What If...? S01E05 - Discussion Thread

What If...? S01E05 - Discussion Thread


Intense episode and it looks like that story can’t end with freaking OMNIPOTENT ZOMBIE THANOS running about!


As a fan of the Marvel Zombies comic I came into this with low expectations and still managed to be disappointed. Sucking every drop out of a horror story in order to then fill it to the brim with dumb MCU humor is about the best way I can think of disrespect the source material and make a flat, soulless product at the same time.


Huge step down compared to the previous episodes. They used way too many jokes during serious moments.


People will defend it but making the audience feel something is what makes it remain in their minds for years to come. Decent ep, but it was as if the jokes were mandated by Disney. I agree it killed the serious moments.


I wasn't crazy about the comic version of Marvel Zombies, honestly. I like super heroes and I like zombies, but putting them together feels over the top. Like washing down a chocolate bar with a can of Mountain Dew, it's not a taste sensation my body enjoys. My curiosity for what would happen if superheroes become zombies dwindles pretty quick. That being said, this worked pretty well as a What If episode. Not the best episode, but post apocalyptic MCU led to some fun character moments. I especially enjoyed how the episode handled Wasp, Spider-Man and Black Panther. I'm not sure I need to see how zombie Thanos got all the stones, or what the ramifications from that will be on the multiverse, but I'm sure it'll be an enjoyable episode too.


At the very least, we would be looking at a Zombie Kang.


Idk what it is but I really dislike Ruffalo as the hulk. Specifically the scene in Infinity war when he’s like slapping himself and trying to power up (which they used again in this ep) always felt distinctly like something from a very young children’s movie.


I really dislike how the ruffollo character pretty much has no connection to the anger aspect of the hulk. Makes the character feel very boring to me.


Yeah agreed, for whatever reason it seems like he’s trying not to laugh when delivering a lot of his lines in the later films.


Pretty unpopular opinion there, I share it. I much preferred Edward Norton as the Hulk and even the cgi on that version felt more powerful and real. The Hulk is purely used for comedic value and is just a stupid husk of what he should be.


This was such a weird ending. Like I guess it leaves room for a continuation but what would that even be? The way I see it there are two main options: 1. They fail because Thanos takes the Mind Stone and either does his plan or the zombie virus makes him turn everyone in the universe into zombies. 2. They succeed and a restored Thanos promptly curbstomps the heroes and does his plan. No one knows about Quantum Realm time travel so that's the end.


Most episodes of *What if...?* end tragically in the comics to prevent any desire to revisit that timeline.


While true the Star Lord and dead Avengers timeline leave the door open for a continuation that shows how the heroes get out of this mess. This one feels like it could have that but I don't know if there's enough to make a full episode.


Yeah. Even more so than the Star Lord episode, this felt like it was setting up a sequel. If they wanted a tragic ending, there would have been some closure on the cure. Either it doesn’t work, or the heroes don’t make it, or Wakanda has already been overrun by zombies. And I can sort of picture that sequel episode in my head, because they seem to be setting up their own version of the Infinity War climax. The heroes are in Wakanda and Thanos is there looking for the mind stone.


I've enjoyed every episode of this show more than the last. Started off think the first was just OK to loving the last 2. This one made me think I would have quite happily watched a feature length version of this story It was surprisingly fun and gave us interactions between characters we've never really got to see before. I also thought this had some of the best voice acting of the series up to this point Would very much like to see more of this story honestly


Supposedly Marvel Studios has stated their intention to produce more animated shows. I'm thinking if this episode is well received, we could see a Marvel Zombies tv show continuing it.


I was surprised to see just how gruesome it was. With that said, it felt odd seeing characters watch their friends being eaten by zombies and then making casual jokes 2 seconds later. I know it's Marvel/Disney and I really enjoyed the episode but I wonder if it would have been even better with a more serious tone. Anyway, these episodes keep getting better and better imo.


Agreed about the tone. What If has been more jokey than the live action stuff, clearly leaning into more cartoon sensibilities. It's fine, but it would be better if it took itself just a bit more seriously. Like, Paul Rudd's banter is charming, but he seemed strangely unphased by being a head in a jar.


Being a grown-ass adult I like my fiction to have a tension, stakes, and consequences, but I get it. As with the rest of the MCU, 8 year olds could be - and are - watching this content too, so there's a limit to how heavy things can be. The last two episodes were already pretty dark, so I understand the decision to make the MCU Zombie apocalypse no-stakes and jokey. If they approached it with any semblance of seriousness it would be overflowing with bleakness. I would have personally preferred that to what we got, but again, I get it.


I don't think it has much to do with Marvel/Disney, this weird tone is the same in the comics, like [this](https://i.pinimg.com/736x/06/22/11/062211bbb42e2a8537f1297a970848f8.jpg) is a scene from the original series, spoilers for the comic of course.


Wait, >!the zombies can talk in the comics?!<


Yep, [spoilers](#s "they keep their intelligence and their powers, they just can't stop themselves from eating, making for some sad, horrifc and darkly funny scenes")


Why can't I see your spoiler tagged stuff on my phone but I can see the one you replied to?


Click were it says spoilers.


It just turns the black bar into a link that says spoiler but clicking the link just leads to the same thread. On PC just hovering over the black bar makes the spoiler appear.


Sorry for the late reply. Both comments use different formats for tagging spoilers, the one i used is the one on the sidebar and the other user must have used another format.


Surprisingly funny episode for the subject matter, i guess they weren't kidding when they said it would be similar to the [spoiler](#s "Marvel Zombies") comic. Also, from all the episodes so far this is the one i want a continuation the most.


Why is the name of the comic a spoiler?


I just wanted to be on the safe side since i didn't knew the title of the episode said zombies, but yeah, in restrospect it seems silly to put it in spoilers.