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The forces agrona has sent to dicathen are incrediblely minor compared to his actual military power. He has tens of thousands of half-breeds and that was from the assassination attempt of the asuras which was a while ago so it probably increased heavily now.


Because with just ownership over a single continent for (a few centuries I think?) a while he managed to create an army of 50%+ blooded Vritra-humans that, although they had an advantage in numbers (a huge one) they still defeated the last 2 assassination/invasion attempts on Taegrin Caelum (Agrona’s HQ). The Scythes are just the main antagonists we’ve been seeing because the treaty only allowed for humans who ‘awakened’ and honed their Vritra magic after being experimented on to fight, the real half breeds that can fight asuras were probably the real hybrids that could use decay type mana arts immediately after forming a mana-core (if it wasn’t formed at birth like normal asuras). If Agrona can gain access to the land, resources, and population of Dicathen, he can rapidly expand his military power to the point where he is better of saying ‘fuck the treaty’ and just declaring war to gain control of Epheotus completely. Well that’s what they said before he brought Cecilia back, and it seems like they knew that was his real goal since they immediately understood it as ‘Agrona’s reincarnation weapon’ and went to kill her, so they probably meant that once he gets both Cecilia and more half-breeds then he is a real threat.


If agrona wins then he can experiment on the diacathenians to gain more power


Imo it's because in Dicathen there might some things Djinn related of course, that could increase Agrona's power.


Cuz argona wants to use dicathen as a breeding ground so that he could create even more powerful soldiers with his experiments


I think it's just then Agrona would have access to the resources of two entire continents. Plus, it doesn't matter of those soldiers can't go one on one against asuras, they can just overwhelm them with numbers, like they did when that strike saquad against vritra by the asuras were ambushed at the beach


Agrona, a man who used to be able to do nothing but run, who was not a powerful Asuran, has risen in power so aggressively an assassination attempt by the lead clan of the Asurans failed, in just a short time frame. Given more time, subjects, and access to materials, there is a high chance he would get significantly more powerful than he already is.