How are diabetes linked to potency

All the processes occurring in the body are related. Therefore, often with diabetes and potency gets a lot. In men, there is a decrease in potency and, as a consequence, problems with erection. Violation of the endocrine system, which occurs with diabetes, leads to violations in the genital area. Therefore, diabetes and potency are interrelated processes.

The impact of diabetes on sexual health

Violations of potency are due to the following reasons. The disease disrupts the normal operation of small blood vessels, which is why normal blood filling of the penis does not occur. As you know, this is the main condition for the erection of the penis.

During excitation, the body gives the command to fill the cavernous bodies of the penis with blood. Next, the blood should be in the penis, so that the erection lasts a long time. Therefore, a good work of the circulatory system and nerves is necessary, exercising control over the performance of these tasks. Therefore, this process is characterized by the effect of diabetes on potency.

In addition, a decrease in potency is observed due to hormonal disorders. The sexual function of a man depends on the production of the hormone testosterone, in diabetes mellitus testosterone levels fall, which is due to the high sugar content in the blood. Previously, it was said that all processes in the body are interrelated, namely testosterone affects the blood sugar levels of men. metformin-online.com

In diabetes mellitus, the brain is damaged due to poor nutrition. This, in turn, leads to the disappearance of sexual desire. Of great importance is the psychological factor, since a man who suffers from this disease is unable to conduct a full sexual intercourse, as a result of which the level of his self-esteem falls, and self-hypnosis also takes place. The situation is worsened by the fact that the level of male hormone testosterone is low in case of illness, so the man perceives such failures more acutely.

Thus, diabetes affects the potency. At the same time, it is impossible to say that this is an irrefutable truth. Everything depends on the person, the features of his body. There are times when a man with a considerable experience in this disease has a family and healthy children. And when you perform all the procedures and prescriptions prescribed by your doctor, you can extend your sex life.

Increased potency in patients

Since the violation of potency in diabetes affects the sexual life of a man, then all preventive measures should be aimed at reducing the consequences for the potency in diabetes in order to prolong the sexual life as long as possible. You should eat garlic and onions. Garlic reduces the level of sugar, while onions have a great influence on the increase of sexual desire. It is useful to eat eggplant, which contributes to the withdrawal of excess fluid and lowering the level of cholesterol.

As for the rest of the food, the diabetic patient can eat tomatoes, cucumbers, fat-free cottage cheese. Do not forget about eating fish. It should be noted that the patient should exclude the use of fats of animal origin. A man suffering from diabetes is banned from drinking alcoholic beverages. This harms the patient himself, and his potencies.

As for the intake of various drugs that stimulate potency, in this case the situation is as follows. You can use them, but only after consulting with the attending physician, who, based on the condition of the patient's body, will make a decision - is it possible with treatment with such drugs.

A man who has diabetes mellitus must constantly control his sugar level. Therefore, it is necessary to introduce insulin in time, often to eat, but in small portions, to perform physical exercises to maintain the body in tone. It is important to monitor both arterial pressure and testosterone levels.

Examination during illness

To reveal the state of the sexual sphere and the impact that it experiences due to the illness, a number of examinations should be carried out. First of all, the dopplerography of the vessels in the cavernous bodies is carried out. Another way that will help to detect potency disorders is the injection into the penis of the drug that leads to relaxation of the penis vessels, then observe the reaction. This is called intracavernous pharmacodiagnostic research. It is worthwhile to dwell on it in more detail.

With insufficient amount of sex hormones in the body, men are prescribed treatment - substitution therapy. It is performed with the help of androgen preparations. The remedy is selected individually for each. It can be as tablets, or injections or preparations in the form of a gel. During this therapy, the doctor controls the testosterone level. The first results appear 4-8 weeks after the beginning of treatment in this way.

Problems with potency may appear due to diabetic neuropathy. In this case, treatment with alpha-lipoic acid is prescribed. This substance is completely harmless, but it should be used in the early stages of the disease, otherwise there will be no effect on the potency. In addition, it is important to control the level of sugar in the blood, otherwise such treatment for diabetes does not make sense.