Alopecia if starting begins

According to the Latin proverb, a bald spot is not a vice, but a testimony of wisdom. It was believed that the opinion of a man with a bald should listen. But, despite this, many men decrease their hairiness very frustrating. And for women, strong loss of hair in general can become a tragedy.

Hair is a derivative of the epidermis of skin in mammals. The human body is almost completely covered with hair, there are no only on the palms and soles, the red border of the lips, the nipples of the mammary glands and the external genitalia.

A person has three types of hair: Long (the cranial vault, the face, the axillary region). Bristly (eyebrows, eyelashes, grow in the nasal cavity and ear). Gun (cover most of the body)

It is believed that once the human hair was much thicker and helped to protect themselves from the cold. Now the luxuriant vegetation is left only on the head. And these "remaining" hair are for us an ornament and even a matter of pride buy propecia online.

The hair gradually falls out and is replaced with new ones. It is considered the norm if during the day you have 60-100 scalp hair. But if this number is much larger, then you have problems and you need to see a doctor. Strong hair loss is called alopecia. Alopecia (baldness, baldness) - a pathological hair loss, in which there is a thinning, or complete loss of hair on the head and body.

The causes of hair loss can be very diverse: genetic predisposition, depression, infectious or chronic diseases, and even improper nutrition.

"The most dangerous thing is when a patient underestimates his problem. It's one thing if there was an allopecia, caused by a genetic predisposition. In other cases, allopecia can talk about serious hormonal abnormalities "

There are several varieties of alopecia. Depending on what type of baldness is observed in a person, appropriate treatment is prescribed.

Androgenetic alopecia. The most common form of alopecia. Leads to alopecia parietal and frontal areas in men and hair thinning in the area of head sampling in women. The cause of this type of baldness is the adverse effect on the hair follicles of sex hormones. Propensity to this type of alopecia is transmitted genetically. For treatment are applied: medicinal therapy, laser therapy, hair transplantation.

Diffuse alopecia. This is a strong uniform hair loss throughout the surface of the head. The cause of the development of this form of baldness can be stress, metabolic disorders, poisoning, infection, diet or exposure to radiation. In most cases, after eliminating the cause causing hair loss, after 3-9 months the hairline is restored.

Alopecia areata. Appears in the form of one or several round foci of alopecia and subsequently can lead to complete loss of hair. Sometimes, hair loss stops and the hairline is restored. The causes of this type of baldness are not fully understood, but it is believed that, at least 50%, alopecia leads to severe psychoemotional stress. Contributing to the development of this form of alopecia are both viral and autoimmune infections.

"Alopecia areata (alopecia areata) is a common hair disorder, which is manifested by the sudden appearance of foci of baldness on the head, less often the loss of eyebrows, eyelashes, hair on the beard and on the trunk. This form of alopecia occurs more often and causes significant psychological discomfort, especially in women. This type of alopecia is the second most common after the androgenetic form of alopecia and its incidence is constantly growing.

Scar alopecia. This is an irreversible damage to the hair follicles and the appearance of connective tissue in their place. The cause of this type of baldness can be injuries, burns, infections. If the treatment is carried out at the initial stage of development of this pathology, then the hair can survive. If this was not done, then it is possible to restore the hair in these places only surgically.

SAMPLING - NOT FOR DEPRESSION. Of course, the bald patches and rare hair spoil our appearance. For many, this is the cause of discontent with yourself and even the emergence of psychological problems. But do not think that alopecia is necessarily a sign of old age. For men, this should not be a problem at all, because many well-known singers, musicians, sportsmen are not shy about their bald head and even specially shave their nails.

Another thing - baldness in women and the situation when a man bald asymmetrically "shreds." But even in this case, modern medicine can help you cope with the problem. The main thing is to find out the cause of alopecia and choose the right treatment!