To fire a RN 50 Cal.

To fire a RN 50 Cal.

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“You’ll shoot your eye out”!


Sauce = https://youtu.be/1449kJKxlMQ


Wait, was he always bald? Or did that knock his hair off aswell as his hat.


shameless karma farming.


You have to follow the link to the source. Worth the watch. This guy got toasted.


Crazy, I've seen some of his videos on YouTube. A piece came up and sliced his jugular, he had to stick his thumb in it. You can see the massive scar on the right side of his neck.


yeah i think he said the doctor told him he would've died if he hadn't plugged it like that


So why is there bandages on his left hand?


Could be a number of reasons but his left hand was right under the action on the table.


He figures it was the stock bouncing off his left hand, turned his pinky into a W shape.


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This is why it’s important for your rifle to have proper head spacing. If the head spacing is off, this can happen. The more you know…or whatever.


This was an insanely unbelievable incident. I'm happy Kentucky ballistics didn't die that day, he came very close. This gun is loaded in the back by unscrewing a very large, solid steel cap. That cap malfunction, and the pressure of that .50 cal bullet going off ripped through that solid chunk of steel and sent huge pieces of steel flying back at him. One hit him right below the eye and fractured his orbital, and one went straight into his neck and did severe damage to an artery. He would've bled out but this badass human being stuck his thumb into his neck and stopped the bleeding enough to get to the hospital and get treatment.