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Look at that. Regular sized hats and no goose stepping. I love non-ridiculous militaries 🥹


God the bar is so low but you’re not wrong.


Yeah, I've always felt that actions during combat are much more important than the parade 'show'. Goose-stepping troops always reminds me of a guy with small dick trying to overcompensate.


Why am i all of a sudden thinking about ruzzia and NK?


Soldiers marching in a parade is still kinda ridiculous.


Nice looking future NATO troops :)


The Armed Forces of Ukraine have gained a lot of respect world-wide for their bravery, fighting spirit and achievements against a massive juggernaut of a foe. 💪


Now develop a black ops group from their veterans for NATO and get some shit done.


Looking forward to the victory parade in Kyiv. Imagine the steady streams of obscure weapons and vehicles, spanning more than 100 years in technological development. Machine guns from the 19th century and drones that might not have been designed yet. All manner of tracked, wheeled and (hopefully) flying creatures of steel and glass.


I love this thought


Yes, this would be gloriously diverse. And the soundtrack also have to be a mix. 🤣


Since your planning ahead, consider maybe holding the military parade somewhere else other than on civilian streets…. but on some military grounds or a militarily significant point of interest… just saying


Like the Kremlin front steps?


I might start with the border of belarus, but I’m no military strategist


Ukraine's military changed so much since 2014!! Proud of it!


Pre war footage. Ironic as it is, today's Ukraine army is at another level in terms of numbers, weapons and not to mention experience. Probably one of the most, if not the most, experienced army in the world right now, with all their various weapon systems combined with continuous "on the ground" fights across various territories.


Parades suck regardless of who is in them. stand around in hot itchy clothes with in stupid footwear that's for show only and zero comfort, marching in step ridiculous distances while holding salutes for what seems like hours on end.. fuking hate parades....


No bullshit, real army, warriors!


With the anthem of New Army sound better.


Fuck this is nothing compared to the victory parade they’re gonna have with Bradley’s, leopards and Himars … Ukrainians will be the tip of the spear for the EU (in the EU) for the next 100 years. Basically the whole country will be warriors.


Go west!, life is peaceful there Go west…


There will be joint NATO training in Ukraine as a show of unity when Ukraine is voted into NATO and the EU and the Ukrainian flag will fly proud and high.


Kadyrov parade: bunch of leashed goats and toilets on wheels.


Wearing a beret with full combat gear will always looks awesome.


And with sunglasses...and the women marching. 22% female - really something.


Слава ЗСУ 🇺🇦🇺🇦


Fucking hype , SLAVA UKRAINE !!!!!!!!!


The U.S. doesn't do military parades. It's not something we need or like to flex on and I don't see why any peaceful country needs to do so. Military parades are a symbol of authoritarian and dictatorship regimes. That's not the direction that any peaceful country should be showcasing.


Well the USAF gets pretty showy during sport events, and sometimes it feels like it’s always fleet week somewhere, but you’re right, actual parades with infantry marching and armored vehicles rolling down the main avenue are not really a thing here


The air force is an exception to the rule compared to the human element paired with tanks. The air force is more of a display of technology and advancement compared to the up front terror in your face of boots and tanks on the ground. Marching parades are celebrated with musical instruments and talent. Soldiers doing talented coordinated salutes is a highlight of discipline and skill. Soldiers shouting in a large group is a display of intimidation and fear. Rolling tanks in the street isn't military pride, it's military intimidation and oppression.


We have done parades, famously after the first gulf war, but I agree. Walk softly and carry a big stick and 3000 JDAMS.


Wow very cool, war seems cool now


Bullpup rifles are awesome.


They should definitely use dance music for their live parades.


The [2021 Independence Day parade](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OG2KzUYWe_A), on 24 August 2021. Look at these ranks, from a pre 2022 invasion military that numbered just 200 thousand. I expect for every 10 service members marching here, 1 or 2 have given their lives for their country, another 3 or 4 have sustained life-changing injuries. On nearly every row, sacrifice. Imagine what a repeat of this parade might look like now: some hobbling on prosthetics, others being pushed in wheelchairs, and many gaps in their ranks. And behind them, representatives of the 400 to 500 thousand that joined after the invasion.


Are their maroon berets equivalent to our Airborne?


Was this parade from the 30th independence day celebrations back in 2021?