What film was the biggest disappointment to you?

What film was the biggest disappointment to you?


Justice League The god awful theatrical cut.


Oh man yeah the theatrical cut was go awful The Snyder cut was much better but still lacking IMO


Yeah it stood high above the OG release but still could be better.


Easy improvement to that movie: Cut about 40 minutes of slow motion and moody walks in the rain out of the movie. Literally nothing of value would've been lost by cutting 30-40 minutes of moody bullshit out. No one needed to watch an Icelandic choir sing for four minutes as Aquaman walked into the waves. No one needed to hear that fucking Ancient Lamentation Music every time Wonder Woman did anything. Literally picks a pen from the table and cue that fucking wailing string music. People wanted the origin stories and motivations for each character and I was satisfied with what they added to both Flash and Cyborg. There still needed to be someone in the editing room who could slap Snyder every time he suggested rain and slow motion.


::lady singing:: Yup, Wonder Woman time. Every time. Every single time.


I haven't seen the Snyder Cut but it sounds like it turned out as I predicted. I expected it to be *better* but not actually *good* because the theatrical movie had too many fundamental problems. Warner Bros brought in Joss Whedon to "fix" it precisely because they saw Synder's rough cut and realized they were in trouble. Also, Snyder got to do pretty much what he wanted with *Batman v Superman* and everyone hated that movie, so I didn't have much confidence in Snyder anyway. But it sounds like Snyder learned some lessons when he made his director's cut.


That's what came to my mind, it was the god damn Justice League for god's sake, I was waiting for it my whole life. And for someone who actually enjoyed BvS, JL was like a slap in the face. Snyder's version is good but I do admit it could've been better had they only cut 30 minutes of the film and increased Superman's role a little bit.


“Cats”. What a shit show


So bad that Andrew Lloyd Webber now requires an emotional support animal


Is it a cat?


It’s a dog, I think a cat would have been too on the nose even for him


I loved reading the critics reviews of the movie. "Cats is the worst thing to happen to cats since dogs"


"Watching *Cats* is like stumbling upon an unholy and heretofore unknown genre of porn." "Oh God, my eyes." "First off, full disclosure - I am not a cat person. Second off - after watching this frankly mortifying film adaptation of Andrew Lloyd Weber's *Cats*, I'm not altogether sure I am a movie person anymore either." *Jesus.*


Well said, Jesus!


The Dark Tower was like someone had read a vague description of the story.


I thankfully learned that lesson back with Queen of the Damned so I never even considered watching The Dark Tower. As soon as it was announced I knew it would be a shitshow of a movie. There is no possible way to condense all of the books into one movie and even trying to do a movie per book it would still have had a lot cut out of it. That's why I no longer watch movies/tv shows based off of books I've read and enjoyed.


Shows based on books can be good, I’ve been enjoying The Expanse.


Thing is, it wasn't just an adaptation, it was a CANON SEQUEL to the last book, and that was the part that pissed everyone off and i still can't believe SK allowed that, it was a complete shitshow and an insult to his legacy.


If people want to shit on The Dark Tower for being a bad movie, that's fine, but I hate when they bash it for the wrong reasons. I went in knowing it was a sequel, but I had to break the rule of no talking in the movie to explain to my wife, who never read the books, what was going on. The movie seriously needed an extra hour just to build up the backstory. Maybe even start >!when Roland finally reaches the Dark Tower, ascends it and is then sent back to the beginning!<, so most people would at least know what is going on.


I think the first book specifically could be adapted into a decent movie but anything past that isn't going to work.


They need to just animate it..like Castlevania or something


Dark Tower needs to be on HBO or Netflix as a series and either have a huge live-action budget or be animated. Can't do it justice otherwise.


God, fucking for real. I went in with low expectations and it still ruined my day. Then i watched it again last year to see if i could maybe get a laugh out of how bad it was, only to ruin my day again.


A Wrinkle in Time I honestly didn’t know what to expect considering it was a book I read in like 6th grade, but I was confused the entire movie




“How should Spider-Man defeat Sandman?” “He won’t! Sandman will just stop and float away in the wind!”


Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets I enjoy Luc Besson films, and the Fifth Element is one of my favorite movies of all time. Besson had kind of stayed away from doing anything scifi related for a long time, and when the images and trailers for this began to come out, it felt like it had the potential to recapture the kind of story and feel that Fifth Element had. It didn't. Visually and effects wise, it is an incredible movie, but the pacing and plot were not great, and many were critical of the casting of the movie.


That movie was such a let down. The two leads had zero chemistry. Honestly I thought they were supposed to be siblings for most of the movie lol.


Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull bollocks.


Yep could easily be one of the worst movies I’ve seen


As a huge fan of the original trilogy I felt physically violated by this movie and subsequently dismissed it's existence


Death Note, if they’d just told a different story than Light and L it could have been great. I was so sold when I realised it was set in Seattle, but when we were introduced to Americanisations of the Japanese names I realised it was gonna be a shit show. It’s such a simple concept why not make a film about a gangster or a homeless person who finds the book or something? I’d have been ride-or-die with that.


The biggest lost opportunity is Willem Defoe who is perfectly cast and does a great job. Like could we literally cut his parts out and put him in a different movie


I felt the exact same way about when they cast him as Norman Osborn and put him in a fucking bicycle helmet when he goes Goblin. You find the *ONE* fucking actor on Earth with the cheekbones and raw emotive power to pull off just putting him in green face paint, and you cover his ENTIRE head in fucking plastic like a Power Ranger villian?!


I watched the movie first and thought that it wasn't that bad, interesting enough to make me watch the original series. By the time I finished the series I was like "that movie's a piece of shit".


The Hobbit series. LOTR gave me great expectations, but the


Looked awful on the big screen in high frame rate also...


You mean you didn't care for Chin Balls, the Goblin King?


Exactly. Plus all the other pointless action sequences. I was soooo disappointed.


With the exception of Bumblebee, every single follow up to the first live action Transformers movie.


I'm with you there. I was a naive teen back then, but TF5 changed me. I was so hyped up, with all the leaks from set and the announcements. I went to see it and... Well... I'm honestly glad the franchise is dead for now. (Bee was awesome tho, I hope they do more of that)


I’m with you, the first one was good the rest … got weird


I couldn't agree more. I liked the first one and I am not sure if it was just amazing to see a live action Transformers movie. But really all of them besides Bumblebee, I really think are extremely bad. Also hate Age of Extinction for hyping up my boi Grimlock and then being probably the most horrible movie of the series.


I for one really liked dark of the moon. I'm well aware of it's numerous flaws but I ended up enjoying it a surprising amount. It felt like they at least tried with it. I can't bring myself to watch the rest of the Bay movies though. Even watching the second half of the first one is painful.


Number 4 was just a brainless action flick, but I did like the new designs so that was ok. Number 5 was an absolute sh*tshow


Was a huge fan of the Eragon books as a kid / teen. Need I say more?


There was no Eragon movie.


I wish they'd give Eragon a tv series, game of thrones style.


Oh my god I hate that movie and would happily forget it’s existence- I mean I’m the first two books are basically star wars a new hope and empire with dragons and swords rather than lightsabers and spaceships but the book series got much stronger later on


I like how Paolini jumped onto the meme and now ignores its existence as well.


The Dark Tower Absolute trash


Percy Jackson movie


I didn't care for The Lightning Thief, but I thought Sea of Monsters was horrible


It’s like a horrible amalgamation of the seas of monsters, the Titans curse, battle of the labyrinth, and the 5 book all put together into a blender to destroy Rick Riordan’s work


How to explain it... I've never read the books, but could still tell that it was a bad book-to-movie project. It just had that *feel*.


Well then your, *feel*, was correct sir/ma’am!


I think I speak for anyone who was born in the 1990s when I say: ​ Avatar, The Last Airbender


I'm not sure what you are talking about there is no ATLA movie in ba sing se.


"Are you the Avatar, Ong Bak, the Thai warrior?" "Yes, Super Soakah, I am the avatar. I found out and got scared, so I flew my Air Bison, who is my life long friend and companion, into a storm and got frozen in a big ball with my as of yet undiscovered Avatar State™. Now let us proceed to the Air Nomads, who we have not yet discovered have been eradicated by the super bad ultimate evil Fire Nation. I will initiate protocol to be upset." "And I'm the token female character who had no complexities or likeable personality traits in the source material, no siree!"


Sadly I can only upvote you once!


There is no live-action Avatar movie in Ba Sing Se.


I came here to find and upvote this


I was born in the early 2000s and I agree 100%. That movie killed me when I was a small child.


Wonder woman 1984. Plot holessss. It doesn't make any sense.


It was unbearable - and unnecessary. You have to work at it to make such dreck.


Not to mention the casual rape that no one seemed to care about.


I hate how the "swapped bodies" thing completely ignores consent in most cases. I actually cheered when I encountered a recent game where two characters are about to kiss, one with a "borrowed body" only to stop and say "it wouldn't be right".


The movie really was a throwback to classic 80s movies with casual rape and everything! (sarcasm)


I looked forward to this for nothing more than my Christmas Day Eve was empty, had a good meal ready and copious amounts of fermented beverages. Hadn't been a new movie out in a while so even if it wasn't great it would be great to sit back and kill a few hours. Turned it off after 20 minutes.


Battle of the Five Armies It should not have been a trilogy. It shouldn't even have been two movies, really, but they might have been able to make two work (maybe). They ran out of material and had to include a bunch of filler crap.


Queen of the Damned. That movie is the one that made me quit watching any movie based off of a book(s) I like.


I forgot this movie existed... Damn, now I need to go watch Tom Cruise make Anne Rice feel bad by being a good actor again.


Highlander 2. "Biggest disappointment" doesn't even come close.


Terminator 3. Should have quit when they were ahead.


It's great how we can get loads of shit Terminator films but the series that was actually good gets canceled. Great logic guys. Then again Fox puts shows on a slot that's known to kill them as if they aren't paying for the shows either way....


When you see the original ending to 2 the two movies work great as just a pair


Oh damn straight they should have


But then we wouldn't have the last one. And we wouldn't have seen the T1000 say that after shooting JC, he felt sad and grew a conscious and th.... Oh I see yea, they should have stopped. /s


I recently watched 28 weeks later and I was utterly disappointed at how almost every named character acted exactly how they shouldn't have, given the situation. The entire movie was preventable. Movie was a fun ride I guess, but it was a huge letdown compared to 28 days.


I was really looking forward to the new Star Wars movie, but it was so disappointing.


Did you not see the two before it? That said, I went into that cinema expecting a shitshow and even I was surprised by how utterly irredeemable it was.


There was no way the sequel trilogy wasn't going to be awful. They've admitted they didn't even have a rough outline of story beats or character arcs when they started. Each director had complete autonomy to do whatever they wanted which is why they all feel so disconnected and disjointed.


Abrams started with what was basically a love letter to A New Hope. Then Johnson took over and tried to subvert just about every expectation, for better or for worse (now mind you, *some* of his decisions were pretty good). Then Abrams came back and had to cram "undoing everything Johnson did" into a love letter to Return of the Jedi, and skipped the whole "how the fuck did >!Palps come back!<" explanation. It was a mess. If Abrams did the whole trilogy, we'd say "that looked familiar" but people would probably still like it. If Johnson did the whole thing, we'd say "that was not what I expected," but people would probably not hate it as much. Their ideas just did not mesh. At least we got "swole Solo" from the whole fiasco.


Ben Swolo


This. For all their flaws, at least the Prequels had a well-defined narrative and story structure from beginning to the middle to the end, both within each movie itself and between the three movies as a narrative whole.


there was a lot of bad choices in those movies, but - I still enjoyed most of them. A lot of what other people had issues with, the reused plot elements, etc, those were like nostalgia moments for me.


I was following all of the leaks and rumours and STILL bought tickets for the first showing on the first day it came out. I just kept thinking "There's no WAY it will be that bad." I took time off WORK to see that. But it was. There weren't that many people in the theatre but we couldn't look at one another when it was over. It was like attending an autopsy.


Suckerpunch Such amazing visuals, but the story was just so dreadful.


Especially since it was advertised as a "girls kick ass and take names" movie and ended up being a "girls get drugged and abused" movie.


I think we can all agree any movie that is directly advertised as “girls kick ass and take names” is 9.9/10 going to be a shit fest.


I dunno, Atomic Blonde was pretty good


True but it wasn’t pandering towards women for a strong female protagonists. The movie showed she was a badass and didn’t have to say it once. Like ghost in a shell. That type of empowerment I can get behind, don’t tell me something is empowering bc some female comedians said so, show me.




Green lantern, wasted my time


Either Pacific Rim Uprising, or Cars 2. Maybe even Toy Story 4. There isn’t a single reason toy story 4 needs to exist.


I can think of one reason for toy story 4 to exist - Pixar needed to pay bonuses ;)


True. It was an awful way to end a series of movies that had three amazing films.


Artemis Fowl. I was sure it would suck just from the trailers alone, but even with zero expectations, that film still managed to disappoint me.


I really enjoyed the books as a young lad and I was super disappointed by the movie.


They tried to cram all of the books into 1 movie, so it’s kinda inevitable that it would suck but yeah. Also why tf does Artemis know Butler’s name?


The last air bender


God that was a car crash of a movie wasn’t it


Not really, car crashes are rarely boring beyond belief.


The evil kid version of superman : ( the premise was really cool but they put a lot of hollywood potion into the mix


Batman V Superman was an insult, but the action scenes were cool. Suicide Squad though…that may have been the stupidest movie I’ve ever seen in my life, even for a comic book film (which I love) it was dumb as fuck.


Resident Evil series. First one was good, save for a random placement of a different protagonist. Second one was... Okay. Weird nemesis love interest though. Then it got bad. Edit: and World War Z. If you read the book, you know what I mean.


After Earth, with the father and son Smiths.


The Last Airbender. I know the running joke of the A:tLA fan community is to not reference this film, but as a teenager, I was so excited. Avatar has been my favorite show since 2006, and still is. I still watch through it at least once a year. But when the movie came out, I was so excited. And then I saw it.


The Last Airbender was terrible


The dear Evan Hansen movie like wtf was that shit


🎵 Have you ever seen a 35 year-old pretend 🎵 That he is 17 and has no friends


I remember YT Music suggesting some of the songs from the play for me to listen to and I enjoyed them right up until I found out what the whole thing was about


My experience with Rent was the same. I loved the music, watched the show, realized all the characters are assholes except a couple of salvageable people, and can no longer listen to it the same way. The scene where Mark gets told off by the homeless women he starts filming without getting her constant sums up how I feel about the characters. “My life isn’t for you to make a name for yourself on.”


"Branded". I expected "They Live", I got "Stranger Than Fiction"


I liked Stranger then fiction but can understand the let down. I don’t think it was terrible but it played it way too safe in my opinion. Could of been way more suspenseful


we're both talking about the 2006 Will Ferrell & Emma Thompson movie, right?


Terminator 3, a stupid parody movie that ruined a great series.


Bird box was so awful and the prime example of how social media can trick you


Nobody is mentioning Wacraft. As someone who played the game his whole childhood that movie was a slap in my face


Wacraft, starring Waluigi as Waluigi! Wah!


Warcraft: "Watch Robert the Bruce's stunt double utterly fuck the lore of the game up harder then the current lead writer!"


The Oldboy remake with Josh Brolin


Should never have been remade. The Original is near perfect.


Assassin's Creed. It was just so poorly put together, it was offensive how haphazard and boring it was. They had so much they could have done and they did THAT 😬




I actually like Prometheus. A little too much stupid stuff from the crew members but overall decent story and excellent visuals. Huge Alien + Aliens fan... Didn't like the next one.... Covenant was bad though.


A Wrinkle in Time, it has great casting.


I really enjoyed the "Insidious" film series, but the last released film, "Insidious: The Last Key" was not very enjoyable to watch.


The Rum Diaries


The Last Airbender, I watched it before I watched the original show so at first it was just a bad movie, but then when I watched the show, it became a disappointing movie.


I haven't actually seen all of these, but from what I've heard, the live-action The Last Airbender, Dragon Ball Evolution, and Eragon all didn't happen. They never happened. Look here. Look at the flashy-thing. *They never happened.*


Oh how I wish you really had the flashy thing!


I think when I watched Tim burtons Alice in wonderland, I got really mad while watching.


Tenet :(




Gangs of New York. All that build up for a massive battle for nothing. I’ve seen better fights between two drunks who can barely stand.


GoNY feels like a brilliant Daniel Day Lewis performance in search of an actual story to go with it....


The Hobbit trilogy, the first was just about OK, why they had to introduce the whole Tauriel / Kili / Legolas triangle in the second beggars belief and the Battle of the Five Armies is almost comical. Such a let down after LotR.


“Why does it hurt so much?” “Because it was real.”


Star Trek Into Darkness I'm pretty cynical and have low expectations for pretty much everything, but I actually gave the ST reboot a chance and the first movie had its flaws but I thought was a good setup to reboot the series. And then they followed it up with that complete turd of an action movie with a completely nonsensical plot that constantly had to badly reference things from an actually good ST movie.


So much of this film would have been fine if they had made him a different Augment, instead oh Khan.


*The Spiderwick Chronicles*


Alien Covenant, I was one of the dozens that really liked Prometheus, and it’s like Ridley Scott took everything good about Prometheus and set it on fire. Then ate it and shat it out.


Zombieland 2. It’s not bad but not good either. I thought with the same cast, director, writer etc + made 10 years later instead of the typical rushed sequel it would be really good but it was just so bland.


The birds, can't see what is crazy here.


Tomorrowland. It was my favorite part of DisneyWorld, but the movie didn't capture its spirit.


Monster Hunter. It actively chose to be everything the games were not, in the worst ways possible.


Iron Man 3 Everything they did with the Mandarin was disappointing, and the majority of the movie is how Tony can survive while trying to fix his suit, and then it turns out all along he could have just summoned any of the suits directly to him


In recent times? The Green Lantern movie from 2011, the one Ryan Reynolds keeps shooting himself in the head for. I was hoping that it would do for Green Lantern what the Iron Man movie did for Iron Man: turn a B-list hero into an A-lister.


Lucy - I love some of Luc Besson's other movies. But wow was this movie awful. The pretentious cutaways to random animal documentary shots was just the start. Even before the halfway point in the movie our protagonaist becomes so absurdly powerful that it removes all drama and tension from the movie. I mean, she is totally invincible and has complete telekinetic control of anything around her. However, the only threat she faces is wave after wave of dudes with guns. Besson loves his female badasses. But he makes Lucy so badass that nothing is even a threat to her. She even acts bored and nonchalant wading through an army of bad guys. It wasn't cool, or interesting, I was just as bored as Lucy. Imagine Tony Stark getting the infinity gauntlet right at the beginning of Endgame and then spending 2 hours just snapping his fingers over and over to kill thanos and all the bad guys in the galaxy. Oh and then at the end of the movie he transforms into a USB drive with enough information to enlighten the human race forever.


The new fast and furious


The Dark Knight Rises. Sue me.




Paranormal Activity. I had seen so much hype around it and how it was such a fresh new take on the horror genre, so I went to see it in the cinema. I was bored the entire time. There was no tension or anything, it was just dull. At the one jumpscare in the attic, one of the other guys at the cinema yelled in the thickest Glaswegian accent "JESUS FUCKIN' CHRIST!" and everyone burst out laughing - removing any of the atmosphere there may have been in the cinema. We couldn't take the rest of the movie seriously.


Yyyyuuuuppppp it took me like 4 years after release to finally watch and I remember the HUGE hype the movie had when it came out. Holy shit it was boring af. Easily one of the most overrated movies ever. It also doesn’t help that I find the supernatural horror “lame” and not scary at all


For me it was ready player one - I loved the book with a passion, the film seems to cut away so much of the story, the interesting bits and clever plans that it a completely different story


I agree with this but I think a lot of the book wouldn't work well on film. But they could have kept a little bit closer to the book. I'd say the film was loosely based on the book rather than being a film of the book.


I tried to read this one but gave up after 50 pages. Does it get better or is it one of those "either you love it or hate it" books?


The storyline picks up speed after a while but it’s all still mostly a love letter to 80’s geek culture - it’s not going to work for everyone but you tried it and that’s all I ever ask of anyone 😜


Boondock Saints 2


The desolation of smaug. The ending specifically. They take all the time to build up the big bad, he finally escapes the mountain, ready to wreak havoc on the world, and the film just ends. I verbally said "WHAT?" in the theater. What's worse is that in the next movie, they kill smaug before the title card comes up. All that buildup for a character and it is wasted.


Prometheus. The only film where I came out of the cinema angry.


When [**Star Wars** ^^^Holiday ^^^Special](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Star_Wars_Holiday_Special) was advertised as coming to Australian TV in 1978 I thought *Star Wars* itself would be on, so I was bitterly disappointed.


The Adventurer: The Curse of the Midas Box


Spectre - After memorable Skyfall and outstanding first 10 minutes


As a kid I read the Hobbit, and then the Lord of the Rings. I liked it, but really it led me to dungeons and dragons which was a huge part of growing up for me. I played from age 9 to about 13 (pretty young for pen and paper RPGs). ​ Seeing the movies, I expected to love them. I didn't. I was bored. It wasn't my thing. It was then I realized I may not have liked LOTR growing up, I liked playing D&D. I tried playing as an adult. It was miserable. For cooperative story telling, there sure are a lot of rules, and socially awkward adults just can't get in the mental sand box we so easily slipped into as kids. ​ Anyway, if you ever check out Randal's rant about LOTR in Clerks 2, that's pretty much how I felt about it. A lot of walking, a lot of walking, a lot of walking, ring goes in fire, 17 different endings I didn't need. ​ I get that it was a major accomplishment, I know why people love these films. My GF chases down every new extended super hi-res version they release. I expected to love it, and ended up with disappointment all over me.


Nothing comes close to me as Eragon.


Chaos Walking. Huge fan of the books and was expecting the normal book is better then the film situation but it was just so much worse. Its like they gave up on the storyline halfway and decided to just slap together an ending to cut their losses. Actually its like they started with the intention to have multiple movies and then just lost all faith in it succeeding as a series and just tried to tidy up the loose ends. Never had a film adaptation that just broke my soul like this one did.


Jack and Jill


Kingsman: The Golden Circle


Clash of the titans remake in 2010 was a let down unfortunately but thankfully I saw it at the cinema even though it wasn’t great.


Brightburn. There were so many ways they could've made an evil superkid be really sinister but they just went with making him wear a silly mask and stand around looking scary. He would've been far more creepy if people knew what he could do and he preyed on their fear. Even if he just spoke more to let people like his dad know that he was about to die and there was nothing he could do about it.


'Teenwolf 2' - If I'd've known they were just goint to make the same film again (with a different sport), I wouldn't have bothered.


Ready Player One. Loved the book. Movie was entirely different and worse in every way.


I Care A Lot. A lot of big names, but the storyline just got so bad, and the execution was so bad. Waste of time tbh


Green Lantern, I really wanted it to be a good movie because Green Lantern is one of my favorite DC characters and it just didn't work and now with the ongoing criticism of DC movies we may never see a good adaptation of that character on screen.


It (both of them)


Pacific Rim Uprising It ruined Newt.


The Hobbit. One of my absolute favorite books since childhood, probably one of THE pivotal books that introduced me to fantasy. Was so hyped for the movie. Absolutely destroyed afterwards. I've never even seen the other two in the trilogy.


Probably Wreck-It-Ralph breaks the internet, because of how much I love the first movie. I didn't like Brave either.


The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy I was really looking forward to it and it had great IMDB ratings at the time. When I finally watched it I shut it off midway through. I don't see how the humor would appeal to anyone older than 4.


Recently Malignant. It wasn't a bad movie, but I've been watching the progression of the movie and looking for details since it was announced a while back. James Wan is my favorite director and Maddie Hasson is a great actress I've followed a while as well. The movie, like I said, was good, but it wasn't as scary as I'd hoped it'd be. But I should expect it to have been as strange as it was. James Wan also directed and/or wrote the Insidious, Conjuring, Annabelle, and Saw franchises.


Black Widow


Squid Game!


Eragon. It’s like they purposefully tried to botch it up


Inception. Had high expectations, but Inception literally put me to sleep.


Eragon at the time I was in love with the books. as an adult I can see a lot of flaws on them. but that movie came out and absolutely butchered the source material.


Bird box.


The Conjuring 3 My (43f) daughter (12f) are really big horror movie fans and HUGE fans of the entire Conjuring franchise, including all of the sequels, the Annabelle movies, the Nun, and even the curse of la llrona. So when we heard that the Conjuring 3 was coming out we were soooo excited. We love turning off all of the lights and sitting together to get creeped out by horror movies. (And before anyone judges me for “letting” her watch these at such a young age, she’s very mature and has never had any bad dreams, etc and knows the difference between reality and fantasy). The Conjuring 3, however, was such a big let down. It wasn’t scary at all, and we were both so disappointed. It just didn’t seem to live up to the rest of the franchise. Maybe because it wasn’t directed by James Wan (we are also huge fans of his movies).


Conjuring 3 might be the worst movie of the entire series.


Exactly!! We were really disappointed, especially after being so excited, waiting for its release


Pet Sematary (2019). I finished the novel and was more than disappointed to see how well they ruined it.


Mamma Mia: The Musical. I understand it’s a comedic musical with humorous turns, but the plot was so loose and I just lost track of everything half way in. I was so disappointed, especially since the songs were from my favorite band, ABBA :/


Birdbox frustrated me in ways I thought only a drunk idiot could.


Lost in translation


I'm a huge fan of the dark tower series started reading them as a kid had to wait until I was an adult for the last book to be published I was super pumped when I first heard about a possible movie and several years later it happened. I don't think they could have done a worse job


Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skulls. I WANTED to like it. I just couldn’t. :(


The last fucking Predator movie. It's like, "Okay, there's a Bad Predator, and he's being a dick and breaking Predator law by killing willy nilly, so a Good Predator comes to clean up and take him out so humans don't know Predators are real." And it's like, okay that's off the wall but it could work. And then there comes a point where the group of humans (because of course we can't just have a monster movie about the monster. No, 70% of the fucking movie needs to have some dumbass human plot too) can't figure out what the Predator's next move is because they can't read his language. Then one kid, THROUGH THE POWER OF AUTISM, manages to translate the Predator language for them, and progress the plot. Just... fuck this, man.


The Last Jedi, Jurassic World, and Mortal Kombat (2021).


Ender’s Game. I’ve loved that book for 20+ years, and the movie was such a disappointment. Granted, it probably had no chance in hell of living up to my fandom, but you don’t put Bernard in the jeesh! Come on!