My mother was a professional Candlepin bowler in this time frame. Won many tournaments, she has since passed but was inducted in the Candlepin Hall of Fame posthumously. I spent many many weekends at these lanes in the game rooms. I have all her old bowling tapes too... including one where she won and little 3 year old me gets on the mic and asks if I can have a cookie now. Feel free to dm for proof, I have all her awards and records. I believe she holds the record for the highest string score by a female at 205, but I imagine that was broken. ​ Great post OP you hit me in the nostagia :)


thanks for sharing your story. might be a neat idea to convert those tapes to a dedicated youtube channel in memory of her.


This is a great idea, OP. If you don’t mind her identity being more public it would be a nice way to keep her accomplishments for posterity.


Can you share cookie video?


I will once I find which tape it is and get them digitized


I second the request! For one, that sounds adorable and worth a good laugh, and two, getting those tapes digitized and saved would be a great thing for history’s sake. What a talented woman!


I now have you tagged as "Wants a cookie."


This is giving me the motivation to get it done. I’ve had them in a vhs cabinet for years since mom passed.


It would be in your best interest to digitize them sooner rather than later. VHS tape doesn't last forever, and getting them put in a digital format will help you back up those videos in easier to maintain storage.


Thanks for that. I will get it done asap.


I recommend getting them digitized as soon as you can. I'm pretty sure the tape degrades over time.


Remind me


I could only find this for records. The page says New Hampshire but the site lists no other states. https://www.candlepin.org/nhcba-records# Edit: More records. http://www.masscandlepin.com/records.html http://www.mainecandlepinbowling.com/staterecords.htm


That’s awesome I know most of those people on that list. Crazy. She got her high score in Vermont during a league night.


Did you get a cookie?


Is a spare the same if it comes on the second or third ball? Is the scoring the same as bowling?


Spares and strikes work the same way. The third ball is just for count. So all pins down after the third ball is just 10.


When i played last week soth boston candlepins scoring sheet said a strike was first ball, second or third was a spare. Strike got you points from the next two balls, spare from next one.


We dont need proof, but i thinkneveryone would like to see you ask for a cookie


It is the best! Three balls, way easier for kids, and an absolutely level playing field: unless someone is practiced, everyone will score between 60-80, and strikes will be jaw-dropping events.


Spares are really fun too, because you can hit a downed pin and have it spin across the lane


It’s so hard to roll without finger holes. So many gutters.


You kinda need to hum that thing down the lane to keep it straight. If you watch the video they’re really chucking those things pretty fast. It takes a bit of getting used to but it’s so god damn fun


Growing up the closest bowling alley was a 5 pin with those small balls. I agree you you need some speed on those little guys. There were times where I would huck them half way down the lane before they landed and flew straight to where I wanted them to go. Wish I could find 5 pin close to me now.


In Canada 5 pin is still very common, even maybe more common than 10 pin. 5 pin uses small balls with no finger holes. My 4 year old is obsessed with it


When i was a kid in Connecticut, the bowling alley had 2 duckpin at the end. I think it scors and balls the same as candlpin, but theyre short fat pins. Fucking loved it when i was <6 because i could actually hold the ball


I love candlepin bowling, though I prefer ten pin. When I bowl, I actually use football receiver's gloves, as it helps me keep a grip on the balls, and I don't rub the inside of the first knuckle on my ring finger raw. Instead of whipping the ball down the lane, I throw curves, and it's pretty effective for the most part.


Paul Berger (in the blue shirt) is to Candlepin Bowling what Pele is to Soccer and Roger Federer is to Tennis. One of the greatest of all time and a member of the Candlepin Bowling Hall of Fame (Yes, it exists). Candlepin Bowling is still going strong in Eastern Massachusetts


Paul is a legend. For those not familiar he has the highest three game total ever thrown on TV at 500. That’s across about 45 years of regular televised shows. To put it in perspective the best pros average around 125.


Only bowling we had growing up in Nova Scotia. I'm surprised the pro average is that low. I could regularly break 100 and was decent, but not that great. I think my highest was around 180.


I ran a large candlepin bowling fantasy league in college. I had to wait until the newspaper published the results the Monday after the tournament and plug everything into an excel sheet. One year we voted to ban anyone from selecting Paul Berger, like how a ton of PGA Masters pools would ban choosing Tiger for a few years. It was like when NHL fantasy leagues split Wayne Gretzky into two players because he was otherwise too dominant.


It's the *only* bowling in the Maritimes (Canada).


Grew up with this. Had no idea that regular bowling existed. So much fun during the holidays with nieces and nephews. Easy for kids to throw.


Right? We just called it "bowling". Sadly, the bowling alley down the street from where I grew up and played in a league got demolished and is a parking lot now. ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|cry)


Where is this? I've never heard of it before this moment. I want to play!


All over northern New England. I grew up in NH, and didn't see *traditional* ten pin bowling until I went off to college.


Also grew up on NH and we called 10 pin "big ball bowling". Only thing within an hours drive+ was candlepin


East coast of Canada too. I grew up knowing this as bowling. As a result I suck at the big ball style.




So interesting. I went bowling every Saturday morning from age11 to 17. I walked to the alleys, rain or shine for the 9am league.. I was pretty good. my two friends and I won the Saturday championship three times, one time when I managed two strikes and an 8 on the 10th. I needed a two strikes and a 7 to tie. For the entire year 🏆. That was exhilarating. But They never said anything about this style. It looks super fun and different. It also looks like there is no difference between balls for lefties and righties.. I'm a lefty. They don't have free balls for lefties on the racks Unfortunately both bowling alleys are now condo buildings and a strip mall (that nobody goes to). If I win mega millions tomorrow I'm definitely building a 40 lane alley complete with karaoke and a cool arcade and a little diner/bar attached.


Not even northern. I grew up inside 128 and route 9 And this was all I knew growing up.


Most of the ones up here have closed sadly.


Same here, I had no idea what real bowling was until I moved away. Leda Lanes in Nashua was my go-to for years. It is still there.


I haven't gotten the chance to try it yet, but they are in the Boston area. I'm going up at some point this year to give it a try.


Massachusetts mainly. Also NH, Maine, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick.


South of Boston.


My sister went to college in Boston. I was visiting and walking around. I foundyself near Fenway park...but it was actually just a little green park called The Fen I think. Two dudes tried to pick me up and blow me. Not kidding. My sister said, "oh yeah, my roommate says that happens sometimes."


If you live in Boston, Sacco’s in Cambridge has it and South Boston Candlepin


I was visiting my aunt in Canada and we decided to go bowling one night, and I came across this. It was a proper wtf moment.


I did too and it was hilarious when I went and tried regular bowling. First time I ever did normal "big ball" bowling I got over 230. People couldn't believe it was my first time. I couldn't believe how big the damn pins were.


Why was this so much .ore entertaining than regular bowling


It’s fast paced and the pins staying on the lane is more fun


Free up on mass and didn’t played big ball until I was in my 20s. Fun fact: there’s never been a perfect game in candlepin


The fact that candlepin shows up on the ocho form has me rethinking my whole life. I've never been a bowler but I did get involved in a league with work friends for a couple of years. We did candlepin. Apparently it's exclusive to New England and maybe another area. But I forget details by an expert?


It's also the only kind of bowling I saw growing up in Atlantic Canada


this looks way better than regular bowling. way more difficult. in pro bowling, it looks like a competition to not make a mistake because throwing a strike is so commonplace. here you really get to see the high level skills shine.


I feel the same way watching pro darts or corn hole. It’s obviously impressive that they’re looking for perfection every time, but I feel like you end up only caring about screw ups because you assume they’re going to make it.


Yup. Worse, I recently learned that pro bowlers use balls that are weighted so that they automatically curve. It's kind of a silly game at that point.


That’s just everyone with their own ball.


> are weighted so that they automatically curve I see no issue with that albeit I'm no pro but I kinda see it like golf clubs where each type of ball does its own thing.


Bro what. They don't automatically curve 😂 the have weighted blocks in them that alter it's rotation but it requires a lot of skill I can't just hand you my "magic ball" and watch you go get strike after strike.


Sure there's technique. But it's kind of a magic ball compared to the basic balls they provide at the bowling alley. [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mbQvflvVRQ8](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mbQvflvVRQ8)


Obviously. A house ball is infinitely worse to a bowler than their own arsenal of custom balls. But it doesn't negate my point an average bowler is going to bowl the exact same with a house ball or my personal $300 ball. It does little to no good without the skill technique and knowledge to use it. I think that same can be said about anything on the face of the earth. Professionals are going to have professional grade equipment but it doesn't downplay their skills. And amateurs have no need for professional grade equipment because it's not going to enhance their performance without to knowledge and ability to use them.


How have I never heard of this? Where can I play?


New England, mostly. It's a blast compared to "real" bowling.


There's also duckpin bowling, which is mostly in the Pennsylvania area if I recall. I did it once on a road trip. Very fun.


I just googled a Connecticut duckpin alley I used to go to on camp field trips in the 80s and it's still in operation. Pictures look like not much has changed. I'm amazed.


There is a duckpin in my hometown in CT. We were lucky we had that and a big pin next door. Many a birthday party when I was younger, and it was right next to the HS so as a teen it was the place to go play some arcade games and smoke cigs. Many fond memories there


Farmington Ave?


MD as well. Still a few dozen duckpin lanes around the state. 3 balls, smaller balls and just shorter pins with the "normal" shape. Grew up playing that and didn't play "real" bowling until I was like 12.


Candle pin is real bowling. 👍


This looks even more chaotic than regular bawling. Pins flying everywhere. Looks fun!


The fallen pins staying makes it so almost every shot is a unique puzzle. And the feeling of throwing a strike or making a really tough shot is so satisfying! Because you know how hard it is the rest of the time :)


Grew up in northern Maine. The neighboring town had a candlepin bowling alley I went to often. We even had our high school senior “class night” there. I don’t think I ever did regular bowling until I was well into adulthood.


Looks way more fun to be honest.


Big ups to Acton Bowladrome, still kicking after all these years. Candlepin > Big Ball


Like some kind of crazy skeeball


Thank you for introducing me to candlepin bowling! Never heard of it before, and just spent the last 2 hours watching it.


Grew up with this. By way of comparison, a serious 10 pin bowler has a decent chance of bowling a perfect game in their career. Insofar as I know, *no one* has ever bowled a perfect game in candlepin. On TV as a kid (around 1980), bowling three strikes in a row was worth $1000.00 in prize money. I never saw anyone bowl four in a row.


The highest score ever in candlepin is 245. Done twice.


That's still a damn nice score.


It’s inconceivable to me. Seven strikes in a row. It’s really difficult for the best pros to even average two strikes total in one game.


This used to be on TV after Saturday morning cartoons. Also had no idea big ball bowling was the norm everywhere else


I love visiting Baltimore and playing Duckpin bowling so I know this is right up my alley as a spectator sport


If you want to see more, we stream all kinds of leagues and matches on [Candlepin Bowling Network](https://youtube.com/@CandlepinBowlingNetwork) on Facebook/YouTube. We don’t have anywhere near the broadcast tech of the TV shows (let alone of this wildly popular 35-year show on WCVB until the 1990s), but we get out there and stream more of the day-to-day competitive scene. No better way to bowl with ten pins. Enjoy. 🙂


I was excited to watch this but with a run time of 45+ minutes, it’s a no from me dog. Post a highlight clip and add the link to the full video in the comments. No way I’m scrolling though 45 minutes of old footage to MAYBE find a cool clip…..


TIL Harold Ramis was a bowler when not busting ghosts. Lol


Now show people Duckpin bowling.


I'm just going to sit back and watch this. Thabks.


I wonder if this ever made or to Europe? I've never seen or heard about it before.


Mainly in the northeastern US and Canada. There is one place to bowl in Ohio.


I've tried to google it but nothing showed up. I think if we want to play it here, we're going to have to build it ourself. I doubt there'd be enough interest for it sadly. This looks a lot more fun than regular bowling.


In Germany something similar exists as "Kegeln". The first mentions were documented around the 13th century in city of Xanten.


I just did this last week. It seems to have a lot more luck than regular bowling, and the ball curves very very easily.


If anyone wants more, check out "Stars and Strikes" on YouTube. Tons of old Candlepin games to watch :) Edit: This is from their channel. I'm dumb. Still though, definitely recommend watching more matches.


Fun fact, no one has ever bowled a 300, or perfect game, in candlepin bowling. The highest ever sanctioned score is 245, done for the first time in 1984 and then again in 2011.


Nor in Duckpins.


Try Alley Cat lanes in Kingston Ma. So many great nights there!!!


I keep thinking of Larry Miller when the announcer speaks. Here's the five levels of drinking. https://youtu.be/FJdzoY-Wsc8


Duck pin bowling btw


Growing up in MA we play this all the time!! So fun