He did shrink it but he didn’t shrink it as far as he did everyone else or as fast.


Yeah but why didn't he? He shrunk in his barrier with the others almost immediately, he would have had ample of time to do the same with John when he took the knee.


John was breaking the barrier, maybe smaller barriers have less durability, but because almost no one can damage them anyway he doesn't usually have to worry about that.


That doesn’t make very much sense. If it was smaller it should be stronger since it’s not spread out rather than weaker


Maybe the cracks affected his ability to shrink the barrier.


Maybe cuz he was to damaged to shrink it as fast and u must remember he ain’t that fast so him been damaged was already a bad thing


It’s probably because John was breaking it and we’ve seen that it being hurt also hurts Arlo so Arlo couldn’t concentrate on it as easily


John wouldn’t have given him the chance to shrink the barrier if john blew that hole through his barrier arlo would have either died or would have been seriously injured


I'm pretty sure he tried shrinking it the first time they fought and John just broke it with his own amped barrier.


You know I'm talking about the royal fight and not the first Arlo vs John fight right?


Yea I know but if it failed one time why would arlo think it would change anything now. Even if remi, blyke, and isen attacked while he was trying to suppress John it wouldn't so much considering they can't break Arlo's barrier so they definitely couldn't do jack to John.


Probably can't move it so much when the barrier is damaged


True, that huge ass crack probably affects his ability to shrink it further


I don't know what to say about you typing "ass" before "crack"...




Shut up and take my upvote


I did not think that through when I was typing it out lmao


pretty sure he already tried that once and got imploded on the spot


John isn't weak. the barrier was here to stop him moving and let Remi use her ability only.


The question was why didn't Arlo shrink the barrier on John.


If john uses his barrier against Arlos, Arlos break and that would put him out of commission, thats why


Well in this scene, John couldn’t use Barrier because he already had 4 other abilities.


John could easily swap one ability out, its to big of a risk to shrink the barrier down here from Arlo perspective


That doesn’t make any sense. If he could, then why not copy Arlo’s Barrier? Plus, John would already have access to it. Arlo shrinking the Barrier at that point wouldn’t matter.


Nothing has shown John able to swap abilities mid combat. In fact, part of the reason why Arlo and Remi almost beat John was because John couldn't use Barrier.


It was stated that in order for john to "swap" out abilites he needs to deactivate his first, thus losing all of his current abilites and needing to regain them


This was before they found out his limit of high tier abilities is 4


Probably because he knows it won't work on John.


He already tried that before in their first fight.


I mean the barriers almost destroyed maybe it’s like glass the more you try to bend it the easier it is to break if he tried to shrink it then the barrier would either be easier to break or just break on it’s own


He has done this before, you know? 😑


Took too many zaps to the noggin’


Don't forget arlo needs to focus on his barrier to be able to shrink it and with the amount of damage he had already taken he couldn't focus as easily, also john was gonna break out any way cause of his coolness 😎😎


He's tried to do it to John before but it backfired because John put up his own barrier so the shrinking barrier damage was pushed back onto Arlo


Probably because of that huge ass crack


Arlo was beaten up when John only had one high tier ability and 2 mid tiers, even shrinking the barrier in that fight. Now John in this scene has 4 high tier abilities that are also amped up. John can most definitely break that barrier easily if he tries to do a stunt like that since John's priority should Arlo shrink the barrier would be to break it, ultimately putting Arlo out of commission. At least that what I think is the reason for not shrinking the barrier.


I agree with this. John was already charging another powerful beam, Arlo would be stupid if he didn't deactivate his barrier around John.


Bcs John built different


Cause John could use his own barrier to stop that as he demonstrated in his first fight with Arlo and because he's already stronger then Arlo and can amp the ability. So essentially Arlo was screwed either way.


No barrier in this fight


Good question


We don’t have this confirmed but it would make sense that Barrier’s utility is affected by the damage it takes. Each time we have seen Arlo use barrier as a constriction, he either suffered no damage or little. The exception was his first fight with John but that was only a single strike before he tried constricting the barrier. In every other case of a fight with John, he suffered much more damage as John had copied much stronger abilities. It is likely that if he loses a barrier from damage that he is too weak to do fine control and only basic defense which is the forte of barrier.


Plot armor


He tried this during his first fight with john. John used his own barrier to stop arlos. Then punched threw it...


In this fight he did not have Arlo's barrier hence he couldn't punch the barrier without receiving reflective damage.


I was referring to the first time they fought. Arlo tried to crush John the first time when he had little knowledge about how his ability worked. It ended up backfiring on him. Which is why he probably didn't try it here.


It backfired because John had Arlo's ability in their first fight. Here Arlo knows that John didn't had the ability.


Arlo did this before and john used it against arlo can't remember this part exactly was this the unmasking of john and if so then arlo was simply just trying to buy time


He makes people dogeza in his barrier only if they're weaker than him. He knew that John is stronger than him so shrinking him in his barrier was a pretty weird idea


1.John breaks his barrier pretty easily.. 2.John copies his ability and just stops the barrier from shrinking altogether with his own barrier.(Arlo vs John)


John: Yamate papa! Yamate! 😩😭