Fold the dishes bud


Mow the carpet, vacuum the lawn


Hang your shoes


Vacuum the driveway


Watch a book


I actually did this yesterday 😂


With a doob in hand I might add!


Boil all the coconuts


Hoover the roof


Water your cat


Milk the dog


Wash your soaps


Shit in the litter box


Shit I do that sober


Finger your buttholes?


Was worth a shot


Wash the dog, walk the dishes


God damn I can’t stop laughing at this


Also maybe take that extra bit of paper off before smoking as that will probably taste bad


you can’t be serious right? don’t you burn that off before smoking ?


I usually go full neanderthal and bite that shit off if not around people, otherwise I rip it if people are around


Bruh I pinch around the edges and sindge it off like a cap now I feel dumb for the extra steps


At the same time... I tend to have pretty full rolls so I rarely have a lot of paper sticking out. Maybe I'm not an expert on that front 👀


Lol this, usually not that much though


This reply is about as correct as it gets I think


Yeah just smoke that and go loiter in the circle k candy section until the employees get uncomfortable and tell you to leave


How dare you attack my weekend plans, I work hard.


Man for first time this seems a little too huge…


First time trying edibles my brother gave me a 200mg bag of gummy worms. His words were "you can have one and see how you feel, or you can have the whole bag, you might feel like you're going to die but you'll be fine." I ate the whole bag on the way to a very large mall. Best time I've ever had there. I was toasted in a wonderful blanket of very high. Just being in that vibe is something I don't think I have felt since.


I would’ve passed out in the mall


Same. My first time, I legit thought the sky was falling. I looked up and it kept dropping on top of me.


It's far away, that's why it takes a long time to come all the way down




On the toilet I became obsessed with the triangles my thumbs and pointer finger make and had a panic attack.


Sometimes I miss those highs but its best they're behind me now. I used to get so fucked up and become quite convinced I would die.


It's comforting to hear other people having the same experience as me. Literally accepting your death during a high. And then the next day, you are like lol what an idiot.


Are yall still talking about weed? I've been smoking for a few years now and I've never had a panic attack through it or thought I'd die or something. But some people have pretty bad stories it seems. Only once, as a teen I smoked so much so fast that my vision was like TV static and my ears were whooshing. Had to have a lie down and slept like a baby for 15 hours. But I didn't feel bad or anything, I just couldn't participate in conversation anymore so I went to sleep lmao


I had that happen, it caused a lot of anxiety. It's not the straight high that'll do it to you, it's the anxiety from that that'll convince you you're going to die.


I had this exact experience. Hit too hard and felt like I was going down fast, laid out on the porch to try to stabilize myself and it felt like the heavens were laying on my chest. Eventually I went inside and went to sleep on my friend's bed. An hour or two later I was able to make it home. I didn't partake for a long time after that because of how intense that feeling was.


My first gravity bong did this to me. I hit it and straight stood up and drove home two blocks away, walked straight to my bed and laid down. As soon as I saw the smoke coming out around my eyes I knew I was in trouble. I have never been that high again.


First time I hit a gravity bong I got so high I puked. My friends older brother and his friends were fucking with me telling me I was gonna die because I overdosed. Assholes.


Happened to me when my buddy smoked me out on 4/20 a few years back. We smoked before heading to the mall, at the mall, we shared a 100mg gummy, and I essentially passed out into my coffee at the Starbucks. Buddy got it on video obviously.


I feel like the mall would be too scary a place to go high. Too many people, too few exits and entrances, just a really claustrophobic feeling! I once had to escape my bed I felt too trapped, I can't imagine the mall being relaxing


I would have had anxiety but acted "chill" to not alarm my friends.


Smoking, you will feel it before you finish an eighth of that joint.


That's very true. I'm leaving for a new job and it was the Sous Chefs birthday. I rolled him a hemp blunt with an 8th of Romulan and 1g shatter. He said he was beyond high by the time it burnt ¼th of the way down.




One of the first times I got high I went to a mall. I was in such a haze that I ended up walking straight into a display window thinking it was the door and the employees laughed. I also fell asleep on a bench and had a security guard wake me up, when he woke me up I couldn't understand anything of what was happening. I think he probably thought I was on heroine or something lol


Similar thing happened to me. Went to prom with the group I smoked with and they gave us all an edible (at the time I literally had like 0 tolerance and had never had edible) and it was such a weird night. We went in the wrong entrance and didn’t give our tickets. Even the ones who smoked all the time were struggling lol. I felt like I was falling through a bunch of mirrors for an hour then it was all good again.


Edibles I find hit in waves. A high dose is basically you buying a ticket for a Rollercoaster but you can only guess which Rollercoaster it's going to be. Sometimes it's a nice ride, never goes too high too fast. Sometimes it's one of the most terrifying Rollercoaster you can be on.


On a deadly batch of cookies I once made I spent 5 hours couch locked to the point that I couldn't get up to turn off a 30 second looping DVD menu. It was absolute hell but I also "didn't want my dad to know I was high" so every time he came by to be like "uh, want me to turn that off" I'd just be like "nah, I'm about to start watching it".......I suspect he was on to me.


Lmao. I love this. The first time I got high I ended up asking my dad for 4 KFC snack wraps. When I told him later I was very high, he had no idea. But I was medical at the time I took that edible, so I wasn't necessarily worried about parents finding out.


I love that weed has a threshold were you go from "my face is melting" to I guess I'm not high anymore" like your body goes *nope, bro, it's too much, this is your life now* and you only feel happy high.


Lol, I gotta be in the right headspace. Edibles are like a sleeping dragon, if you're in a good place, high dose edible are a dragon that let you cuddle up next to it, a warm euphoric almost trippy feeling. But you piss off that dragon and it will fuck you the hell up. 😅 I can be really self conscious sometimes. But that edible just made me way too high to care. It was a blissful dreamlike super heavy blanket high. I went with a couple other people who were watching out for me.


Yeah sometimes if I get that paranoid uncomfortable self conscious feeling ill just smoke more and usually that helps.


Damn, I was a daily toker and quit for 2 months for a job, once the boss told me he doesn't piss test, I ate a 100mg pill a buddy gave me. I sat on the couch shaking and feeling super anxious. Weed never makes me feel anxious but I was wigging out! So I don't recommend breaking a tolerance break with a 100mg edible and definitely don't recommend it for newbies.


>So I don't recommend breaking a tolerance break with a 100mg edible and definitely don't recommend it for newbies. Can 100% agree with this. I went cold turkey after being severely chronic for over a year. I was in the UK for a month and didn't have much access to good weed. I got back and made a rookie mistake. Went and hit a 1g bowl of what I used to daliy drive. I got so high I was seeing stars and my ears were ringing for awhile and made me super paranoid. If someone is new to weed I wouldn't recommend anything above 5mg.


How was the food court?


One time I did edibles and went to the mall. These were home made so who really know but we were chillin in Spencer’s when these two 13 year old kids start wandering over to the sex toys. The lady working walked up and said “hey guys, what are we shopping for?!” The boys jump and scurry off and I’m over in the corner, peaking, losing my shit. Like….I was making a scene I was laughing so hard for so long. The mall is absolutely the best place to enjoy an edible.


Jfc like 10 mg gets to me lol


Lucky bastard there’s something wrong with me and my body doesn’t process edibles. Like at all. Best I’ve been able to come up with (clearly not something you can just talk to your doc about and have tests for) is that I may have lower enzyme levels of the enzyme that metabolizes it when ingested orally. A starter dose is 1000mg for me and it’s basically a pointless waste of money. Smoking or vaping always does the trick but I just cannot do it with edibles. And yes I’ve had the for sure real deal at gormet shops in legal states and even made my own. Every time I see someone had an experience like this I get so jealous!! I’ve never even felt it like that. Just a slight slight slight head change. I’ve even called people out for having bullshit before I realized the problem was me lmfao.


going off this, my first edible experience was a trip. i was a seasoned smoker/dabber but never tried edibles simply because i didn’t care enough to try and find any. some girl i knew started making homemade cookies so i bought a few from her, not knowing what “170mg” meant. not knowing you’re not supposed to eat the WHOLE cookie in one go. the next 8 hours of my life were a blur, i thought my dad’s dog was trying to talk to me, i had an epiphany and went vegetarian, ended up eating 2 pints of ben & jerry’s while watching youtube. never again lol


That's a LOT of THC. Glad it worked out for you.


200mg of pure THC is an insane amount.. 5mg will get most people high




How in the world. I once took 3 10mg gummies and had an existential crisis lol


Thats bad ass haha. My first time smoking i smoked a joint with wax on the outside and i was taking hits from a pipe i was hella baked had the time of my life


The first time is always the best and then everytime after that is just chasing that first high


That’s what she said


go big or go home


Got a big enough joint there Rick? Edit/ woke up to 1.2k likes and all these responses y’all made my day seriously lol


6 paper joints are the best


I’d partake in a 6 paper joint any day. You got one right now you can send to me through the phone. Lmao!!! Don’t get it twisted, no pun intended. I’ll give you the weed, I just would like you to roll it and for that favor, we can smoke it together. Wouldn’t life be grand if we could send weed digitally. 😂😂


Id endlessly roll any type of joint your heart desires if you're providing the weed lol


Nice pick!! I’m down.


>Wouldn’t life be grand if we could send weed digitally. 😂😂 New NFT idea.


"I bought an ounce!" "You bought the ***rights*** to an ounce, dumbass."


You got a ounce but see value dropped and so all u have is a quarter now.


“This is Blockchain Haze, my favorite strain!”


Non-fungible Toke-en…


I think Amazon will beat you to the punch.


Coupla hash coins too bud


The fucking way she goes


Fuck do you mean, "way she goes?!?" Where's all the money, Ray?


Way of the road bud


Ha. Haven’t watched the show in ages, this brought me back. Hash coin currency is the best.


Shut up Julian


Life isn't about getting high and eating chicken fingers


DYING over these TPB references hahah! …HE’S BREATHIN THROUGH THE JOINT!


I spin more rhymes than a lazy Susan, and I’m innocent until my guilt is proven. Peaceeeee ✌️


HWUUAAHH?! payyyyce. hahahaha honestly j-roc is one of my all-time favorite characters of that show.




Yea same here haha


& as much as i hate cyrus, the “hubble-bubble-telescope” line slays every ounce of my soul hahahaha


“My dad gave this to me when I was in grade 7, safety always off. Told me he was proud of me once. Fucken prick” 😂


..you feel that rand..? the way the shit clings to the air? rest in paradise, mr. lahey :(


Fuck off I got shit to do


You think you're so smurt and muscular well fuck off! 🖕🖕


I ate 8 cans of ravioli, no one wants to admit they ate 8 cans of ravioli


I didn't want to say it, but Itoadaso. I freakin atodaso.


9... 9 cans of ravioli.


It was 8 cans of ravioli actually lol


Who's gotcher belly deedleedledee


i dont need to steal from books julian, I got my own thinks




I’ll pay you a hundred dollars to FUCK OFF 🖕


Cock suckers


Those were the good kind! 8 bucks!!


Fackin way she goes boys.


Stare into the shit abyss, and the shit abyss will stare back


Way of the road Bubs.


What Julian doesn’t grow, won’t burn him.




Frig of ricky


Gettin there


Is it fucked up that when I read this it was julians voice in my head


Rub one out.


Frigg off.


I fuckin love this line lmao


You won't remember anything suggested now, after smoking that, so no, no one has anything to suggest. Good luck, see you in a week!




I don't think month has four letters.


That thing should last him a very long time.


I remember my first time smoking like it was yesterday. Weed doesn’t effect memory for me at least. Xanax on the other hand I can’t remember a thing. If anything weed can make memories more special and memorable. I journal everyday and have never been like “ah I smoked weed and forgot everything”


I forget shit if I smoke A LOT. Doesn't help I have Short-Term Memory Loss but smoking weed does tend to make me forget things.


But have you smoked that much weed at once? (Not saying OP did, but they wouldn't be able to confirm if so)


I’d suggest rolling a smaller joint if it’s your first time lol and listening to music with some good headphones Maybe having a snack too lol


He's not gonna be able to smoke 2% of it don't worry


He gunna start feeling it after 3 hits and be like hmmm maybe this was a bad idea


But it wasn’t a bad idea. Everything will be fine. Drink some water and sink in the couch. Amirite?


Facts. Learned some transition tactics and they’ve helped with the adjustment from sober to high.


Meditation helps a lot too. The anxiety and panic attacks from being super high was just my ego refusing to acknowledge the change from sober to high (and back down). We're the masters of our minds if we set our mind to it.


I'd be fucking. shocked. if he could do three hits


My first trip was listening to Dark Side of the Moon in the confort of my couch. Priceless!


Pink floyd's songs are meant to be listened to while you're stoned and nothing convinces me otherwise


Mushrooms will. I can’t explain the feeling I had while listening to them while tripping. I listened to them before but didn’t enjoy it but on mushrooms it was insanely different


I’ve been wanting to try mushrooms but I can never find them in my area or nobody has them that I know


Me personally I don’t trust dealers and I prefer growing my own rather than picking but when I do pick it’s only 1 species because I can confidently say that it’s the one I’m looking for rather than something that looks similar. I’d look into growing your own it’s pretty cheap and easy to do


To pile on here, the spores are legal, as is all the equipment needed to grow them, but if you get busted growing them you're gonna catch a manufacturing charge. Do with this information what you will. edit: not entirely true at the state level, https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Legal_status_of_psilocybin_mushrooms has a detailed breakdown


Ahh Follow a few subs on here around the subject it’s very interesting just haven’t tried it yet I was kinda scared to


r/unclebens. If you want a super easy method to grow some fungi check out this sub. Superrrrrr easy tek for growing.


Cheech and chong tossed it in a van full of nuns afterwards but me personally I would superman that shit rite down tha hatch.


You need more weed for your first time. You aren't going to feel it off that little ass joint.


Done did him wrong😂


Nah I had a 100mg edible my first time. Makes for a better first experience 😂😂


I seen some 1000mg chewy gummies and my only though was, "this shit gonna erase someone if they take it whole"


Uptade: im high af


My guy! Congrats! You're gonna sleep tight tonight!


Bruh if I was to smoke that for my first time I wouldn’t be able to sleep. My mind would be racing in opposite directions


How much of it did u manage to smoke?


Yeah buddy! Play the album "The Dark Side of The Moon"


Real talk here


If you have it play Doom. My first time playing it I was high af and it still to this day is my favourite gaming experience ever.


Yea no shit dude 😂




Watch Pineapple Express on Netflix


That is A LOT of weed! If it's really your first time, you'll be stoned stupid in 2 hits and possibly wasting a lot of that from burning and not smoking it. Roll a smaller one or just pack one pipe. Have a snack and hydrating drink on hand before you start smoking. Get comfortable because you might take a nap if you have a little too much.


theres no way hes not joking someone thats never smoked wouldnt be able to roll a joint like that


Yeah theres so much benefit of doubt getting given here its wholesome but no first timer can roll a chonger like this one


I wouldn’t smoke that whole thing for your first time if I were you Take like 4 hits, order a pizza, put on a stoner movie, and just chill. Best advice I can give ya.


If it's your first time than good night my sweet prince 😂😂


that joint is gonna last you well over a week if it’s your first time. your tolerance is gonna be nonexistent right now 💀


Bro you ain’t doing shit after smoking that monster


You're smoking that for your first time?... I'd tackle that thing in a couple of sittings mate or you will be a pile of unmoving flesh. Listen to your favourite music and discover things about it that you never did before or get suggestions for new music that you're in to. I always found that music always sounds better high. Oh and water!!!!! Not coke, water. That's coming from someone who doesn't like water. Stay hydrated.


That's a start but not near enough weed to get you high. You really need a good pipe. I recommend a bowl made of oak about 12 inches deep and 20 across. First you will need to find a good solid piece of oak. Next you will need a wood turning lathe and a set of bowl gouges. Once you have your bowl turned you will need to drill a hole and tap it out to screw in a plumbing pipe about 1/2 inch diameter. Next line the inside of the bowl using steel window screen. Now you are ready to smoke. The bowl will hold about a pound of good weed. Just light up and if you can smoke it all in under 10 minutes you will have a nice little buzz going.


dude i’ll see you on pluto 😭😭 but i like to play a campaign type of video game or listen to music. if you’re worried about being too high just take a nap.


Idc if it's ur first time, YOU BETTER FINISH THAT JOINT


And don't throw away the rest of you don't.... Stupidest thing I did when I started was putting out half smoked joints then throwing them away. My homie smoked a blunt with me one day and I strait up threw the roach away and he almost tackled me.


Bro wtf😂. Did you think it was like no good after or what?


Lmao I was going to say I’ve never heard of anyone throwing one away they couldn’t finish


Don’t listen to these chumps! You smoke that 7g joint! You gonna be doin a whole lotta nothin tho




That’s a fatty for your first time, but listen to music or go look at nature or play video games or watch a show or do your favorite hobby etc


Pretty sure u dont want to smoke this urself for the first time haha.


Wash the trash


Screw, eat, sleep, repeat.


If you smoke all this bad boy my suggestion would be 1- Get in your bed 2- Don't panic, no one ever died from thc


After smoking THAT for my first time? I’d probably lay down and try as hard as possible not to let my soul leave my body


Quit lying..


Hahahaha just make sure you finish that whole thing, THEN…….you will know what to do


Uh, go lie down


Do some chores. Fold and put away the dishes.


me and my friends(3 of us) use like 1g of weed and i was high for only 20minutes,should we use more?


Omg that nap finna hit different after this 😂


Ya , doubt that’s your first joint


VR porn


Yall really gotta leave this poor soul alone lmao


Talking shit


This ain't your first time if you smoking that guy


Im guessing it’s actually not, but if by chance this really is your first time I think I should suggest you putting on a familiar show in the background and getting comfortable cause you’re not moving for a little while..


beat ur shit trust me


Try and do anything after smoking that and tell us all about it.


Prepare for 2022, jesus


Finger your butthole


Waste of chronic. Smoke a smaller doobie n youll feel like actually doing something fun. I assume you listened to music and fell asleep in a chair with munchies after this.


Two words. “Taco Bell” my man


Masterbate upside down. Thank me later.


Moovie night with mom and dad


That’s either really loose or a fat doob


If it's the same stuff I have then I think you'd have a heart attack real quick either that or sleep for 8 hours