How and from what there is an erection at men

The process of erection in men is a physiological action, in which the penis from a flaccid state, acquires an elastic and firm form. This is facilitated by various psychological, nervous, vascular and endocrine factors, which are activated at the time when a man experiences excitement. However, an erection, the phenomenon is unpredictable and does not always come at the right time.

During erection, the male's penis extends, increasing the original size not only in length, but also in volume. Due to its hardness and elasticity, the sexual organ easily penetrates into the vagina, during sexual intercourse.

The sexual organ consists of two cavernous bodies and one spongy, through which the canal of the urethra passes. At the time of erection, cavernous bodies are filled with a large volume of blood buy viagra online canada. Vessels filled with blood under high pressure lead the penis into a solid state.

Blood circulation coordinates the work of all organs, including the penis. In a limp state, the pressure of blood on the vessels of the penis is extremely small in comparison with the state of erection. During the hardening of the genital, the pressure increases almost 26 times. The mechanism of erection is activated, the blood circulates through the veins and vessels of the organ under high pressure until there is a discharge, or the man will not be distracted by any other actions. Some men compare the process with the inflating of bicycle tires, or with a withered flower, which was put in a vase of water and it gradually assumes its former shape. These comparisons are similar to the phenomenon of male erection.

If the solid state of the penis were kept constantly, this would bring a lot of discomfort to the men. Therefore, nature was provided that in a normal state through the vessels of the penis blood flows under a slight pressure. Since there is a large accumulation of capillaries in the organ, then under the influence of a fleeting attraction or, for some unknown reason, an erection can occur at an inopportune moment.

To the mechanism of erection worked as a clock, the nervous system must function without failures. Control of the blood flow is carried out by the spinal cord: it is responsible for weakening the movement or increasing pressure in the vessels of the sexual organ. During excitation, a nervous impulse enters the spinal cord together with the chemical substance released by the neurons.

Smooth muscles of the penis stretch under the influence of this substance due to the expansion of arteries, which in a relaxed form no longer resist high blood pressure. It enters the vessels in a large volume and, gradually accumulating, straightens the trunk of the penis.

Since the brain and spinal cord affect all processes occurring in the body and are directly responsible for the erection, it is necessary to monitor the integrity of the cranium and spine. If the nervous system is damaged, unpleasant consequences occur in the form of paralysis and loss of potency.

The process of erection. How does an erection occur and what affects its occurrence? To understand these issues, it is necessary to examine the cases in which this phenomenon occurs. Depending on the cause of the onset, several types of erection are distinguished.

Psychogenic. The erection of such a plan is controlled by the brain. It can be triggered by simple pathogens, which act upon impulses in the brain. The main types of pathogens:

Reflex. The penis acquires firmness as a result of touching. Since the penis, especially its head, covers sensitive skin, from a simple touch, and even from light contacts, nerve impulses enter the brain, and an erection takes place.

Spontaneous. An erection of such a plan often occurs spontaneously during sleep.

The brain is responsible for all processes in the body, under its control there is excitement and desire. Instincts inherent in nature are not always amenable to consciousness, especially at a young age. In boys who have reached the period of adulthood, the testosterone hormone is produced in the testicles, which is responsible for the stimulation. During this period, during sleep, adolescents often experience spontaneous ejaculation.

An erection is given to a man by nature for the commission of a sexual act. And if not discharged, the member can take an excited state against the will of a man not only during sleep, but also during wakefulness.