Infectious prostatitis What you need to know

When treating prostatitis - the most difficult - to optimally choose an individual treatment strategy. Do not be "amateur", sometimes on the verge of reasonable. Also, do not change your doctors often, since there are a lot of urological (andrological) schools and directions. And they often "conflict" with each other.

How to build an effective strategy and tactics for treating prostatitis and its possible consequences? It should be emphasized that with any choice of treatment decision, it will be quite long, and it will be necessary to observe the treating doctor continuously, regularly and completely. To pass necessary analyzes and to pass necessary procedures, researches. Neither in classical medicine, nor in folk medicine, nor in esoteric medicine, there are no means capable once and for all to quickly put an end to prostatitis, even a radical remedy - surgically. You can not wait for the momentary effect. It is necessary to stock up a fair amount of patience - then wait for the effect of the treatment.

Information on treatment methods for prostatitis patients, recommended by the official medical community and official medicine, is given below only for your information, but not for scolding official medicine and its treatment strategy (one or another). In fact now it is fashionable to scold medicine to everyone who is not lazy. A living organism can not, of course, be regarded as mechanical or only chemical-biological, interfering when it is necessary for us (conveniently).

But traditional medicine still sometimes gives rise to such an approach, for example, by its choice of medicines, dosage, and application. Often, with respect to medicines, the following approach is followed: if some part of some physiological process is broken in some disease, then it is absolutely necessary to get such a substance, which causes a chemical reaction, suitable in this case and run it into the body. The search for a medicine turns into a "wandering through the jungle": for a long time (often and unsuccessfully) the substances of one or another group of compounds are being sorted. It is possible that such a method will give some effect, but medicine, trying to conduct searches from the zero mark, ignores "grandmother's recipes" only on the grounds that they are "unscientific". canadian pharmacy drugstore

There is a "scam": if some herbal decoction can help, for example, with prostatitis, then who is to blame for the fact that the effectiveness of this tool is theoretically (scientifically) not yet explained? Where, then, do those "normal" money allocated for medical institutions, pompously renamed universities and academies? Why should we necessarily go from a nihilistic approach to everything that our ancestors have worked for a long time? This infantile maximalism does not lead to anything good. The most terrible thing is that arrogant official scientific medicine is not often backed by practice and is often helpless in many diseases, many of which the healers often knew to heal in antiquity.

The appearance of naturopathy was a good sign. After all, scientific medicine has thrown off the yoke of the authority of ancient medicine and has done so in one fell swoop - declaring it anti-scientific. And that's it! It's bold and original, but now how to get rid of maximalism too, "do not splash out with water from the bathtub and the baby." Naturopathy is just evidence of the maturation of science. Modern high technologies (including in medicine), joining with pre-scientific (empirical) methods eventually lead to the emergence of completely new areas of knowledge, from each component, the element used, is taken only the very best.

Now with reference to prostatitis we will say: as everyone understood, our articles are not articles for doctors (at least not for them, mostly), but for patients. Therefore, it will be very useful for them to know how and how they can independently treat themselves (herbs or, for example, exercise therapy), correctly understand the advice and recommendations of scientific medicine.

But first let's talk about self-treatment, more precisely, about its inadmissibility with the prostatitis. The patient can not objectively monitor the course of the disease, the condition of the prostate gland, understands the complexity of the pathogenesis of the disease in a simplified way, usually uses unjustified and ineffective therapeutic procedures.

Despite this, self-medication of prostatitis often seems to many patients the most effective option, for which they try to acquire certain skills, interested in the mechanism of therapeutic effects. In practice, there was even a patient who regularly performed himself a massage of the gland with his fingers. This unique unit then turned his attention to the asymmetry of the prostate, and after consulting a doctor, he was surprised to learn that the two lobes of the gland were exactly alike. With this he did not agree, and he had to understand that massaging with the right hand (left-he could not) leads to the fact that this half of the gland is difficult to reach and therefore appears somewhat less convex (the prostate appears asymmetric), which is possible with a cancerous Defeat.

Self-massage of the prostate (with the help of specially recommended devices) can be done only if you remember that the massage technique depends on the structure of the prostate gland and the presence of pathology in it, so the effect of self-massage is usually negative. The same is true for the massage "trained" spouses. No matter how good intentions they are not guided.

Inflammatory phenomena in the prostate gland, called prostatitis - this is a fairly common insidious disease. Its insidiousness consists in very rapid flow from acute to chronic form. To prevent this from happening, it is necessary, not delaying, to deal with the treatment of acute inflammation of the prostate gland. Depending on the initial causes of the onset of the disease, the bacterial and infectious prostatitis is isolated.

Timely treatment of any of the above listed types of this disease makes it possible to completely get rid of it. If the moment is missed, then in the tissues that make up the prostate gland, irreversible changes will occur that will lead to their incorrect work, as a result of which very unpleasant problems that lead to complete impotence can manifest themselves.

As those factors that lead to the appearance of prostatitis, doctors call smoking, constant stress, chronic fatigue, a sedentary lifestyle.