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Jesse Pinkman’s scene with the young boy on the couch in “Peakaboo.” Knowing that kids live like that hurts me inside… I had a friend who’s mom was a crack addict and looking back I remember so much fucked up shit about being at his house.


I had a childhood friend who I just recently learned lived like this. My mom wouldn't let me go to her house and I never understood why. She could come over to my house or we could go like to the park together but that was it. I finally asked my mom about it recently and she told me that was why. I do remember seeing the police there a lot. One day the house burned down and I never saw her again. I still think about her and really hope she turned out ok.


In Heroes when Sylar breaks into Claire’s home, overpowers her, cuts open her head and rubs his finger along her brain to take her power. All while she is immobilized on the coffee table and unable to die because of her healing ability.


Duuuude sylar was such a good bad guy.


Dexter where he realizes his wife's in danger and runs in only to find her already murdered by the trinity killer... and his baby in her blood, just like Dexter was sitting in his mom's blood.


The scene where House operates on himself in Season 7.


The scene where he’s so sure that he’s dreaming or hallucinating (I forget which) that he uses a surgical robot to flay a man on the operating table.


That episode was balls out insanity. Love it but shit's intense even on rewatching, and it really swings hard between black comedy and horror. By that part you're totally sure as a viewer that he's dreaming, but in that moment after he kills the guy he sells that moment of doubt so effectively that it really makes your stomach drop.


One of the episodes that still gets me is the one where the dad gave his son a radioactive keychain. The kid got into like, Harvard? Or somewhere? On a scholarship while his dad worked in a junk yard. And he was about to graduate when he came down with radiation poisoning and ultimately ends up dying.


That one was messed up. Also the episode where the mom suffering from postpartum psychosis smothered her baby in the hospital bed. Her reaction to finding out she killed her baby and the clip where the dad is holding his dead infant son shatters me every time


Very true. Honestly most episodes have at least one moment that makes me cringe from horror. Usually the seizures or the coughing up blood. Also that cold open where the football player begins bashing himself.


Breaking Bad, when Todd killed Andrea in front of Jesse. Made my gut drop to the center of the Earth just seeing Jesse scream in pain. Aaron Paul acted the hell out of that scene.


Aaron Paul acted the hell out of that entire series.


And Todd is such a remorseless sociopath. If you haven't seen El Camino yet, definitely watch it. It covers the period of time Jesse spent a captive of Todd's screwed up uncle.


The scene when they are >!moving the dead body of Todd's housekeeper and Todd speaking all the best about her after he killed her!< was just... holy crap. The moment when I realized he was even a worse psychopath than it was depicted in BB.


When the brother with Bipolar breaks down in Ozark. Then when his sister leaves the table in the restaurant and she’s driving back and the phone rings and it’s her brother and then it stops ringing and she knows he’s dead. Fucking wrecked me. The actors were phenomenal in those scenes. So good. Such a good series too. I felt heavy and drained and so traumatised after these episodes. I have never felt like that after anything. But seeing that guy Fucking NAIL that meltdown was quite incredible. Ugh Yeesh I actually had to turn on an episode of Modern Family after to lighten the mood after it.


That monologue was exceptional and sets up the whole scenario because you know at that point what’s going to happen. That character was perfect. Also the scene where Mason takes the baby down to the lake to baptise him but he holds him under the water for a disturbingly long time. I kept saying “it’s not a real baby, it’s not a real baby”.


Cannot wait for the last season. The entire story arch with her brother was rough because you *knew* he wasn’t going to make it.


It was a criminal minds episode where a guy was kidnapping blonde teenagers as a substitute for his sister in law who he “loved”. He would tie them up and torture them with sulfuric acid. I was watching the episode on my iPad and when it went to commercial I caught my reflection in the screen. I looked so mortified and I think I ended up just reading the wiki summary.


What about the episode where the unsub made puppets out of the victims? That one was messed up. Or the one where he was making perfume out of his victims.


I also hated the one where the guy was taking his victims eyes as souvenirs and then when they bringing him in he talks to JJ and tells her how pretty her eyes are.


Is this the one where he was putting human eyes in taxidermied animals because that one fucked me right up.


All of the episodes Matthew Gray Gubler (Dr Spencer Reid in CM) directed are SO creepy.


That absolutely batshit insane episode of X-Files with the inbred family living on the farm that had sex with their deformed, amputee mother, helped her give birth, and buried the dead fetuses in the backyard. Edit : episode is called Home and it’s with the peacock family. Had to dig that one out of my repressed memories because that episode scarred me as a kid.


Jesus, thanks for making me remember the mother's scream and skittering back underneath the bed where she was being stored. Fuck.


Well this may be the worst sentence I've ever read


Same. I've never seen this yet and now I'm too disturbed to.


The X-Files episode where there was a aqua-man creature living in a porta-potty! I cannot use those without checking the shit hole below first. I saw that episode about 30 years ago. Damn bastards.


I’ve (unfortunately) been scrolling through these comments and this episode is high on the list.


There’s an episode of Fringe where a guy is trying to bring a dead girl back to life by stealing all of her donated organs back from people, and in one scene he hooks her corpse up to a bunch of ropes he has connected to a machine and makes it do a ballet dance. Awesome scene, really well done, but super fucked up.


Was scrolling to see if someone else said Fringe. For me it was that opening scene where one woman had a radioactive devicw that made the entire restaurant start bleeding from their eyes/all orifices before exploding. It was just so startling and weirdly umavoidable.


MASH when the lady killed her baby so the enemy wouldn’t hear it and kill everyone on the bus. Hawkeye tried to convince himself it was a chicken in his mind but finally admitted it… as he was the one who told her to keep the baby quiet.


I oddly think about this scene multiple times a year. And I'm not even a MASH fan


Same I never watched MASH regularly but saw that episode when I was a kid and still think about from time to time, that scene really stuck with me


I went to school with a girl who’s mother was a Vietnamese refugee, one day she came and did a talk at our school about her experience trying to flee Vietnam. She told us something very similar only they were on a boat and the woman beside her suffocated her baby because it was crying and it risked them getting captured or killed. Really dark stuff.


My ex's mom escaped Cambodia... When they left she had 7 kids, by the time they got across the minefields she had seen 4 of them blow up in front of/behind her. I just can't even fathom experiencing that, nevermind having to live the rest of your life with those memories...


I’ve heard a similar story about a woman strangling her crying baby during the Nanking massacre so they wouldn’t be found by the Japanese. Wonder if that was the inspiration.


There's also a story I read in a book that was about the Eastern front as told by the women that served in the Russian Army. It was the first book I had to put down because it honestly was horrible to read. A female soldier and a captain having a baby on the front. At first, morale was high, since the baby was viewed as a sign of hope. Until the Germans surrounded them and they had no choice but to hide inside a lake, it was pitch black but the baby began crying, her mom tried so hard to make him go quiet but the baby wouldn't stop, so she looked at the Captain, the captain nodded. And she proceeded to drown the baby.


That ep ripped my heart out.


Ramsey Bolton setting his dogs on Walda and his baby brother. It was pretty just when that’s how he died as well but man that was ROUGH.


That and Stannis burning Shireen


Hannibal… scene where guy is cutting off chunks of his face and feeding it to his dogs.


Mads Mikkelsen did an excellent job as Hannibal.


Im full of myself!


Hannibal is full of incredibly disturbing scenes. The angel wings, the “art” in the silo where the guy peels off his own skin, the man/saber tooth…fuck that’s such a underrated, fucked up show


In 'The Tudors'. The botched execution of Thomas Cromwell because Henry Cavill got the executioner drunk. 7 or 8 tries to kill a man promised a clean death was pretty chilling. History tells us that was pretty close to how it happened too...


Dude, back then, you wanted the executioner sober and well paid.


Yep. People paid $$$$ for an executioner who knew their shit


Severance pay!


Historically there are differing accounts of whether it was one blow or botched. But for a particularly cruel execution under Henry VIII there was boiling alive of the cook Richard Roose, and the number of people burnt, or hung, drawn and quartered, or beheaded in a botched way (most famously Mary Queen of Scots) under the Tudors was pretty disturbing.


The 'Bent Neck Lady' subplot of The Haunting of Hill House


To add to this, the part where she's paralysed with fear in bed while her husband has a heart attack


The seemingly endless rape scene in outlander.. you all know the one I mean


I once had a date with this lovely girl. Things were going well and we dedided to go home to my place and you know, watch a film or series if you catch my drift. Turned out we were both watching Outlander and were both around the same episode in season 1, perfect! Whelp, guess what episode THAT was...


This was the most disturbing thing I’ve ever seen




Of all the scenes in The Sopranos, this is one of the only ones I don’t want go back and rewatch. Along with when Ralph kills the stripper.


David Chase included that scene with Ralph because he thought people were starting to idolize the characters. He put that scene in there to remind people that they are piece of shit criminals.


I finally watched it recently. I thought the point of the show, especially in the first few seasons, was that these people are deluded about their place in society: they really believe they're normal. I love the scenes where they interact with regular people and are blind to how frightened they are, especially the scenes with AJs teachers. Tony and Carm just don't seem to understand how completely terrified the teachers are. It makes sense that some of the audience would miss that and start to see the gangsters as "normal" because Chase did such a good job of making the characters deluded instead of outright knowingly evil. I only noticed because I binged it so the themes were easier to spot.


Twin peaks - bob coming over the couch towards Maddie. I've watched that show too many times to count yet that scene scares me everytime Same with the thing behind the diner in Mulholland drive Edit - thank you for the gold Reddit buddy


I was 12ish and watching an episode of CSI at home with my best friend. I hadn't seen many episodes but this episode was about a missing child. The mother was heartbroken, had kept his room exactly as it was the day he went missing... Well, it turned out that she was suffering from postpartum psychosis and had murdered him and buried him in the backyard. She was devastated when they proved she had murdered him as she had no memory of it. My mom was suffering from severe postpartum depression at that time after having my younger brother and had been in and out of the hospital. That episode was so extremely disturbing, upsetting, and terrifying to me, I felt like I had been physically punched in the stomach. I found the mom's story so profoundly sad but also couldn't get the fear of that story out of my head for a long time. ETA: Oh my goodness, thank you for the awards and upvotes. Perinatal mental health is something that I'm super passionate about now. I'm a labour and delivery nurse now and every single one of my patients gets a talk before discharge about things to be concerned about, when to seek help, the stigma of perinatal anxiety/ depression, etc. Check in on people that you know who are pregnant/ had a baby (and partners too!) and please reach out for help if you think it's a problem for you.


I haven't watched CSI in many years but I still clearly remember that episode. That last shot of the episode with the mom hallucinating her son alive and joyfully reaching out to him as she's being taken away to prison or whatever was gutting :[


Holy shit dude


The last scene in the second episode of Chernobyl. Where they have to go into the water. I hated that so much. And The View From Half Way Down from Bojack Horseman. I was not ready for that emotionally. Edited to add: I think Time's Arrow might be my favorite episode in the show, which a lot of people have brought up. But it never really hit me as disturbing. For me, that episode added an entire extra world to that series, but it wasn't disturbing. I also loved Stupid Piece of Shit, just because the writing is just brilliant.


And the dreadful "90 seconds on the roof" scene. When you just screaming at the screen "WTF are you doing??" and the Geiger counter howling. "Comrade soldier?" "..." "You're done."


That scene on the roof is amazing. I watched it on the plane with my mom and she couldn't believe it was actually 90 seconds.


Those guys all lived in real life, if it makes it any better. But yeah, that was nerve-wracking.


Yeah, but no one knew they would live at the time… they just sent them there to do the heroic thing and die the ugly death a couple of days/weeks later. Then they survived and we learnt water actually protects you I mean, some people probably knew, but they might’ve not been there, and most of our everyday knowledge on dos and don’ts about radiation do come from what happened at Chernobyl All that aside, that episode gave me literal nightmares


>And The View From Half Way Down from Bojack Horseman. I was not ready for that emotionally. The fact that Bojack Horseman never got an Emmy is both infuriating and appropriate.


Man I got into that show because I heard it was hilarious. I started watching after it ended so I just started binging. But then around season 3 I could only do one episode a day. I stopped for a few months before finally finishing the last season. It is one of the most well written television shows I’ve ever seen, it’s performed exceptionally well and deals with some unbelievably depressing material and handles it so well. I don’t know that I can rewatch it but I’m glad I did at least once


Criminal Minds when Hotch’s ex-wife was killed. When he told his little boy to go play so he would hide in the cedar chest, omg. Then the wife on the phone telling him to tell their son about her because she knew she was about to die. I’d lie in bed at night and have that scene in my mind. Downright haunted me.


When Buffy finds her mom dead. For a show full of crazy supernatural elements that moment was just so realistic and relatable for so many people.


When she is on the phone to 911 “She’s cold … should I make her warm?” … oh man. I cry every time.


When she's going "mom? Mommy?" That gets me, hell it gets me even more so now that my own mother is gone.


The Body is still one of the best TV episodes ever. Such a realistic portray of how mundanely horrifying death truly is.


Yes. And all the different ways of dealing. Anya's is the one that broke my heart. The I don't understand. Legitimately should have won an Emmy.


Anya’s reaction is what makes me cry every time.


They're getting so annoyed and then mad at her because they think she's asking stupid and selfish questions, and then they realise she isn't being rude, she's just trying to understand what the hell is happening and can't cope with the loss.


> But I don't understand! I don't understand how this all happens. How we go through this. I mean, I knew her, and then she's, there's just a body, and I don't understand why she just can't get back in it and not be dead anymore! It's stupid! It's mortal and stupid! And, and Xander's crying and not talking, and, and I was having fruit punch, and I thought, well Joyce will never have any more fruit punch, ever, and she'll never have eggs, or yawn or brush her hair, not ever, and no one will explain to me *why!*


Plus no music in the episode which makes it really heartbreaking. I can't bring myself to watch it again after my dad passed.


I can remember watching it for the first time when I was younger, and it was sad, but just TV. Then I rewatched Buffy with my boyfriend a while back and I didn't remember Joyce died until we were watching the episode - having sat with my mum while she died between that time and the first, Christ it hit like a train.


This is exactly what I came here to say. For a show full of all kinds of supernatural deaths it just shot right through to the heart. It sounds stupid, but watching it helped me deal with when my mom died.


The X-Files episode “Home”.


My husband had never seen an episode of X Files. It comes on some station one afternoon, and he decides to watch. What episode do you suppose it was? Home. I could never convince him that the whole show wasn't like this and to this day he refuses to even be in the room if X Files is on.


Duuuuude, the same thing happened to me. Except I was 7 years old and TERRIFIED of the prospect of aliens and alien abductions, so therefore was scared shitless of the X-Files. Eventually, I summoned up enough courage to tune in one night… the night that “Home” premiered. Got about halfway through it. When the brothers broke into the sheriff’s house, beat the husband to death with his own baseball bat, then dragged the wife out from under the bed by her ankles I NOPE’d the fuck off of that channel and never looked back.


Is that the deformed incest one?


Or as I like to call it, the Mother’s Day episode


Homelander giving up on the hijacked plane in The Boys!! Just such dread from the people knowing they’re about to die


It was even more disturbing seeing Queen Maeve being helpless. It was evident that she wanted to save the plane but Homelander's intentions prevented her from doing so. The nail on the coffin was when Maeve asks Homelander to save that one girl and he still denied. That's just messed up.


When Lady Sybil dies shortly after giving birth in Downton Abbey. It’s one of the most violent deaths I’ve ever seen on television. And the way her whole family is surrounding her, pleading for her to live, and there’s absolutely nothing they can do.


fucking Downton Abbey. I remember my friend saw the xmas special episode before me and she was like “You have to watch it!” so I think it will be a fun holiday romp, and we watch it and it ends with >!Mathew dying!!???!< and my friend turns to me and goes “Merry fucking Christmas!” with the biggest smile on her face. That show really knew how to troll an audience 😂


Sybil was my favorite character. That scene destroyed me. I cried the whole time.


Matthew Crawley and Lady Sybil were one of the few upper class characters that didn’t feel entitled to their wealth and genuinely seemed to care about those “beneath their station.” Sybil helped the maid Gwyn find a job and Matthew was more than glad to welcome Tom to the family as a brother. Hated that they both died


when gwen comes back and tells the family that sybil helped her get her job was such a beautiful moment in the show.


Wallace’s murder on The Wire.


Randy in the hospital asking if Carver will look out for him is the most heartbreaking scene for me.


You gonna look out for me huh? Broke my Gd heart


McNulty sending Bubbles back to the street to find info on Kima's shooter as Bubs is trying to get sober was probably the most devastating part in the entire show.


On the flip side, bubbles getting clean and getting invited upstairs for dinner is one of the brightest tv moments I can think of


“Where the fuck is Wallace?!” The Wire has a lot of these but that one got me. I know Season 2 seems to either be hated or loved by fans, but Ziggy’s story was so tragic to me - the ending stuck with me. When he’s alone in the car and the outside chaos is muffled - it’s unsettling.


Dookie becoming a junkie, Randy ending up in jail which was largely sparked by the school and police over selling candy of all things. The kid who is killed by a stray bullet. The starlight tour scene considering it's played for jokes when we know that's led to deaths in real life (Saskatoon Freezing Deaths) and there's Terrence Williams and Felipe Santos were it's heavily expected. Michaels stepdad being beat to death where you realize Chris was obviously abused too, he's so brutal that he scares Snoop of all people. There's so many Wire moments.


The episode of breaking bad where Pinkman finds the little redhead kid in the meth house.


The thing that kills me the most about that episode, is when the kid gets up all by himself and turns on the tv, then just sits there. THAT is that kids life. ​ Not only that, but the kid is unfazed by Jesse being there because he's used to drugged out strangers being over at the house. ​ The mom using him as a shield/accessory is a close second. The whole thing is so fucked.


"Parent your fuckin' kid!" - That was the moment I realized that I really liked Jesse as a character.


Throughout the show Jesse's biggest soft spot was kids. Why do you think he hated Todd so much?


The scene where they are dismantling tarantula kid’s bike as an allegory to basically what they had to do to his body…rough stuff.


I hadn't put that together until now. Wow, that's rough.


A Breaking Bad scene also came to mind, but it's the one where Walt comes back in a frenzy to grab all the money he's made and make a run for it, but Skyler tells him that she gave it all to Ted. His manic laugh, the sound design, the phone call from Marie, and the trippy detached rising overhead shot really struck a chord with me, and I found that weirdly disturbing. Such a solid ending scene, and it's definitely a turning point for the character. Check it out [here](https://youtu.be/Jf8GaDkFm3E) if anyone's interested.


This is legitimately my favorite scene from Breaking Bad, a show full of great scenes. Just the sense of sheer, crushing dread as Walt snaps from his overwhelming situation. You can almost feel it yourself from how the scene unfolded, all the touches of detail they added. It's incredible


Breaking bad - When the kid on the bicycle (edit: dirt bike) discover Walt, Jessie and Todd were performing the train heist and Walt and Jessie are stunned and don't know what to do so Todd takes over and kills the kid. Definitely a turning point when Jessie realizes just how far over his head he is in and his existence is pure dread and only gets worse (as it does for them all)..


It was made even more shocking because that episode in general was relatively lighthearted up to that point, with the three of them working perfectly together to rob a train without anyone knowing it was happening. They get away with it and everyone is celebrating, and then everything falls apart in the span of about 10 seconds.


That’s what made it such a huge moment. It was a total 180 from the moments prior. It felt like Walt and Jesse finally got a big win, more or less no strings attached.


Yeah that shocked the shit out of me too, Todd was one ruthless SOB


Fucking Meth Damon. It was so bizarre to watch a guy I thought was going to be a simple background character grow into a major villain.


Since then I've seen "todd" in other shows I've grown to respect him as an actor he is a pretty funny guy


Jesse Plemons. He played a pretty interesting character on *Friday Night Lights*.


Dude was a fucking psycho. He was the scariest guy in the show IMO. He could be your best friend and kill your dog in front of you then ask to go for ice cream and then kill you after.


The way they portrayed him in El Camino was brilliant. Todd doesn’t think he’s evil or is doing anything wrong; he’s just living through life in his own way, that he thinks is normal. The guy is a legitimate psychopath. Such a fascinating character.




Honestly, as much as I loved Walt’s character arc, Jesse’s really hit home for me; I thought I’d hate him at the start of the show when he was still just a punk, but by the end I was rooting for him as much as I was sad for his character. That scene where he’s just throwing money out of the car after the heist was heart wrenching.


In The Boys, anytime Homelander drinks milk. I was literally squeamish at those scenes and I never am bothered by movies


The one that disturbed me was when he just starts lasering a crowd full of people. Turns out it was just in his head, but it really spells out how terrifying he is as a character.


Or the girl and The Deep’s gills. Yuck. Contrast it with Girls Get It Done. *mwah*.


Homelander: "Girls get it on!" Ashley: "*Done*, girls get it done..." Homelander: "They sure do, Ashley." Funniest moment of the whole show so far.


Freddie’s death in Skins. That scene will actually haunt me until the day I die.


Same. And Chris’s death from the first set of characters. Ugh that one ruined me..


Yes that and when those guys wanted Tony to rape his drugged up sister (Effy) in order for him to take her for help because she was overdosing (If I remember right, it’s been a while)


Skins went from “you have to rape your own sister” dark to “we’re dangerous thugs who challenge you to a chilli eating competition” and it still hurts.


Oberyn's head on GOT. Yuck.


I was negotiating with myself during that scene. When The Mountain smashes his teeth out, and I'm like, "Well, he's a little fucked up but he could survive that." Then it was like, "Well, now he's blind, that's not good, but he could make it." Then finally it was, "Nope, he's dead."


Yeah the sound of his head imploding did it for me. Truly disgusting.


The Sopranos, when Ralph kills Tracee.


CSI. Nick kidnapped and buried alive in casket. Biggest nightmare. Quit watching the show. I still sweat over that one


Oz, when the neo nazi dude that had a gum transplant that turned out to be from a black guy, and then proceeded to scrape them off with a razor blade. The dentist was Jewish... he trolled that mug Edit-Love to see the oz recognition. One of my all time favourite shows for how mental it was at the time. Im sure it's different in the US but I doesn't seem well known in the UK at all Reading the comments makes remember how much brutal shit there was. Should've just commented, oz.


For me, it was Cyril’s execution. The action / reactions of the whole population as it was happening…


So there’s this episode of House where a gunman comes and takes a bunch of hostages and wants medical treatment, but he wants all of the drugs tested on someone else first so he knows they aren’t just trying to trick him. Being self destructive Thirteen volunteers, and takes all of the drugs the patient needs to take. There’s a scene at the end where they’ve found their answer and the drug that will save the gunman- but taking it will kill Thirteen. Thirteen sits there with the syringe to her arm and a gun to her head knowing that she’s going to die- the only choice she gets is if she’s going to kill herself or let the gunman kill her. Olivia Wilde’s acting was spot on. Thirteen’s realization that she doesn’t want to die- after spending the whole episode martyring herself -is haunting.


So, what happens next? I’m now emotionally invested, and I need the resolution.


I can’t figure out how to use spoiler tags RIP she talks the gunman down and he finally takes the drugs without making her take them first/without shooting her


Scrubs, my lunch, where Dr. Cox loses four patients. Just rips your heart apart, but also shows the epic quality of acting within the show.


And he only pulls out of it because JD tells him he would've made the same call and that if he is still this upset about his patients dying then that means he is a good doctor and that's how JD wants to be in the future. Such a great show.


Ben's death fucking destroyed me in Scrubs. When JD asks Perry "where do you think we are" and he turns and Ben is gone.. I cry my lamps out


My Last Words, the one with the old dying man in the last (proper) season flies under the radar a lot, but it's at least as good as My Lunch and My Screw Up.


Is that the one where he's asking what they think happens when you die? And just wants one last sip of beer. Those episodes get fucking heart wrenching the older you get.


That show is really seen as just a workplace comedy, but it really had some emotional daggers ready to just stab you at any second, and the acting really did help, with Kelso, Cox, and the main 4as well as Jordan, all holding it down so well. I need to re-watch that one, it's been years. It really did balance the humor and sad moments well though.


The scene/episode of Chernobyl with the soldier assigned to hunt pets abandoned by evacuees...when he whistles and all the dogs come running.


This episode was bad in general but when they finish 'cleaning up' an apartment building, think they're good with it. But then the newbie hears a noise and find out there's a mother with her little babies.. And he just can't click. That's when the veteran comes over, I thi k he even scolds him, before seeing what the other guy has in front of him. There's a little a silence before he lets him go and tells him he will take care of it. Then there is the shots in the background, you know what's happening but you don't see it, that is a great move.


Orange is the New Black - Season 4 where Poussey was killed by a CO by suffocation during the cafeteria riot.


Was just going to write this. Scene was so upsetting I couldn’t bring myself to keep watching.


I am currently watching OINTB years after its finale so this scene is still so fresh to me. I did some research and was happy to see they did a real Poussey Washington Fund.


Game of Thrones — when the direwolf’s head sown to Robb’s body was shown. I felt sick.


Funnily enough, this didn’t faze me as much as Theon’s torture. The part where Ramsey plays with the muscles/tendons in his finger made me physically recoil and turn away.


The moment that Theon becomes Reek Also the moment when Marty gets his toenails ripped off in Ozark


The scene in shameless where the mom slits her wrists. My mother committed suicide and I was the one who found her. Definitely had a terrible flashback. Edit - if anyone is struggling with mental health or just needs someone to talk to, I’m always here for you.


Once she excused herself from the dinner table I knew what she was about to do. It triggered crazy amounts of PTSD for me. I’m so sorry for your loss. I found my dad when he did it years later.


Right? My heart sank.


Chernobyl, when we 1st see the major affects of radiation poisoning on the firefighters


The scene in Criminal Minds where a serial killer dislocates all the joints of a woman and ties her up a a marionette doll and dances her around while she is screaming. It went on for a minute or so.


That scene in the Simpsons when Homers’ eyes crust over completely


The fight scene in Deadwood where Dan is in a hand to hand fight to the death and he pokes his thumbs into his opponent’s eyes…I can still hear the scream when I think about it. 🤢


Why did so many kids watch breaking bad wtf


Game of Thrones. Talisa getting stabbed in her pregnant belly in the “Red Wedding” Episode


The infamy of that episode kind of underplays how disturbing and cruel it felt. I was in shock for a couple days afterwards.


I just watched GOT like a month ago. I knew it was coming and I was still in shock at the brutality and how many important characters they took out. Made me mad too. When the guy locks the door, and I realized who was about to die, I screamed noooooo.


There was a few wtf moments in the series up until that scene. But the stabbing felt so vile. Not having read the books it was a detail of the event I never expected.


It’s purely a show bit. She’s not even there in the books, so it probably shocked everyone.


As a book reader, knowing that the Red Wedding was about to happen, and Robb's very pregnant wife was present, I knew something horrible was about to happen to her. I didn't think it was going to be that visceral though. I was thinking a throat slit or a single sword through the gut. Nope, they fucking stab that baby A LOT. Brutal.


Right? Also, I knew what would happen to Oberyn, but the boom didn’t prepare me for the sounds and screams. Woof.


Honestly the rape scene in Rick & Morty was pretty unsettling. Didn't see it coming at all


Glad Rick shot him.


With the jelly bean? Makes me beyond uncomfortable every time.


“Stop fighting me, just let his happen.” I have never been more terrified by a jelly bean.


I agree, that scene had a such a realistic and sickening intensity about it.


End of Invincible's first episode. The twist hit me like a truck out of nowhere and it was more graphic than I thought the show would be since I went in blind. I don't have an issue with it, just wasn't ready for it to go down like that when they put me at so much ease with a team so much akin to the Justice League.


Two guys I work with like a lot of the same movies and TV as I do so we chat about it a lot. They were talking about Invincible one day and I’m like oh what’s that? They both shut up and just said it’s great, you’ll love it (I did), but we’re not telling you anything to spoil it you just gotta watch it. Just remember texting one of them after the first episode ended “**HOLY SHIT!**”


Spongebob Squarepants's "House Fancy" episode. Specifically, the part where Spongebob dropped the leg of a sofa on Squidward's foot and pulled it back, ripping what appeared to be a toenail out of his foot.


I've gone 10 or so years without my mind ever remembering that scene, so thanks for reminding me about that wince-inducing thought.


The “Boar on the floor” scene on Succession. I felt reaaaally uncomfortable and kind of scared the whole time watching it.


Gemma using that fork on Tara in sons of anarchy


I was just thinking it was either this or the scene where those dudes kill Opie in that prison fight.


Or that one ep where they burn Tigs daughter to death in front of him? Put the show down for a bit after that.


I often think about one of the earlier episodes where they tie up and burn off the back tattoo of some guy who left the gang


Bojack Horseman. S2, E11. The scene with Penny on the boat. I felt like I shit out my heart.


Similarly… Sarah Lynn? and most of the last season


I did not expect what happened to Sarah Lynn. But, given the nature of the episode, I set myself up.


Bojack Horseman... Season 4... Episode 11... Time's Arrow. THE ENTIRE EPISODE There wasnt a SINGLE LAUGH in that episode, not ONE TIME I fucking moved my face, not ONE TIME I wasn't glued to the screen. I really dont want to give it away... but Bojack had EVERY reason to "tell off" his mother at the end but he didnt and given EVERYTHING we saw prior to that ending... It somehow felt right I'm never watching that episode again though... once was enough


Not a traumatizing episode but for me the pinnacle episode of Bojack Horseman will be the one simply named "Free Churro"; the wake monologue episode.


The moment from Bojack that sticks with me the most is when Secretariat reads "The View from Halfway Down". Especially as Bojack is starting to freak out himself, and Secretariat is just full-blown panicking as he reads the poem.


Listen to the poem again. In each stanza it changes from 3rd person, to 2nd person, to 1st person. 3... 2.. 1


It was the Sarah Lynn scene in the planetarium and finding out about those 17 minutes later on for me.


That detail was so pivotal in shaping my perception of Bojack. Like, its not that we think he's a \*good\* person before that; he's deeply flawed, and makes a lot of bad decisions, but it always seemed understandable. As a recovering addict, I relate a lot to him. However, I relate a lot to Sarah Lynn too, and watching that scene made me think about all the times I could have overdosed, and wonder whether the people I was with at the time would have called the ambulance for me immediately, or left me to OD for almost 20mins or even longer. It really hit me how deeply he, the one person she trusted and looked up to above all else, failed her.




Breaking Bad season 2. Jesse witnesses a man’s head explode as an ATM machine is dropped on it...


Fear factor when the contestants had to eat all these live ass bugs off of a rope covered in honey hanging from the ceiling of a green house. Then they had to like spit em out, blend em, and drink em. There were these giant green caterpillar looking things thay shot out massive juice when they bit em. I'm usually all for the gross stunt but that one stuck out in my head as the 1st one to make me retch. Edit: here I am talking about Fear Factor and yall listing some wild ass shit lol. I should've read the comments and checked the temp in the room first, I didn't know it was this kind of party


- Dexter walking into the bathroom to see his screaming baby sitting in his wife's overflowing blood made me angry... - Carol telling Lizzie to, "look at the flowers," stunned me for about 10 minutes... - Locutus of the Borg showing up on the screen broke my heart and made me cry...


Oh my god, I forgot about that Walking Dead episode. That episode was fucked up


Carol had the best fucking arc. From a submissive, abused house wife to a fucking stone cold killer and one woman army.


The writers have publicly stated that they were going to give TV Carol a better arc than Comic Carol. Boy howdy they were not kidding


Breaking Bad where Walter let Jesse‘s girlfriend Jane die by choking on her own vomit in her sleep. He could have so easily saved her. Edit: Although there were plenty of shocking moments, this was the real turning point in the series for me. This marked the point when his character and the series got really dark. Bad guys killing good guys and good guys killing bad guys is pretty standard fare. However, when a character that you thought was a pretty good guy kills someone who was basically a good guy or at least not a bad guy, that’s always disturbing, especially in this case, somehow.


Then, that moment in the 5th season where Walt goes out of his way to hurt Jesse by telling him that he'd stood by watching, while Jane died...that was brutal


The rape scene in Downton Abbey (Anna and Mr. Green). Still affects me very badly whenever I watch that show.