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This article is bizarre. What qualifies gout as a victorian disease when it's been around for thousands of years and isn't linked to poor living conditions / sanitation/lack of vitamins like some of the others are (scurvy, cholera etc) This blog from the health security agency covers it much better and doesn't include gout in the definition https://ukhsa.blog.gov.uk/2019/03/28/are-victorian-diseases-making-a-comeback/


Wasn’t gout a common issue for the more privileged Victorian gent who drank too much port?


It still is.


It wasn't really any more common then than it is now. It is more common in overweight men who drink a lot of alcohol (beer is especially bad), drink a lot of sugary drinks or eat a lot of meat especially offal. Historically people who meet that criteria might have tended to be privileged, now the reverse may be more likely. People can also get it without being overweight or having that diet too though


Hippocrates said gout was a “disease of kings" as it was the wealthy who could afford all the rich foods and booze.


The article hints that that's a myth and it's 'hereditary' but then goes on the detail dietary changes to avoid flare ups. I suppose we'll have to add that to the things we have to go a do our own research on.


It's a combination. Most people can have a diet of lots of alcohol, meat, shellfish and sugary drinks without getting gout. Some people have a predisposition to get gout, believed to be a mix of genetic and environmental reasons. Some of those people if they stayed a healthy weight, ate a vegetarian diet and had low alcohol consumption would never develop gout. Some of them develop it regardless of diet/lifestyle. If you have gout then managing diet and weight is important


It’s just a type of arthritis.


I’m guessing because it was quite prevalent in the Victorian ages


'The problem is such that statistics from the NHS show that patients in England were diagnosed with one of 13 Victorian diseases when admitted to hospital 421,370 times in the year to March 2022. That includes gout, cholera, TB, scurvy, mumps, malnutrition, whooping cough, measles, typhoid, scarlet fever, diphtheria, rickets, and vitamin D deficiency - even if it was not the primary reason for their admission.'


Is gout Victorian? My father suffers from it.


Are any of them 'Victorian?' I'm sure they're all much older.


Gout makes me think of Tudor lords.


Henry the 8th had it in his later years.


Same. afaik it's not something that we've got a good way of avoiding as yet (not like TB and Mumps) so I don't really see how it fits on the list.


Back to good ol’ Bri’ish diseases like scurvy. None of that China virus for us thanks, we’ll just go back to the good old days where TB and gout was rife!


We 'ad lots o' things in them days they don't have now: rickets, diphtheria, 'itler ..


JRM, will be ecstatic about the return of more victorian stuff


It's a result of too much Uric acid. I have arthritis but it's a different type and hereditary. There's lots of kinds of arthritis. But there are many conditions associated with the low activity, unhealthy diet lifestyle which are becoming an issue in the UK. When you think about it, the way we live is so unnatural, it's not surprising. We can just hold out a hand and food appears. No having to hunt, milk a cow, plough a field. [Gout according to the NHS](https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/gout/)


Victorian Disease? Is that the one where you wear a monocle and disown your daughter for showing her ankles?


‘Gout’ is what the Victorians called arthritis in those extremities.


Gout is what the victorians called what we today also call Gout. It is a very specific type of arthritis and had been distinguished from other arthritis (rheumatoid, osteo etc) well before victorian times. It was known to cause crystals in the joint by the 1600s. The specific cause (excess uric acid in the blood) was discovered in the 1840s. The victoriana understood it pretty well as we understand it today