Everyone is talking about the ending...

Everyone is talking about the ending...


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I loved the beginning. It made what happened later even more upsetting, because you could truly see how much what she did for him meant, and then it just fell apart.


I hope they hug it out later


With a Zemo offering.


I REALLY wanted them to hug when it cut back to them in the alley in Latvia. I guess it's not really their style, but it would have reinforced how much Ayo meant to Bucky.


Has Bucky has willingly touched anyone in this entire series except to stop them from fighting or to fight? I don't think so. Interesting detail if true.






Her comic counterpart is very much in love with fellow Dora Milaje Aneka. If Ayo's personal life is ever depicted in the MCU, it should be that.


I love how they highlight the relationship they have and this just accentuates how disappointed Ayo seems later on when she says something (I think “Bast damn you James”) to him after disarming him. Can’t wait to see more of their interactions Edit: I think she says goodbye in Russian and I got it wrong the first time Edit 2: Looks like I was right the first time "Bast damn you"


I know right? Also haha disarming him- Happy birthday by the way!


Captions say she says something in wakandan, just doesn't say what it is


In the latinamerican spanish subtitles it says "Bast damn you, James"


I heard a B. It's Bast damn you.


He's been so good. I really was afraid this show was going to be like THE FALCON and oh yeah here's The Winter Soldier tagging along. They've definitely been on more equal footing, probably Bucky being more integral to the show even


I was afraid it wouldn't be so interesting. I was maiming looking forward to Loki. I already like FAWS more then Wanda Vision. I hope they expend on everyone's trauma like they did in Wanda Vision.


I think Wanda vision started off a bit above what I expected, but by the end I think it had a few stumbles. imo. Still cool overall though. FAWS is coming with a different angle and energy, but still digs deeper into the human trauma. I didn't expect that coming from the movies, which while they show it somewhat, is a bit underwhelming, though towards the newer ones they've gotten better at those kinds of stories. And now we have the TV series. FAWS also has a lot of intensity and I like where that's going.


Agreed 100%


I actually thought it would be more Bucky focused since he has the more interesting background but I do love that it’s pretty even and they’re both great in this!


The whole episode was wall to wall brilliance, and goddamn did they ever start it off right with this scene. Just incredibly powerful acting and direction.


So many emotions ಥ_ಥ


I loved it!! Like despite all the terrible and bad ass things we’ve seen Bucky do throughout the films so far, he’s still a good guy at his core. He’s so scared of being weaponised again and hurting innocent people. Hopefully he still has a good relationship with Ayo in the future!


I feel the same way- he needs more friends


Florence Kasumba deserves much praise for her acting in the starting scene and her later appearance. It's a necessarily more subtle performance, but a performance nonetheless.


Completely agree. Stan's very capable in scenes with extreme emotional states and has displayed this in many projects. The beautiful emotional texture of Florence Kasumba's moment at the end of the scene was what really stood out for me.


It was good to have a script showing a woman being compassionate as a fellow warrior, not in only in a caregiving role. The follow-up in Latvia makes clear that Ayo meant what she said to Bucky in the remote encampment. She promised she wouldn't allow him to hurt anyone. Latvia shows she could deliver fully on that promise even though she and Bucky had no one else present. Notice she didn't promise no harm would come to him? Meaning, Bucky agreed to this attempt to break the code and to control him even if it meant she had to kill him.


Excellent points. It's exactly that kinship as warriors that shines in the moment. She is exulting in a victory they have won without reducing or downplaying the emotional complexity of it. I'm very curious to see if "Bast damn you" is situational frustration, or if she now considers him removed from Wakandan allegiance. I love the emotional depth the MCU has given Bucky's story, and I would also love to see him embrace his freedom & full control and be the very capable free agent good guy he is in the comics. This ep made me wonder if a schism (hopefully temporary) with Wakanda will prompt him to stay closer to Sam's world and/or take on some worthy espionage gigs.


The contrast between the interactions with Ayo to those with Dr. Raynor couldn't be more different even though Raynor is retired military. He trusts Ayo with his life and he has an outlet like real effective therapy. With Raynor, he rightly sees her as an instrument of the U.S. government, especially when her ties to Walker are known. I like your ideas although I think the MCU will set up more detours for Bucky.


I was crying immediately


For reaaaal


The way he transitions to anguish crying to that relieved cathartic cry/smile...Bucky is everything to me 😭😭. I also love his relationship with Ayo. She was tearing up too. You can tell they had a close relationship while he was there and that she was really hurt he would let Zemo out. I need more of them


i remember bucky saying something like “Ayo let’s just talk” when he tried stopping the fight. it seems they had a good friendship in wakanda and ayo seemed genuinely hurt after she had to take off his arm. i actually like how it’s ayo instead of okoye whos important here. it would’ve been easy to get danai (who i’m sure is expensive) to come in and get the praise but the boldness of having ayo and a small team easily handle Walker bucky and sam was great


He’s so good at that, which is why I think it’s interesting that people say he’s a wooden actor. He’s great in a particular scene in Kings too where he’s trying to hold back tears and it is devastating


He has some great range loving him and all the acting is pretty on point they have a great cast.


I know right??? Also happy birthday!


Thank you!


Also that smile of relief 😭❤




He reminded me of Jesse in his last scene in Breaking Bad


Never seen the show but I'll just agree anyway xd


Love the moment between Ayo and Bucky in the Wakanda jungle (especially) and in Latvia. I cheered and clapped my hand when Bucky spoke Wakandan and Ayo addressed him as White Wolf.


Agreed, that last shot stole the episode but watching him silently and painfully /joyously realizing he was free was amazing.


Was thinking the same thing. Incredible




Yes, I came to the subreddit today to talk about it. Masterclass.


Welcome XD


Bucky showing actual emotions and his smile through tears at the end of that scene?? God, Sebastian Stan is amazing.


Marvel tv and movies are now the best thing going in tv and movies. Period.


They really didn't have to go that hard during the first 3 minutes. They did us dirty starting the episode off like that.


stellar performance


It was incredible. One of the great moments of acting in this series, if not THE great moment.


Really that's the thing with these big budget shows and movies, it's not all about paying for CGI it's also to get great actors to play the roles




The starting and ending had totally different vibes I almost forgot about how the episode started Caus if the trauma 😂! Don’t get me wrong he was amazing, the whole Wakanda scene


Also they confirmed Sharon works for the Power Broker


How did they confirm?


When she is on the phone with Sam she walks right through armed guards with none of them even questioning her being there.


I feel like casual access to satellites because you sell art is odd as well


She has Chloe working for her.


Also the fact that she has many original art pieces (unless I'm wrong and those are someone else's)


I'm not a big Sharon fan haha


I have this slightly mental theory that Sharon IS the powerbroker. I got some weird vibes off her from the end of the last ep, and it continued into tonights. Plus we haven't heard the powerbroker speak. That or two other options - a random we haven't met yet, or someone we know out of the blue - the commander Ross guy from the Hulk and other films for example.


Yeah I think it could be her too. Like I feel like it would be weird to introduce or reintroduce someone new this late into the show, so it’s probably someone we’ve already seen before. But I could be wrong. Maybe it’s mephisto.