New Candidate Dashboard

New Candidate Dashboard

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Same for me. I have to do my medical examination so it's been very frustrating. I hope they fix it soon. I've been in contact with the TSA Help Desk through email, but im not getting anything. If I'm bale to get in I'll let you guys know.


Hey, question, I just got the call today and accepted an EDC position in LGA. How long after they called you with the offer, did you get the invite/ETC for the medical and background check? Thank you.


Hey! I have the same problem. I can log in to my dashboard, but after my AA (I passed it), the dashboard are not uploading to do next step (fill up the forms and medical exam). I'm trying to contact help desk, but they never reply. Did anything change in your situation?? Update please. I worry because we have only 21 day after AA to complete forms and medical. I'm my situation only week left.


Same. I have to do my medical questionnaire so hopefully it comes up soon


Same.. The old "maintenance" message states the new dashboard is at /candidates.tsa.dhs.gov but mine also does not work. After I got the authentication error I hit the Back button on my browser and it actually let me see my account info, but not dashboard. Maybe later today... And it looks more like USAJOBS rather than the old dashboard.


Same thing on Firefox... On Microsoft Edge browser it actually sent my phone an authentication code, after entering the code it said authentication failed. I assume they are not finished with the shift to the new web page. If you have something due or need help, maybe email the HR people or your HR contact.


Update as of 11am CST: We are currently upgrading our systems. The Candidate Dashboard will be replaced with the Candidate Portal. We apologize for any inconvenience. The launch of the new Candidate Portal, originally scheduled for 4/5, has been delayed. We will continue to provide updates this week on the new launch date. Until the new Candidate Portal launches, Candidates will not be able to access the existing Candidate Dashboard to check their applications status as the Dashboard was decommissioned on 4/2


Any new update?


Today at 10:50: The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is in the process of transitioning to new technology for our hiring system. The Candidate Portal will be available soon. As we phase in the new system, we ask for your patience and understanding. Please note that there is no impact to your progression in the hiring process during this time.


Same for me, I would expect it to hopefully be up later today at some point.... hopefully.....


~~Just checked and for me it's the doing maintenance announcement with TSO candidates get it back today and others on the 19th.~~ And now I'm with you guys on the authentication error thing.


Same thing happened with me I don’t know what to do?


Well, I emailed HR and they replied with 3 attachments on how to do it (which I'm sure we are all doing it correctly) and it still does not work. I replied and advised them it is still broken... Wait and see...


I'm able to "sign in" through a link sent in an email, but then it says an authentication error occurs after I enter an authentication code. Hopefully they fix it after all these emails they're about to get lol


Still having authentication error messages.


Same thing here, I've tried signing out of all logins, clearing cache and data from my web browsers, and yet the problem still exist. I need to fill out my e86 after passing the CBT so hopefully this in back up in time.


Me too! I thought I was the only one having this issue. I hope its back up and running soon. I emailed the help desk.


I have A question if anyone can please help. I applied to multiple locations but I would Like to withdraw my application to one of the airports I applied to. If I withdraw from one will it withdraw me from all?


No it won’t.


I scheduled myself for the cbt test on the 20th (earliest date I could do within driving distance) just before the website went down and was hoping I could check back each day to see if an earlier slot opened, rip that plan :/ Heres to hoping its not too far away from being up


I finished my medical exam and just waiting on the background check i guess...


This is so unfortunate, I kept saying it would be a breeze after the interview and now this happens.


Anyone else not able to sign in to the E-Qip site. Said I needed to finish my E86, but I submitted it in full. Now I get an email stating I am no longer eligible for the next 6 months. Due to the website maintenance, are we able to get some kind of an extension?


Do you know how to submit the OF-306 form?


The Candidate Portal will be launching soon. All active candidates will receive an email notification from [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) when the new Candidate Portal is available.


I emailed the help desk about the same issue they emailed me back saying the new website didn't launch on the expected date however once it does I will get an email. The TSA Candidate Dashboard is moving to a new website and is currently unavailable. All active candidates will receive email notification from [email protected] when the new Candidate Portal is available. this message is still there on the website.


Has anyone gotten any updates?


Yup. Thursday got an email saying we can now login and view status which it worked and it showed my progress and today Friday I’m in the ready pool.


Thank you, hopefully I get something soon. Haven't been able to log in since the whole new website and I'm stilling to see the status of my last background check.


Website is up and running now you should be able to login


Nope can’t log in and get error saying no user found. Send message to help desk weeks ago and no response. You would think they would leave the original site active until the new one worked.


But I think they are migrating each candidate separately so your profile might of not been relocated to the new website yet


Got it thank you 👍🏼


It's working


Not with the link I received in my email this morning.


It doesn’t work


I already did my AA but I didn't do my fingerprints yet. Does anyone know how to schedule that?


How does someone submit the OF306? I cannot seem to find it on the portal?


Same here! I received an email today saying they are still having issues and will resolve it asap. In the meantime, it won't affect my hiring prospects


I can’t schedule a medical exam- it tells me that the “system is taking longer than expected try again later” and then it times out. The medical exam is time sensitive so I am worried.


Same situation, I’m still waiting to be scheduled for the medical examination 🥲


Does anyone have any issues accepting their contingent offer?


Were you able to accept the offer??


Yes, I have been trying to accept my contingent offer for 6 weeks now and I get an error stating an “unhandled fault in flow has occurred”. I have sent emails and left voicemails to the help desk but I haven’t got a response.


I log in to the new candidate portal, and my personal dashboard doesn't show up; almost nothing does. The website is still broken. Not sure why they chose to renew their website during their hiring push. Makes no sense.


same. the email i received said i needed to sign up to take the CBT yet the link to the portal takes me to the homepage which shows me basically nothing. anyone else have that problem?


I can log in to my dashboard, but after my AA (I passed it), the dashboard are not uploading to do next step (fill up the forms and medical exam). I'm trying to contact help desk, but they never reply. No number to talk to real person. I worry because it is only 21 day after AA to complete forms and medical. I'm my situation only week left. Does anyone has the same situation?


Yes they never reply. I’ve been waiting weeks for them to answer within their 2 day window.


They just replied me today! Basically system is down, and they are working on that..


It took me a few days for the dashboard to update and allow me to do the forms and medical exam. I still havent been able to fill out my forms and its been like 40 days lol


Hi i have been trying to set my appt for the cbt test since last week it says check my canidate portal daily and thsts what i have been doing but there is nothing there but my information can anyone tell me is there another way to make an appt or tell me how to find it on my portal thank you my deadline is the 26th and im not trying to miss it thanks again


Hey. I got put in the ready pool in April. I was eligible but now when I login to the dashboard it says ineligible. Has anyone had that? Did anyone get a reason from them why they became ineligible. I am confused because I passed all the requirements.