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Arthur can fold an asura....... If that asura is Taci πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


I really want taci to be beaten badly by arthur πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


Bitch already got beaten when arthur was silver core, art would whoop his ass now lmao


Why wouldnt Taci progress even more than him, being an Asura?


From what we saw from Arthur's training in Epheotus, Taci was better for a while, but Arthur eventually caught up to him, so we can assume Taci is around silver core Arthur at the time, and this was Arthur as a human, now that Arthur is technically an Asura we have reason to believe that his progress is faster than the kids in Epheotus. Maybe Taci can become retainer level after a year or two, considering that he was around low silver Art at the age of 8, but I don't think (at least I have no reason to believe yet) that he can become scythe level within 2 years. Arthur however, as we have seen came from 0 to scythe level in a couple of weeks, and we can only see his monstrous progress from here on out, and we have nothing to base on how Taci could match his progress especially since Arthur is technically an asura too with control over Aether.


Ok fair you convinced me. I forgot Taci was 8-9yo, thought he was 12-13 by now. But still i wouldnt consider Arthur anywhere close to an asura, yet


Well yeah but Taci is a baby compared to Windsom and Aldir. It's like comparing someone kicking a bear cub to someone wrestling a full grown grizzly on crack.




If he can control the rune of destruction, yes.


He's over scythe level already but I really don't think he can take on an asura like Aldir. Although he has the power to destroy them for sure with destruction. But he has to get some more versatile ability. He can't rely on only two moves to kill them, + destruction being unstable. If he gets a better sword to inbue aether in and some kind of defence (besides regen he only has offensive ability and no protection or aether Shield/barrier maybe to tank without taking dammage), he'll gain a great boost already. Overall, he's just 2 ( or 3 max) power ups away from having very good chances to beat them in a fight imo.


He does have an aether barrier tho. He used it in the mock fight against Darin


Ow, well I forgot that, mb.


in the latest chapter he also obtains something else, considered as a very large power up as well as running into someone very important for the next steps of the story.


No, Aldir and Windsom are superior to Arthur in every parameter, aside from speed. He might be able to injure a Warrior Asura like Aldir or Windsom, but not beat him. The only way to do so, would be if Art Godsteps near said Asura and use Destruction.


Nah. Even with the rune of destruction + god step an asura like aldir or windsom could easily react before getting hit. He is more around scythe level for now atleast.


I'm not so sure about that. Arthur's god step is now far superior to the misty step that the Pantheon (clan? race?) is famous for and what makes them so deadly, and neither Aldir or Windsom are capable of using that fully or at all. No matter how fast or efficient Asuran bodies are, they simply cannot be faster than someone who is literally capable of instantaneously travelling across spacetime to another destination. Theoretically not even light can travel a distance faster than Arthur can using godstep, let alone a living, biological being.


No not even close




Nah, he is scythe level... Even with destruction rune he won't be able to win against them... May be able to get a few hit... his defence is really bad... Hope he learn that ability that djinn or rune or whatever it was used and arthur wasn't able to touch him and the ability the bears used to hide their presence... Though he won't be able to win these ability only... He have to get some pretty badass insights before he can face someone like them✌️


arthur got a new relic thats super op that was made by the djinns so he probably has more defense than them


I read that chapter today...that battle Armor or suit is really good that it can adapt to the strength of opponent but still I believe he won't be able to defeat them.


well yeah probably they probably trained for like 500 to 1000 years and are still asuras so it would be too soon for him to defeat them


No, although arthur is amazing in martail arts but he lacks too much in power compare to an asura of their level. He can't control destruction rune and aldir and windsom can easily predict his God step. So it is almost impossible for arthur to defeat them at his current level.


Hard to say. Probably not, but we dont really know the full power of the asura or Art rn.




If it was current aether art up to patreon i think at the very least he can cut one of windsom limbs with him also sacrificing a limb or two. Nevermind aldir for now, he cant beat him.


If they stood still, the rune of destruction would bypass their defenses and eventually reduce the ti nothing. However in actual fight Arthur isn't ready, even if he gossips then slashes with a destruction sword, they'd only take minor damage assuming they react.