Or if you are a tory, give yourself a pay rise, of course you will have to dismiss that vote on spending more on free meals for school kids. >Councillors reject £660,000 for free school meals then approve boost for own allowances https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/councillors-reject-660000-free-school-28129029


There's something fundamentally flawed about allowing politicians to table, bill, and vote for their own pay rises without input from the public


Worse is they are allowed to trade using information based on bills they are about to pass or kill. It’s easy to be financially stable when you are allow to do things that are illegal to everyone else.


In the US we had to pass an actual amendment to stop them from doing this bullshit


Yeah google-pedia says this [The Twenty-seventh Amendment to the United States Constitution prohibits any law that increases or decreases the salary of members of Congress from taking effect until after the next election of the House of Representatives has occurred. It is the most recently adopted amendment but was one of the first proposed.] Seems the government has been corrupt from literally day one.


That just sounds like they can still raise their own pay, just not right away.


It definitely makes it harder, most of them now get rich of insider trading instead of trying to get paid directly.


They can, and then theoretically the people are made aware of it and approve it by giving them another term. But we all know public awareness isn't like that.


In the US they got an even better deal by allowing them to make millions through insider trading.


That's like stealing a little kids milk carton..


Where have we seen that before?


thatcher thatcher, milk something...ermmmm, hmmm. No, it's gone. (Just like the little kids milk)


Margaret Thatcher the milk snatcher, Or my favourite version Margret Thatcher the cum snatcher


Your favorite version suggests images I don't want in my head.


Huh. I has assumed that was going to be about my local council, but it wasn't. My local (Tory) council did the exact same thing too.


I remember all of the people here voting Tory as revenge for astronomically high council tax. A few years later, the tax is the exact same - I think it may have even increased - yet services have been cut. What did they expect?


Me: \*Unionises\* Them: No, not like that.


Yeah, he conveniently left out the more effective option.


Not only that, introduced legislation to prevent people doing that.


Just got into a union at my new job and within a month I got a pay raise of $8 from my starting wage. Just happened to get into the job at the right time. It almost didn’t pass because the older heads were pissed that the newcomers were getting such a big raise since they had to work with that wage when they started. I say, FUCK EM! I don’t expect them to understand what inflation is either.


"I'm gonna fuck myself over because I think you should suffer!" Basically their mentality.




Whats happening at the NHS is a scandal. Nurses are quitting to go work for private firms for nearly twice the salary. The issue is that the NHS contracts with those private firms to supply labour during shortages. It is costing the NHS so much money when a simple pay rise would solve the situation.


We have ICU nurses joining agencies then going in to the nearest adjacent region to fill their short staffed units. Those units are short staffed because they refuse to offer decent overtime. So those nurses come to our short-staffed ICU to do agency shifts, as their overtime isn't competitive with the agencies to keep the nurses from covering the gaps. So no NET change in the low staffing everywhere, except the agencies are making a mint. Oddly, people go where they are paid more and appreciated.




It's all going as planned, then?


Yes. If they can't outright privatize the NHS then they'll just break it piece by piece until privatization is the "heroic solution" to the "problem". It's what the Republicans here in the US are trying to do with everything. Trump tried to break the US Postal Service using his Postmaster General appointee, who immediately began throwing out a record number of mail sorting machines before the 2020 election because Democrats were relying on mail in ballots. And long-term they want to split the USPS into pieces and sell them all off to private companies. Then the UPS-FedEx duopoly could begin fucking Americans in the ass. I'm no fan of politicians in general, but Republican politicians are unapologetically psychopathic (while pretending to care about the bible).


> It is costing the NHS so much money Isn't "proving" it doesn't work part of someone's agenda?


That's almost exactly what's happening with nurses here in Ontario, Canada under our shitty Conservative government. They passed a bill before COVID that capped their wage increases at 1% per year, which since 2019 means nurses are essentially getting a pay decrease what with inflation.


I meant that's kinda exactly what they want you to do, no? Underpay the staff compared to private market rates, mass exodus of decent staff, privatise failing healthcare trusts?




Solidarity forever!


At least, most of the time, in the UK you can unionise without getting fired


Unions have been mostly stripped of all their power though sadly, since the 1980s. Fucking Thatcher


>“People know that when their bills arrive, they can either cut their consumption or they can get a higher salary, higher wages, go out there and get that new job,” he said. And these are the same people who don't understand why there is now a shortage of employees in low paying jobs.


These are the same people who also complain about so-called "quiet quitting".


These are the same people crying about paying taxes. Clearly, they should just 'earn more money' too


No, it's ok we have them sorted now by dropping the upper tax bracket saving them 5p per pound earned over £150,000.


That has just been reverted actually.


Quiet quitting used to be called work-to-rule. They changed the name to make it sound worse.


I personally prefer act your wage is a better modern slogan for quiet quitting or work to rule. For example minimum wage equals minimum effort, don't do any extra work at all people. Businesses need to learn they need to pay people or go out of business. And it's fine that they go out of business because they literally can't stay in business by generating enough revenue to cover their costs. If they need more revenue they should get another income stream, like *another job.*


I might be a bit out of the loop but isn't "quiet quitting" literally just doing your job?


It's a name given by shitty people like the guy in the article to make you feel bad about not giving "the company" your 110% every day, despite the fact they don't even want to pay you at a level for your 100% every day.


Yea, the company sticks to the letter of your contract and they don't provide a quid more than you're entitled to. Never ever. "This is the amount we agreed on". Fair enough, but then they turn around and say "but you should give more". And then they gaslight the workers (often with the help of other workers who are meekly co plying) to make them feel like just doing your job to the letter of your contract is not enough. You have to give more than agreed or else you're a bad worker and should be ashamed. Why? The tragedy is that it works quite well with most people.


I had a boss tell me once that they weren’t negotiating raises that year and they weren’t giving them. I told him how convenient that must be for them and if they didn’t bump me up 5 dollars an hour I was going to walk. They said no so I went and found a new job a couple weeks later and threw in my 2 weeks. At that point they gave me the raise but I told them I wasn’t their whore and quit anyway.


Yeah it's kinda insulting when they give you an offer when you give notice. Like hey thanks maybe you should have thought of that before.


My second job in my career did this to me. Could have promoted me for an extra 10k, but my director “had a plan” for me, without telling me what it was. He threw me into a role that he knew I would hate, and lo and behold I found a new job 3 months later and put in my two weeks. I begged him 1 month in to move me into another role and he basically told me there were no other roles to be had (bullshit). Evidently he was pissed that I left the company for a higher pay jump and the title I wanted. When I told my boss why I was leaving, he wasn’t happy about how I was treated. Not surprising he left 6 months after I did because of the bullshit our director was putting us through. Earn what you feel you’re worth based on what you do. Don’t let a boss dictate what they feel you’re worth.


_We were bluffing, you called, we got fucked._ Serves them right. I have a similar story but the offer couldn't be made because management was told to not give anyone raises; the new employee hired to replace me got the salary I was asking for though (after I told her to request this amount or tell them she'd pass on the opportunity.)


You’re not lying, didn’t know there was a word for it. I think it’s a bad benchmark for judgement unless you’re on your phone or dilly dallying most of the day. But if you’re like me, you want to do your buisiness and get right on with it a the allocated time maybe 10 or 15 minutes to wrap things up at the end of the day but to coin that term to people is almost insulting.


Yeah, it's doing what you're employed to do. Minimum wage minimum effort


I am so sick and tired of hearing people parrot the phrase “no one wants to work.” Im going to start asking them how many people they know who are choosing not to work. I bet it’s nobody


They’re bragging about low unemployment at the same time. Politicians just say whatever fits their narrative. Truth is irrelevant.


>“no one wants to work.” If we wanted to work, they wouldn't need to pay us to do it.


Indeed the corollary to that phrase "no one wants to work" is "for the low wages we want to pay".


A lot of behavioral science suggests that unencumbered by other constraints, most people DO naturally want to work on interesting, challenging, self-directed projects. Just not bullshit jobs, for rubbish money, for asshole bosses. It's in our nature as intelligent pattern regonition machines and problem solvers.


Conservative and saying only half the story to fit their narrative, name a better duo. Case in point, "few bad apples" bitch "few bad apples spoil the whole bunch." so if cons admit few bad apples then that means the whole bunch is rotten.


I know who doesn’t want to work anymore. Boomers. They are all retiring early


Tbf I would grab any chance of early retirement in a heartbeat


So would I, but I will very likely die before I can retire at all, judging by family history and the trend of retirement age going forever upwards.


Idk if anybody is criticizing boomers as much for retiring early as they are criticizing them for pulling the "early retirement" ladder up behind them when they get there.


Grab it while it still lasts. Boomers are going to turn around and kick that retirement ladder away too.


They already did in the UK. Final salary pensions are very much keeping the boomer generation in Audis and golf club subscriptions; my dad worked for the local authority and had half his salary at retirement. I don't know anyone in my generation who could dream of getting that much so easily....that ladder was kicked down, set on fire and the ashes scattered at sea...


>And it seems a little bit rich to me >The way the rich only ever talk of charity >In times like the seventies, the broken down economy >Meant even the upper tier was needing some help >But as soon as things look brighter >The grin gets wider and the grip gets tighter >And for every teenage tracksuit mugger >There's a guy in a suit >Who wouldn't lift a finger for anybody else >We're all wondering how we ended up so scared >We spent ten long years teaching our kids not to care >And that there's no such thing as society anyway >And all the rich folks act surprised >When all sense of community dies >But you just closed your eyes to the other side >Of all the things that she did >Thatcher fucked the kids -Frank Turner *Thatcher Fucked the Kids*


They all retired 40 years ago, they just didn't quit their jobs.


There's a really useful statistic that can be used to rebut a whole host of Tory talking points. The unemployment rate is the lowest it's been since the 1970s. People don't want to work? Then why is the unemployment rate so low. We need to get more people into work (Liz Truss said this very recently). Who are these people we need to get into work when unemployment is so low? Immigrants are taking our jobs? Again, how can that be possible when unemployment is so low.


When you pull double duty and work two jobs in order sustain yourself, no wonder unemployment is low. The problem is the pay is sh*t and, for a not insignificant number of people, it is either that or live on the streets.


We, and by "we" I mean other people who discuss these things with intellectual honesty, realize that temp jobs, min wage jobs, hourly contracts without benefits etc. shouldnt count into the job statistics if they cannot provide a person with the basic means of living. We need to reduce underemployment, but that would require putting the onus on the employers, something that is the opposite of what her clientele wants to hear.


The immigrant paradox. "they come over here and steal our jobs" but also "they come over here and scrounge on our benefit system" Damn those hard working and also lazy immigrants!


Schrödinger's Mexican.


And if you were to cut benefits or access to jobs it would be "they are homeless and doing [bad things]" well that happens when you don't have income *anywhere* else. Also the classic: "They have smartphones, they are here just for luxury" - yeah you are only allowed to be immigrant if you're in rags forever, bet they even have a fridge at home /s smartphones are cheap af and only choices nowdays anyway. Wtf people expect.


A smartphone is required for modern life. Applying for jobs is often online and a phone means you can answer anywhere you can. Landlines cost a fortune and don't offer any of that. What people like that mean is you should live like a monk and save every single cent and dollar to try and do something about your life. But if you did that, more likely than not you would end up with no skills, no friends, no support network and die a miserable death. It doesn't work.


Not to mention utility companies jacking up prices during the hottest summer in recent memory. Just don’t use your air conditioner and continue to pay my salary, plebs.


With winter coming and the Tories removing some of the restrictions to heating bill increases.....


It's like they want to get the French treatment.


Sir, this is Britain. The protest currently consists of blasting Benny Hill music at deafening volumes outside the Tory party's annual conference. They will get a strongly worded letter. People don't protest.


Don't forget the sternly worded petitions!


Which will be summarily ignored BUT AT LEAST WE TRIED anyway what time is The Chase on?


is this the queue for the revolution?


Partially because when ever anybody throws down there's a sudden influx of hand wrong "centrists" saying that's the "wrong way to protest" from their comfy chairs


Basically no British homes have air conditioning anyway, so that isn't an issue. Central heating in winter will be the issue


Coolest summer for now and the rest of days you mean


Most people in the UK dont have ACs. Its usually not worth it for the 1 week a year it would be useful.


NoBOdy wAnTS to WOrk AnyMoRE




Was talking about how much I've started hating any job I take (been working fulltime for almost 20 years) with my Dad the other day. Then realized "holyshit, I have over 25 years more of this shit" and he said "now I've taught you everything I can, good luck son". Working blows ass, but I have no other choice. 25 more years and then what, I'm old.


Just wait until you have 2 yrs left to retire and they do away with social security to boost their own salaries.


30 years from now: "Pensions? Now that's a word I haven't heard in a long time."


After 12 or so years in the "adult" workforce (i.e. actual office job career), I decided earlier this year to take at least a year off, if not more. It didn't fix all my problems, but it leaves me with far less day to day stress. Of course, it might've been nice if the stock market hadn't crapped out on my at exactly the wrong time, but sometimes life throws a curveball.


https://twitter.com/paulisci/status/1549527748950892544 A good thread.


I truly don’t understand this rhetoric. Cool, *I* can get a higher paying job. If everyone has to get a higher paying job to not be poor, the exact same number of people will be poor. There is always the bottom rungs of the ladder, and simply changing who is there doesn’t eliminate the issues that come with it. It feels like coded into it is “you as a person should step on whoever so as to not be poor, and take whatever scraps we give you or you’ll be just like them”.


>I truly don’t understand this rhetoric. The rhetoric is "Whatever problems you're facing are your fault, we're about to further cut taxes on the wealthy."


For them, the alternative is worse, cause that would mean admitting that everyone deserves access to the Earth and its resources. "...There is, and always has been, a widespread belief among the more comfortable classes that the poverty and suffering of the masses are due to their lack of industry, frugality, and intelligence. This belief, which at once soothes the sense of responsibility and flatters by its suggestion of superiority, is probably even more prevalent in countries like the United States, where all men are politically equal, and where, owing to the newness of society, the differentiation into classes has been of individuals rather than of families, than it is in older countries, where the lines of separation have been longer, and are more sharply, drawn. It is but natural for those who can trace their own better circumstances to the superior industry and frugality that gave them a start, and the superior intelligence that enabled them to take advantage of every opportunity, to imagine that those who remain poor do so simply from lack of these qualities. But whoever has grasped the laws of the distribution of wealth, as in previous chapters they have been traced out, will see the mistake in this notion. The fallacy is similar to that which would be involved in the assertion that every one of a number of competitors might win a race. That any one might is true; that every one might is impossible. For, as soon as land acquires a value, wages, as we have seen, do not depend upon the real earnings or product of labor, but upon what is left to labor after rent is taken out; and when land is all monopolized, as it is everywhere except in the newest communities, rent must drive wages down to the point at which the poorest paid class will he just able to live and reproduce, and thus wages are forced to a minimum fixed by what is called the standard of comfort — that is, the amount of necessaries and comforts which habit leads the working classes to demand as the lowest on which they will consent to maintain their numbers. This being the case, industry, skill, frugality, and intelligence can avail the individual only in so far as they are superior to the general level just as in a race speed can avail the runner only in so far as it exceeds that of his competitors. If one man work harder, or with superior skill or intelligence than ordinary, he will get ahead; but if the average of industry, skill, or intelligence be brought up to the higher point, the increased intensity of application will secure but the old rate of wages, and he who would get ahead must work harder still..." ~ Henry George, Progress and Poverty


And when you tell them that to attract workers those low paying jobs will need to increase their base wages they will agree wholeheartedly, while also telling you that a minimum wage is communism.


Rich person tells poor person to just make more money. Story of my fucking life.


Yea im fucking tired of it.


Ive got no more bootstraps to give


You sold them so you could get enough food to live another day too hu?


Grow more bootstraps, you lazy entitled fuck. /tory


“If the poors don’t like it then maybe they shouldn’t be so poor, nyah nyah.”


The answer was there all along. Just stop being poor. I can’t believe we all missed it.


They should have thought of this before they were born to a poor family.


Being born poor makes it [far more likely you’ll be poor for life](https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/rich-kids-stay-rich-poor-kids-stay-poor/). Childhood poverty doesn’t end with the childhood.


And it's typically a multigenerational phenomenon, too. Having more allows you to get more. Like that study with Monopoly when some players were given extra starting money --- they knew it, everyone knew it --- and by the end the players were convinced they'd won because of their superior skills and tactics, instead of the reality that they were given an undue advantage at the start.


You can see it with how dumbasses like Trump or Elon Musk act. They were born with silver spoons but think they’re gods who built themselves up from nothing lol.


Yep. And Trump is so stupid he's lost so much more money than he's ever got. That "small loan of a million dollars" he purportedly got from his dad was something like 440 million dollars... and it wasn't a loan.


His rate of return as a businessman was considerably lower than if he'd just put the money from his dad into a passive stock tracker.


I'm pretty sure its lower then if he put it in bonds.


He could have it all in cash under a mattress and lost less


What an amazing businessman! Let's put him in charge of a country!


Yeah, if this guy wanted to have hair, then he shouldn’t be so bald


You really should’ve thought of that before you became peasants!


Pull the lever Kronk!


Why do we even have that lever?!


"It's no concern of mine whether your family has... What was it again?" "Um... Food?"


Thank you I came here specifically for this one


‘Oh are you going to raise our wages, then?’ ‘Fuck, no, hahahaha!’


"Are their no prisons? Are there no workhouses?" Ebenezer Scrooge


If you are homeless - just buy a house!


Let them eat cake!


Why don’t they all just get high paying jobs?


Same energy as Buy a house if you're homeless.


I used to be a Social Worker and people actually think this. I’ve heard some version of “well I would get a job at McDonalds and then get a mortgage because that’s cheaper than rent,” many times. Yes, I’m sure Bob who has no ID, Social Security card, birth certificate, car, clean clothes, credit score or health insurance to cover the cost of his untreated Schizophrenia that he is treating with Alcohol, will get right on that.


Wait... aside from all that... can you even get a mortgage on a McDonalds salary? How do you even afford to save for a down payment if you're being raked over the coals just to pay rent? Even if Bob had ID, Social Security card, birth certificate, car, clean clothes, credit score and health insurance.


Unlikely unless you’re a manager or something lol Especially if you live in a city. Nobody is going to give somebody making $10 an hour a mortgage for a 2 bedroom home that somehow costs $400,000. I doubt you’d have any significant down payment either.


My dad used to think that inner city schools were advantaged over our nice suburban schools because he heard that inner city schools got free computers. One guess which political party he voted for.


God, speaking as a suburbanite, suburbanites are the literal worst about anything involving public schools. They bitch about about lack of funding and the prospect of property tax increases in the same goddamn breath, and whine when idiotic school status symbols aren’t the first things getting funding. And they keep acting like well-funded public school is a waste of taxpayer money, regardless of whether or not they went to, or have kids in, said schools - like I knew one guy who compared the suburban high school he went to to literal prison (which, as I’m sure I don’t need to clarify, he has never been to) and acted like his friend was joining the fucking Peace Corps for teaching at a fairly well-funded suburban high school.


They get free computers because they *need* free computers because they lack funding. It's really not that hard to figure out.


To my dad, that's a handout. If those schools wanted computers they should have worked harder for them. Don't yell at me, I'm not the one saying this. Just explaining how his weird bootstraps obsessed mind worked.


Grow more hair if you’re balding


Bald guys always catching strays. Collateral damage whenever another bald guy does something wrong


have you tried not being bald?


Some are born bald. Some achieve baldness. Some have baldness thrust upon them.


Pull your follicles up by their bootstraps


Just cure cancer if you have cancer


some hair just doesn’t want to grow


*No hair wants to grow anymore!*


"Have you ever tried, you know, not being poor?"


Ok, let’s play this game. Everyone doing a terrible low-paying job quits and tries to find a higher paying one. Who will bring you your coffee, empty your rubbish bin, make your sandwich, etc. There will always be a need for jobs that today pay very little. Maybe we should ensure that if you’re working full time you actually can earn a living wage?


>Who will bring you your coffee, empty your rubbish bin, make your sandwich, etc. Don't even need to go this far. If everyone quits these low paying jobs, where are all the high paying jobs they can supposedly get? There simply aren't that many high paying jobs.


The way the pound's going, Europe. We'll be going over there, doing their shit jobs and sending money home before long.


You’re already arriving in Australia in record numbers again. First time since Thatchers shittery of the 1980s. Unfortunately though, it’s not just lower skilled workers who’ve scraped up enough for a plane ticket who are coming over to take advantage of our higher minimum wage - you’re losing trained and educated people too. I went to visit a colleague in hospital a number of times over the past few weeks, and met *nine* recently arrived UK nurses in a regional private hospital here. None of them knew the other before arriving, albeit they were recruited through the one agency. That’s nine NHS nurses who said that the pay and conditions in our stretched regional private sector was substantially better than what they got at home in the UK. Conservative politics always turn a country to shit.


A couple of my doctor friends are emigrating down under, too. With universities being exponentially more expensive than 20 years ago, there's going a negative replacement rate too.


Their strategy is to make the NHS so dysfunctional that they can look at it and say "Welp we did everything we could but we all knew this socialism thing wasn't going to be sustainable in the long term" and privatise it. They dream of getting the kickbacks their American counterparts get from the healthcare 'industry'. Everything from bringing their transphobic culture wars to the NHS, to their xenophobic attacks on Polish healthcare workers during Brexit, to their intentional dysfunctional trade policies post Brexit making pharmaceutical imports a hassle, is designed to weaken the social safety net. They know they will never get enough support to directly defund it, so they're dismantling the wheels off the NHS little by little.


Yep, I get it. We had nine years of this scum here in Australia too before a change of government earlier this year. It’ll take years to build back up, and it’s depressing to realise that even our depleted system is still more attractive than the well-paid (for doctors) US system or the wonderful NHS.


The sad thing here is you can add one of if not the most important roles in the UK into this bracket which is care provision. 95% (of those I know) who work in community care have to use their own vehicles, get shit milage allowance that nowhere near covers the actual cost and are on the road day and night, home to home looking after the most vulnerable in society for fucking minimum wage. Agencies are struggling to find new staff, can't increase wages to attract new staff as local authorities have not increased the care allowance and the agencies themselves are running on a knife edge. I did it myself many years ago, I have first hand experience and my heart fucking bleeds for them. Not only are they giving themseleves to care for others, they are washing, bathing, changing soiled clothing , linen, pads for no more money than stacking a shelf. Don't want to downplay shelf stacking here but surely the one role does not equate to the other. Fuck this Government and the time we are living in..... It's the equivalent of "Git Gud" meme but with people's lives and families at stake.


That's what Eastern Europeans are for, duh.. Except, kick em out as soon as they ask for too much. Completely sustainable. /s


Ah, a brother. I went to buy some clothes yesterday. A pair of jeans cost 20% more than my daily wage.


that's how i feel about people who think that the poor should just become day traders/investors. like, who the hell is going to do all the work? who do they think is responsible for that corporations growth that they benefit from? the gains are only made possible through labor, it doesn't matter how much money you throw at something, *someone* has to flip the damn burger.


It’s like this clip from Brennan Lee Mulligan talking about a conversation like this. “So you agree it is good and necessary [to be in the service industry], but it should also hurt to do it. So, you’re a bad person?”


Because I had to do some internet sleuthing to find the actual clip in question: [Here.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qyIyT2qTtzY)


"I mean if you really need money you simply contact your friend in a position of power and have him grant you a competition free government contract for a few 100 million pounds during a national crisis or trash the countries economy so your disaster capitalist hedge fund can profit, what do they mean they don't know anyone in a position of power? didn't these people even go to Eton."


"The good thing about this scheme is you just need your accountant to create a limited liability company for you quickly that purports to do business in the area the contract that you are about to be awarded requires... And the good thing is... You don't even need to know anything about it! You could just have 3 employees in the business - you, your friend and your wife - and just take the money, have your accountant tumble it through a number of bank accounts in the Caimans and then dissolve the business. It's basically free money! It's astonishing that the peasants don't just do this. It's *so easy*!" \- the party of fiscal responsibility




That's the result of being born rich, having no experience and understanding about poverty, not even middle class life, and then getting in power.


People should understand that this is just conservative ideology. Macroeconomic problems are irrelevant, and in their mind, don't exist to be solved. Cutting taxes on the rich and claiming it'll fix the economy is a smokescreen. It's all really about the poors knowing their place. No help should be expected, the job of government is not to improve people's lives, it is to punish wrongdoing. Being poor is wrong. Egalitarian society is "destructive" because it impedes on the "natural" hierarchy. It is the classic "Fuck you I got mine" mentality. It isn't the case that the conservatives are simply stupid and don't understand that it isn't economically possible for everyone to just "earn more money", that's not the point, the point is that they don't care to help you.


And, don't EVER vote Tory


Right-wing politics the world over keep fucking us all. Abysmal how people in democracies want to keep voting these types in.


I've said this before, but what kills me with basically all flavors of conservatives is the lack of learning from history. Like... dude, the people you keep voting for has done the same game plan for almost two centuries now? Think trickle down works sine it got rebranded from HORSE & SPARROWS, act all shocked when the rich slowly turn into real-life dragons with hoards, and~ blame the poor for somehow not working themselves to death twice as hard. Freaking *seagulls* have better pattern recognition.


Don’t forget we’re all just evolved apes. Just because we have iPhones and thumbs doesn’t mean we’re all hyper intelligent and rational as much as we think we are.


Eh. There are theories in anthropology that see technology as a type of evolved appendage. In a way, that iPhone is part of you in a similar way than your thumb is. And you have more knowledge at your disposal on that appendage than anyone in the history of the planet. One can also argue that education is evolution in action. The same as baby elephants take longer to grow up than ants and have their own way of teaching their young, we have evolved to teach our young in classrooms in a structured way. But yes, instincts are still in the Stone Age era, and that’s what gets us. Quality education is absolutely key to try to curb our instinctual flaws. And we’re still figuring out how to do that, and how important it is.


Amen This guy is literally saying 'don't be poor' is a solution to poverty and poor people are like yeah, he is the one we want




Yet, culty enough that people still defend them


This is a global problem.


The problem is that some people can't criticise the system, not because they studied it and came to the conclusion that it is worth preserving but because it's all they have ever known, and they have played by its rules. So what happens when you don't understand how the system works but have been taught its rules by parents or the society/community around you? So you have been playing by those rules. But you are not getting rewarded, or maybe you are, but other people are saying that system is broken and needs change. That the system is not working for many people and/or it is destroying the planet. But you cannot question the system. It's not in your nature, AND you might not have been nurtured to question the system. So now you are stuck, there is nothing to do but cultishly protect the system, even as it crushes you, your family and all those around you!


*”You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inert, so hopelessly dependent on the system that they will fight to protect it.” - Morpheus, The Matrix*


What you're describing has been called "*Capitalist Realism*" - the idea that capitalism is just an immutable part of the natural order. Frankly, it explains why so many people on the right believe such weird stuff. When the main, glaring problem is one that you've been told is just a hardwired part of the world, of course you'll start looking for blame wherever you can convince yourself it makes sense. So, everything becomes the fault of '*globalists*' or '*Brussels*" or '*Woke Culture*' instead of the fault of an economic system that ensures wealth and power flows to those who already have it at the expense of everyone else.


Definitely a global problem. I’m trying to figure out how they are able to get people to vote against their own interest. It’s not like they just trick the stupid, I’ve seen some very intelligent people do it too.


Business and conservatism are tightly entwined. They have vast media influence and vast money reserves to push whatever narrative they desire. Not only that they are constantly looking to expand their influence by sending 'ambassadors' and funds overseas to push other governments in favorable directions. It's no secret that Britain, Australia and America all fall under one media umbrella with Murdoch's Empire, and in recent years all had a stint with some Populist tone-deaf leader who pushed destructive policies.


All the intelligent conservative people I know have a narcissistic streak. They aren’t anything special, yet they all just *love* being given an excuse to look down on someone. It’s like a drug to them. They also all love to pretend they know everything about everything just because they’re specialists or experts at one.


Hatred, racism, lying outright, cult of personality or vilifying their political opponents. Running unopposed, or in a gerrymandered or heavily “vote by the R” state? There are more ways they get votes. I wish there weren’t.


Also a "Us vs them" approach.


Conservatives, even the smart ones, view the world as a zero sum game. For there to be winners, others must lose. Impoverished conservatives can therefore easily reconcile their “right” to government benefits even as they deny the same right to others. Hypocrisy is not coincidental to their belief system, it’s a requirement.


The modern conservative is engaged in one of man’s oldest exercises in moral philosophy; that is, the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness. John Kenneth Galbraith


ignorance and arrogance is a loathsome combo


I am bewildered by the fact that people still vote for these scumbags. Look at every single conservative party of every country around the world. They're all fronts for the ultra rich and do not give a single fuck about "the people." This is proven on a daily basis. They are all corporate asslickers that don't give a single fuck about anyone.


My dad has the mentality that labour is worse than the tories. So no matter how bad and indefensible the tories get, in his mind labour would be worse


One of my friends is the same. He's not even mega rich or anything, he even admits the Tories have been terrible but keeps saying 'labour aren't the answer'. He's just happy for them to turn the country into a shit hole infront of his eyes because he's worried labour might help people who he thinks don't work as hard as him.


Single-member districts -> two-party system -> no alternatives.


"Labour would bankrupt the country with their magic money tree" Man, 50, on minimum wage who would benefit enormously from a more left leaning government. Anyone who earns less than 6 figures should be voting labour. It really is that simple. And stop fucking splitting the left wing votes between 6 parties while the right wing as a single unified party to game the FPTP system


The irony is people think labour 'will destroy the economy' Yet here we are, pound is a record low, inflation is a record high, we're in a recession, we've incurred a significant amount of public debt that was used to handsomely remunerate Tory supporters under the false pretence of PPE contracts amongst other things..


"But if we don't vote for them minorities and imegants might move onto our street!"


Reminds me of when the French prime minister François Guizot was criticized about how only propertied men could vote. His response? “enrichissez-vous!” - Enrich yourselves!


Wow what an A hole.


I’m Glad one of them actually said what’s truly on their mind and how they think of their constituents. A shitty take, but for once at least I know this is truly and honestly how they feel. Regardless, fuck this guy.


Got it. Time to unionize everything. That way everyone can follow his advise and earn more money.


And when someone quits a low paying job because they got a better one they say, "No, not like that!"


- Conservative Party Chairman Jake Berry was accused of ‘tone deaf’ comments after he said people struggling with the cost of living “can either cut their consumption or get a higher salary.” - “People know that when their bills arrive, they can either cut their consumption or they can get a higher salary, higher wages, go out there and get that new job,” he said So privileged


Ah yes, this person is very in touch with reality...


His butler's butler is reliably informed.


"My caddies' chauffer informs me that a bank is somewhere that poor people store wealth that is not properly invested. "


I used to be poor and then I just decided to not be. Best decision I ever made


“Fine then. Start paying us more, baldy.”


Guillotine sounds good right about now. What...missing a head? Just grow one back.


WTF were you thinking? In times of economic strife you want a party in there that will keep if not expand the social safety net.


You only want that if you think the government's job is to help and protect people. But this is a conservative we're talking about.


Let them eat cake!


huh some how this is worse then "Let them eat cake."


Conservative acts like a selfish and out of touch cunt? Shocking. Next you’ll be telling me that water is responsible for wetness.


“maybe you should have thought of that before you became peasants” yzma looking headass