Man to Be Hanged for Trafficking 1 Kilogram of Cannabis in Singapore

Man to Be Hanged for Trafficking 1 Kilogram of Cannabis in Singapore


You get 10 years (maximum) just for being caught smoking the stuff.


In SG possession also counts if its in your bloodstream or if its detectable in your hair/urine. It isn't really checked often, but its 100% within their power to check and they WILL enforce it if its discovered. Usually just a ticket home and a lifetime ban, but if you are a local, probably jail time, rehab, and caning if you are a man. Meanwhile I am deciding which legally purchased sativa I want to vape today while I clean the house and paint. Durban Cookies it is!


Most Asian countries are like that. You can drink yourself to death but do other drugs is a no go.




Well to be fair, chain smoking cigarettes is also a death sentence.


Also second hand smoking screws up children's development if you're doing it in cars/smaller houses. Some seriously questionable logistics going on when getting drunk + chain smoking is normal and pot = death.


Being born is a death sentence, tbh


Everything is a death sentence if you wait long enough.


Not sure I can believe anything big tobacco says to be honest..


Also meth is about as available and common as weed is in the US. They have a weird view on drugs over there.


One makes you lazy the other one lets you work longer


It may let you work longer but meth-users brains are so fried when theyre high on meth that they are running around being completely unproductive. They might even look like theyre getting a lot of work done if you dont pay attention, but if you actually work along side them you realize they are accomplishing virtually nothing. Those same people get a lot more work done when they arent strung out Source: have worked with many meth users before


Sure, do meth and you'll clean your whole house. Then you wake up and notice all the couches are flipped upside down, the remotes are somewhere you don't remember, and you've put all the food from the fridge in the oven to "keep it warm"


I lived in China for a while and the cops in my city didn’t really know about weed. They sold it openly at a bar and you could smoke it wherever. Mostly just foreigners smoked it, but it was a Chinese guy who sold it to everybody.


Most South-East and East Asian countries are like that. Weed is everywhere in the Indian subcontinent since the laws making it illegal are not enforced. Variants of it is pretty common in the Arab world and Iran too I think.


If Morocco took the same view as Singapore half their economy would disappear overnight.


>In SG possession also counts if its in your bloodstream or if its detectable in your hair/urine. It isn't really checked often Sweden too, except they check it extremely often. No hangings though.


Sweden's drug laws are crazy. Also apparently they try to push that shit on the rest of Europe. It's part of why weed is technically still illegal in the Netherlands, because other countries push the EU into preventing legalization.


Yeah Sweden is proud of their drug laws yet have a big problem with gangs throwing grenades at each other. Maybe they should just make that super-duper illegal!


Well in Sweden it is illegal to be a criminal.


It’s not usually so bad, I think Had a friend of a friend who got caught by a random test while in national service. He had smoked marijuana a few weeks back during a trip to Amsterdam, and some of it was apparently still in his bloodstream There wasn’t jail time or caning, but he got DB-ed (Detention Barracks) for a couple months. That basically means that instead of visiting home during weekends, you have to sit in your bunk without any electronics, and do a whole bunch of crappy grunt work. It would also look pretty unappealing on resumes and university applications 100% not worth it. Apparently the weed wasn’t even good But yeah, getting caught trafficking is no joke. And getting caught consuming drugs inside Singapore well get you truly effed in the A. You can’t even drink alcohol outside after 10pm, you have to do it in (usually overpriced) drinking establishments and convenience stores stop selling drinks EDIT: Ok turns out DB is pretty horrible too, the story I heard must have left out the gnarlier details of what it’s like in there


drinking in bars and convenience stores stop selling drinks is pretty normal in the US. there are few places you can walk around with alcohol in public. Texas for instance has no open liquor stores after 9pm or on Sundays. beer I think can sell until midnight at stores.


Oh damn. I studied in New York, I had no idea about any of that. Did a few late night beer runs, didn’t know it was an issue. The RAs would get on your case though


I live in Hong Kong now. you can buy a beer at any convenience store, walk around at any hour drinking it. I buy one and go into the bank and wait in line and nobody cares. There is also a brothel every km or so.


Tell me more about these brothels


Www.go141.com. they are grouped into districts and buildings. But the ones on there are only a fraction of the girls in the building. legal because it’s “one for one”. Not an actual brothel. Just a 20 story apartment building where each room happens to be rented out to a prostitute. $50 for short time From what I hear…. The ones in hotels (honey girls) are $200ish USD. Not many street girls, only the African girls which they don’t allow into the bars. Racism is complete acceptable here. They don’t allow Indian guys into the girly bars. then there are bar girls which are just bars full of girls who will go home with you for the whole night for $1-300. These are typically part time maids or students or girls on a 2 week visa from Thailand. Then there are dodgy pink neon places. Those are more mainland girls with big bushes. Quick and dirty. Same with market girls. $20-30 quickie. Nastiest of the nasty. Basically for $50-200 you can get laid by an attractive girl at any hour of the day. And walk around getting drunk the rest of the time And nobody cares. Society goes on. Virtually no violent crimes, murder, rapes, etc. also very little religion which probably has a lot to do with vices being allowed in the open. worst crimes are allegedly from police throwing people out of windows and claiming it suicide.


They usually have ugly old women standing out front hounding every male in the vicinity to come inside for a "massage" except the massage is your penis and the masseuse is a vagina of some Thai or Filipino prostitute. I lived in Wan Chai, which is where a majority of these whore houses exist. Couldn't get dinner without having an old lady trying to get you to fuck some prostitute.


Correct me if I’m wrong but I believe they just got rid of that clause.


Still on the books. They just expanded the hours you can buy beer on Sundays.


This is true. One of our properties is located on the edge of a dry county, which is common in many more conservative portions of the state. You need to drive about 18 miles to the liquor store perched on the edge of a small ghost town the next county over; it's the only business left open, and the only one of its competitors still surviving post-Covid. Business is brisk.


DB is the detention barracks, it’s literally a military prison. You are way underselling the matter


Oh ok yeah I just read more about DB, it sounds pretty horrible, dark, damp, humiliating inspections, uncomfortable beds. I think that friend of a friend must have been trying very hard to sound nonchalant about the thing


The punishment you are describing is _stoppage of leave_, (SOL) not DB. Equivalent to being "on restriction" from an Article 15 in the US. Singapore is very, very harsh on traffickers, but probably not him.


Honestly I think the worst part about this story is getting bad weed in Amsterdam


And in Singapore, due process is a little…different. The burden of proof is on the defendant, not the persecution when it comes to drug trafficking. You have to prove that you *didn’t* intend to traffic drugs when you’re accused of it.


Yea the island southeast Asian countries don’t play when it comes to this, especially cause they’re right next to the Golden Triangle one of the largest opium producing areas in the world only beaten out by Taliban controlled Afghanistan


I had to go on a 2-week corporate training course in Belgium a few years ago, there were two guys from Poland, two from Chile and one from Singapore, and we all decided to go to Amsterdam with the boss over the weekend. The first coffee shop we went to, the Singaporean dude told us that he'd never smoked anything before, let alone weed, but he wanted to try it, so we rolled up, passed it around and had a good time. The moment we stepped outside the coffee shop, we turned just in time to see his eyes roll as he fainted, we shat ourselves thinking he'd had some adverse reaction, but some random guy just came up to us and was like "he needs sugar", and handed us a bottle of pepsi and a mars bar. One drink and a chocolate bar later, Singaporean dude was back on his feet having the time of his life. He asked us to delete all photos we had of him in Amsterdam, and we did after he told us about the insanely strict laws they have over there, it's always made me wonder if you can be arrested for it in Singapore simply for having photographic evidence.


>He asked us to delete all photos we had of him in Amsterdam, and we did after he told us about the insanely strict laws they have over there, it's always made me wonder if you can be arrested for it in Singapore simply for having photographic evidence. Technically, you can be arrested for it if the photo clearly shows you smoking weed, but I have never heard about it before. It's probably hard to prove in court with just photographic evidence. The more common way Singapore citizens get in trouble is being urine tested after returning to Singapore and getting off the plane.


Life sentence for me then


They detained and interrogated me for about an hour for having some Thai whiskey that was unlabeled. They let me take it through though. My family thought i was gone forever.


I was detained in Qatar on a connecting flight from Sydney to London, and I had some spent bullet casings in my luggage (which were in the pocket of a jacket I had worn at the rifle range). I totally forgot they were there, having thought I'd left them in Australia as I didn't want the hassle of carrying spent ammunition into the UK. I've never shit as many bricks as I did that day. Qatari security were not fucking around.


Friend rents his camera out. Some ski film makers rented his camera and then the next time he tried going through custom he got flagged for explosive residue. Turns out the ski guys had kept the camera in a backpack with the avalanche control TNT. :D


That's pretty cool that they can detect explosive residue


It's those white swabs they run over your luggage and stick in a machine


Guy with the machine: got anything sharp? Nope don’t think so. What about this? [holds up can of nuts I forgot about]. “Oh, didn’t know can of nuts is sharp”. [proceeds to swab it]


Shat my pants in turkey when they swabbed my wallet phone and festival shoes. Nothing happened ofcourse


A mate works at an explosive factory. He has to carry papers stating he works there each time he goes on a plane.


I visited and ammunition plant as a contractor and on my way home I got the private room treatment at the airport. They took everything out of my bags and swabbed everything for residue.


That happened to me on an internal flight when I was carrying my military kit. Had some unfired blanks still in my rig's pockets (I know, fucking idiotic). Thankfully a lot of airport security guys are ex-military so they didn't give me too much of a hard time.


My husband(then BF) left a loaded magazine in his luggage. He used his range bag as his luggage back. On the way out of the US. Luckily customs basically thought he was stupid and confiscated it and let us on our way. That was the day he decided his range back is only for the range. I almost had a heart attack.


Hahaha my buddy works at a gun range and been more than a few times where a stray casing fell into his bag or his clothes / bag still has gunpowder residue on it and showed up on the swabs Always a pain in the ass traveling with him


Where are you located? Gunpowder is an explosive, but most swab tests in the U.S. explicitly exclude that range from testing because it's so prevalent.


Double base rifle powder still uses nitroglycerin AND nitrocellulose


Once I was on a long tour, working as a videographer. I flew home for a funeral, and had to fly back to meet the busses in Canada. Well we played a ton of pranks during the shows, so I bought a gorilla suit while in Nashville for the pranks. When I flew to canada, my checked bag contained only two things: The gorilla suit, and 8 massive hard drives, (it was 2007, video footage). I got detained for 16 hours and had to go through every hard drive with customs. shit day. Also, I was an idiot.


Why would a gorilla suit and hard drives suspicious?


Go try flying into a foreign country with just that and no other clothes and tell me how it goes. I don’t know if you’ve ever gone through customs and border patrol, but checking the contents of your bags is a pretty big deal, because the contents of the bag verify your story. I had to show photos with the band I was touring with, and also YouTube videos of the pranks that we were playing on each other on stage. It wasn’t even a crazy tour anything, it was the fucking Fray and mutemath. They just werent buying it.


For sure some guy is like hmm let me get a coffee and then yes you have show me all the pranks!




Lol my funny bag check story (domestic flight) was catering a huge bike ride and then later a personal gig and I got tipped 800 compostable cutlery kits… so my carryon (no checked bags) was like some clean underwear and socks and a t-shirt and a zipped bag with 800 sets of compostable cutlery+napkin+salt&pepper) and the guy at baggage was like sir you can’t get on the plane with this many knives… I’m like bro they are permissible under the required length limits and they are compostable… if I can bring one on the plane and there isn’t a rule I can’t have 800 of them.. imma hol’everyone’up until I get on this motherfuckin plane.


You could hold each and every passenger on the plane hostage with one compostable knife each! Lol


Most countries don't seem to give a fuq. Others are really strict. Ironically it's the US that always hassles me even though I'm a citizen.


I’ve been up to Toronto a few times. Once was with a friend and his wife who was from Canada. They had been married a few years at this point but she was still in the process of getting her citizenship. She had to go back to Canada to get some paperwork or something. One of the American papers she had was set to expire. She took it to the appropriate office and instead of issuing her a new one they just resigned it and changed the date. No issues getting into Canada. Spent the weekend and we’re coming back through customs. They asked for everyone’s ids etc. They ended up having an issue with her paper that had been resigned, that supposedly wasn’t the correct way to do it. So they take here into some back room while me and her husband had to wait in the lobby area. After about 30 minutes they finally decided they’d let her go and enter the US. Kinda messed up but understandable, paperwork was wrong even though she had been assured it was correct. But while she was in the back waiting for them to do whatever they had brought in an older Asian lady. My friends wife overheard the border patrol agents talking about her. Basically the gist of the conversation was this: hey that lady is good to go, everything’s fine, what should we do? Oh let’s just keep her here a while and mess with her.


Litterally every time I enter the US I have to sit in the back room for 30 minutes. They don't ask me any questions, they just make me sit there. I'm just flagged for some reason. Best I can tell it's because I was charged with a crime 10+ years ago (charges were later deopped). It just makes no sense though. I could be a convicted murderer and they still can't legally deny me entry to my own country.


We drove into Canadiam niagara falls no problem. Border agents were super nice. Coming back into the US, the guy was super serious. I was just attacked by a dog a week before so had gauze bandage my cheek and the guy asked me like 10 questions about it before letting me through. Like how was that relevant? It's not like he couldn't match my face to my passport. And we both have US passports.


My worst hassle was in the UAE. I assume it had something to do with my 3 week itinerary. Afghanistan to UAE to Turkey to Romania back to Turkey back to Romania back to Turkey back to UAE (where they sent me to the integration room of doom) and finally back to work in Afghanistan. They understandably assumed I was smuggling drugs. The reality was much more boring. Worked in Afghanistan. Took a vacation to Turkey. Didn’t like Turkey so I took a vacation from my vacation and flew to Romania. Had to fly back to Turkey to meet my girlfriend who also didn’t like Turkey and flew back to Romania with me. My return tickets required that I get back to Turkey to get to Dubai. Dubai to Afghanistan was a chartered flight a day later. I’m sure if I were customs in UAE I’d suspect I had drugs in my ass too… it was a bummer of a day for everyone involved.


One time I booked a flight to San Diego like 3 days before the flight date. When I arrived the DEA literally was there to meet me asking about if I was coming to buy drugs. Worst part was I had a wad of cash because I was coming for a friend's 21st birthday abd we were going to a strip club. Fortunately when the DEA saw it was all ones they believed me. Pretty awkward though.


i used to go up to vancouver to hockey games frequently. up and back in the same day so i would leave from work and bring whatever i had with me. one time i had my backpack with my laptop and some text books for a class i was studying for. backpack was open in the back seat so you could see what was in it. they made me pull aside so they could search the car, then took me inside the office and questioned me for two hours. they were convinced i was sneaking into canada to teach without permission to work there. just because textbooks were in the car. it was 3 books that were all different. i would get it if i had like a whole case of copies of one book in the trunk or something.








I know! My family “lived” in Vancouver for a while, but went back and forth to seattle a lot. a couple times they were huge assholes when we had a bus. they made us unload all of the side storage cabins with merch and gear more times than I can count. often at 2am. It probably didnt help that my evangelical fam traveled in a tour bus that had a painting on the side of The archangel Michael holding a sword with his foot on the devils head.


But was the gorilla suit saved? Don't keep us in suspense man. You can't set up a gripping suspense-filled story like that and then leave us hanging. We needs to know what happened to the gorilla suit!


indeed. http://www.reflector-online.com/article_9d1f448e-3fb3-5c8e-a65a-e66e7d9ff0af.html


Damn man that sucks. I was detained in Canada for half a day because I had a Thai passport stamp, meaning I must have been a pedo. They search thousands of my pictures, emails, etc. I am Hispanic.


DUDEEEEE, I feel you. Thats the worst part about being on tour, EVERY stamp is for like, 1-14 days depending on the country. You either look like a sex tourist or a drug mule. Edit: Border crossings can be easier, unless they decide to be assholes.


Was stoped in Singapore with a can of Swedish Snuff, they were very suspicious until I was able to show them that it was available to buy at IKEA. Was a few intense minutes.


Glad your safe. They don’t play around


We've been through worse, in Beijing they took my mom for 2 days because her passport was about to expire. In Jamaica I had a guy stick a rifle in my back because I had camo pants on. Then in Atlanta after the Olympics in the 90s I got interrogated by Americans for having a picture of Chairman Mao in my wallet.




"Sir, where's the rest of your body?"


It’s a floating head!! RUN!!!


Your family seems unlucky or travels a lot or both


For the passport just being about to expire too. A bit much maybe...


This isn't uncommon. If your passport will expire in the next 6 months, check the requirements where you are going or better yet just renew it.


They don't even let you on a plane where I am if your passport is about to expire.


Traveling with a passport about to expire will win you a really, really stupid award. In any country.


Airports hate you. Lol. But seriously, why would you have a picture of Mao in your wallet?


He said he wanted a revolution.


Well, my friend. We all want to change the world.


Every American knows that Chinese spies carry a hidden portrait of mao on them


I lived there in 94-95, we had contests to see who could get the most trinkets for 5 yuan and I won! The picture was a sticker that came off of a butane lighter that played the national anthem when you openned it.


It's hilarious now but that must have sucked at that time. I was imagining a wallet sized photo of Chairman Mao in your wallet. Lol. I would have interrogated you too but mostly out of curiosity.


I have Kim Jong Un in my wallet. He's a dreamboat.


Maybe he just got back from China? Idk


Yeah, in China they wanted to imprison him for \*not\* having a picture of Mao in his wallet


What did they have against the Mao pic?


Flying back from SF right after the Apple Developers conference in 2006, there had been another attempted shoe bomber in London. My flight was at noon to Toronto, so a few of us left for the airport at 6:30 am because we knew the added security might slow things down. This was the first time I was ever asked to remove my belt and shoes … I simply replied with a chuckle , "you could at least buy me a drink first" Three hours in a room and most of the time asking about my hacked/unlocked PSP I had for the flight. Sigh.


During my last trip (a tour precovid) I landed in Singapore with my electronic cigarette and vaping liquid. Two weeks earlier I had checked and it was all legal, day I arrived it was forbidden 5 days before. Little bit of stress, I must say. As I was in a 4 hours transit they let me keep it if I put it in my luggage and registered it. Once in Changi airport international zone, many many vapers. And me on a 4 hours layover.


I know better than to even think about bringing any kind of drugs to Singapore thanks to Anthony Bourdain who made it very clear that the penalty was death …


Trailers for Locked Abroad taught me not to fuck with foreign countries’ drug trafficking laws.


RIP. Miss that guy


This is the authoritarian part of a benevolent authoritarian state. When you fly into Singapore, they pass out leaflets along with the immigration paperwork that say in all caps something to the effect of "death penalty is THE sanction for drug trafficking." Not saying it's right, but it's not a secret.


When you get off the plane there's a giant banner hanging that says they kill drug drug traffickers.


It's been a few years since I've been but there's a few amnesty bins around the airport in case you fucked up.


I can totally imagine my dumb ass emptying my pockets and dumping a handful of trash in the amnesty box thinking it is a trash bin.


Cut to you in an interrogation room with an empty can of Coke and a crumpled bag of doritos on the table in front of you. WHAT DRUG IS THIS?!


It's okay officer, it is just regular poison, it can't get you high.


What happens if they catch you digging around in the bin? Asking for a friend.


They see you on camera and arrest you. This is Singapore, one of the most heavily controlled places in the world. Also, the bins are before customs.


Yeah, /u/khanto0 just bellow says those don't always work and police might still arrest you if they see you dump drugs in them.


That's not how amnesty is supposed to work!


Better to put that banner when you get ON the plane no lol


They have an amnesty bin before customs for anyone who has a change of heart.


So Amnesty International can get high as fuck


If your mission is to protect against war crimes theyre probably doing a ton of drugs just to get by in life


yeah right and who will help me get them out of my but


You gotta stick them wayyy up there! I would do it but I've done it too many times and they'd just fall out!


"Now they tell me. 🙄"


“If I knew that international drug trafficking was such a big deal _before_ I got on the plane, I wouldn’t have shoved a balloon full of heroin up my ass.”




What do you suggest we put in the balloons?


Not having been there I can't say for certain, but I'm sure they have a little amnesty box/trash in case of accidents and assume you're attempting to import if you pass it with contraband.


I wonder in how many countries the amnesty boxes are traps. "Hey, check camera 3, I think we've got another idiot at the 'amnesty' box about to admit his crimes." Also, if you're carrying 1 kg of weed, I suspect you're not looking for amnesty boxes or unaware of the law...


I had never even done drugs prior to visiting and was still terrified that somehow I had some in my backpack.


"Sir, we found Advil on you, please follow us to the gallows."




I know of someone who got arrested after police watched him dump a load in an amnesty bin on the way in to a festival. Granted he was there with size to deal so they were pretty much like "yeahh that's too much to claim amnesty for". Luckily he was foreign so they just told him to get out the country and never come back Edit for context: in UK btw


>"yeahh that's too much to claim amnesty for". Sounds like it's not much of an amnesty bin then...


I mean, might not be actual amnesty, but it sounds better than getting hung.


"But I changed my mind!!!!" "Yeah, so did we."


>Sounds like it's not much of an amnesty bin then... Then again amnesty bins are designed for oopsies, with dealing quantities, they'll want at a minimum to interrogate you for links to organized crime, etc. Most military bases have amnesty bins for if you accidentally forget around in your pocket or pick up something on the ground, but if someone catches you putting a box of ammo and a disassembled machine gun in there... you're in for a bad time.


There's no way a dealer is going to dump the supply they brought to a festival unless they know they've fucked up and are imminently going to get caught. Like discovering there are drug sniffer dogs only metres away, and that he hasn't vacuum sealed his product to protect against this, and launching his drugs at the bin as the dogs are bounding towards him. In qhich case I wouldn't blame the cops for raising a few eyebrows at this "amnesty".


Isnt much of an amnesty box in that case


They didn't hang him, that's the amnesty part.


The question is, does this hardline work? Like what is the rate of drug use/abuse/sales?


Asking the actual key questions. I found the following, though I'm honestly not sure if it can be trusted. I'd be keen to see a per capita comparison to be honest. [https://www.statista.com/statistics/1132849/singapore-convicted-penal-population-for-drug-offences/](https://www.statista.com/statistics/1132849/singapore-convicted-penal-population-for-drug-offences/) There is also this from the strait times which I've seen in Singapore so is probably trusted? [https://www.straitstimes.com/politics/parliament-statistics-studies-show-death-penalty-deterred-drug-trafficking-firearms-use](https://www.straitstimes.com/politics/parliament-statistics-studies-show-death-penalty-deterred-drug-trafficking-firearms-use)


A fly on the wall of the airport toilets before Customs must have seen some crazy shit.


Omar Yacob Bamadhaj, 41, was arrested in 2018 during a routine stop by police at a border checkpoint when officers said three bundles of the drug were found in his car. He was convicted and in February sentenced to hanging. His father, who was also in the car, did not know about the drugs, a court heard, and was not charged with any crime.


Yeah I think most of the people carrying the drugs into Singapore are probably under pretty severe duress of some sort.


And it isn't a policy without a historical reason. European powers used drugs in Asia as part of how they destabilized, colonized, and extracted wealth from Asian countries. I don’t agree with Singapore’s policies (I live in Los Angeles where weed is legal and pretty much everything else is de facto decriminalized) but having been there, seeing how small it is and getting that they need to all be on the same page for continued existence as they are surrounded by regional competitors / adversaries, and knowing that history of drugs in the region being used to create division…I kind of understand it. That said, I don't agree with the death penalty at all though in any case - just a bad idea to give the state the right to kill any citizen. Here’s some reading if you want to know more about what the British did in China: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Opium_Wars Long story short, they literally invaded China multiple times (including during the second war sacking, looting, and utterly destroying the Chinese Old Summer Palace that was an absolute cultural tragedy and something that is still inspires a bit of nationalistic anger for the Chinese state) to force the Chinese to allow the British to have free market ports (like Hong Kong and also the international zone in Shanghai) where they would be allowed to import and sell huge amounts of opium that was grown in British India…and the reason was that the British needed to fix their balance of trade issue. Everyone wanted Chinese stuff, but the Chinese didn’t want European goods, so the money only flowed one direction. Their solution was to get millions of Chinese addicted to opium and then be the sole provider. I really enjoyed visiting Singapore. Great food, fun nightlife, beautiful, clean, and safe city. It felt like the mirror universe version of Las Vegas. The kind of place it is a great stop for a few days of easy safe fun at the end of a trip elsewhere in SE Asia.


I appreciate the historical context. I’m from the Philippines and they do not fuck around with drugs. The brutality isn’t justified in the slightest, and dead people are absolutely being used a political tool to distract from the country’s bigger problems. But outsiders gotta understand that the extreme anti drug measures stem from different reasons than in the US or other parts of the western world. Approaching the issue the same way won’t get us anywhere


There is a big sign in Changi Airport that says, “Drug offenses are punishable by death.”


Do they let you fess up? If a person reads the signs and they have drugs on them, can they turn it over with a ‘my bad’ and be on their way?


There are plenty of amnesty bins before customs where you can throw drugs away


Thanks. This is one of those subjects where I have strong feelings but I don’t know exactly where to land. On one hand, if you can’t abide by the rules, don’t travel there. On the other hand, I don’t think anyone should be put to death. And then there’s the people who are coerced or manipulated to try to import. It’s complicated for sure!


Not sure. I’m sure they may take it into account. I had a friend pinched for pot usage in SG but they were lenient with her. I think they are especially harsh on traffickers. Recreational stuff is available and Singaporeans party hard but I tend to stay away from that and just eat and drink.


This is the best tl;dr I could make, [original](https://www.vice.com/en/article/m7emg8/singapore-cannabis-execution) reduced by 81%. (I'm a bot) ***** > Singapore has a zero-tolerance policy for illicit drugs and has hanged hundreds of people - including dozens of foreign nationals - for drug offenses over recent decades. > Public opinion in Singapore remains largely indifferent to the practice, with many in favor of it believing that it deters drug traffickers and keeps crime rates low. > "By dismissing Omar Yacob Bamadhaj's appeal, the Singapore authorities have violated international safeguards and sentenced yet another person convicted of drug trafficking to death by hanging," said Chiara Sangiorgio, the group's death penalty advisor. ***** [**Extended Summary**](http://np.reddit.com/r/autotldr/comments/q6o4qq/man_to_be_hanged_for_trafficking_1_kilogram_of/) | [FAQ](http://np.reddit.com/r/autotldr/comments/31b9fm/faq_autotldr_bot/ "Version 2.02, ~603139 tl;drs so far.") | [Feedback](http://np.reddit.com/message/compose?to=%23autotldr "PM's and comments are monitored, constructive feedback is welcome.") | *Top* *keywords*: **drug**^#1 **Omar**^#2 **Singapore**^#3 **court**^#4 **hanged**^#5


> believing that it deters drug traffickers I mean, I certainly won't be trafficking any drugs to Singapore any time soon.


Not intentionally. Check your bags before passing through customs. It could save your life.


Lived in Singapore practically all my life. Stayed away from all my friends who were drug dealers or bought drugs out of pure fear. Two months ago I moved to one of the legal recreational states. Yesterday I smoked a joint in front of a cop car. I ain’t going back for a while.


Reminds me of the south park episode "Randy your balls!" "I know, smoking pot right in front of a cop"


Singapore needs some T’egrady


I heard they could drug test at the airport when you arrive by plane. Is this true?


Hmm I’m actually not sure, I’ve never been tested myself. Random drug tests aren’t uncommon I suppose, but generally unless you give them a reason to drug test you (like if you look very drunk or high), they won’t drug test you.


Tldr: don't fucking bring drugs to Singapore. You will die.


And for everybody not living there: Don't visit countries that have laws that deeply conflict with your sense of morality.


I'm sorry for whatever circumstances led this man to risk his life for a couple pounds of weed. It's easy to call him a fool and talk about how Singapore brags about killing people over recreational substances, but I find it hard to believe a person would do this unless they were desperate.


Or forced


There was a post in AITA or relationship advice not so long ago. Something about the OP's friend getting really upset because the OP wanted to know what was in the box, and the friend refused to say. Of course, they said they weren't going to take the parcel without knowing the contents. I'm sure people are forced, and others are thinking there's good money in it. But then there are the people who are just being played, and they're too nice and too naive to understand what they're being manipulated into. Maybe it's a romance scam, maybe it's a favour, maybe it's something else that seems innocent on the surface. Point being, don't trust someone who wants you to stash something in your luggage. If they act unreasonable when you say no, guaranteed they didn't have good intentions.


Or the money was really good


protip the traffickers that actually carry the drugs across the borders aren't the ones making all the money off the drugs, they're just slaves to the system with no other way to make money.




Could be poor and misled on purpose. Aka someone who is told to traffic a less valuable bag, the gang tips off the security team so the actual trafficker gets through with the valuable load while the other person is arrested


This stuff blows my mind. I live in Colorado and I am about to go pick up an order from a dispensary that sells that amount in hours. I can’t fathom getting a death sentence for a plant.


Not a death sentence but come to Wisconsin. Get caught and your life is over.


Hah, I can definitely relate. I lived in Florida till about 10 years ago and leaving was one of the most liberating feelings. Beyond other quality of life improvements here, not having to worry about being arrested for personal choices and having my life ruined is something I never take for granted.


I’m 19 and living in Kentucky right now, I can’t see legal marijuana coming here any time soon. I graduate in June and I have a good shot at an entry level position for a cybersecurity firm that pays well and I can work remote and travel. I’ve thought about moving to Colorado, is it really worth it? I don’t know what the cost of living is like there, or what the housing market is like.


You can get a medical card in 2 seconds in FL now. Dispensaries all around me these days


Canadian here, I'm legally growing 4 plants in my house as we speak. Once I harvest those, I can do it all over again. Or, if I get lazy, I can walk 30 seconds down the street and go into a shop that looks like an apple store and buy 30grams and a bong to smoke it in. Or if I'm really, really lazy I can just go online to the government operated Cannabis website and have whatever I want show up in the mail.


In Los Angeles, I have weed delivered to my door. It's wild to me that people are being imprisoned for life or even killed for a plant that never should have been illegal in the first place.


101 %. Nothing to add.


Grew 3 myself outside in my garden no less lol. Harvested 1, waiting on the other 2 to mature. Probably this week. All the while my neighbor mows his lawn 3 feet from them and no complaints lol. I live in the burbs!


Just come on down to Illinois, it's a bit pricey but the whole not losing your freedom is worth it overall.


Closer to the UP than i am Illinois. Plus MI prices are so so so much better.


i refuse to buy in illinois and drive back to WI. the counties that are just north of Illinois have insane hard ons for watching anyone going and coming back..


I've never had an issue making the drive. Just drive with the flow of traffic and never light up in your car. Granted, I'm talking about Indiana


This. I've travelled between Chicago and Milwaukee several times and there's always a piggy waiting on the WI side of the border.


So weed is bad but alcohol is just fine for Wisconsin. Got it.


thanks tavern league!


Yeah, I’m at home getting same day delivery from our government ran dispensaries and some people around the world are still getting killed for it, insane.


Ricin comes from plants. Heroin comes from plants. Gympie-gympie is so painful it's caused people to commit suicide. Plants don't fuck around. They are not benign or all good for you just because they are natural. That being said being killed for weed is pretty sad.


My friend was a giant pothead before he moved to Singapore lol. His boss a few years got kicked out of the country and saw his visa revoked ( and lost his 800k/y job) because his kid was caught smoking marijuana at his high school.


"You are *so* grounded, Timmy."


Lmao yeah. I would be so pissed off.


800k? I knew Singapore was rich but good lord


I can’t fathom risking a death sentence for a plant.


Different parts of the world have different laws. Here in the United States we have places that will put you in jail for possession of a beer. https://www.adn.com/alaska-news/article/rural-alaska-alcohol-runners-face-stiff-penalties/2009/11/02/


They don’t fuck around in Singapore. You’d have to be desperate or more likely under severe duress to take a risk like that.


Just remember folks. On their customs and immigration forms when you fly into the country, it’s clearly states death for all drug traffickers. They are very clear about it when you even apply for a visa to the county even to visit let alone work. Not defending it, just saying that it is very clearly known and put on signage and documents.


Singapore in general just has zero tolerance for everything. Drugs, littering, smoking etc are punished pretty harshly. Public opinion over there supports these laws so they never get changed. If that’s how they like it there then good for for them. I personally would never go there simply because I have a high likelihood of breaking a law I didn’t even know existed.


Man, light one up in honor of the homie today.


Do not fuck with Singapore's laws... rolling the dice there is a *bad* idea. For example, imagine getting hanged for trafficking 1KG of Cannabis.


I hear so many people saying, “don’t do this in Singapore”. In the Philippines, president literally said, “if it’s drugs, you shoot and kill”. Don’t do this in any Southeast Asian country, you will die.


My Gf brought blow with her to Bali once and didn’t tell me, I found out when we left and lost my shit because Bali is the same if they catch you they will lock you up and throw away the key.


It's been a while since I've been to Singapore, but is the Embarkation Card still a thing? Big red text on it read something like "The punishment for smuggling drugs is death". It was quite clear.


I visited in 99 and expat colleague told me a story that a flight was diverted to Singapore and there was a smuggler on it. Hanged him anyway. It’s probably bogus.


Obviously not if Singapore was not the final destination and was just a transit point