Life without sex or abstinence What causes

Every man in life, there are times when it is necessary for some time to abstain from sex. What can be dangerous abstinence? Doctors to such limitation requirements are rather negative, but you need to understand and take into account that each person has sexual activity non prescription viagra sale.

Both benefit and harm of sexual abstinence is often exaggerated, as only men can easily tolerate abstinence, and it is difficult enough to maintain very intense sexual life, while others are very sexually active and to refuse to have sex for them is very difficult. That is why the benefits and harms of sex for each person will have a different meaning.

So, if a man has sex drive is not pronounced, then abstinence is transferred much easier, otherwise everything will happen the other way around.

If a man has a tendency to neurotic reactions, and the "frequent" sex, abstinence and cause his neurotic condition: increase irritability, appear in a bad mood, there is an uncontrollable temper, and even may appear aggressive.

In cases where the male present any inflammatory diseases of the genital organs, prolonged abstinence will exacerbate these diseases. Of course, too sexually active will also lead to the aggravation, so here it is necessary to know the measure.

Many psychologists and sexologists say that very long abstinence causes great harm to health. It should be noted that this applies to people who are in their prime. Long abstinence may be the cause of physical and mental disorders.

So, male continence can lead to deep depression. Sex can be called the physiological nature of the process, which is able to deal effectively with stress. The blood of the hormone of happiness (endorphin) emitted during sex that a person needs to maintain a good mood. Of course, abstinence sex can be replaced with sports or chocolate, which will also contribute to the production of endorphins, but such "unnatural" surrogates can not for a long time to replace real sex.

Besides, it has repeatedly shown that if from sexual intercourse can give up, it's emotional state is much more difficult to control. When sexually aroused blood flow is directed to the pelvic organs, with no sexual intercourse and orgasm, the blood stagnates there. Hence there are many unpleasant diseases. Long abstinence may be perceived by the body as a signal that the function is no longer needed. Because of this, men with prolonged abstinence can totally lose potency as their bodies simply forget how to do it.

If a man has sexual desire is weak, it may abstain from sexual relations for a very long time. If sexual desire is expressed very strongly, when temperance will necessarily manifest dissatisfaction with men: there will be nerve conditions that oppress the mind, sexual and emotional disorders.

Long rejection of sexual intercourse dangerous rapid ejaculation and prostate development.

The degree of harm from abstinence also depends on the age of the man: the older man, the more dangerous is unjustified and prolonged sexual limit for him. With continued abstinence in men over 40 and may evolve congestions, prostatitis, adenoma, as well as the risk of malignant tumors of the pelvis is significantly increased. So, regular sexual intercourse, men can be the key to healthy aging.

Great benefits of abstinence not. The only reason that a man may resort to abstinence - separation from his wife or girlfriend. While many men do not care with whom to satisfy his sexual needs. Of course, abstinence is from unreasonable and fleeting sex will protect a man from the other, more serious diseases.

After abstaining a man may several times to reduce the duration of sexual intercourse. Restore it will be quite simple: the function is gradually restored itself, if once again start to have sex regularly. It is worth noting that each time the men return to normal sexual activity individually: for some it may be two days, while for others a month. For this reason, do not be afraid, if after abstinence is not that all the "smooth".

Abstinence is the process of transformation of sexuality. This process is usually marked by this dynamic: in the beginning, when sex was stopped, a man can experience relief and peace, then starts increasing sexual desire, because of this, there is discomfort, since it can not meet. If abstinence continues, "suffering" gradually begin to decrease, and there is a phenomenon, which is caused by redirecting the energy of sexual attraction to achieve an entirely different, higher goals. So, abstinence in men may be a push in work and business, as all forces will leave it there.

To avoid the negative consequences of sexual abstinence, should be able to switch between their desires and thoughts in a different direction. You can also express their sexual desires with the help of some creative activity. Time without sex should be carried out for the benefit of their physical health and spiritual world.

The prolonged absence of sexuality in men may be a cause of loss of self-confidence and psychological barrier, which will "repel" its New sexual acts. There is no doubt that a man who lives a full life, easier to accept new sexual relationships.

In general, the problem of abstinence especially individual, therefore man must first of all pay attention to their health. If abstinence is not any discomfort, then the man can live without sex for a long time.