Breast cyst

The breast cyst is characterized by a cavity formed in the chest with accumulated fluid. The main symptoms are dense, immobile and spherical formation to the touch, which causes discomfort. There is one-sided (solitary) and multiple (striking both breasts) cyst. Moreover, the presence of not every cyst can be determined by the method of palpation.

The size of the tumor can be from a few millimeters (then they can be detected only by ultrasound) to a few centimeters (detectable by palpation of the breast). That cyst that can be detected by palpation is called large.

Women at the age of thirty or forty are at greatest risk of developing cysts. The risk group also includes nulliparous women. But no woman is protected from the breast cyst. The main cause of this disease is hormonal disorders. Affect the level of hormones can, for example, taking oral contraceptives or thyroid disease. The cyst can arise because of previous operations in this area. Not the least role is played by genetic predisposition. All diseases from nerves, and the breast cyst can also form in a woman who has experienced a strong nervous tension. nolvadex during cycle

As mentioned above, a large cyst can be found on palpation. Also, often the appearance of the cyst is accompanied by drawing pains, which become especially noticeable in the premenstrual period. This is due to an increase in the volume of breast tissue and squeezing them cysts.

In some cases, the presence of a cyst can only be determined by a professional examination. In women with a breast cyst, the risk of cancer is higher than in healthy women. Therefore, the cyst requires surgical treatment.

On the skin it is very difficult to determine even the presence of a large cyst. The skin above the cyst is not retracted and does not change. With the running case, the skin is able to retract and even deform the nipple, but this happens very rarely.

What is dangerous for the cyst of the breast? Neoplasm of the breast is not dangerous for a woman's life. Of course, it can reduce the quality of life for certain symptoms, but it is rarely a pathology that degenerates into a cancerous tumor. Despite this, its nodular forms are capable of stimulating a malignant tumor. Quite often the breast cyst, considering the risk factors for mastopathy, and the whole danger of malignant process, represents a background for cancer development. According to statistics, a cyst in the mammary gland is present in every third woman, and many do not even know about it. Faced with the disease, the fair sex begins to panic, in fear of the fact that cancer can develop. Do not do this, you just need to start treatment in a timely manner. With the timely detection of the disease, it is necessary to have time to eliminate the cause and conduct complex therapy. (Read also: stages, symptoms, signs and treatment of breast cancer)

Does the cyst of the breast itself dissolve? A rare phenomenon when there is an independent resorption of the breast cyst, therefore, it is not necessary to start the disease. Even small cysts do not resolve themselves, but are treated conservatively. If the cyst is 1.5 centimeters in size, then the puncture of the contents is taken and the ozone or air introduced into the cavity. At a given size of the cyst, it is necessary to smooth its walls. Any self-treatment (herbs and compresses), in the hope that the cyst itself will resolve, is unacceptable. Only the doctor prescribes treatment, carefully monitoring the dynamics of the cysts. It is also unacceptable to have an independent treatment without establishing a diagnosis. Experimenting on your health, in anticipation that the compaction will resolve, is unacceptable.

Is it possible to massage the mammary gland? Breast massage is prohibited. The fact is that her tissues are very tender, and trying to squeeze out liquid from the nipple with the help of intensive massage will lead to her injury. Therefore, the iron is not only forbidden to massage intensively, but it is better not to touch it at all. It should avoid any injuries and bruises of the chest, including underwear with sharp bones. We need to protect not only the tissues of the breast, but also her skin. As you age, you need to lubricate the breast with olive oil to prevent excessive dryness. Breast massage can be performed 2-3 days after delivery. At this time, it is extremely necessary, since the breast is filled with milk, and its stagnation can lead to the formation of lactational mastitis.

The cyst can dissolve itself, it should not be treated? Indeed, the cystic formations can resolve, however this occurs extremely infrequently. Cases of self-liquidation are so rare that when a cyst is found, doctors almost always recommend their removal. If the size of the education is more than 15 mm, the patient is given a puncture and the extraction of its contents for further investigation. This is done to clarify the diagnosis and prevent a possible relapse.

Is it possible to sunbathe or visit a sauna with a breast cyst or after its treatment? Sunburn is harmful to any, even a healthy woman - this is known for certain. Therefore, doctors do not recommend going to the solarium, sunbathing without a bra, and spending time in the sun, from 11 am to 4 pm. In addition, any overheating of the body can be an impetus to the formation of a cyst or to its degeneration, and not only in the chest. Therefore, visiting the sauna and bath is also not recommended.

What kind of conservative or folk treatment can be done? Any treatment has the right to appoint only a doctor. This is done after a comprehensive examination or after the performed operation.