10 rights of the child-leader education

The sages say, the greatest success in life - a successful children. How to raise a child, so he became a successful man, was able to realize themselves and be happy?

On the rules of the successful education of the child we speak today on the site for WomanClub.in.ua women.

Encourage your child's curiosity

All children are born geniuses - all probably familiar with this statement. The task of parents - to help this genius to realize themselves.

Examine them carefully to your child - what he is interested in and what they want to learn. Encourage such an interest. Podyschu books, educational games or movies, write a circle or section. Do not decide for the child what he wants, and without which it will manage. Firstly, any enthusiasm for expanding horizons of the child. And secondly, who knows, maybe it is this passion and become a matter of life of your child.

Encourage your child to be independent

A child, for whom everything is always parents decide, and in adult life will be waiting for someone else's instructions. A lack of initiative people rarely succeed in life.

Encourage a child's independence, be interested in his opinion on various issues rather than impose his own. Be sure to praise for trying to do something on their own for the first time, even if it was awkward. Do not rush immediately to correct its mistakes or alter - instead, help your child to complete his undertaking. The next time he will succeed better.

Teach your child responsibility

Responsibility - is the ability to be responsible for their words and deeds. Encourage a child's desire to keep his word, or perform any action that is expected of him, in a certain time frame.

A child who is accustomed from childhood to be responsible in everything, is more likely to succeed than someone who constantly allowed to break his word.

Instill a love of reading

Read by people in general are more successful than those who have completely replaced the book yourself a TV or internet. Teach love to book the child from a very young age. First, start reading aloud to your child, and then try to trim it interesting literature.

If the child does not want to read, look for him to approach. Perhaps the work book with the adventures of his favorite fairy tale characters, or your own personal example.

Develop eloquence child

If the child is trying to tell you something to tell or something to ask, never dismiss it. On the other hand, includes a dialogue and try to give the child an opportunity to formulate and express their thoughts. Not only the answer to the question "why?", But also to ask him his child (of course, within its understanding).

If the kid really hard to come to the aid of a clue, but strive to ensure that he alone could explain, describe something, ask a question or answer it so that it was understood not just you.

Encourage the desire to be friends with other children

All successful people are usually very sociable. Without the ability to build the right communication is impossible to find a good job, a lucrative contract to develop your business, find real friends, to arrange his personal life.

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Do not limit a child to communicate with their peers, and be careful not to interfere in that relationship unnecessarily. Ability to independently "to resolve a" wide variety of situations that arise in communication, it is very useful in the future child.