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Years ago this person I was dating gave me an exquisite, tantalizingly slow blowjob. The build up took forever, her pace never changed and she kept it up until I was done. It’s probably the longest orgasm of my life- I was riding the peak forever. Now I’ve had a lot of other orgasms that were more intense- almost like getting struck by lightening- BOOM and done. That one was so slow and subtle, like a rising tide, over 25 years later, it’s still quite memorable.


At least half a minute which was an eternity compared to normal


Somewhere between 30-60 seconds, forcibly.


Bout 20 seconds probably.


About half a minute, but it was so spread out over that time that it really pushed the definition of orgasm.


I’ve had double shoots that overall lasted a minute. As ron bergungy would say simply just “a river of ejaculate”


Longest? Not sure but my SO gave me a multiple once. Climaxed, kept going, climaxed again. It was pretty amazing. If a person continues to suck the tip the orgasm is prolonged. It tickles like mad but feels great.


Solid 45 seconds. She jerked me while I rode her strap on


You want the answer in SI or imperial units?


Don’t carry a timer when I bust. 🤷🏽‍♂️


I think usually from cumming to stopping stroking, usually around 30 seconds to a minute


I don’t usually think in terms of time. Usually in terms of distance/thickness of load


Probably around 15 seconds. It felt way longer, but when you actually count it out, 15 seconds is a long time.


I didnt time it, but I was getting finish by hand, I shot my ‘usual’ load and it stopped/paused. She kept slowly stroking and I quickly felt the pressure build right up again and blew another few shots. It was a new level of empty feeling, We were both shocked by the amount, to which she asked if id saved it up for a month 😆, which I hadnt.


I experience my longest ones with an edible in my system, but I can always enhance it by edging before hand.


A good way to measure orgasms in men is the number of ropes fired. My first blowie with enthusiasm, eye contact, hands, and sloppiness. It was a legitimate 8 roper, and she was tonguing the underside of my head when the first rope was fired. She proceeded to catch the following 7 in her mouth. Swallowed and burped. To this day, it’s still my go to in my spank bank.


Just the other night I had an orgasm that lasted what seemed like 2 minutes. I was balls deep when I came and every little movement made me unable to breathe. She quickly removed herself from my cock about a minute later and I continued to lay on the bed paralyzed and hardly able to breathe. That was fucking intense and not super enjoyable tbh, lol.