100% P&T disabled veteran parked in handicap finds this on his window.

100% P&T disabled veteran parked in handicap finds this on his window.


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It's been 8 years since I became disabled but I still worry I'm gonna run into an idiot like this when I use handicapped parking


I look forward to it lol


peace was never an option


Lol, I don't know why but I just pictured full terminator "question my disability and you'll be using my spot soon enough" badassery


Question my disability and we'll end up having something in common


Mess with the honk, get the bonk!


[NewsAggressive4867](/u/NewsAggressive4867) wakes up every morning and chooses violence


Get em a toy store badge and little note pad with crayons. A real boost starter pack for the wannabe parking enforcement ego.


I'd keep that shit on my sunvisor!


Let’s role play! You park peacefully and exit your vehicle. Me: Hey You! Yeah, You! Can’t you read!?!?That parking spot is for HANDICAPPED people! Beat it! You:


My plan has always been to just pull up my pant legs and show my 4 ankle to knee faciotomy scars 🤣 and say "proof enough for ya?"


mine is to ask them to look at a mole on my ass since they've decided to take over my medical care


I just knock on my leg and most people shut up when they hear metal


My husband has been disabled all his life (his disability is obvious when he’s walking but not while seated fwiw) and is still relatively young (mid 30s). We used to worry about what people thought when we park up, now we just laugh; sometimes he puts the wonky walk on very thickly if someone is being particularly disapproving just to see the look on their face when they realize they fucked up. The best is when we pull up in the sports car on date night, that really pisses people off for some reason… I married this man for many reasons but the biggest of which is his ability to make me laugh even when I’m feeling like crap.


Same thing here. No cartilage in any joints, not obvious but sometimes noticeable. Also I'm young and drive a 79 firebird, the looks are priceless


I don’t know why people think that disabled people shouldn’t own and drive nice cars… I guess we are all a little bit jaded and just assume the nice car is parked in that space because some knob didn’t want it scratched; their heart is in the right place because they think they are defending ‘actual disabled people’s’ right to use the space, they are just a little misguided… Enjoy driving her!!


Those comments are confusing. Don’t you have to have a placard? And if you do, people really mess with people with a placard?


There was a video on here recently. A girl was claiming Grandma's placard is simply fake. To her, apparently you cannot be disabled if you can stand and walk. But then, in the end, we just found out she's bitter because she parked her car slightly further down and she's not having it because someone else parked about 2 meters closer to entrance, in a disabled spot.


Yes, unfortunately. I was with my aunt when someone tried telling her "being fat is not a disability." She's had multiple strokes and is still very weak on one side. She was in a scooter and everything.


I hate people. Sorry they did that to your aunt.


"Neither is being a fucking moron but you go off!"


That is 100% something my aunt would say lol


Well, I am someone's aunt so that makes sense. :b


I wait for the day someone does that to my mom who has a huge list of issues.


My aunt can be pretty brutal with people, but she was very blunt with them. I worry it's happened enough she doesn't bother.


I feel you on that one. I am a big guy myself but have all sorts of other issues that they cant tell.. hell only reason I'm fat now is all the meds I've been put on in the last 10 yrs.. prior I was never a big person.. so tbh being bigger has taken some adjusting. I eat healthily but some medicines will just make you pack the weight on. If anyone gives me grief I just loudly say I have some horrible condition to make them feel like an ass. Luckily the stares i don't care about .. its the old people who park between handicapped spots who think those are actual spots.


If you have the disabled veteran license plate I think you don’t need a placard Edit: nvm, they changed it recently I think, so yes a placard is needed https://www.harrisvets.com/media/dv-plates-require-ada-placard


Things like this frequently depend on the state/local area.


Good job Texas. Take something simple that works and make it complicated and confusing.


Even with the proper plates or placard, people will still be a dick to disabled people if they decide that the disabled person doesn’t fit their idea of what a disabled/handicapped person should look like. It happens way too often


Yep, and I'm not showing or explaining my disability to a knucklehead.


I have the plates and had them since I was in my early 20s. Some people just can't mind their own business. After multiple surgeries I walk with a slight limp and normally don't need a cane unless it's a bad day. I've had people tell me I can't park there because I'm not disabled and I can't use other people's plates. Luckily I wear gym shorts a lot and just pull it up to show this huge scar on my knee from when I had it replaced, then ask if they want to see the others. Some will apologize others will call me rude, very rarely will someone double down and tell me I still don't need it because I can walk.


These stories are truly horrific.


You do need a placard. The underlying disability/disabilities that gave rise to the 100% P&T rating from the VA can provide the basis to be issued a handicap placard, but they are given separately and from separate government agencies. (Still a douche message to leave on a card for someone, even if he might have been correct here.)


You can have handicapped plates and disabled veterans have plates, at least in Texan.


It's the same for me. I even have my picture on the placard because that's the law where I live. Unfortunately, in addition to my physical limitations, I also have anxiety and panic disorder. I'm terrified that I will get accosted and recorded for internet points. There's so much guilt, too. My disability is invisible and I'm only 40. I have absolutely gotten many nasty looks. I'm getting a wheelchair soon as well to help me get out more. I'm pretty sure a lot of people don't understand ambulatory wheelchair users. So that's a new worry. lol.


I had someone look at me weird for putting my card in the glove compartment when I was leaving. I just don't want it to fly out the window lol but since I'm only 22 I assume she thought I didn't deserve my spot. Worst was she was also using a handicapped spot and didn't look disabled so like... don't be so judgey? Also I recently just started using a wheelchair too so I can get around more. But since I can walk still, I get a LOT of looks when I walk out of the car and pull it out then get in it. Don't worry too much, people will judge no matter what. At least you can roll on and enjoy your day. They're just going to stir about it for the rest of their day and have a miserable night.


In my state it's the law to remove the placard from the mirror before driving. Goes to show people want to enforce their ideas, without any knowledge of the situation.


They usually do it without being seen. The first one I got pissed me off so much, at first. It read “You don’t look handicapped, asshole!” That was 2-3 months after being able to walk again, and just weeks after my first steps without crutches, so afterwards I was glad to “not look” handicapped anymore, which was helped by the 3 braces I was wearing ynder my clothes at the time. The next time it happened was the maddest I have ever seen my brother. It was months later, after being back on crutches, and right after being at a checkup where I learned I would need another operation that would put me back in the chair for many months, and he knew how upset I was. In that case an older guy was yelling at us for parking in the handicap spot he had just pulled out of, without waiting to see me use crutches. He just saw two young guys. Hopefully more people have learned about “invisible” disabilities, or to just mind their business. I used to get upset if somebody parked in a disabled parking spot without a placard, but I’ve done it a few times when in my wife’s car, before I got plates on my car. A ticket for not displaying it is a $25 fix-it ticket, in my city at least when I submit proof.


I thought it was all about the placards. Do people really mess with people that have a placard?


I'm in my 70's and sometimes forget to put up the placard. Just plain forget. Most folks say nothing after seeing me have to use my cane. I've had a few that think the placard is the holy grail so if I just forgot to put the placard up I just tell them that I have one and just forgot. If they continue I just point them to the purple-durple plate and tell them explosives can be a bitch.


Have you considered putting a post-it on your driver's side window to avert your forgetfulness? Perhaps a permanent disabled plate? You're not going to get fined or ticketed in case of a wrongful tow, but you might still have to deal with being carless in the meantime.


beat then with a stick


I’ll beat ‘em with my cane


I’m a disabled veteran too and used mine when I had back surgery last. I would get nasty looks even with a cane. Finally had enough and just parked far out and toughed it out.


Honestly fuck those who give you a dirty luck. You earned the right to use those parking spaces without assholes judging you for it.


Hell no fuck those people. Use your spot! Give them the dirty look back!


What is P&T? Sorry I’m sure it’s a dumb question


Permanent & total. It means the VA ruled that no surgery or treatment could ever fix their disability, so they have a 100% rating for life.


Also means they can get their full VA disability payout and still work for extra income. You can be paid out at 100% and not have the disability rating at 100% or have T&P. Signed, A disabled veteran's wife (currently trying for 100% T&P)


Also means they have a disability, visible or not does not mean to say “well if I can’t see it must mean I say it’s not real” cause 1. It’s not your business 2. It’s none of your damn business 3. A disability is not for some random person in a parking lot to decide.


If you see somebody with a handicap sticker on their car, that means their disabled enough to park there, and it very well could be a medical condition and not a physical condition that qualifies them. In my state having heart problems or lung problems will qualify you for disabled parking, as well as things like having difficulty walking due to an injury or condition.


I just got a temporary one because when I’m going through my chemo I literally can’t walk more than 30 steps without a break. When chemo cycle ends I return to normal for a few days until the next treatment. I am so glad for the temp tag.


I know it sucks man. I hope you get better. Treat yourself on those days you can’t walk around. You deserve to feel some comfort.


Please please use the handicap spots, don't give in to the "I look fine" pressure. You need all your energy saved for this fight even on off cycle "feel good" days.


My husband has Congestive Heart Failure and had to have Open Heart Surgeey and an LVAD(Left Ventricular Assist Device) Implanted and he is considered handicap even though you cant tell he is from the outside aside from the bag of batteries he carries around. He is only 37 (got it when he was 34) and he gets so much shit for parking in handicap even though exherting himself too much causes lots of issues.


My friend was in a motorcycle accident so her dog is her service dog and was trained to help her walk. Otherwise she looks normal...it's been really annoying when people call her out. She couldn't walk for several years before her therapy allowed her the limited mobility she has now. If you watch her long enough you can tell something is off but it's not immediately obvious.


My ex has a form of arthritis at 21. Had it her whole life. I’ve begged her countless times to get some sort of disability aid. She can actually get around perfectly fine normally, and she even looks very fit. You don’t notice her issues until she literally can’t walk the day before a thunderstorm. Or when it’s winter and all her joints have become too enflamed for her to want to go anywhere. And even with that, most people would never notice the signs. All they can normally see is when she explains her symptoms. Sure, I can tell when walking to the mall from the parking lot is too much for her, but I’m specifically trained to notice these differences and I’ve lived with her for years on top of it.


I just recently read some news on an arthritis vaccine they are or have developed. I hope it pans out, I only have it in my spine from the two breaks there and it hurts like hell and slows me down, but doesn't make it so I can't walk. I know a part of her pain, and don't want to imagine the rest of it.


I think the issue here was that the veteran didn't have the handicap sticker, but just the disabled vet plates. There's no special annotation for 100% vs 10%, you just get special plates that say "Disabled Vet" on them. So whomever decided it was their place to scribble a note that looks like it was written by a 6 year old with his off-hand probably just saw the disabled plates and got his panties in a bunch because he doesn't know any better. \- a vet with disabled plates


Absolutely. Some of my husband's disabilities are invisible and can be crippling.


Good vibes to you both.


Thank you. We have come a long way to get his mental health where it is now and in turn it has strengthened mine as well.


He’s very lucky to have you, and you him. Many years of companionship to the both of you.


Yup I look super normal. But I have nerve damage from a tumour that was removed. Constant and chronic pain. I don't use the handi parking normally as I'm fairly mobile but on my bad days I'm so grateful it's there. But you would never know it to look at me cuz on the outside my bad days and good days look pretty much the same.


like yeah especially annoying if it's not clearly noticable without going into much detail i use disabled bathroom stalls because i have bladder issues and they typically have more space and a rubbish bin sure not anything life ruining but i dread the day someone questions why i don't go to a normal bathroom


Just be like my awesome late wife and explain why in graphic and minute detail. She could make people gag!


No no, come back, let me show you the wound, i think i might still have some pus there, let's see what you think it smell like, come back....


>No no, come back, let me show you the wound, i think i might still have some pus there, let's see what you think it smell like, come back.... As someone who has worked in health care all my life, this made me laugh because I'd probably do this exact same thing.


it gets to that point where i'd be uncomfortable explaining in that amount of detail


Tell them that your shit is none of their business.


The thing is though, he’s visibly disabled as well since the person wrote “disabled isn’t handicapped” And I’d also like to point out that yes the fuck disabled is handicapped… they’re almost synonyms ffs. If I ever hear the conversation “I’m disabled” “yea, but are you handicapped?” I’m gonna make them handicapped… like wtf is wrong with people?


Exactly. I just don’t know why this tool’s name and contact info is redacted.


So many people don't realize that hitting 100% doesn't mean having 10 things at 10%. It's not straight math from here to there. To get to 100% you are suffering with a whole litany of challenges in your life. Thanks to you and your husband for your sacrifice. We are good at making veterans, and shit at taking care of them afterwards. Signed, a disabled vet at 70% sitting in the tub trying to get the damage in his hip to calm the hell down. :/


I'm at 70% and I seriously need to contact a lawyer, I should be at at least 90% but they botched my medical record "accidentally" and physical/mental issues I dealt with for several years mysteriously weren't even listed. VA math is seriously like Calvinball.


The VA is bad with numbers. I found this out the hard way when they fucked up my SSN in the system, and I couldn’t get any scripts for about 4 months without jumping through a bunch of hoops.


I went nearly 3 months without getting my housing allowance from my GI Bill this semester because some of my paperwork spent *weeks* pending. Insane how incompetent they manage to be. There's no way it isn't intentional.


Idk if you tried it but the DAV and my states veterans affairs were really helpful to me. I went it on my own and they tried to tell me my knee injury from training wasn't service connected nor was the documented head injury heating loss etc. Sat down with the rep from the state worked the appeal walked out at 30%, and when the VA decided that was too much and wanted to reevaluate talked with the dav, had them help me appeal and ended up with a reevaluation that bumped me to 70.


Good luck. If you can get a disability lawyer that’s a huge help, and they are free unless you get a lump sum and then they get a percentage of that. I’m going through the process right now as well and was having a hard time with my mental state and having to do this super stressful process, but they are essentially holding my hand through the whole process and allowing my girlfriend in on all the details so she can help keep me sorted. There is absolutely no way I could accomplish this without all of that. The VA doesn’t want to help and is not your friend.


Permanent and Total disability. Buster’s cognition placed him at 50% disability, explaining why [Army had half a day](https://yarn.co/yarn-clip/eb722f59-7ab3-4fa3-8b39-bdb272d45d88).


These are my awards mother, from *Army* I’m watching the series (for the 3rd time) and I just love the show!


“…and I just love the show!” [Oh, thank you.](https://yarn.co/yarn-clip/f995dbf5-2e49-490b-a455-d8143a753ab7)


User name checks out


Hah! I'm rewatching the show right now, and on season 3, episode 10.


If I come home from work early I just tell my wife "Air Force had half day"


Ahh ok makes sense I thought physical and traumatic


permanent and total could also be a physical and traumatic injury


For the American military disability rating "100% Permanent and Total". This means the veteran is not (or very unlikely) going to get better. When it's not obvious it is often combination of disabilities; bad back, knees, some mental health etc.


And not a dumb question:)




Not knowing military disability shorthand isn't dumb


It's not dumb because I was wondering too


Penn & Teller. They are a popular duo of magicians and they have a show in Las Vegas.


I'm young but have a congential heart issue and have had a handicap placard most of my life because I get extremely short of breath and turn blue especially in the cold and I live in New England. Anyway I have been stopped MULTIPLE times by random passersby and security despite having my tag up literally asking me "are you handicapped?" I go into detail about my condition and pull up my shirt to show my scars and the face they always make is the same "oh I messed up" face. I don't even get pleasure out of it just annoyed. Not every disability is outwardly visible and people have a hard time realizing that. Honestly if I had no tag and I'm walking out of my car looking fine cool I get it but c'mon...


Don’t do this. My disability is invisible also. Tell them to call the cops or show them your dmv slip that comes with the pass. You don’t owe them an explanation of your health condition.


This this this. "Do you have a disability?" "Do I know you?" "No?" "Oh okay" Then just walk away. If they persist, yell loudly at them "EXCUSE ME BUT I DON'T KNOW YOU AND YOURE BOTHERING ME, PLEASE BACK OFF." Make a scene. Put the attention back on them. Fuck anyone who asks that question out of spite rather than genuine care or concern. Been *legally* disabled for a while now (Ehlers Danlos Syndrome). I don't take shit anymore. I just don't. Edit: added the legally part. I have been this way since birth so you ... Learn how to not take shit from people


You forgot “that’s my purse I don’t know you”


Don't forget the pocket sand.


Is it good or bad that this was the first thing that I thought of?


["Then I kicked him as hard as I could, in his testicles."](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UuIjbNkBDAw)




My conditions can be debilitating, are improved but not erased by meds, but *usually* parking is not a big issue for me, so I haven’t gone for a placard yet. (But have discussed with my doc and she said “of course you qualify, just go get it.”) There have been times I needed one and just had to either miss out on whatever it was I was going to, or hurt myself doing the walk from available parking. So grateful it’s a non-issue 90% of the time, but the times it sucks, it *really* sucks. Everything wrong with me is not easily seen so I’m really just not ready to deal with people giving me dirty looks or playing parking lot police, I guess. I would use it probably one out of every 50-100 times I parked anywhere bc like I said, it’s not *usually* a big deal for me. The irony is these assholes really, truly think they are STANDING UP FOR PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES 😊🤬🤔🙃😭


> “of course you qualify, just go get it.”) Then do it. You can keep it in the glovebox when you don't use it. ​ These stories of nosy people in parking lots are very rare. 99.999% of people it's never an issue.


Thank you for sharing that! I have to say that when I read your last sentence i laughed - you're totally right!! I hope you can find some semblance of balance and wellness in your daily life. Whatever it is you're dealing with, you are definitely not alone. (For what that's worth, anyway.) I totally feel you.


>The irony is these assholes really, truly think they are STANDING UP FOR PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES >😊🤬🤔🙃😭 Is people faking handicap placards and using all of the available spaces a big problem anywhere? I'm also guessing that of all the things people with disabilities might want, more aggressive enforcement against parking fraud is probably near the bottom of the list.


I had a spinal issue and literally unable to stand without crippling pain within about 5 minutes, usually as little as a minute. I wouldn't have to limp around and I could "power through" but what nobody ever saw was that I'd be literally on my ass for 3 days after that if I went too far and even that wasn't enough to recoup it was just to try to get any kind of relief to not make it worse. It's no one else's business and people need to fuck off with the judgy stuff if you're allowed to be there whether you have an issue now or not or even look like you do. Legal is legal. Quit looking for reasons to look down on others because you want to feel superior. I hate those people. If someone is going to say something it should be a rather neutral "hey did you forget your placard" or something because sometimes that does happen if it's not on your plate and you aren't supposed to leave them on while driving either and in some cars it affects visibility more than others too. It's just people who have their justice boners and are nothing more than bullies.


I like this. I like how you think.


I'd be concerned some nosy bastard will be so offended that he would key my car or something


"That's my purse! I don't know you!"


My plate starts with DV but doesn't have a chair on it. I've had asshats like this come up and bug me and it goes a little something like this (hit it!): "Hey, do you support the troops? Then what the fuck do you think DV stands for?" These busybodies have nothing more important in their lives, so they want to disrupt yours. Keep living your best life and let them go back to their sad and insignificant suck.


> what the fuck do you think DV stands for That thing where with I can't go un see muh wife at err home?




I feel for you. My wife is 100% disabled. Her life isn't easy either. I really wish we could, as a country, do better for those who can no longer do for themselves. :(


You are trying to make them see they are wrong but it is none of their business. You are just giving more ammo to attack others with, they will start off asking where peoples scars are and stupid crap. If something is none of someones business you tell them that and walk away if they continue start yelling at them to leave you alone, if that doesnt work call the cops and tell them they are harrassing people trying to park and you do not feel safe.


One time I parked in a handicapped space at Costco and forgot to hang the car tag up and had this nasty note on the car when we got back about parking in the handicapped spot. Then, as I am helping my obviously handicapped mother into the car, we’re approached by a person I assume to be the note writer, who starts bitching about us parking in the handicapped spot. I gesture to my Mom and say, “handicapped.” The person is like, “but you still need a placard, you can’t just park here,” and on and on, until I grab the placard from the visor and waive it at them. Some people just like to be assholes.


Vigilantism gives people massive boners Some people want an excuse to be evil, and being a ‘hero’ is a perfect excuse


You’ve now cleared up why Reddits premature justice boners happen all the time too


It’s why witch hunts/doxxing etc are a huge bannable offense. The site had such a hard on for being the internet sleuths of the hosting bombing, and then ended up getting the wrong guy.


Obligatory “We did it Reddit!”


Also explains why most redditors have some form of erectile disorders


“They’ll get what they deserve” -Arthur Fleck


You want to know why?? Because I'm Batman!!


I posted this the other day, same shit happens to my family (still) at least once or twice a year. I don't get as mad anymore but it's irritating as fuck. Some people just don't think about anything but themselves: Fun story: went to target once when he was younger, like idk 5 or 6 yo, and parked in the handicapped spot. He had a stroller that kind of looked like a stroller but more hardcore and bigger...he wasn't in a wheel chair yet because he didn't have the strength to spin the wheels himself. We went in, shopped and came back out to a note on the window of the van that said something like **"this spot is for handicapped people NOT FOR ENTITLED PARENTS WHO HAVE LAZY CHILDREN. Your child is too old to be in a stroller, next time I'll have you towed."**.... I was sooooo pissed off, I had my tag hanging, he still had a fucking trach at the time and some busy body bitch left a note on my car telling me my kid should walk?! The cute fucker has Cerebral Palsy (severe) and physically CAN'T walk. I wanted soooo bad to wait to see if the person would confront me when they were done shopping, but my wife said that kind of stuff had happened to her more times than she could count, because besides the trach (which he doesn't have anymore), our son looks just like a normal kid, he just can't walk or talk...and she said to just let it go. I can't remember being that mad before or since. Edit: for clarity, I'm *technically* step dad, but really I'm his dad dad and he's my son and best friend. I met him and his mom when he was 4 years old.


No need for edit - you are Dad indeed!


>Edit: for clarity, I'm technically step dad, but really I'm his dad dad and he's my son and best friend. Honestly one of, if not *thee* sweetest things I've ever read in my life! You **are** that child's dad, plain and simple. Any dude can bust a nut into a chick and become a 'father.' A man that protects, loves, and cares for a child.. **that's** a dad.


I used to work at Disneyland and they had this awesome program where you could register your stroller as a wheelchair and get all the same accommodations besides being able to strap it down. Plus child size wheelchairs are probably expensive AF, and they get to be “normal” while in the stroller. Other people in the regular line would just see families skipping the line and FREAK OUT. I had a woman paralyzed below the waist give me an extreme lecture about how the disability line is only for REAL disabled people. I was like… ma’am really?


Once at Disneyland I had a father ask me what we had to do to be lucky enough to use our stroller in line. I gestured to the stroller as a wheelchair tag and my 4 year old who couldn't walk and said..."have a disabled kid" then just stared at him. Strollers when they are younger are so much easier from having sun canopies to having storage to having food trays. At 9 we still use our high weight limit stroller before the wheelchair.


Cute fucker. Lol.


Wise mother


I have a handicap placard because part of my foot is missing. You have no idea how many times I’ve taken off my shoe to show people and they’re like “oh, you don’t look handicapped” and I’m like what the fuck does that even mean?


I'm missing my leg and if I wear pants people say shit sometimes. Just tell them to fuck off.


Parked in the blue slot at the post office. Someone was giving me a hard time and I pointed to my bald head, and noted that I was a patient at the world famous cancer hospital a mile away. Said I needed a sticker from that town. She got the finger.


I was that asshole once, coincidentally also in a gym parking lot. I said something snide to the guy parking his new Jag in the only handicap space. He replied with "you dont know me" and I said, I know enough. Then I felt bad my entire workout thinking I just assumed he was a dick and the guy really was handicapped. When I was leaving the guy was waiting for me. Oh shit, here we go. He walked up and apologized! Told me he had no right to park there. His car was new and he didn't want to get dinged. He said he felt like shit his entire workout for parking there and he wasn't ever going to do it again. That was a nice moment.


Sounds like you both learned a lesson and achieved the best possible otucome to be honest


Maybe the real treasure was the things we learned along the way!


The real justice boner*


Went to a store once with my pregnant wife and friend. Wife chose to sit in the back of the sedan and she said, “oh, look, an expectant mothers spot”. As me and my buddy got out of the front doors, some dude blurts out: “so which one of you two is pregnant‽” Cue my wife exiting the from the rear door at 8 months. His speechless gawk was so awesome.


Seems to me the bigger assholes are non-handicapped who park there


so my neighbor is a double amputee below the knee. 99% of the time he walks just fine and for 5 years I had no idea he had prosthetics. I just thought he was weird for wearing pants in the dead of summer. so one day I'm coming out of a store and I see him parking in the accessible parking as he should. he gets out and is walking towards the store just fine and this lady starts screaming at him that he has no right to park there. his placard is plainly visible and I hear him say so. he's a pretty mild mannered guy but he's a bare of a man mitts the size of a grizzly's. this Karen is red in the face screaming at him "you have no right! your scum! you have no right! and i see his face break. he yanks up on his pant legs exposing his prosthetics and bellows "I've earned the fucking right!" pushes past her sees me and says "get a load of her face!" and laughs going into the store. she is stood there in the middle of the lane white as a ghost with a 1000 yard stare contemplating her life. she was still standing there when I got to my car it was absolute gold.


Holy shit


Here's some of my favorite slights towards disability. I bet he doesn't even really need that cane. You seem well enough. You just gotta get out there and work. You give up easily. No pain, no gain. You should be dominating. If I was you, things would be different. You don't put your heart into things. An excuse for everything I see. Must be nice to get free things. Sounds like you got it easy. Why aren't you doing something else? Little young for health problems, don't you think? There's people worse off than you, feel lucky.


>There's people worse off than you, feel lucky. Oh I fucking hate this. I'm not disabled but it's one of the most nasty mean things you can say to someone imo. Not only are you implying someone else's struggles are Iess important, you are questioning their empathy towards others. Yes I feel bad for people who are dying. That doesn't make MY current shitty situation any less legit or problematic for me.


When my dad had terminal cancer he waited until he was so weak he couldn’t get around the grocery store without a scooter and oxygen to utilize a placard because “other people need it more.” Former EMT / retired military, his pride and heart were strong. Those last few weeks were excruciatingly tough, his abdomen was very extended, he was yellow with jaundice, his hair never really grew back in properly, and as a tiny 5’4” 130lb man prior to illness, he just appeared to be frail. STILL, we were given crap and dirty looks for what at a quick glance appeared to be a man in his 40s parking up front and hogging a store mobility scooter. In this area in rural FL, often those would be in sort supply due to the retiree population as well as, um, people without the healthiest diet and pharmaceutical habits. A few of those per store wasn’t often enough, so I get the frustration from someone perhaps needing to use one and it being occupied, but no need to shit talk anyone unless it happens to be the teens jousting in the toy aisle at 2am. When already to the point of having to submit to needing extra assistance, it was particularly painful for my dad when people would stare and give those looks. He even broke down at Costco when we needed to go to the restroom for him to vomit, and could see it disturbed a nearby man. Prior to that experience, I learned my own lesson the hard way in regard to judging others with disabilities. I’ve always struggled with my own depression, there is disabling mental illness in my family, so I was aware that not all disabilities are visible. Still, I was young and being a judgmental asshole. My first real apartment, there was a Porsche always parked at the building next door, and it had disabled tags and a placard. Often I’d see this vehicle and think to myself: Sure you’re handicapped, but you can drive a Porsche convertible… After months of keeping my shitty thoughts to myself, one evening my ex and I were driving into our community and we happened to see this little roadster parked out front near the office. The owner of the vehicle was standing on the other side chatting with someone. I said aloud “Sure, must be nice to park your expensive car in the premium spots…” My ex turned to be with a look of shock and disgust, exclaiming “HE ONLY HAS ONE LEG!” Huh? Just then this man that was now obviously leaning on a single crutch, came around his vehicle to the driver side in view, and now I see that this middle aged gentleman is an amputee. I was speechless. My ex continues “He’s a disabled veteran!” Fuuuuck… I’m an asshole. Sure enough I can see that as he climbs into the driver seat, his car has been equipped with hand levers for the brakes and accelerator. I was the BIGGEST tool in the entire universe. Shortly after this, we got a puppy, and often this neighbor would come by our patio to say hi to our cat and dog. He was the nicest man ever, and I will never live down how bad of a person I had been. NEVER assume.


Total disability, what am I missing?


You have yet to find rad and awesome disabilities.


It's incredibly refreshing to see I'm not alone with this shit.


Somebody needs to go back to school.




couldnt have said it better myself.


How on earth can someone be that stupid?


His low IQ is his handicap. But I was thinking the same, wondering how that level of stupidity is even possible. That person may have broke a stupidity record.


No, his IQ is disabled.


We never knew, but the last couple of years showed us.


This doesn't seem like a good way to promote your business.


Probably the only piece of paper at hand. I doubt a business owner would do this, especially one that is almost never manned, like a 24hr Fitness. Karen/Chad went in, grabbed a card off the count, wrote (terribly) this heinous note and then put it on the car. Like a total jackass.


I read it as they're offering to help with whatever disabilities you have to make sure you can still get a good workout at their facility. I think they were trying to be positive and encouraging. Sort of like "unemployed does not mean unemployable", but since the word "cripple" is no longer PC he tried using a euphemism and just made it confusing.


I mean...there is a wholesome angle that could be argued here. The wording is extremely piss poor, and at best way too direct. Yet it's a 24 hour fitness, and it could be argued that the guy was interested in this vet coming in to workout while trying, failing miserably, to be motivational. All the context we have makes that extremely unlikely, but it is an argument that can be made...although admittedly ain't cutting it with current context. Like some bizarre "handicapable" thing.


I’ve been a paraplegic for nearly 6 yrs. My son took me to Target one day. I’d just gotten into my chair when 8 teenagers walked past. One girl said in a normal voice that she didn’t understand “why the handicapped get to park so close to the building. They’re already sitting down so they don’t need to be close.” Someone else said “OMG I know! They should have to park in regular spots like everyone else.” Then they all laughed.


I was at the local mall ,And some mother of 5 hellspawn had parked her suv in a handicapped spot ,The officer was going to be nice and just have her move it ,And she complained that she had all these kids and should be able to park there because it makes it easier for her .So she got a few tickets ,Arrested and had the father called to pick up the kids .


This does put a smile on my face


She sounds like she might be mentally disabled.


Maybe it was a motivational statement? Like survivor not a victim? /s Really grasping at straws at how someone could be this dumb to say disabled isn’t handicapped.


This is what I think, it sounds like a personal trainer offering his services and trying ti be positive, like “just because you’re disabled doesn’t mean you’re handicap, let me train you” but maybe I’m wrong? Either way, don’t know what the correct etiquete is around that language.


Surprised I had to scroll so far, considering it’s a 24 hour fitness trainers card it seemed obvious it was a trainer trying to offer their services? Could have definitely wrote something else but this seems less hurtful and more someone honestly trying to be equal opportunity.


It can't reasonably be anything else. What are the alternatives? A person decided to insult a disabled person parked in a handicap space, and left their own business card so they could be identified? A person decided to insult a disabled person parked in a handicap space, and used a random 24 hour fitness business card? These don't make any sense. I can't really think of another alternative that fits the facts. They assert that the person is disabled. They put a business card on a windshield, which is a common method of advertising. The personal trainer is an idiot for writing a message that could be easily misinterpreted, but honestly, guys, is there any other reasonable way to interpret it, other than as an ad?


This is what I was thinking because of the fitness business card, anything else and i would have assumed shit talking


>Maybe it was a motivational statement? Like survivor not a victim? That's honestly what I hoped this was. It is a 24 fitness place so I thought they were trying to drum up business. Like, "You can be a gym rat too!"


Yeah that's what my guess was; positive intention just horribly, horribly executed.


Can someone explain why this card is wrong? As a fully disabled vet, I know that I do not have a right to park in handicapped spots since I don’t have a handicap sticker.


Maybe they are inviting the vet to work out with them? I say quietly with dwindling hope for a caring community.


This is terrible…but, does anyone else wonder why people who go to gyms are obsessed with always getting the best parking spot? Then they stay for 2 hours. Park further away you lazy people (not this guy of course…it’s just the non-disabled folks should be able to walk a bit extra, consider it part of the workout).


Was it their own business card?? Cause I mean, that’s just dumb if it is.


I’m assuming that they asked for a card from the gym to use as a note


Omg there is so much bad info running in this thread about what 100% P&T is for vets. 1. You can work. Nothing in the rules say you can’t. 2. P&T means they won’t re-evaluate unless you ask them to. 3. Anyone saying that 100% disability rating should be reserved for people that “like lost an arm or something.” can go eff themselves. For those people that want to learn more about how horrible the VA is at getting your veterans what they were promised. There is an entire sub r/veteransbenefits where you can go read horror stories. And I urge you to please reach out to your local representatives and let them know you won’t stand for it.


Hey maybe this was just a clumsy attempt at encouragement. You’re not handicapped - you’re handicapable!


Not all disabilities are visual. I was a college athlete back in the day and at 35 in great shape, I had a pulmonary embolism. Im lucky but it left a lot of scarring in the lungs. I’m still muscular but my cardio is hard to maintain due to de saturation of my o2 levels when just walking. My kids used to go to a private school at a local church and I was always harassed by parishioners about parking in the blue spot sometimes. It’s mentally exhausting that I had to move my kids to another school. I’ve always been a supporter of those who need help. I voluntarily chose to use my elective senior year in high school to teachers aid for the special needs PE class. My point is that you never know and just ask if someone is ok. That’s what I do. This old linebacker had to hide a lot of tears from many who were praising god 5 minutes earlier. Be well y’all. Thanks for the therapy.


60 seconds is NOT a minute


My Dad had cancer and was going to his cancer treatments at he hospital; he got a tag because he could not walk more then 10 feet with out losing his breath, When a Security guard at THE HOSPITAL told him he was not disabled, and the police would ticket him... my Dad looks, sees his tag in the window and told the guy, "I'm going to my cancer treatment, call the police if it makes you happy." Halfway in to my Dads treatment, a police officer shows up with security guard in tow. The cop made him apologize to my Dad for harassing him. Sadly this was not the worst of it that came from the people at our local Safeway supermarket.


Where do people find the time for this shit? I never even so much as glance over at cars parked in the handicap spots. Lol


I received 90% disability when I applied. I was given the advice by my DAV representative to appeal because the VA tends to low ball when they give out disability ratings. I declined because I wanted to work and was previously told that I couldn't work if I got 100%. They have some type of of weird rating systems. If you for example had two disabilities that rated 50% each, they say that person has 75% total disability (I believe that's how the representative explained it to me). It just got more confusing when you add in more disabilities. I have some disabilities with a zero rating. Which means they acknowledge there is a problem but they aren't doing anything with it right now, check back later. I later found out their are two types of 100% disability ratings, one where you can't work and get a few extra bucks in the form of housing allowance, and one where you can work. I went through a couple of seminars on this when I retired and I think it just confused me more. That being said, disability isn't handicapped and the VA has nothing to do with plates issued by a states DMV. From what I read out of the DMV handbook (I read this crap because in my new life I'm an OTR truck driver) handicap plates/spots are specifically for people who have mobility issues. You can have a disability and/handicap that doesn't affect your mobility and still not get handicap plate. He'll, one of my rated disabilities is for when I took damage to my foot from a front end loader bucket (required e surgeries) and I still don't rate a plate because I'm able to walk without any type of aid. That being said, this guy should go-to the DMV if he thinks he needs plates. I wouldn't be surprised if the guy that left the business card might be a disabled vet himself and doesn't like the perception that vets are a abusing the system. Sorry for the typos, crappo grammar and such. I'm doing this from the sleeper of my truck and the Mrs. is driving on a horrendous stretch on I-40.


Many states have plates that say “disabled vet” and entitle the user to handicapped parking. The a-hole who left the note probably didn’t realize that.


They're right, because when you're handicapped, it puts a CAP on what you can do. The more you know!


Just to be clear. Sleep apnea will get you 50% disability rating with the VA. It's a joke. A VA disability rating ≠ handicapped. If that were true, my disability rating with the VA should mean I can't get out of bed.




Do they not know the definition of those words? Regardless, fuck off. How do you get to decide whether someone is disabled/handicapped if you aren’t their doctor?


I’m 28 with a torn ACL and use a temporary handicap pass. I have only had it for a week and I get dirty looks from people too. I assume because I’m young but it’s fucking stupid. People need to realize that they don’t need to be in the loop on other people’s health concerns. Ffs.


My step mom is an amputee from the knee down. We've had people come to us after parking in a handicapped spot with a placard accusing us of not being disabled. To be fair, my step mom is REALLY good at walking with a prosthetic, you probably couldnt tell... if it wasnt made out of black carbon fiber. In one specific incident, she leaned against the car, popped it off and just stared at the woman. Not once has another disabled person accosted us over this, it has ALWAYS been able bodied people. The same people, I'm sure, who use the handicapped stalls in bathrooms!


I get glares when I use the handicap stall sometimes. I have severe arthritis in my feet, knees, hips and face. I can get down on the toilet, but can't get back up all the time and I need the rails.


I see this every now and then on Reddit. Handicap stalls are Handicap accessible, not Handicap reserved, at least in the USA. There is no problem with an able bodied person using a Handicap accessible stall. It would be polite to not use it if others are available in the off chance a Handicap person comes in but there is no rule you shouldn't use it and nothing wrong with people preferring it. Just like family bathrooms can be used by single people, it's just set up to accommodate a certain group but not reserved exclusively for them. It's not like the parking spot at all. Also, you might not want to assume the person using the Handicap stall doesn't "need" it, isn't that precisely what you are offended by in your post about the parking spot?


TBF whoever placed the note wouldn't know the rating. If the service member is 100% P&T, then they need to file for state disability and work on getting a handicap placard. Finally, whoever left the note is correct, disabled does not equal handicapped. Having a DV plate doesn't mean you get to park in handicap places while handicap people make handicapped faces. (I rock a DV plate too) EDIT: I was corrected, DV plates can park in handicapped spots. As of Sep 1, 2021...A person, who receives DV license plates, may receive a disabled parking placard for each set of license plates without providing additional documentation.


While correct, there are 2 versions of tha plate in most states: One thats only says 'Disabled Veteran' (DV Plate) and another that also rocks the Handicapped wheelchair, reserved for those that are 100% P&T/UI. I have the latter and would think the OP's vet would too since mentioning 100% P&T.


"I'm an asshole! Eh-yo-eh-yo-eh-yo-eh-yo"


YEEEESSSSSS! Somebody got it!


Upvote for the Leary reference.


Wait a minute, is that *not* a motivational rallying cry to get him into the gym and defying the odds with a personal trainer, great rates, and flexible access hours?


I had a lady key my truck at the grocery store for the same thing.