A certain trash panda is very closely watching the show now

A certain trash panda is very closely watching the show now


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And biding his time... The day he figures this out, it's gg, Bucky.


Unless Bucky does the hand-stab-motion first


I lowkey thought they were gonna take the arm with them. I don't know why, but i got the you betrayed us vibe so we'll take what we gave you.


I think they are disappointed/have lost trust in Bucky, or at least Ayo, but she knows he wants to be a good man and that he has fought for Wakanda in the past.. so basically, she's all fuck you (Bast damn you) but she will let him keep the arm (also as a reminder to him that the arm has a kill switch.


Question: Did Zemo SEE Ayo do that to Bucky's arm? Or had he already left?


I also expected them to take it with them, or at least to have it not be immediately re-attachable and functioning. That's... a lot of vibranium to just leave behind. Maybe not be Wakandan standards, but if Vision's whole body is $3 billion of Vibranium, then that arm is at _least_ $100 million. It would probably be a lot to pack into the rest of the show, but I expected there to be a side-quest (probably next episode) to acquire a new arm, and remove the Vibranium advantage his current one has. He probably can't go to Stark tech to get one right now, but it's not impossible that Sharon has 'acquired' one of his old Soviet arms and could supply it to him... for a price. Give it an America repaint and it could be serviceable. A 'new' Soviet arm could also be a fun way to throw in a little bit of humor. Maybe it had a built-in gun (or rocket launcher) or something, but when he tries to fire it, it's out of ammo, or a dud. Bucky does the Sebastian Stan glare at the arm, Sam makes a quip, etc etc. Classic MCU.


The soviet arm malfunctions and Bucky has to fight himself like Bruce Campbell in Evil Dead.


I think it would be kind of “rude” to leave him armless? Like I know he’s a super soldier but at the end of the day he’s a disabled vet with ptsd? Maybe I’d take someone’s crutch if they were beating me with it but I wouldn’t take it permanently. Idk Bucky definitely seemed kind of violated by it and I got the same vibe get when wheelchair users get upset at being pushed around without consent. Idk maybe I’m just reading into it but I know a few people online who talked about feeling a kinship with Bucky because he’s disabled.


Hammer Tech?


Well depend, if you have 100 billions dollars worth of gold in your vault, you have 100 billions dollar. But if you sale of 50% of it, you dont have 50 billions left, only 30 to 40. Its supply and demand


I expected them to take the shield. I mean, it's made out of vibranium.


*He's gonna get that arm...*


What did she say to him after that? Sounded like they are pretty mad and feel betrayed


I am not very sure but there’s a thread on it [here](https://www.reddit.com/r/thefalconandthews/comments/mncthw/ayo/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf)




Bast damn you.


anyone else felt really sad at this moment somehow?


Yes. She has done so much to help him and feels (rightfully) betrayed that he seems to stand in between her and the man who assassinated the beloved leader of her country. Edited to add: He felt hurt that even though she said when she was deprogramming him that she was confident she wouldn't let him hurt anyone, he didn't think that meant a built in kill switch. I think Bucky feels most upset at disappointing her and Wakanda after all they've done for him. I hope they can some day trust each other again or at least be on good terms.


“What did he look like? Was he just walking around with one arm like a dope? BUAHAHAHAHAHA” “I don’t even need that arm I just thought it would be funny...”


After today’s ep I so desperately needed the laughter this brought me. Thank you for your service 🙏🏾


You’re welcome 😆




ISTG if Rocket doesn't have the arm in Thor Love and Thunder I quit


It’s bizarre thinking that Bucky has had conversations and fought side by side with Rocket Racoon, in light of how grounded TFATWS is.


Right? And the fact that there was an actual talking raccoon as part of the Avengers for five years.




Lmao at the idea of Rocket repeatedly jumping out at Bucky and flailing at his arm attempting to dislodge it


I imagine Rocket would try to poke around while Bucky is sleeping, might even get Groot to help him out 😂


Guess you can say... he got disarmed