Is there a Masterclass "Firing" with George Clooney?




One of my favorite Clooney films


The first half of that movie was pretty good


"Of the 120 people across the company who were laid off, TechCrunch first reported and SFGATE confirmed with a spokesperson, no C-suite individuals were laid off."


To the absolute shock of nobody, the executives have decided the executives are too valuable to lose.


Maybe all those little people that got fired should have been executives? \-Employed Executives


Maybe they should have taken a Masterclass on being an Executive


I've watched tons of Gordon Ramsey videos on YouTube, and I'm pretty sure that the MasterClass series, with a nicer t-shirt and better production values, is NOT what's gonna put me over the top. I don't see how any glitzy celebrity course is gonna go anywhere compared to the content on YT or MIT OpenCourseware, for instance.


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C level people are a different breed then your senior director roles/Director and those underneath. C level people understand all the departments that flow into them and typically have higher education. A person with a Director role in a company is specializing in their verticals branch, and reporting to the C level. That Director doesn’t understand the other vertical branches. That C level person does understand them all, and can make judgements based off that knowledge. I love to crap on bloated companies keeping upper management, but it doesn’t make business sense to get rid of those people. Last in, is also going to be first out. Companies put a lot of investment into their C level people. As someone who has been working on set for 2 decades, I also think it’s just the beginning. The “snake oil” salesman idea that you can take some online courses and don’t need film school is absurd. That, mixed with a very small industry, and a huge “graduating” class every year is also run it’s course. There are not that many film jobs. By a huge margin. I remember reading an article years ago about a photography school getting sued because it’s putting forth the myth that there are an abundance of jobs. There isn’t. Film is the same. The film industry is a few hundred thousand strong. We work 30 plus years to retirement. A few hundred people may get into the business a year. A hundred thousand film school students graduate a year. So something like master class is not a good investment, and clearly people realized. “Where did ya get your film degree” “Online” Not to mention YouTube people are putting out the same info as masterclass. If you can’t afford film school, I suggest getting the books USC or AFI uses to teach their students. Read em. Look on your local FB groups and start PA work for free on a low budget film. And keep doing it. It’s a long road, and possible. Master class isn’t a shortcut, and their lay offs prove that.


The C Suite usually has a very low ROI, especially in comparison to middle management, but we don't measure performance very well so the accomplishments move to them.


this is just not true. Reddit loves to bash the C suite but the senior executives at a company are the ones that make all the big decisions that make or break a company. if it's a startup the c suite execs we're probably the very first employees at the company and are the whole reason it exists in the first place.


I agree that executives are important. ROI is different than absolute value. I disagree on the decisions. Most decisions are filtered from L5-L7 (with CEO being L1) or from external consultants. Should they get credit for hiring these individuals? Yes, but their overall performance evaluation ROI will be less than a top engineer. Should executives have more risk, and therefore more opportunity to make money, yes. But, that means that the business should fire them quickly for not meeting results.


You should read: Read *Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap and Others Don't* The author sets out on like a 10 year research project to prove exactly what you're claiming. He ultimately concludes that the main difference between companies that become great (10+ year sustained stock growth above peers) and those that don't isn't the rank and file. Rather, it's the C Suite's aptitude at creating and maintaining objective and learning oriented company cultures. High paid C Suites exist first and foremost to foster high productivity company cultures, which is where you primarily see their ROI.


The numbers of level 5 Leaders were 14 in a 1400 sample.


Yes, and compare the top echelon of executives and their compensation. There is plenty of room for less effective C suites to still justify enormous compensation packages.


I agree with your premise but masterclass is just experts giving short Ted talks on their subject. It’s mostly pointless. I thought it would be kinda cool but it is aimed towards a very general audience. I wanted more detail about how these experts made decisions and what they grappled with, giving specific examples from behind the scenes. Instead it was more like “what does Ridley Scott think about making movies” which is pure bullshit fluff.


In my experience, they only understand higher level abstractions. E.g. at the ground floor they are looking at metrics. At the director level everything is a score 1-10 or some simplified metric for elementary school students. At the C level they boil it all down to red light/green light. Film is like a lot of production based industries where a portfolio and networking will get you farther than school. Nobody gives a shit if you went to school, they care what you can produce. That said, it varies company to company. Where I work now there is a excellent C-Suite so I shouldn't complain, but they still only understand a small abstraction that is distilled down to them.


A educated portfolio will get you much further then an uneducated one.


You don't get a degree from masterclass. Nice bootlicking tho.


Then what’s the point? Just paying to watch interviews? You can find professionals doing interviews on YouTube, and podcast. Boot licking what? I said master class is a joke, lol


I saw no boots, nor licking thereof. Your advice is sound and appreciated. Edit: I will say though, that the Werner Herzog master class is worth watching if you like his work. Fascinating to watch, even if you don't have aspirations in the biz.


That dudes just interesting to listen too. Ridley Scott is another really serious guy that is outside the box


I think the 'bootlicking' comment was because you failed to call for the execution of the c-suite execs. I mean, this is Reddit...




Film industry work is almost exclusively via connections, and film school is best seen as a way to pay to get them if you don't have em. No shame in it necessarily as it can save you literally 10+ years over just moving to LA or NYC and trying to grind it out, but people should realize there are a lot of ancillary companies that still technically count. Like, the person graduating USC who gets a job emailing the poster art to Redbox for a small straight to DVD distributor would still be counted as in the "industry" as much as someone who landed the writers room gig for a network show, even though they're worlds apart. People should also be aware the entry and mid film (and film adjacent) jobs pay less than you'd expect because it's so bottom heavy.


You don't get rid of c suite positions in a layoff, that makes zero sense. Sure, fire an exec if they are doing a bad job, but you can't decide to just lay off the CTO or CFO, you are still going to need people in those positions...


They should have taken a master class.


Honestly they got too many classes and not enough masters. Things like Bob Iger are really unique but a lot of their stuff is just sort of ok.


I don't understand their long-term business model. How many "master classes" can they really offer?


If they dug deeper on subjects so that you could truly "master" something it could have potential, but their classes are basically intros.


Sounds about right based on the YouTube ads and clips. Lots of lofty ideas , but no real substance.


I’m still bitter that I subscribed specifically for the puppy training course and it was effectively useless. They barely scratched the surface compared to free YouTube videos.


Yeah I wanted to hear specific examples from true masters but it was just overview fluff for people who knew nothing about the subject.


I loved the Gordon Ramsay cooking ones


Ramsay always puts out quality stuff in what he does so I agree there


Then you are hoping a very niche market finds your videos. You’re competing against in-person apprenticeship and literally all universities.


They really need to get away from the celebs and work with actual academia to offer real courses


But then they wouldn't have anything to differentiate themselves from the other companies doing the same thing.


Yeah that’s just like, university lol


Also all it takes is one person to buy them and load them to the web.


Man, Gene Cousineau’s show must have bombed


Barryyyyyyyyy I love you ❤️


Is there a master class on running a business smoothly


Probably. But they didn't watch it because they didn't want to pay for the subscription due to the master class on how to be a greedy corporation


Alright, let's find something on the sponsor of this comment: Skillshare. Have you ever wanted to learn how to do something out of the ordinary or interesting? Well you can, by taking classes online at skillshare, which are taught by instructors and have their own class rosters. Heck, I learned how to juggle and make a PB&J sandwich the RIGHT way by using Skillshare. Use the code Hogwash10 for a special introductory offer.


I've watched tons of Gordon Ramsey videos on YouTube, and I'm pretty sure that the MasterClass series, with a nicer t-shirt and better production values, is NOT what's gonna put me over the top. I don't see how any glitzy celebrity course is gonna go anywhere compared to the content on YT or MIT OpenCourseware, for instance.


I can see this coming up in a c suite meeting and going something like this: We need to cut cost. Everyone at the table agreeing. We can lay off 20% of our staff, Everyone happily agreeing. Or we can let go of 1 c suite position and save 20% of our employees from being laid off. Nope, no, that will never work, we need every one of our c suite guys. Yup,yup in fact we should probably all give ourselves a raise.


>Or we can let go of 1 c suite position and save 20% of our employees from being laid off. .20 x 120 = 24 employees. That's about $1.6M if each entry level employee is making $65k a year. I think you're vastly over estimating what middle management makes at any firm, these aren't CEOs.


And at a company this size, the C suite’s compensation is heavily biased toward equity which isn’t nearly as much of a liability in a down market.


120 were laid off, 20% of their workforce, or 600 pre-layoffs. By your math, that's actually $7.8M.


Everyone proceeds to suck each other's dick after the meeting.


Not to entirely disagree with you here but oftentimes the issue in cutting headcount is their benefits package, PTO accrual, payroll tax, etc that is part of their overall overhead as opposed to their salary.


At any company you’re gonna have projects that are going nowhere, people that don’t perform, people who are overpaid, etc. Most layoffs look at that stuff and cut things that really shouldn’t be there anyway. They can’t fire the whole c suite anyway because then no one will run the company and everyone else will lose their jobs as well when the company nose dives.


you sound jealous


Found the MasterClass exec.




Most of their content is actually quite mediocre


Because they hire celebrities, not experts, to teach these classes.


While I understand the sentiment, many celebrities are actually experts in their fields (Natalie Portman, Ron Howard, Aaron Sorkin, Gordon Ramsay, Gary Kasparov, and Chris Hatfield are all pretty undeniably experts in their respective fields). That said, being an expert does not by any means make you a good teacher, as teaching is a completely separate skill set. But perhaps even more than that, the company was simply not interested in providing in-depth training because their business model is entirely based on giving a surface level education with pretty images and then having you move on to the next thing. In other words, actual education was never their goal, and the product reflects that.


I remember some old folk story about a gifted master who can carve a rock into an "almost" perfect ball. He tried teaching his students but nobody could do it as well as him. He taught it for free and everyone failed. I think that's what people expect but at a premium price. Thousands (if not millions) expects to do something and emulate someone extraordinary person with a gift or talent and ignore the reality of right time/right place/right economy can replicate it with the same signature.


I will say that I was subscribed to Masterclass for awhile and I honestly enjoyed quite a bit of what I watched. However, it wasn’t so much that I learned a lot, but more so that I found it very inspiring to watch passionate people talk about the thing they love and have dedicated their lives to. There’s nothing, for example, in Kasparov’s Masterclass that can’t be learned from chess books, but watching the master express his love for the game, tell stories of his great matches and demonstrate why he finds it so beautiful is wonderful. Or watching Ron Howard take a random assortment of actors and cameramen and directing them step-by-step to recreate a scene from one of his movies was fascinating. I enjoyed the way Sorkin and his team demonstrated the energy and creative chaos of the writer’s room. But I also didn’t go into those videos expecting to absorb via osmosis the talents and hard work those people have put in. There’s simply no substitute for that. And anyone who’s pursued an education before knows it takes a lot more than a dozen 15 minute videos to obtain one.


I have a MC subscription, that someone bought me and I do enjoy it particularly the cooking/food ones but there is so much shit on there that is dumb as fuck. Like I think the entire sports section is stupid. Like you aren't going to become a better basketball player by watching Seth Curry videos. The music ones are also dumb especially when they have lip syncing drunk Mariah Carey.


I have not watched any master class. Do they have any actual useful info or is just a bunch of platitudes like “you are the average of the closest 5 people around you, so choose your friends carefully ” ?


I have the one about writing from Neil Gaiman, and I can confidently tell you that the classes have good production values at the very least. Going from the other comments, the content seems to be hit and miss but I liked the one I got.


If a company cuts down 20% of their employees... Shouldn't it all so cut 20% of management? Like they have less people to manage...


Where does it say they didn't fire any managers?


This is a real company? I used to get their ads on YouTube all the time and assumed it was some weird scam. Now they're not doing well? Well I'm shocked! Then again some people thought Juicero was worth investigating millions into .


When I had a subscription, it was really great. I knew it wouldn't last, so watched everything I could in that time.




I don't think they changed their model since you joined, the reason things changed for you is because your gifted subscription expired. You are still a member, but with an expired subscription. Let me guess, you got the gift a year ago...


That sounds really, really dumb .. I am guessing they gave out a ton of free memberships, and needed a way to stop hemorrhaging money.. and came up with this brilliant plan to doom the company.


Gosh. My MasterClass subscription does not do this. I hope it doesn’t change.


I actually really enjoy a lot of the content that Masterclass has, however, it seems like they have started to run out of ideas and big names. I think it is time for them to diversify their topics more. There are tons of things they could tap into like hunting/fishing, wood working, web design, hairstyles, selling real estate, or even something practical like travel planning or parenting. Maybe they should poach some of the top content creators form Udemy and other places to create new masterclasses with leaders in more niche spaces. Not every class has to have an A list celebrity to be credible or appealing.


I hope they fail. I'm tired of SaaS (Shit as a Service)


Come on, how will they create jobs for their rich kids, if you don’t buy shit they don’t actually have to produce


Get used to this headline. Especially in tech.


Funny how the CEO makes no mention of the 80+ people laid off in March without a severance package. Technically 200 people have been laid off from MasterClass in the last 4 months. Yet— Nobody in the C-suite is responsible?


It's well past time to start handing out>! \[coupons for extra short haircuts.\]!<


Whatd'ya mean bucko?


Bucko? Never heard of him.


Wonder if they got free Masterclasses as part of the severance.


What the hell is this again? I’ve never even heard of this and if I had seen it I’d have thought it was a joke or something.




Bro sf is fine. too expensive but everything else is overblown.


You're living there now? Not just in the Bay Area but San Francisco?


Do you live in SF? I just spent all weekend walking around the city after months of reading doom and gloom. Avoid the bad areas (Tenderloin, parts of Mission), and it's a very nice, very wealthy city. Other than the BART station in Mission, I saw ONE homeless person in Knob Hill. I was very impressed and would move there if I wasn't so attached to my car.


Ah yes, if I avoid the ugly areas of a city what’s left is actually really beautiful.


If you avoid ONE AREA of a city twice the size of Manhattan, yes, it's really beautiful. Never mind every city in fucking existence has bad neighborhoods that are best avoided. I didn't go walk around the shitty parts of DFW when I lived there because I have more than two brain cells to rub together.


Sounds like you’ve got more brain cells than my ginger cat.


Sure do, on the Muni headed to work right now. Miss me with your baseless SF slander


Weird how your own subreddit paints such a different picture. Maybe you don't know what you're missing? I feel safe walking around *anywhere* in town, any time, we care for our homeless, I have never been robbed or mugged here, and our streets are super clean. How much of this can you say about San Fransisco right now?


It seems it’s better to live with inflation instead of jacking up interest rates so half of us lose our jobs bringing inflation down


These tech companies have long been valued for their potential over their profits and have been buoyed by easy to borrow money when many don’t have a realistic business model and are over staffed. Also letting low interest rates rise and inflation run away would end up being much worse in the long runs. I’m never going to applaud working people losing their jobs, they weren’t the ones spending investment money like it’s free cash. But the majority of the tech sector layoffs are at companies that spend more than they make and sooner or later that was gonna come knocking.


What is masterclass?


It's an educational video website with different topics. Think Skillshare, but with all famous people.


Sucks for the 120 people who lost their jobs. :-(


I was one of the first to jump on the masterclass hype. I was seriously disappointed by their content. Its so half assed like they want user engagement but not really. Also they don’t really teach anything just give a few pointers and go on a long tangent.


I think a typical deal for a celebrity presenter was something like $100k fee and 20% of the course’s revenue.


Let’s see who they send out for Starbucks now




Most of these startups deserve to fail bc they never should have made it this far. I'm sorry people are actually working for it and have to deal with these layoffs but fuck the csuite and investors who actually thought these ideas were with investing in.


Oh yeah, people lining up for miles to learn the definition of "is" from Bill Clinton, couldn't possibly fail.