who was spreading rumors that I was gay and wanted to suck him off or something (I am gay, but he didn't know that and the guy was a hick POS and getting in his trousers was the furthest thing from my mind). A week or two later he was fired for pulling his cock out and waving it around at one of the female cashiers. When my Ass. Man. notified me of the termination I expressed relief and exhuberation at the POS having gotten his comeuppance and was fired shortly thereafter for "not being a team player". Tl;dr I was fired from Walmart for not being a team player with a repeated sexual harasser. Fuck Walmart.


Here i am assuming your partner was also working at Walmart, only to reread correctly that as "Assistant Manager"


You HAVE to see what you did with that abbreviation right?


Ass Man, hell yea.


I love this girl! Everyone in retail wishes they could do this. I told my boss at cvs to go fuck himself and walked out. Felt good!


Yes! The most satisfying thing ever. I had an insane customer at Tropical Smoothie freak out on me and I rage quit. I was closing alone, literally the minute I go to lock the door this troll comes in. Lost her shit bc I had been mopping before making her food and that was “disgusting”. I had fastidiously washed my fucking hands right in front of her and was wearing gloves. I took it for a couple minutes, just staring at her. “What are you gonna do about it?! Quit?!”. I dropped her fucking smoothie on the floor, said “yup!” and walked out without closing up. Left the door unlocked and cash in the drawer. My manager was a lazy, overbearing cunt who made my life miserable, and I was a destitute college student. The only good part of a minimum wage job is they are a dime a dozen. You have no power here, hoe!


Awe, you missed the opportunity to throw the shake on her!


Cops and Karens go hand in hand


Cops and terrorists*


Karens and terrorists


That's an easy assault and battery charge, not worth it


I was the manager of a well known (uk) store, they absolutely flogged me to death and when it came round to my holiday (where I was going away for the football) they tried to cancel it the day before. I threw my keys at the area manager and walked out. The area manager (who it turned out had to cover my shifts) wrote my next firm a shitty (all lies) reference. The greatest day was when he was sacked and I successfully sued (okay they settled out of court just before it got there) for two years of salary.




I worked at Best Buy during college. Left during my lunch break one day to go to a Chargers game and never came back. Felt great!


Walked out of Walmart after two months, age 17, nearly 20 years ago. Never regretted it. The girl at service counter who gave me my paycheck later that week congratulated me on quitting. Fuck that place.


Serious question, couldn't this mess with your opportunity and finding a job in the future? Or do you just not mention that you ever had that job on your resume?


Never walked out on a job like that, but I’ve quit a lot of shitty jobs after 3-6 months. I just don’t put them on my resume.


This environment is complete garbage all around. Nobody gives a fuck. This shit about employers calling your old workplaces or your references is shit for white collar professionals.


Speaking from personal experience sadly, you can't get away with quitting on the spot in most corporate jobs. I tried to do this when I got suspended but they still sent me a termination notice 1 week and a half later. Edit to Add: I DID NOT WANT TO BE FIRED ON MY WORK RECORD. I basically have nothing to reference on my resume for past experience, when eventually applying for a new job. Also to add: the time it took them to fire me after I quit on the same day I got suspended is very important. In my state [TX] if you quit and it takes longer than 2 weeks to fire you, then they legally can't day they fired you, when using them as a reference.


Soo you tried to quit but they did you a solid of firing you thus qualifying for unemployment Since it was them not you




My company does something similar. They don’t actually fire many people. Maybe if you’re high or drunk on the job, or if you no-call no-show, but for the most part they sit you down and have a “so employee, how do you feel about working here? Do you think it’s been a good fit, or have you felt like it’s not?” Basically they use leading questions to get you to admit you hate it and then ask you to voluntarily choose a last day anywhere in the next couple weeks or months that works for you, and then that’s it. They stop giving you work and you eventually step down. However, while this may seem to be a way to avoid unemployment, it’s actually not. They will still approve your unemployment if you quit. I know many who have done it. It seems they are more interested in advertising that they don’t fire people (great way to lure people in with a promise of a job they won’t lose) than in saving money on unemployment.


> They will still approve your unemployment if you quit. Kinda fucked up that this is probably illegal.


> Kinda fucked up that this is probably illegal. It's not, the company pays for unemployment insurance so it's their discretion if it should be paid out or not. So his company doing that is a pretty stand up thing to do really. Most places fight it even if they fired you.




Even better! Now you can get unemployment.


I'm sorry, what's a work record? I've heard this kind of thing before. I don't think it's a thing, like you think it's a thing.


It is not a thing lol. You dont even have to tell the new company you are applying for that you ever worked at that place. Even if they did find out somehow companies are usually very careful about giving away information about previous employees.


Exactly, almost all companies, especially large ones, won't give out any employee information beyond dates of employment.


Most Americans are hired “at will”, so she CAN 100% quit on the spot as she’s likely an at will hire.




I also am a former unloaded for walmart. It was always fun when the DCs were short on work so unloaders came to the stores and worked along side us. We started at min wage and them $15+. This was mid 2000s, for a frame of reference. Hated that job, but thats the most fit I've ever been.


Was everyone there a racist misogynist shithead, too?




Also Walmart doesn’t give you hazard pay for dealing with angry customers /s


Girl just did in 30 seconds what I wished I did In 3 years of retail


Shoutout to Ariel.


Really reminds me of “fuck you, fuck you, you’re cool, fuck you. I’m out”




I did something like this but less publicly. I left a good web job to go work for an adversiting agency. They said they'd pay me XX,XXX to start. They said after 3 months they'd up me by $5,0000. They said they up me another $5,000 after 6 months. It was a shitty company. They worked their employees to death. At the holiday party the husband of a co-worker told management that if they didn't cut her work load, he was going to make her quit. She was easily putting in 60 hours a week. I did my job well. I completed all my projects. I did everthing they asked. However, after 3 months they stiffed me. After 6 months they stiffed me again. After 3 months I started looking for a new job. Once I accepted a new job, at a $30K raise from this job, on a Friday, after having a couple of beers during lunch with some co-workers, I walked up to one of the owners, told him the company sucks, that they didn't know how to manage web projects, then quit on the spot, with no notice. The look on the owner's face was priceless. I easily covered that 6 months on my resume. And I didn't need them for references so it was worth every moment of quitting this way. I didn't start my new job for 3 weeks so I had a nice break/rest before starting the new job, which I loved.


I can't speak for all stores but they do tend to barely hire PoC for Cap2 (or most dept.), the ratio was definitely not even. But that could be just my area. The more troubling issue is that the yt people on those teams are low key racist behind everyone's back.




I worked at Walmart when I was a teenager, 18-19 or so. Horrible experience. Worked grocery stocking aisles. Co worker called in sick and I had to cover their aisles too. I got fired because I stocked their aisles too slow in addition to my own. Fired for the results of additional work in one night. After talking to higher ups, I managed to get my job back adjacently in shipping and receiving, where I worked my ass off and met some good friends. Still treated like shit. Like, I know, unless you were a robot you couldn't unload trucks faster than we were doing. Manager was an obese cow that spewed so much hate and vitriol it was unbelievable; if there is a definition of a monster that exists on earth, it was her. Anyways, some time later I was heading off to college and put in my 2 weeks notice. A week before that was up, some friends came in and convinced me to walk out a week early and enjoy my summer. So I did. I didn't clock out though. So, to my surprise, when my check was deposited the next week, it included all of the hours until the end of the next pay period on that Friday. All of them. My last paycheck from Wal-Mart on this earth was for about 120 hours or so; overtime automatically calculated in. Fuck you, Walmart.


I've always heard Walmart was quite vigilant about making sure employees never got full time hours, much less overtime. Some of your managers might have gotten in trouble for that lol. Did they ever try to make you pay back the extra money?


This was about 20 years ago. No one ever said a word. It speaks volumes about the managers aptitude. I know I was in the wrong for leaving a week early, but that manager position would have been better served by a roomba. It's hard to explain without getting upset, but the only time I had interacted with her was about 15 feet out of her office -> the break room, where she waddled like the stay puff marshmellow man and moaned and groaned the whole time like someone had murdered her family. It was like summoning a disturbed spirit, waking it from it's lair. edit: This was in a small town in the midwest.


r/antiwork needs this shared to their page


If she really needed a job at Walmart one year ago- no disrespect, everyone's gotta do what they've gotta do- she's really going to need it now. Hopefully this never goes viral or she's fucked. It sucks that work has no inherent value or meaning. If you work at a low end job, not only do you get paid a pittance, people also look down on you for working hard to get paid so little. Salt in the wound, no wonder depression is so rampant.


Nah, tons of places are hiring right now. Some are even letting you name your price. My cousin got his first restaraunt job at $15/hour because the manager asked him what's his ideal salary. This happened months ago anyways, given the Christmas shit. I'm sure she's fine.


Something similar happened when a lady publicly announced that she was quitting a crappy job but also mentioned where her new job was going to be. The new employer fund out about the video and they rescinded the job offer. Never burn bridges.


>never burn bridges Ok but that’s kind of an unreasonable thing to say. People who treat their employees badly shouldn’t get free reign to treat people however they want without consequence. Professionalism can be such a cancer. I’m not thanking someone for the opportunity to have them abuse me for months just so they don’t tattle on me to my next potential employer. Some bridges should be burned. Never treat toxic dirtbags with respect just because their nametag says “manager”. They don’t deserve it.


Management burned the bridge.


Capitalism ruined the water, burn those fucking bridges


Some bridges need to be burned if they go nowhere.


> Hopefully this never goes viral or she's fucked ​ hopefully she doesn't get fucked for it. sure its the wrong way to go about it, but i can totally see her point of view if she's tried getting management or HR assistance and was just railroaded or ignored. This would be a huge corporate wakeup call if it does go viral, and to be honest, I truly hope the best for her and her future.


Yup. You can only treat people like shit for so long


That was the most pointless thing I've ever seen. It's like one of those stories that evolves into "and then I dropp kicked the security guard for trying to search me and I wasn't gonna steal a 85" tv but them mfkrs made me with that BS"






iconic doesn’t even begin to describe


Thought I was watching publicfreakout.


Yeah, I don't think this post belongs in "bad choice."


Yes gal! More of those. I fully support. Know your worth.


I was fired from walmart because i mentioned my depression to my manager. they said they didnt want sad people working there. its fucking walmart, everyone hates working there! wish i sued


So at least 3 people are racist and 4 others are sexist? I somehow doubt her side of the story


Ariel probably trippin hahaha 😅


I wish I did that when I quit from there


Good stories good choices


Good for her


This needs to happen more often


Nice rage quit




I love that she threw in “stinky” as part of the insult to the one guy. Cracked me the hell up. You go lady 👍🏻 Fuck em’!


And this is how you don’t ever get hired at another job again


At least there’s a shout out to Ariel


Two things. 1. Why does it look like her phone is behind plexiglass, and 2. What is Cap 2?


Cap is a time shift in which your work schedule alligns with. In Walmart there are three Caps throughout the day; Cap 1 (morning shift), Cap 2 (afternoon shift), and Overnight Cap.


I see everybody else is the problem in her workplace. It is clearly evident through her professional speech where all the problems originate.


I’m sure the customers really care lol


Everything for clout. Something tells me there’s more to this and a stunt like this just shows her character and why she might be working at Walmart in the first place. Redditors will downvote but there’s literally no excuse for this. Literally work somewhere else.


Something tells me there's more to this.