Erection in the morning how important it is for health

Many men are wondering why in the morning hours there is a strain of the penis. Although, of course, the penis may involuntarily fill with blood at any time of the day. Since the body does not control physiological needs, the morning excitement does not arise from his will.

However, this phenomenon is conditionally considered to be morning. The fact is that for the whole night a man has several erections where to buy cialis. And their total duration exceeds two hours. It is interesting that even in 70-year-old men the penis is at least two times per night in the erect state.

Why does an erection occur in the morning? Firstly, it is completely unrelated to sexual arousal and occurs without a strong-willed participation. In addition, the morning erection does not correlate with the content of dreams that a man sees. This is its main difference: it has a non-sexual nature.

Factors contributing to its appearance are:

Morning erection in men who do not engage in long-term sex, can result in involuntary sperm secretion. This is a completely normal physiological process. Involuntary dementia often occurs in adolescents. So morning excitement in no way is a symptom of trouble, this is the norm.

But the absence of a morning erection indicates a health problem associated with fatigue, stress. However, this does not indicate the development of impotence. Sometimes to restore the erectile function is enough to rest.

It is interesting that the penis may be erect in infants, as well as in male embryos. In adolescents, this phenomenon occurs on average four times a night, and in adult men - and up to six times. This speaks of the night and morning tension as a cyclic process that contributes to the regulation of sexual function.

Morning erection, in the opinion of andrologists, trains the body and contributes to a strong potency. This is especially true for men who have sex acts rarely or are not.

The lack of an erection in the morning for more than one week does not mean that the man has a health problem. Morning erection disappears due to prolonged fatigue, depressive state, poor-quality nutrition. In addition, a man sometimes does not notice whether his penis is straining at night, since he is fast asleep.

To know if the erection has disappeared, you need to use a method to detect its presence. At night, a paper ring is put on the penis. If it remained intact in the morning, then the erection takes place in the morning.

The reasons why men are violated potency, are primarily in stress and other psychological problems. Ability to relax and a healthy lifestyle sometimes help to cure potency problems.

However, this phenomenon contributes to a violation of potency. The fact is that if the morning erection does not come, men tend to emotionally experience it. Sometimes enough sleep is enough to prevent problems with potency.

Treatment of potency disorders. For every man, an erection is an obligatory condition for a normal sexual life. Therefore, if she disappeared, a man experiences serious psychological problems. Treatment of any form of erectile dysfunction begins with a consultation of a sexologist. Do not hesitate to visit a doctor and be afraid to share such "secret" information.

Only high-quality psychological help will contribute to the preservation of masculine health. After all, in many cases, a man does not have an erection in the morning for psychological reasons. If the psychocorrection does not give a recovery result, then they resort to a medicamental method of solving this problem.

Since the causes of erectile dysfunction are hidden in the violations of the hormonal background or urological pathologies, the man must necessarily visit a urologist, andrologist.