Now we know where it came from...

Now we know where it came from...


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>!It's based on us gov/cia experimenting on black people (around 300 of them) for a super soldier serum only isiah survives in the end. He is imprisoned by the gov as his blood is too valuable they try to replicate it, eventually gets freed by Eisenhower but he is too emotionally scarred and betrayed.!< I'm happy that they showed this side too As not everyone enhanced got a happy ending.


Governments have been stumbling over themselves to replicate Erskine's formula ever since Captain America was created, some with more success than others. Hell, per MCU, Banner's experiments in gamma radiation were another attempt to replicate the serum. Along with the other racial commentary in both this episode and the last (a theme of the series, if we're being honest), this carries parallels to Tuskegee. I'm not familiar with Isaiah's history in the comics, but if that comparison wasn't intentional then, it sure as hell is now.


i don’t get it, can someone explain?


The Super Soldier Serum that Howard Stark was transporting and the Winter Soldier stole most likely came from the government experimenting on Isaiah Bradley.


Then where did the serum used on Bradley from?


The vials of Steve’s blood that were stolen after Erskine was assassinated are all gone as per Agent Carter. But we do see in The First Avenger that the SSR took a bunch of Steve’s blood immediately after he took the serum. If the MCU takes some cues from to the comics (and real life), the US government could have tested a variant of the serum synthesised from Steve’s blood on black soldiers, killing all of them except for Isaiah. Then they used his much more fresh blood to create the serum we see Bucky steal in Civil War.


Project Patriot?


Not going to spoil the show if you have not watched it But in Agents of Shield they had a plot about the super solid serum


Different serum. The centipede serum seemed to have been a more stable yet less potent variant of the extremis serum, rather than Erskine's formula.


Centipede serum was a mixture of the super soldier serum and extremis


And nite nite