I feel like a lot of sports could be described as a bunch of men fighting over a ball.


All while trying to score. Sometimes getting the ball In the hole.


Wrestling: Guys without pants fighting for a belt


"I've got this awesome new game where you throw and catch a ball with your teammates while trying to get across a field! "sir, this is not a ball." "Sure it is!" "It has *points*." "Oh, I didn't tell you the best part. You get to body slam people and cause permanent injury!" "this sounds less like a game and more like a threat."


Mountain biking


It's a sport of using a wooden stick to throw a wooden stick long distances. There is a modern version where you will use metal or polymer sticks to throw carbon sticks, though it's much easier.








There are purists who believe you can't call yourself a stick thrower of sticks unless they're made of wood. Though the cost of each smaller stick, especially when they need to be periodically straightened, really adds up.


Hit ball with stick and run really fast in a particular shape


Most of them. Consider American football. Massive dudes in tights chase a ball from one end of a field to the other, and may end up with their helmets face first into a hot backside. Consider sumo wrestlers. Massive rikishi in mawashi try to push each other out of a ring, or to touch ground with anything but the soles of the feet, and may end up with their face also in dangerously close to a hot backside.




Playing on a huge expanse of hilly grass, you hit a ball one inch in diameter with a stick. The object is to get the ball to land in a small hole several hundred feet away. You will spend much of your time looking for where the hell the damn ball went after you hit it. Once you find it, you'll have to hit it again and keep going until you finally get the little ball to drop into the hole. Repeat all of this 17 more times.