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How would Art be able to form a mana core ? I think that most of you people are forgetting something, Art can't feel Mana, can't see it. His mana core is there, but it can't process Mana.


Mana core isn't here anymore. He used it to help the creation of the aether core, but after refining it, I think nothing is left of his mana core.


Arthur's Aether core was built from his mana core, more specifically what remained from it, it's literally the base of his Aether core, even if he purifies the Aether thanks to it, that doesn't change the fact that it's still his mana core, who lost the ability to process Mana. However the fact that even after Art healed his destroyer core, and still wasn't able to use Mana, shows us that Art can no longer influence Mana, the reason might be because his body had to evolve after he hot his body. What I mean by that, is that Asuras bodies heal themselves using Mana, but when Art got his Asuran body, his core was shattered, so the body couldn't function properly and heal him, so it had to use another power source, and it ended up being Aether, since it was the most abundant thing in the Relictombs, at the very least that's how I see it.


He didn't heal his mana core though - he just prevented it from being dismantled further and used it as the "scaffolding" (as he put it) to build his aether core. His mana core is still there, albeit damaged. If he ever figures out how to reverse time on living beings like he can with inanimate objects, I could see him conceivably being able to rebuild his mana core. I don't think the story is going to go in that direction, or at least it won't until near the climax. It's a shame though - he can't use his beast will ever again because it requires the use of mana.


I skimmed through the latest chapters so I may be a little off but he can do all those things with mana what he can not do is manipulate it. More specifically utilization of mana is lost. It was in minimally catastrophe. It also seemed like his aether core was holding mana and way better than a mana core. I am a little confused so if someone can explain it would be good.


Arthur has not shown that he's able to sense mana in any way. As for whether his aether core is able to hold mana, I can't say anything that is a patreon spoiler, but there's no indication that his aether core stores any mana.


Instead of Mana core...why not make some sort of dragon Mana heart 😆


Do you remember how mana core is formed? Humans has mana particles inside their bodies after they are born. And those particles by natural order gravitate towards the sternum to form a mana core by the the of 9/10. This happens to 1 in 100 people in Dicathen. So it is essential for the body to have mana particles and the person to gave some sort of affinity to mana for this process to take place. Arthur currently has neither of those. So by the rules of the magic system itself it is not possible for Arthur to form a mana core again. He is a whole different being now.


To be fair, we don't know at all whether Arthur has ambient mana in his body or not, since neither Arthur nor Regis can sense mana and no character other than Myre has the ability to directly sense mana with Realmheart. Given what Myre said about mana being the thing that fills the universe (whereas aether is what makes up the universe), he almost certainly does have mana in his body like any other living thing does. Hell, his fractured mana core, which is still there, is made of mana.


It is only just a theory but i think arthur doesnt really need mana core to be able to utilize mana.Because of the fact that when he have mana core he was able to inlfluence aether thanks to his dragon will. The same might be possible for aether given the water in the cup analogy by myre. Aether by far is superior so i dont think it cant control mana too.


Arthur has no way to feel or store mana. What you’re saying is like asking someone who’s blind to just use their eyes to see. They can’t. Now, I will say, I think Sylvie breaking from her egg will provide a solution to this problem (I hope).


Is it theoretically possible? yeah probably, but I don't think it'll fully happen, I don't think turtleme really plans to get Arthur full-on access to mana again, maybe certain mana influencing abilities such as sensing mana and having some level of manipulation over other peoples mana, but I'm not sure. You've also got to consider that even if Arthur could make a mana core, I can't really imagine where he'd put it, the spot in which his old mana core once resided is now taken up by his Aether core. Don't get me wrong though, I even think it'd be cool for him to have some level of influence over mana like sensing mana or influencing other peoples mana, but besides that considering how much more powerful Aether is to mana, the only thing he'd use mana for is stuff like filling a glass with water magic or using fire magic to light a fire since mana would have no big use to him in combat, but those aren't too important since most people would likely just do those things the traditional way anyway.