Everyone after watching the first 2 episodes of S4

Everyone after watching the first 2 episodes of S4


My theory is that the original season one team characters will all get mini arcs in the season. Like, we're currently going through the martian arc which is focused on M'Gann and Conner as well as their supporting cast like M'Gann's family and Beast Boy. The trailer showed scenes with Tigress and I'm assuming her arc will also be where we see the characters like Cheshire and bowhunter security. Zatanna's scenes featured a bunch of magic users like Traci 13, etc. I think each one will get their own set of episodes that all tie together into a larger plot in some way.


I thought the same! I would imagine that Nightwing's arc would then involve Jason. I'm also assuming that Klarion will be a big part of Zatanna's.


I’m guessing that tigress’ arc is gonna roll into nightwing if that is Jason in the trailer. And that’ll probably involve Tim and Cass, since we see Cass fighting lady shiva


PLEASE more Tim and Cass


more Tim is always appreciated


that's the way, to be honest. Specially because we have so many characters to keep track of right now. I would hope that HBO MAX would approve spin-offs based on the earth-16 universe, that way we could explore more of those characters and their storyline...


Yeah I think the splitting up of arcs is a good strategy, though it does make me sad that we may not see much interaction among certain characters and some characters will fall out of the season completely once their arc is done. So I do hope that some kind of combining of individual stories happens for the finale. It is a pretty neat idea so far though. If each arc is, say, 3 episodes, then we’re basically going to have a little mini movie for each member of the team by the end of it. And as someone whose favorite DC characters are Beast Boy and Martian Manhunter, I’m very happy to basically have a movie focused on that corner of the DC Universe now.


The possible lack of interactions is sad, tbh. The thing about superhero comic books(this case, a show) that most interest me is the connective tissue among those characters and their universes. Dick interacting with the Robins, but also with his best friend Wally and etc. If the writers are dividing the personal narratives in mini arcs, I hope they, at least, remember that one of the things that makes said characters so interesting is the spark in their relationship with each other. One of the easiest ways to connect everything would be making a bigger storyline that, in the end, requires the help of all the heroes. For example, it could be the alliance between Darkside + Mars. But regardless, I’m sure there are great things to come!


Thats me 3 seconds after waking up every morning




Ik some are a tad worried, and that's very understandable, but given that he's been pretty much the main character of the show I doubt he's going anywhere. Iirc Kaldur wasn't in the trailer either. Those are 2 big characters that are featured in the intro. I think they are probably just more involved with the stuff on Earth and elsewhere they don't wanna tease or spoil rn. They are often very tight lipped. I'm not too worried.


I'm not even joking, I was FF to look for him. From the 5 mins I watched of both episodes, I'm assuming there's going to be genocide. I didn't really have to watch the full 2 episodes to find that out. Now give me some Dick.


Damn how’d you guess


I'm not worried about Nightwing getting screentime. I'm worried about Tim Drake getting sidelined. Again.


As a Tim Drake fan I'll take sidelined over annoying and whiny (which is what Titans has decided his fate to be. )


I don't understand how Doom Patrol can be so good and Titans so eh. It pains me.


The problem with titans is they have too many people in the main cast, too many subplots in a single episode, and rushed writing. Compared to doom patrol which does a great job at balancing the overarching plot with subplots of that episode and development characters over a season instead of a 5-20 portion that's looked over the next episode. They need a new writer or something cause they have phenomenal actors it's just the material their given is ass


Jason's portrayal in Titans pains me. It's like they just honed in on "angry Robin who kills" and made that his entire character. His death got condensed to him running off without permission and getting captured, erasing the part of story where he was trying to find his mother. It's extra hard because it's many of these characters' first live action appearances, and they have such good actors that are wasted on this terrible writing


Correct me if I'm wrong but I think Under the Redhood omitted him going to rescue his mother and it still ended up being a good retelling. The issue is the story as a whole in Titans was rushed.


You are correct. Under the red hood did not include that part of the story (I didn't even know about the part with his mom until reading this thread).




Doom patrol is good can be boring 🥱sometimes to me Titans is amazing! 🔥 impo


Maybe he'll speak in more than one episode this time around. Fingers crossed


Hahaha, that one scene with him just awkwardly nodding his head is hilarious.


That's the exact scene I was thinking about while typing the comment


At this point we just gotta accept that they hate him lol


I don't know that they hate him, so much as they don't prioritize him. When they do focus on him, they do him justice. It could be worse. The DCAU guys did him dirtier by combining him with Jason and turning him into the Joker. The 52AU guys completely skipped him (and Jason). My big wish for this season is at least one episode where the main Squad is the "real" Young Justice team: Tim, Cassie, Bart, Conner and Cissie. Like that X-Men Evolution episode with the O5 team up.


yeah dcau for all its great episodes was infinitely worse than YJ for tim. I wasn't being completely serious when i said they hated him but you are right about the prioritization thing for sure


It's probably best that Jason or Tim weren't in the DCAMU. Have you seen what they did to Dick there? Man got bodied in every movie he was in and he had to be saved by Catwoman cause he couldn't beat Scarecrow.


Skipping Jason and especially Tim is why I hate those movies. It's an unacceptable exclusion, and I'll never be glad for it. Hush should not have been in that universe. It should have been a standalone.


Dick will definitely get screentime. Will Kaldur tho?


Nah I was begging please don't let the wedding be ruined.


Where's D'ick


D'ick G'rayson


Probably in B'lud H'aven or G'otham


That's me :(


I get the feeling Dick and Kaldur will get their arcs during the second half of the season. It's supposed to be 26 episodes; I could see the first thirteen focusing on the Mars stuff and Tigress' story, with maybe some Zatanna. The trailer didn't feature Dick or Kaldur at all, so I think the two of them will be the focus of the second thirteen episodes.


You might be right but I'm sure that Dick and Kaldur \*will\* show up in some capacity during the first 13 eps.


I just want Wally back :(




I'm fine with it. It definitely seems like this season is giving mini character focused arcs to all of the main cast of season 1


When will the rest of the season drop?




The series is streaming on HBO Max. They said that HBO Max will be debuting to select countries in Europe on October 26th. (Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Spain and Andorra.) 14 other countries in Europe are lined up to recieve it in 2022.


After Titans, I can go a while without Dick.


I think everyone who’s been watching Titans has taken in enough Dick these past few months that it’s a relief to see other characters.


Ya but the titans version is literal dogshit


Came here to say the same thing. On Titans everyone is crying out for everyone but Dick.


Ha ha. Yes.


I’m currently in the middle of rewatching season three. I’ve watched episode one of s4 but not the second.


I think it’d be cool if they did the whole mini arcs thing, like every new release day it’s two episodes, that would be cool


Fuck him, we got plenty of him last season along with the bat family.