You need to go to Woodside, Queens. There’s been some new places since I’ve been there last but this is a perennial favorite. Ihawan (718) 205-1480 https://maps.app.goo.gl/fyTGXxdCCWUvaEYu7?g_st=ic This place too. Tito Rad's Grill (718) 205-7299 https://maps.app.goo.gl/ivZJs16J7ub1s8ot8?g_st=ic And this place if you just want to go to Manhattan Mama Fina’s (917) 262-0893 https://maps.app.goo.gl/yhYJPwYskZAMHen46?g_st=ic


^I agree! [Ihawan](https://www.ihawan-ny.com/) has a large space for bigger parties & very good traditional Filipino cuisine!


I third Ihawan, just had a great meal (8 people) there a few weeks ago. Plenty of space and the food was fantastic.


Bilao and Mama Fina's among others are recommended by [Any Filipino restaurant similar to Jeepney?](https://www.reddit.com/r/AskNYC/comments/10b04mi/any_filipino_restaurant_similar_to_jeepney/) from 25 days ago.


Kabisera for sure. The owners are trying hard to bring Filipino culture to everyone by doing festivals (Lumpia Fest, Adobo Fest, etc.) with a bunch of other Filipino businesses. They have 2 locations now (one in LES, one in Chinatown). Woodside is the peek location but going from Bushwick is hard. But I know someone mentioned Ihawan which is my go to. But it's also near a legit Jollibees that serves palabok and halo halo. Titos Papas in Williamsburg is also a great spot


I really like them also but they are more of a cafe that have merienda & coffee. They def do not have lechon. lol. But they DO have taho! And the ube latte is so yummy.


Grill 21 is good as well as Kabayan and Ihawan . Mama Fina’s has good sisig but i honestly prefer Ihawan’s over them




FOB is sooooooo overpriced for the tiny portions and the menu selection is really sparse. I live a few blocks away and hardly ever eat there, which makes me sad. That said, the bistek is pretty good.




For Filipino food, it's expensive. $21 for 2 skewers, rice not included. That's highway robbery.


Tito Rad's is garbage (both their food and customer service). Go to Kabayan which is right next door to it along Queens Blvd). You won't regret it (it's also why the place is always packed and when you try to place a pick up order over the phone they won't always pick up lol).


Tito Rad was my go-to before, but I experienced the worst customer service when I tried to pick up an order for a Fourth of July get-together. I ordered a day in advance through Seamless, and the order was confirmed. I had my mom go inside while I waited in my car. They had her waiting in the cramped pickup area for over an hour. All the Uber Eats bikers and other customers waiting around looked pissed. Every time my mom would ask about the order, they would say, "Oh let me go check on it," and they would never come back with an answer. At the end of it, they told her they ran out of what we ordered. THEN WHY DID YOU ACCEPT THE ORDER YESTERDAY AND MAKE US WAIT HERE??? We ended up getting a cake from Red Ribbon instead.


I hate to say it because the servers are all lovely and I think the food is good, but I also go to Kabayan now, too. I've had a couple of unpleasant dealings with the owner of Tito Rad's. She must be who you are talking about when you say their customer service is garbage, she's awful.


Mine actually was a guy over the phone. I wanted to order the chop suey and instead of just taking my order, he starts correcting me that I’m saying it wrong. It’s like do you want my money or not lol? I’m here to order food, not go to English 101. I just hanged up on him when he kept insisting on how to pronounce the dish. Maybe the 2 are related since these restaurants are usually family owned/friends.


Tito Rad's > Chop Suey ?




I know the menu quite well there and don't see said dish on the menu also. I know Filipino style chop suey exists but most noodle dishes there are pancit varieties.


They must have removed it then. It was part of their menu back in 2020/2021 when I used to order from there. There was no noodles, it just came with a side of white rice.


RIP Jeepney


My first thought too


I miss it so much and Maharlika. Maharlika's Kare Kare was so damn good.




As a Filipino, I wonder why no one mentioned Kusina Pinoy Bistro. It’s popular within the community


Mama Fina’s in alphabet City is so good. Best sisig I’ve had outside of the Philippines


Agreed! The service is so sketchy though—why the fuck does my party have to order the entire meal before we even sit down when it's not a turo turo? Make it make sense.


Purple Yam on Cortelyou! Their homemade purple yam ice cream is a must-try