Looking strong John! (credit to the guy at Twitter who made this)

Looking strong John! (credit to the guy at Twitter who made this)


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that line is precious


I almost fell on the floor


Just like his arm




I wish Bucky had not stepped in. But if he had not we wouldn’t have seen how Ayo just detaches Bucky’s arm like the boss that she is. But that was also kinda hard to watch given their bond back in Wakanda from that hell of a flashback and now that’s souring. Ughh. What a great movie series.


Walker would've died, that's why Sam and Bucky stepped in


I'm not sure the Don Milaje understood, but straight up killing America's mascot would be a bad look without a LOT of proper work, and the fact they were about to grab Zemo from the Americans was already a little screwed up. Not as much as breaking him out of prison, but it could have *really* damaged relations and led to a war no one wanted. Bucky's big mistake was letting Sam get involved and leaving no one to watch Zemo go El Chapo on them >_>


I mean, it was also a bad look for them because they just straight up ignored their primary objective and let him get away just to beat up a guy who was a little condescending and his friend who literally did nothing


Yeah, but there's a difference between Flagrantly Violating Latvia's Sovereignty To Start A War With America and flat-out incompetence. I don't think Zemo was planning to escape right then and there; he seemed as shocked as everyone else when he got that opening >_>.


Sam was the one that urged Bucky to stop the dora milage with him. Wasn't Bucky's mistake, literally everyone forgot about him.


I think Sam was being sarcastic.


He wasn't. He saw the dora milage were about to kill Walker, and he decided to step in.


He was being sarcastic up to the moment that they saw a possible lethal blow. They would love to see their ass beat, but death is just a step too far.


Pretty much yeah


That was so badass. I turned to my boyfriend and said I had to see it again and rewound. But I agree, and I think it was probably triggering for him in that moment. The look on his face. Poor guy.


I think he felt that they never really trusted him, which must have hurt. Or at least that’s how I interpreted his reaction.


The first scene of the ep shows that they *did* trust him. Ayo reads out his trigger words and declares him “free”. I think it’s more likely an abundance caution than a lack of trust. Edit: Tpyo


Oh true that changes my opinion on it Because I was a bit surprised they'd install a failsafe but yeah he'd be pretty dangerous if he ever was reactivated so they had to do that


I think that's plausible.


She did give him that disappointed Mom look.


I firmly believe that if Sam hadn't been there to encourage him to step in, Bucky just would have watched them kill Walker


Oh, Bucky was absolutely enjoying the Dora dog walking Walker, but I don't think he'd let them kill him.


Can someone please tell me what she said to him after she took his arm off?


“Bast damn you, James.” Bast is the Wakandan panther goddess.


I remember that now. Thank you!


Bast damn you, James




Bast damn you, James.


Ohhhhhhh. I feel so dumb. Thank you!


No prob. The closed captions didn’t catch it either.


They just said - '(SPEAKING WAKANDAN), James'


Yeah it was very frustrating that the captions did that instead of actually being helpful




Just watched the new episode, absolutely loved seeing his ego get crushed!


I kinda bet the dora milaje would still beat him post super soldier serum! Do the Dora get any sweet heart shaped herb? I know they have amazing training and vibranium gear but they definitely seem like super soldiers and look so amazing! Love Ayo. So beautiful


Vibranium body armor, that probably has energy shield if needed, and the spears we know double as laser rifle’s, plus group combat training. They really don’t need a heart shaped herb serum to put the hurt on someone.


Very true. I feel Valkyrie needs to meet Ayo




John really gonna go crazy soon and not in a good way.... best to keep the Dora Milaje close by, just sayin


Just watched this episode it was a trip. I found myself laughing when he was getting beat on cause of his arrogance and then also rooting for him when his pal died. I was very satisfied when he absolutely brutalized the dude on the fountain.


I SO rooted for him when Lemar was killed. *Ohhhhhh*, I hated that! :( I cannot stand Walker, but I wanted him to get Karli and avenge Lemar. That was so hard to watch. If he was gonna kill someone, it should have been her.


I took it as a metaphor for how America often reacts when hurt; lashing out with extreme prejudice at whoever is most convenient, regardless of their guilt. Example: not a single Afghan or Iraqi was involved in 9/11, yet 20 years later, we’re still occupying those countries.


Interesting parallel. I've also seen the speculation that Lemar's murder is supposed to parallel Steve losing Bucky. I'm *sooooo* pissed about it. 😬 Why the heck couldn't he just have gone after the person who actually killed Lemar?! Dammmmnnnn.


Because he was in shock, and by the time he recovered, the only person he could see that was tangentially responsible was that guy


The guy he killed was the one he was tussling with before Karli killed Lemar. After he jumps out the window, that guy is the only Flag Smasher he can see, and Walker’s brain will instantly have blamed him for preventing him from saving his friend. I really think they smashed it with this episode. Walker is shaping up to be a really interesting villain - as with all the great baddies, you can sympathise at least a little with them and see how you could end up taking that path yourself.


Yeah man I felt mad conflicted about it cause I am typically on the side of revolutionaries, but her character kinda lost me a couple times.


By people who are just as arrogant tbh. "Our jurisdiction in wherever we feel like" so... literally the same thing we hate from the ussr or the US or china?


Lmmfao! I love it!


Sam: Maybe he could use some help... Bucky: *stands there and gives sarcastic moral support* Seriously. Biggest laugh on the show for me thus far.


“Credit to the guy at twitter (who I am actually refusing to give actual credit to)”


I wish I could give credit to the guy but I forgot to save his twitter handle


If Bucky actually did something instead of instigating JW, he may have put off what happened later. I'm sure Bucky and especially Sam knew what he was going through, constantly realizing he wasn't good enough, loosing fight after fight (kinda like skinny steve). But hey, he's sick under pressure, let's egg him on. Sure.


I guess I’d say they were hoping he’d get a little humility along with his bruises.


Personally, if I lost my 3rd fight in a week I'd probably get more frustrated. Then my best friend gets killed? On top of that? Id probably lop off some criminals head. Again, just me.




> But hey, he's sick under pressure, let's egg him on. Sure. Egg him on?? It's like he feels entitled to be the new "leader" of what's left of the Avengers. He didn't even try to earn the respect of Sam and Bucky. Referring to Sam simply as Cap's "wingman" was a really terrible start. And he just comes in and is this pest that just follows them around at this point. Canceling Bucky's court ordered therapy, that he clearly needs? (Whether he liked it or not.) Learn some humility dude.


He has the Title of Captain America, he was given that position to him, just like the Cap before him. He may have been an asshole sure, but the previous Cap admitted that he has done things that havn't sat well with him. Who knows, this may personally haunt him in the future. How is he supposed to learn humility when he has to fill one of the biggest pairs of shoes in history?


John could have learned humility by listening to Lemar, who literally told him to let Sam handle it instead of half assing his position and ruining the stand down. John overstepped multiple times, just this episode, on pure arrogance and selfishness alone. The dude is broken for the right reasons, but doesnt have the self awareness to see how it effects his decision making. Whats worse is that he's a hypocrite. He chastises his country for overstepping and forcing him to commit atrocities, but when people rightfully ask him to calm his tits, he jacks them out of self righteousness- then commits the same atrocities. When Cap was called out on his hypocrisy, he dropped the shield and abandoned the role. I like john as an antihero, but you cant say he hasnt had chances to come around. The dude just isnt Cap material. But we already knew that. The show is doing a great job illustrating it.


Walker would've died most probably if bucky did not step in


Am I the only one who thinks that its a massivley dick headed move to mock some getting the shit beat out them? still funny though NGL.


Nah, boy had it coming