Also, am does Amazon provide insurance? I have “business for policy holder only”.


Yes, you're insured with Amazon's policy (Zurich) whilst delivering. You can download your documents inside the app when you're checked in any time.


With the 3-door it sounds like it will depend on the staff on the day at the moment. One way to find out! Only thing to bear in mind is that your first few blocks are likely to be the hardest you’ll ever have because everything is new and requires you to pay attention. Once you’ve got a few under your belt it will get easier. I’d also suggest trying out logistics block to see if you prefer it, but I know there’s people who only do PN and love it.


Don't rush loading - it'll take you a few tries to get it 'right' depending on your setup, but taking a few minutes to get your deliveries sorted out in the car will save you tonnes of time and stress on the road once you're out and about. The loading area of my car is generally divided into 4 areas for Morrisons drops - smallest behind drivers seat, second smallest behind passenger seat then the back gets filled with the two largest. There are boxes in my car for loading too which saves a tonne of space and keeps things tidy. Double check everything you're scanning. I count in my head everything I scan when at a customer's house so things don't get left out, and then loading at the station make sure nothing is getting left out by counting what goes into your car. Just don't panic, with Morrisons / Prime Now you're generally not in a rush so go at a reasonable pace and make sure you double check addresses when delivering, use your hazard lights when parked, etc. etc.


PN are clamping down hard on 3 door cars so you may get turned away. But if not. Take your time, don't rush as accidents happen. Try not to follow Amazons crappy navigation ad verbatim as on many occasions it has tried to send me down one way streets the wrong way or directed me in to a bus lane etc. There is an option of using an alternative satnav like waze where that doesn't happen and also redirects you if traffic is bad and alerts you of the rozzers incase you like driving your polo fast. Put a sign on your dash stating you're delivering for amazon or something similar as it may help you avoid a fine, as sometimes...a lot of the time we have to park where we can. Try not to work during rush hour periods, especially with PN or Morrisons as you get dinged for late deliveries and they don't care if you're stuck in traffic. PN and Morrisons you tend to get a lot of cases of water/beer or other heavy shit, so getting yourself a little trolley could help when you deliver to flats (providing they have a working lift) or far walking distances. Try not to accept reserved blocks or "base" rate blocks as amazon are truly taking the piss atm with package/bag amounts and distances, so try and accept "surge" rates when the pay becomes a little more appealing. If you work over the stated time, go in to earnings and tap report problem which prompts you to send an email and follow instructions, you MAY get a pay adjustment. They don't really tell you this, surprisingly. Don't leave anything unattended without proof as a lot of drivers get unfairly punished as some dickheads claim to have not recieved their crap. Amazon don't care about you. This sounds ridiculous but prepare to be frustrated at times as often it appears they are against you, including when you ask for help. It's all about the customers. Edit; this is really long, apologies. Lmao. Good luck.


"Amazon don't care about you." This is important to note. As long as you accept this and you're self-motivated, remembering you're your own boss and running your own small business you'll not get too frustrated by the scapegoating from Amazon. As long as your status in the app is Great or Fantastic don't even waste your time trying to argue your case when it comes to late deliveries or customers scamming Amazon, it's not worth your time. Remain self motivated and get a buzz off helping customers and you'll be good.


3 door is fine for PN/Morrisons, according to their own FAQ, so I don’t see why they’d be getting turned away for it…


Try contact support in the app if you can to get confirmation of phone calls always better than email


Should be sound in a 3 door polo but I would recommend clearing everything out of your boot and car, take your parcel shelf out and put the seats down. Should have plenty of room for PN/Morrisons.


Got a 3 hour logistics shift, feels like plenty of room but I don’t know what to expect 😂


Personally I’d stick to PN and Morrisons. I reckon it might get tight doing logistics in a Polo and depending on your local depot they may not let you.


The car i can't comment on. Take your time would be my advice. Just learn the ropes, it's easy once you know how. After doing a few you'll know roughly how long each route will take. Then you'll master speed. Definitely lose your parcel shelf.


Just finished my first 90 minute prime now shift…. Ended up sitting in the car park the whole time waiting for an order but didnt get anything. Cars around me getting orders but not me…. Still getting paid though 😂


Yeah that does happen from time to time. Last week I got paid to sit in Morrisons car park for 2 blocks.


Depending on the time of day, I use that time to seek out reduced price food in Morrison's, normally 25% of retail after 17.00. Feels good, being paid to do nothing and getting a ready cooked chicken for £1.20. And of course we always have a boot full of cool bags and ice packs for safe transportation.