Insomnia during pregnancy The causes and how to treat

Insomnia during pregnancy

Pregnancy - is a natural, but at the same time, a special condition of women, in which her body goes through many changes. It is in these changes and lie major causes of insomnia, often accompanied by a waiting period of the child.

Causes of sleep disorders during pregnancy

Insomnia during pregnancy is often caused by hormonal changes, buy ambien online first of all, the rapid increase in the content of progesterone in the blood. Progesterone is produced by the ovaries, and starting from the second trimester and the placenta. This hormone performs a major role in maintaining pregnancy. Food processing progesterone affect the nervous system. On the one hand, they act as an antidepressant, the other - provoke insomnia.

But not always sleep disorders - it is only the result of the ongoing storm in the body hormone. Insomnia during pregnancy may be triggered by other factors:

Insomnia in the early stages

Insomnia is often an early sign of pregnancy. This is due to hormonal changes. Also in the first weeks of pregnancy, a woman may be concerned about nausea, it is often necessary to get up at night because of the arising urgency to urinate. Emotional feelings associated with thoughts about the new state of life and the changes that also contribute to the development of insomnia in early pregnancy.

Insomnia in the later stages

In the III trimester increases physical discomfort: many women develop heartburn that appears or worsens when lying down. Urging to urinate become very frequent. May appear low back pain. Often there are shortness of breath at rest and swelling that can talk about the development of preeclampsia. Increased stomach prevents to take a comfortable position and to roll from side to side in his sleep than provoked by insomnia during pregnancy.

Again, there is anxiety, which in the last weeks of pregnancy is usually associated with the upcoming birth and swift changes in life. Mom can listen to the changes in state of health, to the fetal movements, and it also does not predispose to a full bed.

Insomnia 35, 37, 38, 39 weeks of pregnancy may be triggered by hormonal next jump: some time before birth, progesterone levels fall. Often a few days, sometimes even for 1-2 weeks before delivery can occur well notable battle-precursors. They can also cause poor sleep, or difficulty falling asleep.

Another frequent event, most often occurring in the later stages, is snoring and obstructive sleep apnea syndrome. If your relatives have noticed the appearance you have pauses in breathing during sleep lasting more than 10 seconds, it should be a cause for mandatory treatment for a sleep doctor.

Insomnia in the last weeks of pregnancy leads to Unrefreshing sleep, fatigue and weakness during the day, daytime sleepiness. If it is touched, and you, do not despair: in the arsenal of doctors there are many safe for mother and fetus, and at the same time effective ways to treat sleep disorders.

What to do if you suffer from insomnia

Coping with insomnia during pregnancy can help the general recommendations:

Drug therapy for insomnia during pregnancy

It is well known that many drugs adversely affect the pregnancy, can affect the fetus. For this reason, a woman, if she is diagnosed insomnia during pregnancy is contraindicated receiving potent tools, especially their uncontrolled use without a special prescription.

Safe in recommended doses remedies for insomnia during pregnancy - this herbal preparations, especially valerian. To make your sleep more strong, it can be taken as a pill 30-40 minutes before bedtime.

In the second and third trimesters of pregnancy insomnia can be treated with medication Novo pass. The tool is made of herbal ingredients and is an extract of a number of plants: the roots of valerian, lemon balm herbs, leaves and flowers of hawthorn inflorescence elderberry, passionflower herb, St. John's wort herb, stems of hops. The drug should be used only if absolutely indicated: doctor appointed only if the benefit from taking more than the possible risks.

During the whole period of a woman carrying a child can take tea from lemon balm, chamomile, mint, hawthorn, prepare their own infusion of valerian. It is important to comply with the instructions for the preparation of herbal and does not exceed the recommended dosage.

If insomnia during pregnancy lasts for a week or more, the best decision would be an appeal to a sleep doctor. In sleep medicine department of the sanatorium "Barvikha" diagnosis and treatment of insomnia in the best traditions of the Kremlin medicine. Specialists determine the cause of the arisen state and will make recommendations that will help to cope with sleep disorders without harm to your health and the health of the child. Read more about this on the website.