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I think myre


what about Kordri?


Myre honestly. Windsom did a good job looking out for Arthur but Myre was definitely cared about Arthur the most


Yah wisdom really cared about arthur when aldir just destroyed all the elves.


And almost killed his sister :)


Myre, her warning to him about using Burst Step didn’t seem like she just wanted to keep him useful as a weapon in the war, it was genuine concern. Perhaps Aldir slightly respects him, and it’s clear he feels conflicted about Elenoir even though he’s already gone past the point of no return, however he still doesn’t view him as anyone worth sticking his neck out for. Kordri also probably wouldn’t agree with what happened, and I’d wager he genuinely respects Arthur for his aptitude, concentration and willpower (albeit he still views him as a lesser, just above the others).


When Myre told Arther to not use burst step she was concerned that he would catch up to kodri's clan and even surpassing him. What kind of asura (except sylvia and sylvie) would let a lesser get as strong as an asura.


Except that’s impossible because he was literally almost crippled from using it 3 times. In what world does a lesser surpass the asuras in only 3 uses of a technique they can practice infinitely. She had no reason to believe he would surpass them any time soon, and even if he could, wouldn’t letting him cripple himself in the war be beneficial to her if that were her goal?


Are you high?


No. Just have a feeling she is as bad as kezzes.


Probably Myre is the only one who actually cared about him. Windsom was just following orders and Aldir and Kordri maybe respect him, especially Aldir now that he knows that Arthur survived


Kordri for sure, Myre also. His interactions with Wren were super funny, so there might've been some kind of appreciation between the 2, and lastly Windsom who was surprised on multiple occasions by Art, but I don't know if he truly cared about Art seeing the recent chapters.




I would say Myre and Kordri. Those would be the only 2 Asuras that cared about him. Windsom on the other hand was at least interested in Arthur, but I wouldn’t really say that he cared about him


Pretty much, I think even in one of the more recent chapters Windsom was stated saying that the lessers have no leader and whilst Arthur was interesting he was now gone (since in his eyes Arthurs dead). ​ I don't think Windsom is all bad though, upon finding the beast which Arthur killed during his training (when Arthur crippled himself to defeat it prior to meeting Myre), he seemed genuinely impressed and used the beast of which Arthur defeated to empower Arthurs Mana core for the war, but he seemed to genuinely praise Arthur in those times as if he was saying "you've done well". ​ Myre still seems the most genuinely sympathetic to me though, despite what some think I don't believe she wanted to use Arthur for the war or want him to strain himself.


Of course Windsom helped Arthur, because he knew that he was the only chance Dicathen had. And yea, he was interested in Arthur and he was definitely impressed by him, like when Arthur managed to learn burst step and Windsom observed him, he was shocked that he was able to replicate it, by just seeing it and without Kordris help. I also think he felt the tiniest bit of sadness, but I also don’t think that he really cared about Arthur, like Myre did. Also, I really hate Windsom currently. He used Arthur as a distraction to assassinate Agrona, although Aldir was the one actually using the attack, he killed those elves as well in my opinion. He also knows that Arthur is alive and literally tells Ellie that she’s important to the Asuras, because Arthur was important, while he knows that they are prepared to kill Arthur. That really disgusts me. Also yeah, Myre really cared about Arthur imo. She even threw away her pried and taught him a littler bit about aether and everything. Also if I remember right, she told him that she really wanted his best and I believe her. So of all Asuras, I would say that she and Kordri were sad that Arthur „died“ and they would be happy to know that he’s alive.


Part of me likes to imagine Windsom as a proud father but honestly, I know he likely is only impressed and has high hopes for Arthur since he could be a good asset for the war as you said. Windsom is an odd character in the context you brought up imo, he is shown speaking to Ellie and obviously he lies out of his mouth which pisses me off given the context, but what confuses me is that he seemed to be apprehensive about when Ellie asked why she was given Boo, as if he had to wait awhile to come up with an excuse; part of me wonders if the true reason she was given Boo was not to protect Ellie, but rather for Windsom to have a way to spy on Arthur? if so it could prove fatal if Arthur went to war with the Indrath clan.


Myre definitely. Windsom here and there. Kordri, well you could say he respects arthur for his mentality and willpower. Now Aldir had some acknowledgement for arthur but after what happened in Elenoir and how he felt a godly presence watching him...


Everyone saying myre I dont believe myre cared for him in the slightest just like every other asura she was only doing her part training a soldier she also did her part when she did a genocide on pacifists for all I care myre did what she did until arthur could become a threat to her who knows what will happen once arthur becomes the janitor. For all we know winsdom is the only asura who cares about the dicatheans given how they absolutely wanted to delete a whole forest just cause dicathen lost the war and he regrets doing his duty as a soldier