Anxious erection male sexual dysfunction

Legends of antiquity gave the world not only exciting stories, but, unfortunately, the names of some diseases. One of them is connected with the hero of Greek mythology - the fertility god Priap. According to the legend, his sexual organ was in a state of eternal erection.

In the life of mortal men, something similar happens, but unlike the mythical hero, it does not bring pleasure, because it is a pathology and threatens with serious consequences.

Priapism is an involuntary, excessively long erection, which is accompanied by painful soreness, a change in the color of the skin of the organ, and requires an urgent hospitalization.

A male penis consists of one spongy body and two cavernous parts. The onset of an attack of priapism is characterized by an influx of blood into the genital area, which leads to an involuntary erection. At the same time, sexual intercourse does not alleviate the condition, but, on the contrary, causes suffering, because it is not provoked by physical attraction. In this case, it is no longer possible to achieve satisfaction levitra vardenafil.

Cavernous bodies, continuing to increase, squeeze the veins and thereby block the outflow of blood. The penis is as if isolated from the total blood flow, and this can last from 3-6 hours to several days.

The patient is forced to endure the pangs until he turns to the doctor for help.

Additional symptoms of the disease:

Diseases are not only exposed to adult men, but boys are 5-6 years old. Because priapism can itself be an indirect symptom of any disease that caused a violation of blood flow in the cavernous bodies of the penis, for example:

Diagnosis, as well as treatment, is done by urologists, andrology and surgery on the basis of anamnesis, patient complaints and additional studies.

To determine priapism is not difficult, because the symptoms are clearly pronounced and unambiguous, and the results of the analyzes are necessary only to recognize the form of the disease.

For the treatment of the disease at the initial stage, a puncture is used, which is done only in a medical hospital under the supervision of a doctor. This requirement is due to the fact that drugs used in the procedure, if accidentally ingested into the blood can cause a decrease in blood pressure and even loss of consciousness to patients. Member anesthetize and using a thin needle syringe pumped out stagnant blood, then washed cavities.

In more complex cases, when the moment was missed, resort to surgery. The extreme measure of treatment is amputation of the penis with subsequent endoprosthetics.

Non-ischemic priapism does not require special treatment, since the main cause of it are traumas that go away with time. Sometimes there are enough therapeutic manipulations, for example, applying cold to the perineum and genitals.

Another thing is night priapism, true and ischemic: these forms require an urgent examination with subsequent treatment aimed at eliminating the cause that caused the disease.