How can I improve an erection at home

Sexual health worries almost every man. And when there are problems in the intimate sphere, a person can panic and become self-absorbed. This problem is delicate, so men rarely turn to a specialist to solve it. But it's not right. It is the doctor who will help restore the former strength and keep it as long as possible.

If you have problems with erection, it is recommended that you first consult a doctor for a complete examination. Only on the basis of the results we can judge the cause of the problem, which is very important in the treatment buy brand cialis online. Common causes of erectile dysfunction are:

Stress, emotional outbursts, both negative and positive (wedding, birth, increase). If the reduction of the erection is the result of a permanent finding under stress, then the use of sedatives, which the doctor prescribes, will help to eliminate the problem. When disagreements with an erection appeared earlier, the man is recommended to avoid stressful situations and have more rest.

Irrational nutrition. The potency is affected by fatty and harmful food.

A sedentary, sedentary lifestyle. The lack of activity, especially the constant presence in the sitting position, leads to stagnant processes in the organs of the small pelvis. Because of this, the blood flow to the penis slows down, and it remains sluggish even when excited.

Overweight. He appears as a result of irrational nutrition and a sedentary lifestyle. However, there may be problems with the hormonal background. That's why you need a doctor's consultation.

Constant overfatigue. The body requires rest to restore vital functions, including sexual ones. If you can not change the regime, you need to know how to improve the erection in case of physical exhaustion. First of all, it's more often to take breaks for rest, even if they are short.

Irregular sex. This reason is particularly relevant for single men who do not have a permanent partner. The way out of the situation is morning sex, because at this time in the body produces a large amount of testosterone, which can strengthen the erection. Bad habits. Alcohol can cause excitement and increase in erectile function, but for too short a period. Yes, and full sex is hardly possible under the influence of alcohol. Excessive use of it negatively affects the erectile function.

In addition, the erection can be reduced by diseases and pathologies of the genitourinary system, diabetes mellitus, arterial hypertension, high cholesterol.

With a decrease in erectile function, it is recommended to consult a specialist immediately. If the cause of such a violation is a disease, then without the necessary treatment it can lead to more serious consequences. If the pathology is not revealed, the improvement of erection can be carried out at home.

Physical activity stimulates the production of testosterone, a hormone that enhances sex drive. This is due to the fact that the load (but not excessive) increases the flow of blood to those muscles that work. As a result, there is an effect on the nerve plexuses, due to which the work of the endocrine glands is activated. It is recommended to perform gymnastics on a daily basis. Improvement of potency occurs quite soon. Exercises to increase the erection:

Lying on the back, legs bend at the knees. First you need to make 12 breaths at a fast pace, and then move the pelvis 24 times to the sides.

Lie near the wall at a distance of 50 cm head from it. Place your hands along the body. I lift my feet, trying to get them a wall. In this position, fix for a few seconds, making two deep breaths-exhalations. Return to the starting position.

Stand facing the wall, lean your hands on it. Move from foot to foot, but you can not tear off the feet from the floor at the same time. The duration of the exercise is a minute.

In addition, the intensification of erection comes after walking on foot at a fast pace in the fresh air.

Health food

The diet can both reduce the erectile function, and restore it. Useful products for potency are those that contain vitamins A, E and B. In addition, it is recommended to include in the diet various dairy products, for example, cottage cheese, curdled milk, kefir.

In the case of the appearance of erectile dysfunction due to problems with the vessels, you can clean them by consuming garlic and onions. These products can also increase blood flow, which positively affects the male power.

If you do not know how to improve an erection, use the guaranteed means - a combination of honey and nuts (hazelnuts or walnuts). With their regular use, the improvement comes fairly quickly. Sunflower seeds also have the same effect.

Traditional medicine can offer a man a large number of means to increase potency in a short time. They are all aimed at activating blood circulation in the genitals. In particular, tincture from the root of ginseng contributes to this.

Pour 100 g of the crushed product with two cups of boiling water. Infuse about 70 hours in a warm place. Next, the agent boil for 4 hours. Before taking the tincture cool, add cinnamon and honey. How to strengthen the erection tincture? It should be taken twice a day for 100 g, regardless of food intake.

Increase the potency and can infusion of thyme. The plant must be ground and poured 10 grams of boiling water. To insist half an hour. Then strain, cool and drink, dividing into two meals, after eating. Repeat daily.

Improvement of erection occurs when using different methods.

Foot massage. There is a large number of reflex points, which are responsible for the work of various organs, including genital organs. Knowing which points need to be massaged to improve an erection, you can improve your sex life.

Hardening. First, it is recommended to wipe with water at room temperature, then dousing, gradually reducing the degree. And only after that do the bathing in the river. Remember that the temperature reduction should be gradual, otherwise you can only hurt yourself.

Cold and hot shower. Do not know how to strengthen an erection? Take a contrast shower in the morning and evening, as well as before the very sexual act. This alternation of water of different temperatures has a beneficial effect on the nervous system, the circulation of blood, in particular, increases its influx to the penis.

And, naturally, it is necessary to change the habitual way of life, which, perhaps, became the main cause of erection loss. Allocate time to rest, physical exercises and regular sex, and then you can forget about such a terrible word for a man as impotence.