Manic depression

The human psyche is unpredictable, and many people have deviations in this area. The most common problem is mood swings, but there are more serious deviations that can cause problems for a person.

In medicine, a severe mental illness is identified, which is called bipolar affective disorder or manic depression. It is characterized by a change of mood from the manic to the depressed. Finding out what a manic depression is, you need to stop paying attention to statistical data, so this disease affects about 3-7% of the world's population. In most patients, there are other mental abnormalities. The first signs of this disease are observed more often at the age of 30-35 years elavil tablets.

Bipolar affective disorder was identified in many well-known personalities, for example, Freud, Pushkin, Gogol and others. The main symptoms include a pathologically elevated mood, unexplained speech and motor activity, a temporary increase in working capacity.

Additional signs of manic depression: the emergence of delusional ideas, increased self-confidence and vigor, excessive irritability or, conversely, optimism, emotional outbursts, uncontrollable appetite and others.

Although scientists conduct numerous studies in this field, it has not yet been possible to establish the exact factors provoking such mental illnesses. A person with an affective disorder in most cases himself realizes that he has problems with the psyche, that's why he turns to the doctor. Bipolar manic depression can be caused by such causes:

Bad heredity. Studies have shown that if blood relatives have mental disorders, they can be inherited.

Failures in the endocrine and hormonal system. Such deviations have a direct effect on the state of the brain.

Injuries. Manic depression can be triggered by a traumatic brain injury, for example, resulting from a stroke or fall.

Failures in brain activity. Increases the risk of developing bipolar affective disorder, frequent stress, emotional distress and stress.

Serious emotional experiences. Scientists have proved that often a depressive condition arises from the lack of serotonin, for example, as a result of disorders of cerebral circulation.

Infectious diseases. Medicine knows a number of diseases affecting the brain, for example, meningitis and encephalitis.

This mental illness is divided into two main phases: manic and depressive. The presence of the first indicates hyperthermia, psychomotor agitation and tahypsychia. Manic psychosis has five main phases: hypomanic, pronounced mania, manic frenzy, motor rest and reactive. They can alternate with each other, which explains the unstable state of the patient.

If a person has discovered symptoms of a mental disorder, then it is necessary to contact the following specialists: a neurologist, a psychiatrist, a psychologist and a psychotherapist. To exclude serious brain damage, it is recommended to pass an electroencephalogram, an X-ray and an MRI. Manic depression is a curable disease, but only if you consult a doctor if you find the first symptoms. The doctor carries out complex treatment, which includes biological, psychological and social therapy.

Relief of symptoms. For this purpose, medicament preparations are used. With the active phase, the doctor prescribes neuroleptics, which cope with the bright signs of the disease. Lithium salts with a stabilizing effect are used. When the depressive phase occurs, antidepressants and electroconvulsive therapy are prescribed.

Stabilization. If a bipolar disorder has been diagnosed, it is important to go through the stage to strengthen the results achieved in treatment. It is recommended to use all possible methods to ensure patient peace.

Prevention. This stage continues for a long time to reduce the risk of relapse. During the year, mental disorders should be avoided.

In addition, they use homeopathy, which is selected individually, which helps to minimize the use of chemistry. Herbal decoctions, which have a calming effect, should be selected with the permission of the doctor. In addition to the basic treatment, it is recommended to perform breathing exercises, meditation, yoga, walk in the fresh air often and not forget about a healthy dream.