To actually answer your question, when one year passes the anniversary date becomes the new due date (assuming yearly ncts required) for cert issuing purposes. So once over a year you'll get a full year's cert. I had a car off the road over a year so was looking into whether to NCT it or not .


THANK YOU!! I will probably get priority list and get it sooner but I don't really drive and I'm getting married in a few weeks so I don't really want to think about it at the moment.


You need to join priority list, they release dates every few weeks but not into the online system, to people on the priority list. You’ll get a date within 28 days.


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What part of the country are you in? Having to wait until January doesn't sound right. Also, never mind how long your cert will eventually last you, your insurance is likely void without a valid NCT (even while waiting for one)


It's 100% correct. I went to book one a couple of weeks ago and it was January 2024. I'm in Dublin, Northpoint to be exact.


I booked my appointment for November earlier this month (not due til then) and that’s in tullamore. So its very possible that more populated areas could be up to January.


I was getting November 2 weeks ago when I booked. Rang and got a date for 2nd of June


Give them a call, they'll have you a date way sooner than that.


You can select other centres I'm in wicklow. Closest centre is Naas and they had options within a week