As manifested alcoholic epilepsy treatment and consequences

Alcohol Epilepsy

Alcohol epilepsy - kind of alcoholic psychosis, which are due to alcohol consumption. Continuous alcohol at some point, depending on the clinical picture can be supplemented symptoms of epilepsy as seizures.

Such attacks initially occur only under the influence of alcohol, but further buy keppra online seizures occur without his participation.

This phenomenon is explained by the fact that in the brain of the patient under the influence of the drug develop disorders that are aggravated and without alcohol exposure.

General information about the disease

The disease has its own characteristics, which can be given time to recognize and begin to treat him. Upon cancellation of the alcohol, but not the passage of special treatment, the attacks may still be repeated. Periods characterized by seizures alcoholic hallucinations.

After the attacks are growing failure syndrome symptoms:

The patient becomes angry, touchy, intolerant, care falls, there are other manifestations of the decomposition of the individual.

Each surge manifestations violations are extremely dangerous. The patient may fall and get damaged, choking vomiting with loss of consciousness. In such situations, leaving the visit to the doctor has unpredictable consequences.

Causes of Disease

Alcohol epilepsy has such reasons:

Signs and Symptoms

Features of the first seizure

Alcohol epilepsy for the first time manifests itself as follows: the patient's head can lean back.

This may provoke drawing back of the tongue and stop breathing, leading even to death.

After the seizure of alcohol from alcohol addicted appear insomnia symptoms - hallucinations and emotionally intense dreams, early awakening.

Precursors of severe convulsive seizure may occur a few days before it starts.

These include:

On the occurrence of an attack directly at the patient say such manifestations:

After the attack, the patient may feel weak, drowsy, but memories of the fit of absent.


Epilepsy Treatment of alcohol addicted reduced to eliminate the cause - the abandonment of alcoholic beverages. Initially, this treatment does not go smoothly, the attacks will be repeated, but eventually disappear completely.

Treatment of complex, t.k.neposredstvenno for this type of epilepsy has been invented methods are treated in accordance with the general rules of ordinary epilepsy. The patient need to have medication, psychological, sociological assistance. This involved the doctor - narrow specialists.

Most of the patients in a period between seizures is not observed distinct infringements, although the reception of powerful doses of anticonvulsants is lethargy.

The worsening of mental health problems often is related to neurological disease, which is the driving force attacks; only in some cases seizures own negative impact on mental health.

The forecast is more positive, if there are no signs of organic brain damage. About 70% of patients with epilepsy who are not staying in the hospital, mental health, 20% is a slight decrease in intelligence, 10% - moderate or obvious deviations in the psyche.

But the most important factor in combating violations of complications is the diagnosis in the early stages of his time and started treatment.

Absolutely can not shy away from the first seizure seizures and hope for a miraculous healing. The sooner treatment begins, the better the chances for a full recovery. Moreover, treatment is necessary for a long and continuous. Otherwise, the condition will worsen.

It should be emphasized that no drugs will not help to recover from the pains, severe epileptic seizures, if not win the main enemy of man - alcoholism.