Channels from South East Asia seem to follow the trend of ripping off what's currently popular. From rescue videos to restoring broken video game consoles videos.


Some of the animal rescue videos were obviously staged in very cruel ways towards the animals. It was kinda sad more people didn't realize.


some times you can even see the backhoe's in the background


I've never even heard of this stuff so went checking it out. The first video I watched, 50 seconds in, that's exactly what you see blurred in the background. So sloppy https://youtu.be/DEobiCzGEvE


Sad that so much "content" is just clickbait viewfarming bullshit these days. Channels like Primitive Technology that ACTUALLY do the work only get a fraction of the views as the fakers. You even see it with "restoration" video channels, they will find antiques and intentionally rust them so they can "restore" them.


Yes, its worth pointing out that Primitive technology is the OG and its these other channels that are causing this problem.


I honestly didn't know about the other channels besides Primitive Technology.


That is bad


I honestly think people would still accept and enjoy the video if they were honest about their methods. I sort of had the idea that maybe they were trying to show people what was theoretically possible with primitive tools, or just trying to tell a story while building something, but it does kind of leave a weird taste in my mouth. It would be really easy to admit "sometimes we use big tools to help us get things done quickly" Primitive Technology is so based. You can feel how authentic the OG is.


I really don't know why this is a TIL. Don't you guys just assume that they carve a small swimming pool in a evening and bath the next day in it, without modern equipments.


People assume there is editing involved and that it isn't actually the next day. If someone says they're doing it all by hand, and shows the video of them doing it by hand, the natural belief is that it's been done by hand.


it's disingenuous yeah but this is all relatively harmless. structures made of concrete, clay and sticks might actually be somewhat okay for the local environment. dens for small animals and even though the pools of water are mosquito farms they're big enough other animals like frogs. That was until I saw the trash. If the paint they used was non-toxic I don't see the big deal aside from lying to their audience and the trash they're leaving behind