Diets to lose weight without harm to health

How to find a beautiful figure without damage to health?

Every woman dreams of a harmonious and seductive figure. Diet Recipes passed down from generation to generation, like heirlooms. But is there really a harmless diet for weight loss buy xenical online?

What should be remembered

Compliance with a few simple rules will help postroynet without harm to health.

Trusting diet: fat burn

The main component of the corona and the diet is vegetable soup. But it is not normal, and to burn fat and excretes toxins. This diet - the most secure, because soup does not only help lose weight, but also a good influence on the gastric mucosa. Additionally the soup can be eaten in unlimited quantities and without harm to health, so you will not have to pester sucking emptiness in the stomach.

A sample recipe for this wonderful soup includes:

All vegetables should be cut, folded into a saucepan and fill with water, then bring to a boil. Let simmer for 10 minutes over high heat, and the next 30 minutes, cook on low. Acceptable lightly salt soup, add to the severity of a little red pepper and put a cube of vegetable broth.

This recipe can be changed by focusing on their own tastes, for example, if you do not like celery or bad you carry boiled onions. You can use carrots, cauliflower or sauerkraut, various greens, green onions. The main rule out such tasty, but harmful potatoes. For a week this soup to help lose weight by 5-7 kg. However, eating a soup strictly prohibited. To lose weight without harm to health, be sure to combine it with other products. Do not forget to drink vitamins.

Salad diet: delicious and healthy

The name speaks for itself: losing weight, backed up during the day a variety of fruit and vegetable salads. This harmless diet is ideal for the summer season, when the shelves literally groaning with fresh fruit and vegetables at reasonable prices, and hot weather further helps to reduce appetite. Such a diet will completely forget about the consequences of the spring vitamin deficiency and significantly improve skin condition. Its duration - 7 days, during which time you can say goodbye to the 5 kg weight.

This diet for weight loss is based on the principles of a separate food, that is, you can not mix fruits and vegetables, cook vegetables and fruit salads should be separate. Of particular importance is the dressing. It is necessary to completely eliminate mayonnaise. Salads dressed with olive oil, lemon juice, yogurt, yogurt. The use of salt and sugar is strictly prohibited.

From the diet will also have to be deleted completely bread, muffin, and any alcohol. Eating should be 3 times per day, last reception must be no later than 17-17.30. Allowed to drink non-carbonated water with lemon, green tea, low-fat yogurt. Portions of lettuce should be small, no more than 250-300 g vegetables and fruit can be eaten raw and boiled, but roasted, baked and canned - you can not. From vegetables can not eat potatoes, fruit - high-calorie bananas and grapes.

Kefir diet: simple and effective

Kefir diet - one of the safest weight loss diet. Frequent consumption of kefir improves digestion, has beneficial effects on the microflora of the stomach, strengthens the cardiovascular system. Kefir contributes to removal from the body of salt and excess water, which increases the revitalizing effect.

However, it has its own limitations. Do not get involved kefir mono-diet, that is, all day long to drink a kefir. Without harm to health adult can not drink more than 1.5 liters of yogurt a day. In addition, any mono-diet, including kefir, extremely serious stress to the body. It is much better and safer to combine the yogurt with other products.