Allegri has 'great confidence' in McKennie despite transfer rumours of Juventus exit

Allegri has 'great confidence' in McKennie despite transfer rumours of Juventus exit


Yeah they're trying to make him desirable to buyers, you don't bash your product when you're trying to sell it. He's outta there this summer, if even that which isn't that bad because he'll be able to play for a good mid-table EPL side or Top 6 Bundesliga side.


Uh oh the dreaded vote of confidence.


That's what they all say ;) Whether McKennie leaves in January or the summer or in 2023, he's bound for the Premier League so it'll be interesting to see. Remaining at a top 10 club in the world is always a difficult position for a good player and even more so if you're a good player but you don't have a superstar name.


Allegri help thou my unbelief


Mmm, coaches always drop one of these when they’re shopping someone. I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO FEEL.


Not only is this “vote of confidence” transparent, and it’s clear Juve is looking to ship and replace him, but that is what we should all want too. There are other places where Wes can be a key player instead of a role player under a manager that doesn’t rate him. It may not be a squad on the level of Juve, but it will be a quality squad in a top 5 league, and it will be better for Wes long term.


He’s part of why he’s not wanted. His game looks off.


He shines when he's deployed box-to-box. Otherwise he's not as good.


How is it off? What do you consider to be his game?


I think you need to read the full quote to get the property context and I have 0 concern about McKennie even if it doesn't work out for him at Juventus he is a quality player and will have a good career. It's not like Sargent at Norwich where if he fails he might have to play 5-a-side. He will have a long career playing at good clubs in top leagues.


This is just price pumping.. he’s on the move I believe


I need to find that Ron Burgundy 'I don't believe you' gif.