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Its likely not any one person in particular but meant to show his enemies as the vritra in general, with the scythe hand specifically pointing to the scythes as his greatest enemies.


Cadell, I assume.


Personally, I believe its Agrona or Cadell. My reasons are is that Arthur was being manipulated by Agrona through Sylvie during this time (I believe and my memory is shit so don't flame me). Or Cadell being as he was a big bad during this time. But I'm pretty sure its stated that Agrona has giant horns with jewels and shit in them. Well thats my guess.


I'm not sure, but I could've been Uto, or the Vritra in general. In the illustration the black shadowy thing has a Scythe like hand so....


Well, if you look at the reflection in the water, you see the shadow of Nico and Cecilia... But it could just be a scythe like the others said, but personally I like to think of it as his regret and all coming back to haunt him in his second life, yk?


i think its like a manifestation of despair and the anxiety he has when he loses this war, which was heavily against their favor.