Idk. He isn't edgy enough to be a Uchiha.


That’s pretty far fetched


He can't cast genjutsu-like abilities (i.e illusions, hallucinations) using visual contact, so no. Also, you are over-exclaiming Isen's similarities with the Uchiha. Just by thinking abiut Isen, I do not recall any similarities that he has with the Uchiha, unlike your forcefully pedantric and seemingly nuanced analogies. First off, Isen's character is a sucker who butters-up to people who are stronger than him. He became instantly meek towards John when he doscovered John's true power. This subservience can also be seen as to how he follows Arlo's orders and allows Cecille to restrict him with her ability. On the other hand, Madara and Sasuke are powerful individuals who challenge authority. Madara went toe-to-toe against Hashirama, renowned to be the strongest Hokage at the time, because of their dispute with Konoha. Sasuke challenged Naruto's authority to succeed as the next Hokage, imprisoned the 8 Tailed Beasts as a result, and fought with Naruto because their ideologies are different. These two won't just shut up and listen what the other party has to say because they have the balls (and power) to enact their ideals and challenge those who are at power. Secondly, Isen is a character that lacks ambition. This can be easily seen as to how he just wants to spend his days lackadaisically. He blatantly shows his reluctance to become the leader of Wellston's newspaper club. On the other hand, all the Uchiha you used to compare to Isen have great ambitions that is closely related to revenge and peace (of the village or the world). One of them wanted to hunt down a highly dangerous criminal that massacred their clan, training relentlessly and sacrificing camaraderie and bonds for the sake of power (and in the end, his goal became even loftier by wanting to become Hokage). One of them sacrificed his life, his family, friends, and lover and sided with the enemy to serve as a double spy all just to protect the village. The other one literally dreamt of world peace (altbough a twisted one at that) and started a friggin world war to just to attempt to achieve that. Finally, all Uchiha have a tragic backstory (i.e Sasuke's witnessed the murder of his whole clan, Itachi had to murder said clan, and Madara's brother was murdered in front of him). Isen doesn't. If we take these forcefully pedantric and seemingly nuanced analogies that you made (i.e such as weakly associating them thru a plot outcome, a poor and very general analogy that could almost apply to any high-tier who fought John, and a very subjective comparison of their hairstyles), then Isen looks (forcefully) similar to the Uchiha. But look at the bigger picture and consider all these other factors — their ideologies, ambitions, actions, and backstory — the thought of associating Isen with the Uchiha and claiming Isen is like an Uchiha is ludicrous and comes out simply as something done out of desparation. In conclusion, these guys have very nuanced similarities like the ones that you want to forcefully believe, but **comparing the entirety of their characters, there is nothing similar with Isen to the Uchiha at all.**


First his family has to be murdered by his older brother. Then he has to be an edgelord